Stormlikes Review: Is It Reliable & Fast?

Stormlikes Review: Is It Reliable & Fast?
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Stormlikes Review: In Depth

Since 2009, this Instagram Marketing Service has been providing instant likes for a multitude of Instagram posts. The U.S. based company offers likes, followers, and video views for a fee. The company claims “real users” come from the client’s choice of genders and locations. It offers a random number of likes for individual photos and delayed delivery. These provide more natural progress for the client’s responses.

The website offers a few different ways to buy. Users can choose a monthly payment plan. There are also a couple of one-time payment options for a specified number of likes.


Supported Networks and Services

Stormlikes is a specific service that supports Instagram only. The purpose of the service is to increase traffic to individual posts and videos. Here is more specific information about what it offers.


The social media product sells instant likes and automatic likes. Users of the Instagram Marketing Service can buy likes for their images and their videos. This helps their business grow and builds the brand’s reputation. Many people believe popularity is equal to quality. For this reason, this activity has a direct effect on the business’s income.

There are a few extra services offered. Clients can set target locations and specify gender for where the reviews come from. This ensures the reviews are reaching the people the business wants to reach. They can also choose to get a random amount of likes per post and delay the delivery results. This provides more natural progress for the post and adds to how trustworthy it seems.

This company claims to provide the following services:

  • Delivery of Likes Starts within Five Seconds
  • Geo-Targeting of Preferred Countries
  • Gradual Delivery of Likes
  • Likes from “Real Users” not Fake Accounts
  • No Password Required
  • Preferred Gender Targeting
  • Reasonable and Flexible Fees and Packages

Stormlikes Plans & Prices

Buyers can choose tailored services with sliding scale price options. The website has an easy-to-use slider-bar at the bottom of the page. This enables customers to choose the number of likes they want to buy. They can base this on their price point and the type of payment schedule they want. There are plans in a wide range of pay-once fees, as well as monthly fees for specific numbers of likes. New users can try out the service by choosing the 50 free likes the service currently offers.

One-Time Payment Plan

A one-time payment plan allows users to buy likes for one or more existing pictures. Users can divide the purchased likes between as many images as needed. The pay-once fee payment plan is easily tailored to the account’s needs.

The service even provides a sliding fee with discounts for larger payments. For example, up to 750 likes receive a 10-percent discount off the smallest package. Between 1000 and 2000 likes receive a 15-percent discount. 2500 to 5000 get 20-percent off, and so on.

Single Fee
Number of LikesPrice
Monthly Plan
Number of Likes per PostPrice

Monthly Payment Plan

The monthly payment plan is a repeating service. It entitles users to a certain number of automatic likes based on which plan they buy. These are good for future images up to 10 per day. This means that a user who buys a monthly package of 100 likes would receive 100 likes per each photo. He or she would receive this for up to 10 photos per day.

The monthly payment plan is also easily fine-tuned and has a sliding fee. For example, 750 to 1000 likes receives a 55-percent discount off the smallest package. Between 1500 and 2000 likes receive a 60-percent discount. 5000 to 7500 get 66-percent off, and so on.

Network Services in Detail

This Instagram Marketing Service only supports the popular photo-sharing source, Instagram. Its purpose is to increase each post and video engagement. It does not use an instabot from a “ghost” account. Real likes show that real people are interacting with the content. This draws a greater amount of traffic. More people become aware of the pictures and videos and share them.


Buying likes and views for Instagram posts and videos help more people recognize the brand. For a small fee, accounts receive a certain number of likes, automatic likes, and video views. Advanced settings allow clients to set the gender and location of “real users” not fake ones. This allows them to get likes from people who are like their target audience and customer base. They can also produce random amounts of likes with delayed delivery. This means that pictures will not only reach the target audience but will also appear natural.

Automatic Likes

To receive automatic likes, users have to buy the monthly subscription service. This provides a number of automatic likes for future posts. It is based on the plan they bought. This covers up to 10 daily. The greater the package, the less each like costs. See this here:

Number of Likes1002505007501000150020005000


Instant Likes

Service users buy instant likes using a one-time payment plan. These likes are applied to one or more existing images as they are gotten. Plus, the user can divide them between as many as he or she wants. The user also has the option of delaying the likes. This way they do not all show up at the same time. The larger the package of likes, the less each one costs on its own, as seen here:

Number of Likes10025050075010001500200025005000


Terms and Guarantees

Stormlikes features a professional site with comprehensive parts for each function. One of the most important ones regards terms and guarantees. There, they state how customers should use it, payment and refunds. Also, what happens if numbers drop and how they protect their clients’ info.

Terms and Conditions

The company provides an easy-to-use platform. There, consumers can use software to buy Instagram likes. Access is available to users aged 18 or older as soon as they register. Upon receipt of an order, random likes are instantly delivered from real accounts. Accounts have delivery speed adjustment abilities and support. The company offers this service with cheap and flexible prices. This meets the needs of most users. It does ban illegal and threatening behaviors. It bans the bullying or harassment of other users. It is against the rules to upload viruses, malicious code, or transfer illegal, threatening, or obscene content. Customers can cancel at any time, for any reason, and without any consequences.

Privacy Policy

The safety of its clients’ information is a priority. It only shares information with authorized third-party processors. These include those that handle the support tickets, respond to emails and client payments. Personal profile information collected includes email addresses, Instagram usernames, and IP addresses. The company collects only general data about users. This includes browser types, operating systems, Internet providers, times and dates of access, and things of that nature. The company stores the data of registered users as long as their accounts are active. The company uses Google AdWords and analytics. These record when clients view certain pages or take particular actions while on the site. Users can find the current Privacy Policy version on the website. The service reserves the right to alter the Privacy Policy at any time.


Refund Policy

Most good social media companies have some sort of a refund policy. Stormlikes has a generous 100-percent refund policy. The company wants to keep all its loyal customers, but they understand that things do happen. No product is a perfect fit for all clients. This means users can cancel their account at anytime and for any reason. Buyers of single-purchase likes packages can contact the company for a full refund. They do this by submitting a contact ticket found on the support page.

Retention Policy

The retention rate of this product is difficult to determine. This is partly because of the different packages it offers. Users who have a monthly package may appear to be loyal customers. They can do this without buying additional packages. Users who have a pay-once package of a large number of likes may repeat this action many times. Plus, a satisfied customer may only need to use the service once or twice a year. Although this would be an ongoing client, he or she would not improve the retention rate for this service. The website does claim to have “proudly delivered” over 600,000,000 likes. The service also offers clients with a monthly account a one-year retention guarantee.

Customer Support

Customer support appears typical. It is neither better nor worse than others. The web site has no live chat or direct phone options for support. The service provides a good FAQ page that has detailed answers to the most common questions. If the answer is not there, users can contact customer support. They can either send an email or submit an inquiry ticket. This is on the support page. The company claims to respond within minutes up to a couple of hours. The average wait though is 12 hours. This is due to the high-volume of customer questions, requests, and reviews.

Stormlikes Quality of Followers

The quality of followers and accounts that the likes come from is one of the company’s strong points. The accounts come from real people, not fake ones, that are from real places. These individuals have strong social media standings of their own. They have profile pictures, their own followers, reviews, and user interactions. This makes the likes they provide appear more realistic. Having high-quality followers increases how trustworthy the reviews appear. This has a favorable effect on the business. It improves the reputation and increases brand recognition. One could say that money invested in likes from quality accounts may come back as actual income.

Retention Rate

The retention rate for this type of social media service is difficult to determine. Most industries consider a retention rate of 20-percent to be average. Many believe Internet services with a retention rate of over 25-percent are better than most. The rate for this service would be difficult to figure due to the different packages it offers. A monthly package may score higher than a single-pay sale of a large number of likes. According to the website, the company has “proudly delivered” over 600,000,000 likes. The service does offer users a one-year retention guarantee, which is quite good. It shows the company’s faith in its product.

Stormlikes Pros & Cons

  • Service has a nice and easy to use website
  • The plan and prices are clear and flexible
  • The site has a clear FAQ and Support page that includes an email contact form
  • The website has HTTPS protection for user security
  • They offer a trial of 50 free likes
  • Reviews show that the speed of the likes may seem strange to mindful followers
  • They no longer accept PayPal as a payment option for likes. This makes customers nervous.
  • There is no mention of 24/7 support

The Final Word

Everyone wants his or her business to be successful. New companies and existing businesses that use Stormlikes may get an edge over the others. This marketing tool delays the likes and adjusts how quickly they post. One of the key features this product has is the ability to target gender and where they come from. Most other companies like it do not have these abilities.

The site is attractive and easy to navigate. It has HTTPS protection for better user security. It currently offers a promotion of 50 free likes. This enables potential clients to test the speed of delivery and quality of the accounts for themselves. An informed customer is a happy customer.

Published: June 26, 2019 | Updated: January 06, 2020
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