Vendasta ‌Review:‌ Sell Top Digital Solutions While Growing Your Business

Vendasta ‌Review:‌ Sell Top Digital Solutions While Growing Your Business
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Vendasta Review: In-Depth

Vendasta is a commerce platform designed for all types of organizations. It has a goal of helping organizations succeed by providing the opportunity to sell top software and digital solutions to clients.

Through data and artificial intelligence, this site allows B2B sellers to offer new marketing tactics and resources when working with local businesses in 2023. Features like project management, detailed reports, and a collaborative customer relationship management system allow companies to stand out and shine.

Key Features

Vendasta Review: Background Information

Vendasta Background Information
Founded in 2008, Vendasta was formed after seven former executives resigned from their previous company. All unemployed, the group began brainstorming ideas for their soon-to-be home services company, MyFrontSteps, and its sister application, StepRep.

It later became clear that the reputation management platform could serve small- to medium-companies in spaces outside of the home services industry. From there, the team ventured out and created a new white-label reputation platform that allowed companies to sell these products to local businesses they already had relationships with. Thus, the end-to-end commerce company was born. And in 2023, it is still going strong.

Service Features Block

From project management and advertising to billing and invoicing functionality, Vendasta gives a company access to a wide range of features that allow it to come out on top among its customers.

The platform aims to help organizations that sell innovative solutions to small and medium businesses, including publishers, agencies, financial institutions, and others.

Here’s a quick review of just a few of the key features:

Features in Detail

Vendasta gives access to a wide range of features aimed at helping them sell top solutions to local businesses. Here is a review of the many features.

Commitment-Free Selling

Vendasta’s marketplace offers a variety of selling options. Users have the opportunity to sell their own inventory or new white label products. There are no upfront costs or financial commitments with this feature.

This also allows users to: 

Efficient Sales CRM

Vendasta Efficient Sales CRM
Vendasta’s intuitive customer relationship management (CRM) system uses artificial intelligence for a company to sell smarter in 2023.

The CRM system is a huge time saver, providing effective pipeline management and prospect analyses that let people know when their customers are ready to buy.

Additional functionality for the database includes:

Automated Sales Intelligence Tool

Vendasta offers features that help companies deliver all-encompassing needs assessments. The snapshot report is full of automated insights that empower individuals to deliver well-informed presentations.

Clients can review a business’ marketing performance across seven categories:

Marketing Automation Software

This feature has the power to increase interested customers and create new leads through personalized content and email campaigns.

This B2B marketing automation software is fully equipped with: 

Marketing Agency Services

Vendasta Marketing Agency Services
Using this feature, the subscribers can bring a team of strategists on board to grow their organizations through white-label marketing.

These are available in the following areas:

Digital Marketing Fulfillment Dashboard

The task manager functionality provides a major advantage in building transparency while keeping track of projects, workflows, and progress. This tool specifically helps manage digital marketing needs, such as managing social media and reviews, all in one dashboard.

This feature helps to fulfill the following task types:

Business App Platform and Dashboard

Vendasta Business App Platform and Dashboard
The app serves as a user’s online client-facing dashboard. This feature lets one give clients the power to manage their online strategy through products, recommendations, learning tools, and more.

It also helps members to:

Easy Brand Management

This multi-location feature gives the ability to monitor the online activity of any company. This tool provides insights on many factors, including common customer issues, performance among locations, and improvement areas.

The features include: 

Take Control of Online Reputation

This feature lets users take control of their online presence to grow their company. This feature helps to put the customers’ voice at the forefront through software to boost online presence.

More features include: 

Sell Products and Services

This option lets people sell to their customers using the public store. Billing and invoicing features are also included, making sure that sellers can collect payment.

These also include the functionality to: 

Vendasta Plans & Pricing

Vendasta Plans & Pricing
Vendasta helps members gain, retain, and satisfy their customers through top solutions for their needs. In addition to its Free Plan, which includes one snapshot report and 50 email sends per month, five other plans are also offered that meet various needs. Pricing is offered on monthly,1-year, 2-year, or 3-year plans.

Free Plan

The Free Plan gives members access to two key environments: the Partner Center and the Business App. This package requires no commitment and is great for gaining and retaining customers.


  • A credit card is not required.
  • Good for small businesses exploring options.
  • No commitment needed.
  • Good for acquiring and retaining clients.
  • Basic features included.


  • Functionality is restricted.
  • No personal branding or customization.

Startup Plan

The Startup Plan includes all basic features and does not involve anything too advanced. It is a great option for new companies that are looking to not only attract new clients but also to onboard and improve customer retention.


  • No annual commitment is needed on monthly plans.
  • Perfect for new businesses.
  • Five free local business online toolkits included.
  • Good for acquiring and retaining clients.
  • All basic features included.


  • Limited to 2,500 emails sent per month.
  • Only one team member seat is included.

Essentials Plan

The Essentials Plan is best for organizations that already have some type of customer base and are more so looking to make a name for themselves as experts in their area.


  • All basic features included.
  • Personal branding opportunities.
  • Additional toolkits and snapshot reports.
  • Good for companies that want to be known as experts in the field.
  • Five seats included.


  • $500 onboarding fee for the monthly plan.
  • A 12-month contract is required for the monthly plan.

Growth Plan

The Growth Plan is best for organizations that are constantly looking to grow. The ideal company under this plan is looking for ways to improve their brand while scaling their business.


  • Some personalized branding included.
  • Gray-labeled advertising and marketing options.
  • 45% wholesale discount rate and access to volume discounts.
  • Ideal for overall development.
  • 10 seats available for collaboration.


  • $750 onboarding fee for the monthly plan.
  • A 12-month contract is required for the monthly plan.
  • No complete branding.

Scale Plan

The Scale plan is best for established companies who are looking for areas of improvement. This package offers great options to do just that, including collaborative tools that allow teams to work effectively and efficiently.


  • Collaboration opportunities.
  • White-labeled advertising and marketing included.
  • Complete branding opportunities.
  • 65% wholesale discount rate and access to volume discounts.
  • Ideal for pros in the field.


  • $1,500 onboarding fee for the monthly plan.
  • A 12-month contract is required for the monthly plan.

Enterprise Plan

Because their needs may vary on a wider range, large-scale enterprise customers are encouraged to contact the customer team. By doing so, Vendasta aims to put together a customized plan to meet their specific needs.

Additional Services

Add-ons are also available at additional costs. Here is a review of additional services to consider, along with the variety of plans.

Create an Agency Website

By opting for this add-on, members will have an agency website created and built specifically for them. This site will also be integrated into the snapshot reports so they can keep accurate tracking.

Develop Partnerships for Guidance and Strategy

The Partner Strategy Consultation add-on includes monthly sessions with a Partner Development Manager. This option is intended to provide additional guidance on their top markets and strategies.

Team Up With a Technical Consultant

This option allows for monthly sessions with a consultant. They will be able to answer any questions and provide useful advice and counsel on technical topics, such as API and SSO/SAML integrations.

Integrate Additional Markets

This add-on allows for better management by using separate branding, added salesperson, and top-notch account organization.

Price & Key Comparisons Table

Each of the pricing plans serves specific needs and purposes. For new organizations that are just beginning and are looking to attract customers, the Startup Plan may be the way to go. However, for companies that are already somewhat established and are looking to grow, the Growth Plan is a great option.

Free Startup Essentials Growth Scale
Monthly Price (1-year plan) $0 $42 $299 $499 $999
# of Seats 1 1 5 10 15
Cost per Additional Seat n/a $49 $49 $49 $49
# of Business App Users 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Snapshot Reports (Monthly) 1 5 25 75 125
Free Local Business Online Toolkits 1 5 25 75 125
Campaign Email Sends (Monthly) 50 2,500 10,000 50,000 100,000
Wholesale Discount n/a Up to 15% off Up to 30% off Up to 45% off Up to 65% off
Client Dashboard Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Success On-Demand Support Team Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
White-Labeled Platform No No Yes Yes Yes
Marketplace of Resellable Apps & Services Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gray-Labeled Marketing Services No No No Yes Yes
White-labeled Marketing Services No No No No Yes
Access to Volume Discounts No No No Yes Yes
Orders & Digital Contracts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sales & Success Center (CRM) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Marketing Automation Tools Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Task Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Task Manager Reporting for Clients Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Location Business Center Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Terms and Conditions

When signing up, users are prompted to agree to the terms and conditions to use the service. The agreement covers many bases, including free trials, billing, termination policies, service details, plan upgrades, downgrades, and other disclaimers.

Privacy Policy

As part of the privacy policy, individuals own and retain all rights to their data. By joining, they grant the company and respective third parties the ability to use any data as needed to continue providing services.

The publicity clause also states that Vendasta has the right to add a user’s name and/or logo to their partner list, podcast, website, and any relevant media releases.

Refund Policy

According to the term and termination policy, early cancellations and refunds are not permitted. The subscription will end on the predetermined date as stated in the contract and cannot be canceled early. Also, all fees and payments are non-refundable.

Customer Support

Vendasta Customer Support
Vendasta subscribers have many options to get their questions answered. From telephone and live chat to the informative resource center, they are sure to find what they are looking for.


Members can schedule a phone call with their partner success manager if they want to talk about increasing revenue, lowering costs, or customer retention. They can also call the customer support line at 1-855-955-6650 for additional questions.


Although no email is listed on the website, users can fill out an online form that will allow them to be contacted by someone on the team via email.

Online Chat

At the bottom right corner of the website, people can start an online live chat with a representative to ask any question and receive an immediate response.

Support Center

The online support center is home to articles, reviews, modules, and training resources to answer user questions quickly. Members can find information on getting started, product updates, and more. They can also access the partner center, success center, and a library of training courses and videos.

Quality of Service

Vendasta’s customer service is not top-tier and can be improved. Overall, the quality of service tends to rank high in reviews, specifically for the wide features.

The detailed reports also add another layer to the quality of service. These reports are effective in helping companies keep track of their growth by keeping selling and leads at the forefront. The snapshot report, in particular, provides a detailed framework for businesses to develop clear and informed strategies.

Customer Types

Vendasta is best for those that are focused on selling to small- and medium-sized or local businesses. It is also helpful for anyone who wants to sell under their brand name but does not know what to sell.

Vendasta Pros & Cons

One of the things that make Vendasta irresistible to businesses is its digital solutions. While it does have its share of pros, there are also some other factors to consider when deciding if this platform will meet a company’s needs, according to reviews.



  • Ability to sell under their brand.
  • Wide range of resources.
  • Snapshot reports.
  • Variety of services available for reselling.
  • Increased online presence and visibility.
  • Ability to grow revenue.
  • Inability to edit submitted proposals and invoices.
  • Pricing is not ideal for small businesses or startups.
  • Single Sign-On is only available at an additional price.
  • Only two plans allow for full branding and white-labeled services.

Vendasta Alternatives

In addition to Vendasta, there are many other end-to-end commerce platforms and reviews to consider in 2023, many of which are similar to this one in helping businesses grow by providing new solutions. Here is a quick review of a few alternatives.

HubSpot: Effective Management Tools

HubSpot Alternatives

HubSpot offers various solutions across a wide range of areas, including SEO and social media — both of which are great ways to grow a business. Through HubSpot, users can brand and sell products directly to companies.

Zoho: All-in-One CRM Platform

Zoho Alternatives

Used by small, medium, and large businesses, Zoho is a complete CRM platform specializing in everything from lead generation to task management. Zoho offers customers a wide range of software needed to run and grow a brand.

Thryv: Helping Small Businesses Thrive

Thryv Reviews

Thryv is best known as an end-to-end management platform for small businesses. It offers productivity, communication, and more tools. It is best for agencies, media companies, and service providers looking to rebrand and resell.

Pipedrive: Build Customer Relationships


As a CRM, Pipedrive gives customers effective pipeline management software designed to keep selling going. Features like communication tracking, lead generation, automation, reporting, and mobile app integrations make Pipedrive a great option for companies looking to improve customer relationships.

ActiveCampaign: Improving Customer Experience


This is an all-encompassing solution for email marketing, automation, and overall customer satisfaction. As a Customer Experience Automation Platform (CXA), ActiveCampaign aims to help companies create meaningful and lasting experiences with customers.

Keap: Marketing Automation and Lead Generation

Keap Alternatives

Previously known as InfusionSoft, Keap is an automation tool that allows a company to generate new leads by designing and carrying out effective email campaigns. This is a great option for small agencies focused on automation solutions.

Alternative Services Comparison Table

Vendasta HubSpot Zoho Thryv Pipedrive Active Campaign Keap
Monthly Price $49 $45 $12 Custom pricing $12.50 $9 $79
# of Users 1 Unlimited Unlimited ($12/user) 3 Unlimited ($12.50 /user) 3 1
CRM Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Marketing Automation Yes No Yes Yes No Yes No
Email Marketing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Payment Tools Yes No No Yes No No Yes
Task Management Yes No Yes No Yes No No
Reporting Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Basic Features Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support Phone, Chat Phone, Email Phone, Chat Phone, Online Phone, Online Email,Chat Phone, Chat

FAQ Section

  • How Do I Cancel My Vendasta Account?

    Members have a few different options if they wish to cancel or downgrade their accounts. One way to terminate it is by submitting an official request with their respective Partner Growth Manager or Success on Demand.

    They can also call the Partner Center at 1-844-955-6650 or email [email protected].

  • Is Vendasta Worth It?

    Vendasta has a wide range of functions that make it worthwhile. From reputation and task management to automation and commerce tools, this truly is an all-in-one commerce platform.

    White-label options, specifically, have become a big hit for companies selling all kinds of products to small- and medium-sized businesses.

Is It The Right Commerce Platform For Me?

Vendasta prides itself on helping businesses succeed through a wide offering of products, services, and digital solutions that they can sell under their brand. Companies that use this platform have the power to become a leader in their field with top-of-the-line and innovative solutions at their disposal.

Have you worked with this popular commerce platform? Be sure to share your story and experiences below.

Published: April 23, 2021Updated: March 26, 2024

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