Boostgram Review: Is It Reliable & Quick?

Boostgram Review: Is It Reliable & Quick?
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Price Plans

  • 10.000 Instagram Followers ($99)

  • 10.000 Instagram Followers ($99)

  • 10.000 Instagram Likes ($99)

  • 10.000 Instagram Views ($99)

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Starting Price per 10.000 Instagram Followers


Boostgram Review: In Depth

Boostgram started some years ago. This social service is quite well-known today. Most of its clients understand it is an automatic following service. That is, they do not partner with other persons. Instead, this tool has pieces of coding for automation that do the job. It’s easy to create an account, as the dashboard is truly user-friendly. This company has integral plans with followers, likes, and comments. These will help to grow any Instagram account that needs it.


Supported Networks and Services

As users can see in the name of the company, it focuses mostly on Instagram services. Not on Facebook or Twitter. Different from other providers, they do not have Plans for its products. Read below and discover how it works.


As stated before, this social media platform is growing every day. For example, Facebook and Twitter. It is essential for people and brands to have a better social presence. Boostgram can help here. What they offer is the following. People can access their dashboard, from where shoppers are able to choose how to grow their Instagram. Clients can personalize the service according to their taste and needs.

Also, this dashboard serves as an organizer. From there, Instagrammers can manage their feed. For example, these people might schedule their new posts for the future. There are a couple of options following below in this review.

Plans & Prices

Boostgram has made it simple for new users to know the pricing of this media service. They don’t have separate plans, different numbers, or various timing. The only have a subscription for one month. Unfortunately, their prices are not displayed on their websites. So, buyers who would want to know how much they will spend will not be able to do so. In order to access their real price, they have to create an account.

Plan Price Timing
10.000 followers, 10.000 likes & 10.000 views $99 Access for 1 month

After creating the feed, shoppers have three days to get free interactions. This trial is quite convenient for those who have doubts about how real the products are. This way, they will get to know the company and the way it works. Once clients decide to try it, they will receive a boost to their Instagram spaces. And customers will get new followers for posts, and views for their videos.

How does it work? First, as stated before, users need to log in. Then, they have to provide the tool with their data. That is, with their username and password. After this, clients can access their profile (or many) in Boostgram’s dashboard. From then on, those persons may start defining what they want. If they desire to have more followers, users need to look for people to follow. So then they can return the favor. Anyway, the plan is only up to 10,000 of each interaction.

When accessing the dashboard, they can see how much automation they have. From there, people can see their metrics and assess how well they are doing. These persons can also share and follow content.


Finally, this business has made their site suitable for mobile phones. Today, every person uses, and they share their media, like Facebook and Twitter, using smartphones. So, they did their best so that users can access this media platform using their mobiles.

Network Services in Detail

As previously mentioned, Instagram is an app in which social proof is crucial. This is a term related to how many people are keen on the content uploaded. Boostgram tries to help these people with monthly access. It only costs $99, and it offers shares, followers, and views at the same time.


What makes this company unique is that it can make people gain organic followers. This means that the people will be truly interested in the content one uploads. Keep on reading this review for details on how to follow, share, and view.


Even if a share or follow for other’s post does not mean that they are going to double tap on someone back, it’s a start. Apart from this, there are other benefits in holding an account on Boostgram. First of all, customers can manage many profiles at the same time even if they are from Facebook or Twitter.

Plan Price Interactions Timing
Followers $99 10.000 Access for 1 month


What this tool does, then, is to interact with others in your name. Instagram is all about giving back a favor. So, if an owner loves the content, then he or she will receive a double tap too. The plan allows each interaction until it reaches 10,000.

Plan Price Interactions Timing
Likes $99 10.000 Access for 1 month


Some of the perks within their monthly access for views are:

  • The ability to schedule photos. Users can decide what they want to post in the future. They can even plan ad campaigns. A very convenient perk.
  • Control over every action Instagram allows. In the same page, clients can control and target their posts to attract the ones they desire to have.
  • Target in terms of gender. If a person wants to interact only with women, they can do it. The same happens with men. This is very useful for brands in the field of fashion. A company may only sell clothes for babies, so they want to target mothers.
  • Target in terms of location. Some businesses may work only in the local sphere. Some others are international.
Plan Price Interactions Timing
Views $99 10.000 Access for 1 month

Terms and Guarantees

Boostgram is quite simple to use. Yet, they make sure to let their future clients know everything they need to start. For example, they have sections about their terms of use, how they refill or give money back, and privacy policy.


Terms and Conditions

Their terms of service are simple. They provide products in exchange for money. They agreed to deliver access to their dashboard as soon as clients release payment. This platform works differently from others. For example, they do not provide plans for specific products, like other providers who sell plans for 1000 shares. In the case of Boostgram, they gave the user access to an organizer for their Instagram account. Then, customers can use the bot to get more followers and views.

Privacy Policy

Regarding private data, the promise not to disclose any of that to third-party webs. Also, the team claims they do not monitor or follow any of the content that user post in their forums, chats, or private messages. Yet, they make public that the team is going to moderate the content on their website. Meaning that the tool is prone to remove everything that they consider is not harmful. They do ask owners for their passwords and usernames. Still, they promise not to make a bad use of them, or of the credit card information.


Refund Policy

The refund policy is stated very clearly. From the very beginning, they write that they do have tight money back guarantee. They will issue no refund for unused ones or for partial product delivery. This company but only issue a refund is there is a mistake with the dashboard. And if clients did not get what they paid for. This means that every buyer should know exactly what they’re doing. And think before they hire these companies.

Retention Policy

Finally, their retention policy is tight too. Customers have to find this info on the site carefully. The only thing they say is that they guarantee that numbers would not drop. Buyers have to contact support if that happens. Users will need to trust this provider in that the traffic is of high quality. And trust their own skills when getting good followers. Because when using this system, the owners are the ones who get their own interactions.

Customer Support

The customer support team is available only during the day. The form that is inserted on the site is messy, but it works fine. And the email accounts and phone number are not there either. Those who desire to ask a question or need to get some help will have to do it with time especially if they need an urgent solution to their issues. Some users report that once they have found them, they are very kind and prompt when answering.

Boostgram Quality of Followers

The quality of the followers is quite nice. This is very important for Instagram not to ban or suspend an account. As stated before, this company does not partner with any real accounts. What they do instead is to provide users with an automation tool. From their dashboards, users can make their accounts grew. This is very similar to organic growth. The advantage is that it is much faster. And they can do so in a more organized way because users will have everything just one account. So, the quality of views will depend on the ones that users decide on. If they start viewing true accounts, they will get real followers.

Retention Rate

Similar to the quality of the followers, the retention rate is quite good. Again, as they are not bot accounts, Instagram does not delete them. This means that every follower and share users get will stay in their accounts. Unless they start posting content that others do not find interesting. The risks of numbers dropping are the same ones that take place during organic growth. This makes this company A great option for those who need steady numbers.

Pros & Cons



  • Many users reward them with a positive review online.
  • Plans are complete. They cover many feeds in just one payment. As access is monthly, it is up to the client how much the profiles are able to grow.
  • They do not work with automatic profiles. So, numbers never drop.
  • They are very safe. Instagram cannot see them as being fake.
  • The free trial is great. Clients can get both a taste of their services. And growth without paying for 3 days.
  • It is pricey, and customers cannot break down the plans.
  • Customer support is hard to reach

The Final Word

All in all, Boostgram is a great option for Instagrammers that need to grow their profiles. They will be able to do this in an efficient way because users can have every option available on the same site. The dashboard is comfortable and friendly. And the growth is quick and effortless. Even though the tool has no refund policy, the customer support team is available. Most users across the net consider that the $99 per month are well spent.

Published: June 20, 2019Updated: March 27, 2024

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