Wefbee Review: Does It Really Work?

Wefbee Review: Does It Really Work?
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Wefbee Review: In-Depth

The site provides social media tools for people to routinely grow post and page popularity. It works on Facebook’s Graph API and is owned by Pavel Ustinov. For more than nine years, Facebook account owners have used the website to draw in others and automatically increase their post relevance.

Pavel Ustinov is open about the web application’s operation and benefits. He also serves as the direct contact for subscribers. Pavel refers to the site as an exchange program where a user can send requests to others.

Supported Networks and Services

Wefbee’s tools are automatic and designed to improve popularity counts on Facebook. Its features are accessible from every city and country, and at any time of the day. Here is a breakdown of the networks the website supports.


Launched in 2004, the networking forum is the largest social media site in the world. The platform has over 2.7 billion monthly users. People can like posts, upload content, reply to comments, watch videos, chat, and share images.
Every day, the platform gets 500,000 new members. With people uploading different content, it provides a place to interact with other individuals worldwide. Hence, it is not surprising that there are dedicated apps for its growth.

Wefbee is one of such, and it utilizes the following features detailed below:

  • Auto Liker
  • Auto Reaction
  • Auto Followers
  • Automatic Friend Requester
  • Automatic Group Poster

Auto Liker

Wefbee Auto Liker

This feature helps people increase their likes on status and photos. It works immediately, but they have to log in to the website first. There is also no daily limit to the likes a person can get. Several options include the service’s AbLiker, 4Liker, BugsLiker, etc.

Auto Reaction

Wefbee Auto Reaction

The reaction tool is one of the most popular among subscribers. People can employ the feature to get “haha”, “waw”, “love”, “angry”, and “sad” reactions. It works on status and photos, and there’s no limit to the reactions a person can get.

Auto Followers

Wefbee Auto Followers

The automatic followers feature allows account owners to increase follower counts daily. It works instantly, and a person can get more than 1000 followers daily. Also, the website promises not to engage new followers on a person’s behalf.

Automatic Friend Requester

Wefbee Automatic Friend Requester

With this, individuals can increase their requests to the north of 1000 daily. The feature is an exchange service that sends requests from a profile to another. Similar to all other tools, the automatic requester works instantly.

Automatic Group Poster

Wefbee Automatic Group Poster

This tool aids members to post content in more than 100 groups with a single click. It has no hidden limits. A person can also schedule posts to unlimited pages or groups at any convenient time.

Plans & Prices

Generally, top popular social media sites are free for all to enjoy. For example, anyone with a stable internet connection can have a Facebook account. There’s also no login fee or charge for reacting to posts or chatting with the audience.

The same goes for Wefbee and its free automatic tools. Unlike other platforms that offer similar services, it has no hidden charges or payment conditions. The site is entirely free and accessible to everyone.

Network Services in Detail

Wefbee is a page building utility for Facebook. Therefore, both personal and business pages can adopt the website to spark engagement with other followers. The site has a user-friendly interface and contains easy steps to guide visitors on what to do.

Here’s a closer look at its network services.


Facebook is a networking site that makes connecting with friends and family easier. Unlike email, the contents users share are public. Also, recent updates now allow other websites to integrate the networking app into their pages.

This means that an individual can use one account to log in and sign up for different web services. Wefbee works similarly. To take advantage of its benefits, a person only needs to sign up to the tool’s website with their login details.

Afterward, the subscriber generates a token used to access the full list of growth features. See the table below for the results these features offer for account owners.

Features Count Price
Auto Liker Unlimited Free
Auto Reaction Unlimited Free
Auto Followers Unlimited Free
Auto Friend Requester Unlimited Free
Auto Group Poster 100+ per click Free

Some providers bill per month to cover the cost of tools. However, Wefbee offers services free of charge while maintaining a good rating. The only request the owner makes is for subscribers to utilize the features responsibly.

Terms and Guarantees

Similar to all web applications, Wefbee has its set of rules and regulations that guide its services. Here are the instructions that account owners need to know when using it to grow their profiles.

Terms and conditions

Account owners have to abide by the website’s. Generally, the service mandates that users:

  • Do not abuse the platform by sending blank or empty requests.
  • Do not misuse the service by selling likes or engaging in similar violations.
  • Do not use the site to gain traffic to posts that contain pornography, racism, discrimination, etc.
  • Only employ the utility to grow traffic on personal posts and accounts.

Violations of these agreements and conditions attract lead to loss of membership.

Privacy Policy

This is a transparent service for members. The web application uses logins to authenticate entries. The site gets data about account owners such as name, profile pic from such logins. This information is later stored in a database.

It also uses collected data to send likes, add followers, and place follower requests. The service assures the subscriber’s safety and security when using tools to improve traffic.

Furthermore, the site states that profiles will not be spammed or abused. Since the creator built it from scratch, the website packs fool-proof performance measures.

The web-app saves only the name, email, and profile information of people who register on it. It does not retain other personal data like address, messages, etc.

Refund Policy

According to popular reviews, apps that offer benefits like Wefbee’s are often expensive. However, the service is completely free. Therefore, the website has no refund policy, and members can enjoy it for a lifetime without a charge.

Retention Policy

To continue using the platform, members have to ensure they abide by Wefbee’s provisions and guarantees.  These include the use of the site for personal profile growth, avoidance of scam, etc. There are no hidden contracts, conditions, or limits with this service.

Furthermore, there is no penalty for inactivity since the website is not time-bound.

Customer Support

The service doesn’t have a dedicated customer support representative but a team to deal with issues or questions. Recent subscribers state that this team is swift to respond and resolves problems that may arise. The owner (Pavel Ustinov) is the contact person, and account owners can send emails to [email protected].

Wefbee Quality of Followers

Since its inception, the service has attracted many followers. The website grew in popularity after rebranding and rebuilding. Users had positive feedback to give from a recent report. Also, public reviews disclosed that the web application has more than a million subscribers worldwide.

The reviews confirmed that the service is a handy accomplice and works as intended. Ultimately, they are happy that they can automatically get more engagement by providing login data alone.

Wefbee Retention Rate

Despite the website’s large membership, it enjoys high retention. People continue to use the tools primarily because of the ease of operation. However, its effectiveness plays a huge role, as well. Also, the features are completely free for account owners. Hence, individuals have no problem retaining the service.

Wefbee Pros and Cons

Taking a close outlook into the web application, its quality becomes bare. The app has numerous pros including its fast and secure service, user-friendly interface, and many more. However, that’s not to say that it is flawless. A more detailed summary is available below.



  • The website is safe and secure to use.
  • The features are capable of bypassing Facebook algorithms.
  • The services are super-fast and reliable.
  • The tools are free for all subscribers worldwide.
  • The site has a reliable and swift customer support team.
  • Some users impute fake details that make the site’s speed poor.
  • There is no dedicated app on Google Playstore or App Store.

Summing Up

Getting followers and organic traffic to profile isn’t the easiest task. Some people won’t engage with a post or follow accounts until they find it credible. What better way to increase the trust on a profile than to become more popular? Also, a large follower-base and more requests are signs that a user is relevant to the platform.

Wefbee assists in improving the popularity of an account and the relevance of posts. It offers subscribers a simple and safe routine to grow their pages. Its features are free, unlimited, and with a good rating. In fact, a person only needs to input the necessary details, and the growth tool will take it from there.

Are there other details you think new or current members should note about this web app? Does it work as its rating reveals, or it is a scam and has poor services? Kindly indicate in the comment section below.

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