YTpals Review: Is It Reliable & Fast?

YTpals Review: Is It Reliable & Fast?
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Price Plans

  • 50 YouTube Subscribers ($20)

  • 50 YouTube Subscribers ($20)

  • 1000 YouTube Views ($15)

  • 100 YouTube Likes ($13.50)

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Starting Price per 50 YouTube Subscribers


YTpals Review: In Depth

YTpals is the typical model for sub4sub sites. The network helps users grow the number of subscribers (subs) that they have on YouTube.

What’s offered is a simple website where users can quickly create an account. With that, it is easy to start growing a subscription base. The site is clean and easy to navigate. There is a helpful drop down menu for those looking to contact help or shop for paid memberships.

The site claims that free members will receive 5 new followers for every 10 channels they follow. However, the site is honest about the fact that maybe only 3 followers will stick around. This is because some may unsubscribe after subscribing. Accounts which unsubscribe after subscribing are banned from the site.

However, YouTube does monitor accounts to see if followers are watching content. Videos that have a low watch duration are usually penalized. If new viewers aren’t watching and commenting on a user’s channel, then it may become penalized.

Supported Networks and Services

The network offers both YouTube and Instagram services to help members grow their following on each media site. Users can choose from either monthly plans or bulk plans. Both plans increase the amount of attention a channel will receive.

Free YouTube Subscribers

The main focus of the network is to help grow a channel’s popularity on YouTube. The site aims to help YouTubers attract other accounts which are also looking to gain followers. When choosing a costless membership account, there are two different options. The first costless option allows members to gain 5 new subscribers per day. The second option allows them to gain 20 new subscriptions per day. Both free options require users to subscribe and like other channels to get followers of their own.

Paid YouTube Subscribers

There are also paid options available. The paid options also help grow the popularity of a YouTube channel. The site delivers new followers every day with a paid plan. New subscriptions are guaranteed every 24 hours. Individuals can choose to buy monthly two types of monthly plans. The first brings 15 new subscribers a day. The second brings 60 a day. Bulk likes, subscribers, shares, views, and comments may also be purchased.

Paid Instagram Followers

Network growing services are also offered to the social media site Instagram. The sub4sub site links directly to a partner website, titled Free Followers. Free Followers offers paid selections to gain more bulk followers, likes, and comments. There are also options to buy automated followers, likes, and comments on a monthly basis.

Plans & Prices

The site offers a variety of costless and paid options which aim to help individuals grow their following on both YouTube and Instagram. There are both free and paid options to choose from. With the free option, members are required to subscribe to other videos actively. With the paid option, YouTubers are not required to subscribe to other media accounts. Below is a list of the plans and the associated prices that are offered.

The table below shows the price range for each network.

Networks Price Range
Facebook $0-$80
Instagram $7-$169

YouTube Monthly Services

Plans Description & Features
Basic Membership (Free) The basic membership is a plan that provides new subscribers. To receive them, users must also subscribe to other accounts. Users will gain 5 new subscribers every 24 hours. New subscribers will only be rewarded after the user has subscribed and liked 10 different channels.
Starter Membership (Free) The starter membership is a large plan that provides YouTubers with new subscribers. Individuals can receive twice as many followers as the basic plan. Members must subscribe to other accounts to get subscribers to their own. Users will gain 10 new subscribers every 12 hours. New subscribers will only be rewarded after the user has subscribed and liked 20 different channels.
Enterprise Membership ($20) Enterprise membership is a monthly plan that provides YouTubers with daily subscribers to their channel. The new subscribers automatically subscribe to a user’s channel every day. Participants do not have to subscribe to any other channels to receive their desired amount. Users will gain 15 new subs to their channel every day. This occurs for a month.
Celebrity Membership ($80) Celebrity membership is the most advanced option offered. It automatically delivers a large number of new subscribers to an account every day. The plan does not require users to like or subscribe to anyone else’s. They just automatically receive new subs. Members will gain 60 new subscriptions to their channel every day. This occurs for 30 days.


Network Services in Detail

Special services are offered for those looking to grow their following and gain attention on YouTube and Instagram. Metrics such as subscribers, comments, likes, views, and shares can all be purchased. Interested viewers can choose from either monthly plans or bulk volume plans. Both plans increase an account’s popularity. Delivery of all plans is 100% guaranteed.

YouTube Services

Monthly Subscribers

Users can choose from either costless or paid monthly memberships. Both memberships increase the amount of attention an account gets each day. The free option brings news subscribers after liking other’s media content. The paid option automatically brings new subscribers. There is no requirement to like other channels when choosing to pay for followers.

15 New Subscribers Per Day For 1 Month 60 New Subscribers Per Day For 1 Month
$20 $80

Bulk Subscribers

Paid memberships may be purchased to gain new subscribers. The paid membership delivers a chosen amount in a set period of time. Packages range from 50 to 1,000 new subs. Delivery of all bulk packages is 100% guaranteed.

50 Subscribers 100 300 500 1.000
$20 $30 $45 $60 $100


Bulk Views

Bulk plans can be purchased to increase the number of views a channel receives. The bulk views will then be delivered automatically. Users can choose which piece of content will receive new views. Packages for bulk views range from 1,000 to 1,000,000 views.

1.000 Views 5.000 10.000 25.000 50.000 100.000 250.000 500.000 1 Million
$15 $30 $45 $80 $160 $300 $700 $1.200 $2.200


Bulk Shares

Bulk plans can be purchased to increase the number of times a piece of content is shared. The plan ensures that a chosen number of other users will share a piece of content. Other accounts will then automatically share the chosen content. Bulk share packages range from 100 to 10,000 shares.

100 Shares 250 500 1.000 2.000 5.000 10.000
$10 $20 $30 $50 $80 $130 $250


Bulk Likes

Bulk plans can be purchased to gain more likes on content that is posted online. The plans deliver a chosen amount over the next days. Users can choose which piece of video content will receive the bulk amount. Bulk packages range from 100 to 30,000.

100 Likes 200 300 600 1.200 2.500 5.000 10.000 15.000 20.000 30.000
$13.50 $20 $25 $40 $70 $140 $270 $530 $790 $1.050 $1.550


Bulk Comments

Bulk plans can be purchased to increase the numbers of comments on a video. Once purchased, the plan will automatically deliver a number of new comments to a video. Users can choose which piece of video content will receive the comments. Bulks plans range from 10 comments to 50 comments.

10 Comments 20 30 50
$20 $35 $50 $80


Total Minimum-Maximum Analysis

YouTubers can choose which bulk plans suit them best. The bulk plans automatically deliver results within a few days. Users can also choose which video will be targeted. The minimum bracket shows the cheapest plan for each activity. The maximum bracket shows the most expensive plan for each activity.

Subscribers Likes Shares Views Comments
Minimum 50 ($20) 100 ($13.50) 100 ($10) 1,000 ($15) 10 ($20)
Maximum 1,000 ($100) 30,000 ($1,550.00) 10,000 ($250) 1,000,000 ($2,200) 50 ($80)

Instagram Services

Instagram services are best purchased directly from the partner website Free Followers. Free Followers then directs to Turbo Media. Turbo Media allows interested people to buy both bulk and monthly plans for real followers. Users can choose whether new fans will be boys or girls. The site also offers packages for bulk likes, comments, and views.

Terms and Guarantees

The Terms of Use of this service are available on its site. Info on how they protect data, and how they act if a refund or refill are called for is there too.

Terms and Conditions

In order to use the costless package, users must subscribe and like many other YouTube channels. They will then receive subscribers to their own. Once 10 other subscriptions are completed, they will receive 5 subscriptions to their own page in the next 24 hours. This process can be done once a day.

Those who use the site can also like and subscribe to 20 other YouTube accounts and videos, in exchange for 10 new subs in 12 hours. This process can be done twice a day. If a user fails to remain a subscriber to the channels which they liked and subscribed to in exchange for their own subs, then they will be banned from the site.

Furthermore, members are given a 100% guarantee that any bulk orders will be fulfilled.

Privacy Policy

This section is for people concerned about their privacy. The privacy policy that is offered is very short. There is a brief statement on the site which says that privacy is taken very seriously. This is done by using strong coding and safeguarding the website with 256-bit encryption standards. But not much more info is provided. Thus, the privacy policy should be taken very lightly. The privacy policy from YouTube is what should be trusted instead.

Refund Policy

The site promises a full refund if a member contacts the service within three days of purchasing a subscription. If a member still wishes to cancel the package after three days, their request will be subject to review from the company. If the company made a mistake, the member would be fully refunded. However, if the company did not make a mistake, then the person will be refunded the prorated amount of unused days in the month. The policy then changes after seven days of using the service. If a refund is requested after seven days, then the member will be denied any money back.

Retention Policy

The retention policy from the company is very simple and straightforward. Members must remain followers to any channels that they subscribed to while using the free package. If they unsubscribe, then they will be banned. A daily automated system scans accounts every day. This is done to detect if anyone has unsubscribed from other channels. If a member has unsubscribed from other accounts, they become banned. Thus, users are fairly well locked in to being subscribers if they wish to continue to use the costless package.

Customer Support

The online support center provides many different options. It allows unsatisfied people to cancel their membership, report quality concerns, and find technical help. The customer support menu is a very quality menu. With it, users can easily solve any of their problems. There is also a good FAQ section to answer any questions. However, there may still be questions which can’t be answered online. If so, customer support can be contacted directly through email. Email support is available Monday through Saturday. An email with the best answer will be sent back in 24-48 hours.

YTpals Quality of Followers

All of the new followers that are received are from real people. They are also other YouTubers, who wish to grow their popularity on the media site. Free members are required to follow other channels in order to get subscribers of their own. Thus, an individual using the sub4sub site will have to search out and subscribe to 40 other channels, to receive 20 subscribers to their own channel. The quality of followers is the same when purchasing a paid plan. The same real people will then follow an account.

Retention Rate

The YouTube marketing site states that members are required to stay followers the whole time they use the costless package. However, the site also states that perhaps only 3 of 5 new followers may continue to follow a YouTuber. The first time using the service, members will see a large increase in the number of followers. The site claims that this is the result of a member liking many new channels. The individual’s channel will then get many likes and followers back. All of the new accounts that become followers are real YouTubers.

YTpals Pros & Cons



  • Boosts the amount of attention a channel receives.
  • Easy to use website with free and paid options.
  • Relaxed refund policies in case members aren’t happy.
  • Easy to contact and helpful customer service.
  • A vague privacy policy that doesn’t offer much security.
  • Free members must put in lots of work to receive followers back.

The Final Word

Working with the site is relatively simple. And the service can indeed help grow an online following. However, at the end of the day, nothing beats creating quality content. The networking site can help an account gain followers in the short run. But it will never make an account ‘star worthy’ unless that channel is full of great content.

Premium plans do offer some interesting aspects to help boost popularity on YouTube. However, they still won’t likely make an account star worthy unless the content truly is great. It is also worth noting that YouTube tracks metrics to see how active an account’s followers are. So if an individual were to use a tool such as YTpals, it would be best to make sure that the content of their videos is amazing before doing so.

Published: June 07, 2019Updated: March 26, 2024

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