AdEspresso Review: Boost Sales Exponentially

AdEspresso Review: Boost Sales Exponentially
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  • Base Plan ($58/mo)

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AdEspresso Review: In-Depth

AdEspresso is a feature-rich tool for small and medium companies that need assistance in managing their ads. Whether it is for Facebook or Google, this ad manager helps businesses reach their desired audience. Doing so, in turn, could mean many more sales. And with its powerful analytics tools, it is now easier than ever to review info and get to one’s public.


Key Features

This is a marketing platform that focuses on giving social media solutions. These features appear in 5 groups, then, depending on their focus:

  • Available for multiple top platforms.
  • Faster than most competitors in the market.
  • Control placement, timing, and audience.
  • Optimize campaigns with the latest analytics tools.
  • Get personalized tips based on existing ads.
  • Set and forget: it is possible to automatize the whole process.

AdEspresso Review: Background Information

AdEspresso was born in beautiful Italy in November 2011. It was created by a team of digital marketing and advertising aficionados who wanted to make the whole process of managing campaigns easier. At the time, these people had their own clients. And they were doing quite well. But after gaining some experience, these men realized how hard it was to create plans and keep track of them.

So, they started working on this app to aid marketers to focus on what matters, instead of useless tasks. And so this service was officially released in 2013. In 2017, HootSuite bought the company. Their current team consists of 10 people. Some are in charge of designing, while others are programmers or review their customers’ queries.

Their management is composed of their CEO, Massimo Chieruzzi, their COO, Armando Biondi, and their CTO, Carlo Forghieri. And these businessmen are all joined by their love for coffee. That is how the name of the company and its logo were picked. And it is the symbol that represents all the energy put into this project.

Interesting Stats & Facts

This SaaS (software as a service) tool is perfect for those who want to create great ads for their brands. Some of its main perks are the ability to analyze content and allow to optimize to up conversion rates. Many clients claim that this tool has allowed them to improve their advertising efficiency.

It has so many happy paying customers that its finances have grown a lot too. This is so not only for themselves but also for their investors. Economically speaking, this brand seems to be very profitable. Read on to learn about more facts that not everyone knows about AdEspresso.

  • Allows to save up to 70% of the manual work.
  • Improves performance of campaigns up to 40%.
  • Their products rely on more than 23 technologies, like Google Analytics.
  • Their website relies on more than 82 technologies, like Viewport Meta.
  • HootSuite bought this company in 2017.
  • The total funding amount was of 3.2 million US dollars.
  • 3 founding rounds were needed for this.
  • 9 investors found this company.
  • Their only lead investor is VentureFriends.
  • Their annual revenue is approximately 1.4 million US dollars.

Service Features & Technical Details

Each plan offers different characteristics depending on the needs of each business. Yet, some are included in every package. These are the functions that let AdEspresso stand out from the crowd. To know more about them and how they could be useful, read on.

1. Unified Tool for Google, Facebook, and Instagram

One of the features that lets this platform stand out is that one can have all their ad accounts in one place. This means that ads for Instagram, Facebook, or Google can be managed here. AdEspresso gives the possibility of using split testing for all three channels. This can be done with everything, from titles to images. This tool also includes a grid composer.

This function allows for organizing a large number of ads. As this is usually done by those who sell in different locations, it is possible to add information about that too. One can also create a single plan and use many pages. Users only need to specify this in the Excel sheet, and the algorithm does the rest. Then, with the Automatic Page Post Promotion feature, clients can boost their organic posts by only setting up some things, like the type of post.

2. Campaign Automatization

Creating ads is a process of trial and error. The problem with this is that when one has many of them, it is difficult to keep track and optimize them. Luckily, this service includes an Automatic Optimization feature that does this by itself. It analyzes when an ad is creating losses, stops it, and redistributes the budget to benefit the ones that generate more revenue.

Another very useful feature is the ability to create and manage custom audiences automatically. This tool syncs all the data between Facebook and the CRM of choice and then stores them in the Assets Manager to use again. What is more, it is possible to edit the content in bulk. It is widespread to spot a typo once a group of similar ads is ready. Changing them one by one can be very tedious. Fortunately, with this option, it is now easier than ever.

  • Optimize plans by redistributing the budget
  • Manage audience information
  • Edit content

3. Analytics

Each plan includes a set of automatic analytic tools. Marketing requires so much info to do it right that one can easily get lost in it. The people at AdEspresso know this and have tweaked their platform to present all the data in a customer-friendly manner.


Users can choose which metrics are the most important and the level of detail with which they want to see it. Then, if it is necessary to present all this info to a superior, the platform automatically generates a PDF report. These include easy to read graphs and charts. Also, it is possible to organize each plan according to the segments they are aimed at.

  • Customized reports that show only the data that matters.
  • A personalized PDF file with key info.
  • There is the option to organize the data from each campaign as needed.

4. Work Collaboratively

Collaborating with others can be a hassle. It is messy having emails going back and forth, and some key info could get lost on its way. Luckily, with AdEspresso, it is quite easy to request approval for the plan, for example. With just one click, the platform sends a request to the person in charge, asking them to approve or suggest changes.

adespresso-single-review-Work Collaboratively

As soon as they are done, the marketer receives a notification with the answer. It’s that easy. The process to add more people to a plan is similar. Newcomers receive a request, follow an easy tutorial, and they are in. Of course, this works with people from all around the world. The top plans give the owners of the account the option to choose what info the other person can see and use.

  • It allows getting approval in minutes.
  • Adding people to a campaign is very straightforward.
  • It is possible to limit or extend or people’s access to different options.

5. Video Lectures

Many people consider that reading books is a tedious activity and prefer watching videos. Seeing a person face to face explain something with images and sound can be much more memorable than just reading. This is why AdEspresso offers the possibility of learning through webinars. New ones come up all the time.

This is helpful to be updated about the latest trends in the market. The team keeps a list of recordings of all the masterclasses they have on Facebook and Google ads. Some of them help with planning and writing the ads, while some others aid with targeting the audience correctly. There are even videos on how to create successful Facebook chatbots to assist businesses in driving more sales. If one is about to start an agency, they can find very useful tips about this too. All in all, their collection of classes is complete.

6. Learning Opportunities

One of the key features of this company is its training program. The team at AdEspresso knows that in this field, it is key to be constantly updated, and so they prepare courses on digital marketing. They cover content for beginners as well as for advanced marketers. Their most thorough course is the AdEspresso Mastery Course.

adespresso-single-review-Learning Opportunities

It aims at training digital marketing gurus. It consists of 16 lessons that cover from basic topics to the most advanced ones. And, of course, it is entirely based on this platform. To access these exclusive courses, one has to pay for one of the plans. Besides their star course, there are many others. They have a library with a catalog full of options for each and every need.

And as if this were not enough, they also offer a personalized service. Finding the right strategy can be hard. Fortunately, now, with only one click, it is possible to have one of their experts review one’s campaign. Then, they give feedback on it.

Having a fresh pair of eyes giving objective comments can be very fruitful, especially if these tips come from experts in the field. On top of that, the whole process happens very fast. After only one business day, they prepare a 10-minute video explaining in which aspects the campaign could improve. This is great for beginner marketers that could use some feedback to keep on growing. Then, if one needs more guidance, it is possible to arrange a call with one of their coaches to talk about which tactics to follow.

AdEspresso Plans & Pricing

Every company’s budget is unique and varies greatly from one to the other. While some can afford to spend enormous amounts on their campaigns, others count every penny. Fortunately, there is a package for each of them.


Base Plan

This is the cheapest plan at $58 per month. It includes an unlimited number of ads accounts with spending of up to $3000 per month. Yet, as a downside, it does not allow to have more than one user. In spite of this, this package includes all the other basic features. Some of them are scheduling, analytics, a PDF report, and more.


  • Basic PDF report
  • Quite cheap
  • Decent amount of money to invest

  • Just one profile allowed
  • Not suitable for large companies

Premium Plan

This is the plan AdEspresso recommends and the one that is most likely to suit a wider audience. It also offers the possibility of having an unlimited number of ads accounts, and the expenditure, in this case, can reach up to $10,000. The good thing is that one can have up to 2 sub-accounts, and also enjoy the essential features for $166 per month.


  • Increased value for ads
  • 2 sub-accounts
  • Affordable for a team

  • Slow customer support
  • Small budget for a premium plan

Elite Plan

This package is for those who have higher requirements. At $333 per month, it allows spending up to a whopping amount of $50,000. Each client can have up to 10 users while using all the basic features the other plans offer, like detailed analytics.


  • Account protection
  • A lot of sub-accounts for a big team
  • Download detailed PDF reports

  • Pricey
  • Not all features are included

Diamond Plan

This is AdEspresso’s top plan. It suits the clients with high-end needs. One of its top characteristics is that it supports up to 30 sub-accounts. Customers can spend up to $150,000 monthly on their campaigns. Of course, this does not come cheap. It costs $499 each month to have this package.


  • Many sub-accounts
  • Freedom to spend a lot of money on ads
  • Great speed for customer support

  • Very expensive/li>
  • It may not be enough for some big companies/li>

Price & Key Features Comparisons Table

Each company has different needs. Fortunately, there are plans for all kinds of them. The one that, according to AdEspresso, is the most likely to fit most people’s needs is the premium one. Yet, whether that is the case is up to the client.

Base Premium Elite Diamond
Pricing $58 $166 $333 $499
Ads spending up to $3.000 up to $10.000 up to $50.000 up to $150.000
Ads accounts No limits No limits No limits No limits
Free trial 14 days 14 days 14 days 14 days
Pdf reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sub accounts No 2 10 30
Time for support 48 hs 24 hs 12 hs 6 hs
Dedicated training 1 hs 2 hs 3 hs 4 hs
CRM Leads 3.000 6.000 10.000 15.000

Terms & Conditions

Their terms and conditions are very detailed in terms of what it is that they offer and what customers should do. The team most of the times makes it clear that they are not responsible for the content of the ads. Whatever clients include is on them. The good side of this is that creators keep all the rights of their creations.

The terms also state that what their services are just how they are. And if customers are not happy with this, they should follow section 7 of the agreement. That part refers to the steps one has to follow to cancel their subscription. When this is done, clients will be able to continue their campaigns from each platform’s native tool.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of this company is quite clear. It admits to collecting and storing personal information. But they also detail what it is done with it. And if someone is not happy with this, the brand recommends just to avoid giving the data. The policy specifies that the company uses email addresses to contact users about changes in its service or to show promotions.


If someone cares about third parties knowing all their info, they should not worry. AdEspresso says that their team does give this info to other companies, but always respecting anonymity. For example, this vendor may disclose the age and location of its users for ad purposes, but never their names or exact details.

Refund Policy

AdEspresso’s policy is quite tight in this sense. Users are only entitled to get a refund if the company makes a mistake, or cancels the service. In spite of this, if someone commits a mistake when choosing their plan, the support team is kind enough to give the money back. Of course, this has to be within the following 24 hours after making the payment.

Customer Support

Problems arise when one least expects them. When this happens, it is nice to know that there is someone there to help solve them. Especially when one has invested some money into it. Let’s see how AdEspresso fares in this field.


This is the only available manner to communicate with them currently. In spite of this, users cannot send an email directly. They have to do so through form, which can be found on their “contacts” site. Once this is done, clients will receive a reply in their usual inbox.

Online Chart

Chatting is one of the most popular ways to express oneself fast. Most medium and big companies know this. So they implement a support option through this means. Yet, this is not AdEspresso’s case. There is no way to have an instant chat with them. Just like with phone support, the most probable cause for this lack is staff shortage.


This is the most traditional means of communication. It allows for straightforward, fast communication. Yet, the AdEspresso customer support team does not use it. This may seem a bit unprofessional, but let’s remember that their team is actually quite small. And they have thousands of customers throughout the globe. It is probably not feasible to answer their queries with not much staff.

Support Center

Most customers usually have the same doubts or problems. So, companies usually create a page answering them to avoid having to do so privately time after time. AdEspresso also uses this helpful and time-saving strategy in the FAQ section. There, users can find the most frequent questions and their answers classified into two.

In one column, they have the most common queries about the platform itself. In the other one, there are several doubts that regard online advertising in general. There is also plenty of useful information in other sections. For example, under the “How It Works” heading, users can select the type of client that describes them. Then, they will be presented with a tour through the platform that is adapted to their needs.

Quality of Service

Most clients seem to be satisfied with the service. AdEspresso gives social network solutions for pros in the field. Some of them, like affordable plans, are great for those who are just starting. Their customer care team is also flawless. Yet, the ways of payment could improve a bit. So could the refund policy. It should be a bit more flexible. All in all, it gives great value for money.

Customer Types

Many people might decide to use this service for many reasons. Below, there is a description of the main perks and why they are suitable for these types of clients.

Who Is AdEspresso Best For

AdEspresso offers complete packages for all types of needs, from start-ups on a tight budget, to big businesses with lots of money to invest in their campaigns. There are also some very options for those who are training themselves thanks to their courses. To know which features suit best each type of customer, read on.

Small Businesses

AdEspresso has some very good options for those who are just starting. Its basic and premium plans fit in almost any budget and allow having all that is needed to get started. Those businesses who have a small team in charge of their ads could profit from the two sub-accounts that premium plan offers.

Medium Businesses

AdEspresso has several options for those who are looking for a mix of price and features. The premium and elite packages are thought for all types of medium businesses. Depending on whether the business is closer to being a big one or a small one, they should decide which package suits them best. The elite plan has some interesting perks for the bigger ones, like mandatory campaign approval.

Large Enterprises

These businesses are the ones with the most needs. And so, it is necessary to get a plan that helps address all of them. With its large expenditure limits and the possibility of having up to 30 sub-accounts, a diamond plan covers almost anything that could be asked for. And if a brand needs more, they could ask for the enterprise plan.


There are many features freelancers can benefit from. The basic plan is perfect for them. The required investment is quite small for someone who makes a living out of this, but they still have access to all the tools that let this service stand out. All the features that could be redundant for them, like mandatory approvals or sub-accounts, are not included. And so, they can save a lot of money there.

AdEspresso Pros & Cons

The AdEspresso team has put on a lot of work into this ad management tool and ti shows. Yet, like everything in life, it is perfectible. Though the system is robust and all the features can be helpful if one knows how to use it, there are still some areas that some may not like. These are the pros and cons of the platform.



  • Effortless process. From optimizing ads to A/B testing, each part of the process is straightforward.
  • It is simple to test ads. One can create several versions of them and see how they perform.
  • Easy setup. Once a campaign has been prepared, one can simply save the settings and reuse them later on.
  • Solid analytics. They provide a thorough report on how the campaign worked in a simple format.
  • Campaign optimization. Their coaches provide personalized feedback on how to improve the campaign’s weakest aspects.
  • Poor language skills. The page was clearly not created by a native speaker, and it shows in some language mistakes.
  • Learning curve. It may take some time to know how to use all the platform has to offer.

Top 5 AdEspresso Alternatives

AdEspresso is not the only agency in its field. There are many more. Some of them appear below, satisfying many needs and likings.



Even though this competitor is much smaller than AdEspresso, they have a lot to offer. Their basic plan is far more expensive, but it has no limits. So, marketers can spend as much as needed in their ads. In spite of this, their optimizations and testing are no competition for AdEspresso’s.



This platform offers an excellent user experience. From the very beginning, clients can see a beautiful and intuitive design. Their whole platform is clearly customer-centered. Yet, some of their tools could be more powerful. Their analytics tool, for example, does not show as many details as others in the market.

Social Ads Tool

adespresso-single-review-Social Ads Tool

This is an international agency that focuses on many social networks. Its main focus is Facebook and the management of the ads. They have efficient teams that take care of integral campaigns while keeping the brand’s identity alive.



This is a rival to consider in the optimization area. This an AI-based solution that analyzes and optimizes campaigns. They offer tips to make the most out of the budget. Also, they have a team of experts answering their clients’ doubts that are always available.



They offer the opportunity of enhancing an online store by means of ads, email campaigns, and marketing in general. In terms of pricing, it is quite obscure. It does not say anything but that the plans are custom to one’s budget.

AdEspresso Alternatives Comparison Table

After comparing all the basic plans, some conclusions appeared. Readers can find the main features below and compare them on their own.

Adespresso Qwaya Adstage SocialAdsTool Revealbot AdRoll
Pricing/mo $69 $149 $119 Custom $99 Custom
Ads spending $3.000 Custom $25.000 Custom $10.000 Custom
Ads accounts No limits 1 1 3 No 5
Free trial 14 Days 14 Days Yes No 14 Days No
Pdf reports Yes No No Yes No Yes
Sub accounts No Yes Yes Yes 0 Yes
Time for support 48 hs 24 hs 48 hs Custom 24 hs Custom
Dedicated training 1 hs No No No No No
CRM Leads 3.000 No No No No 2.000

FAQ Section


What Is Adespresso?

This one is a tool that helps to manage ads for Facebook, Google, and Instagram. That means that marketers can control all their ad-related needs in only one place. Once the campaign is at work, the tool analyzes how it works. AdEspresso takes pride in its user-friendly way to do this. Their algorithm chooses the most important data and shows it in a simple way. In this way, users find it easy to know how to tweak their work to boost sales.

Is Facebook Good for Advertising?

Yes, but this also depends on the needs of every business. Facebook has a very low CPC (cost per click), which can be perfect for brands on a tight budget. Their ROI (return on investment) is also quite high. But this depends on the mastery of each marketer. Given the right circumstances and with the correct settings, the profits can be really high. Overall, this platform provides great results at a very low cost for those who know how to use it.

What Does ‘Cost per Click’ Mean?

Cost per click, also known as CPC, is an advertisement model. The way it works is simple. A company posts its ads with a publisher, like Google or Facebook. Then, every time a person clicks on it, the brand pays the company who showed the add. This means that clients only pay when they have reached a customer that is truly interested. Not before. In this way, publishers do their best to show the content to the right audience.

Which Keywords Should I Use for My Google Ads Campaigns?

To ensure that the campaign reaches interested customers, it is necessary to use the right keywords. The best are the ones that match what the customers type into the search box. To begin with, one has to think like a client who is looking for the product. It could be useful to use a description. All the chosen words should be related to the product’s theme for best results. The more general a keyword is, the more likely it is to appear in searches. Yet, specific words help to target people that are truly into the product.

Does Adespresso Have a Free Trial?

Yes, it does. The free trial is 14 days only. But it is more than enough to get to know the tool and if it is appropriate for a business. It includes all the key features. One can manage an unlimited number of ads. And it is also possible to work in sync with teams all over the world. What is more, they also offer tips. These are very useful to get another person’s perspective on one’s campaign. This helps to know how to tweak the campaign to get better results.

Do I Need a Website in Order to Run Facebook Ads?

No, it is not necessary. Most other platforms require a URL, but Facebook does not. Yet, it is necessary to have a page on the platform. Ads are a great way to improve the number of followers easily. First, one has to create engaging content for the page. Then, when that is ready, it is possible to sponsor those posts. This means that one sets up a campaign to make sure that they reach as many potential customers as possible.

How Do I Cancel Adespresso?

The procedure is simple. Click on the settings button at the top right corner of the site. Then, go to the profile. In the section dubbed “Your Plan”, there is the option to cancel the subscription. Of course, this does not happen right away. One can enjoy the benefits of being a paid user until the end of the billing cycle. This means that if a client pays one day and cancels the following, they still have the whole month with the current plan.

Can I Target My Competitors?

Yes, it is possible. But it is necessary to be careful. Otherwise, there may be legal problems. Here are some key tips to consider. First, do not use any trademark in the ads. Unless, of course, the competitors allow it. It could be useful to register one’s own brand to avoid having other people using its name too. Also, be careful with not becoming a copycat. If the content does not differentiate, customers will have no reason to choose one brand over the other.

Is It Free to Advertise on Facebook?

No. One needs to have a budget. Every time a customer clicks on an ad, some money is taken out of that. The amount that is charged depends on several factors. Some niches are far more expensive than others. Competition and ad quality are other variables to consider. Yet, the average cost per click is $1.86. In the priciest campaigns, though, it can even surpass $5 every time someone hits the ad.

The Final Word

This user-friendly tool is one of the most powerful in the market. It stands out for its optimization features, together with its learning tools, like courses and coaches. What is more, it is available for the most popular platforms: Google, Facebook, and Instagram. All companies looking for an ad management tool should give this one a look and consider if it fits their needs regardless of their budgets. Though, of course, there are some aspects to polish, this is one of the most solid alternatives in the market.

Published: August 26, 2019Updated: February 23, 2024

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