Facebook is one of the preferred social media platforms today. Some competitors are Twitter and Instagram. It has had a grip over young and mature persons for over 12 years. Millions of people have access to the Internet and access their accounts to do various actions. Have you ever thought about this? When describing these top Facebook pages, users will see how important they are. Together, these pages have more than 350 million followers! Some of them represent famous singers, actors, politicians or athletes.

Other important ones stand for TV programs, sports clubs, or brands, as Samsung or Starbucks. These profiles post photos and videos about varied things. Some of them are updates about their products and business as a marketing option. Some others upload photos of their loved ones, funny podcasts, food recipes and so on. In the end, the most important thing is to keep viewers entertained. How is it that they became so famous? Keep on reading this review if you want to know what makes them unique.

Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Pages in 2021

People use social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, all the time. Maybe to see what their friends are doing, to read the news. Today, we can even watch a series using this platform. Many famous persons, brands and even football teams have fan pages in this platform. Regarding likes, they are the best Facebook pages. In this article, we will review the 10 accounts that have the largest number of followers.

#1 Facebook: Fans for Itself

Best Facebook Pages in 2021
  • Account Name: @Facebook
  • Total Followers: 215 million
  • Specialization: Facebook services
  • Country: USA
  • Total Likes: 214 million
  • Page Created: 2007

To our surprise, the page a lot of users follow on this platform is Facebook itself. This platform has been active since 2008. Since then, it has got millions of accounts. Those who create an account in Facebook have several options to access it. We can upload photos with loved ones or alone, and post videos of all types. We can also send private messages and post text in the public states. Users can also create groups if they are keen on the same things, or post instant stories to share what they do. Also, every person can create their own fan pages and get one follower for each like. So, those who have an account can post their products, their businesses or their own private lives for their fans. Facebook itself uses their fan page to gather data about their users’ experience in the social media. They want to receive good and bad reviews to make their features better.

Facebook Photos

They have data about all of the platform’s things. Some examples are how to craft stories or how to take better photos. In their video section, they make lovely stories about various dates. One example is their podcasts on Mother’s Day or the one for every New Year. They also have a community section that is very useful. There, the public can ask doubts and see how many friends enjoy it too. They see this channel as a great marketing and customer support channel. As they get questions and issues there, they can answer and solve them with private messages. Finally, they also inform clients about new changes to their platform.

#2 Cristiano Ronaldo: Most Loved Footballer

Best Facebook Pages in 2021
  • Account Name: @cristiano
  • Total Followers: 124 million
  • Special Area: Footballer
  • Country: Portugal
  • Total Likes: 122 million
  • Page Created: 2009

This footballer has one of the most popular Facebook pages. He shows his success to his 120 million followers since 2010. He was born in Madeira, Portugal 35 years ago. Now he is one of the most successful men in sports on the planet. He plays for Juventus and Portugal in the World Cup. His accounts show pictures and videos of his private and professional life. Many sports critics consider him as one of the best players in the world. The images he shares show that he thinks that, too. Some of the photos are sponsored. This means that many brands, as Crunch Fitness, pay him a lot of money. So, he uploads a picture mentioning them. This way, they are advertising themselves with this cool man. Finally, Cristiano Ronaldo’s page also shows his projects aside football. For example, he posted a trailer to his 2021 game. This way, his every follower can know about it and buy it if they want. He is also well-known in Instagram. He has no Twitter.

Cristiano Ronaldo Photos

Cristiano efficiently uses his social media page. He displays there parts of his private and public life. On the private life sphere, he posts photos of his everyday life. Also, there are pictures of him with his family. He shows how he lives with a lot of money and time to spend with his loved ones. For example, he posted a great picture of where he spent New Year’s Eve. He gets comments from his fans all over the globe. Most of the comments are in Spanish and Portuguese, though he never answers them.

#3 Real Madrid C.F.: Spanish Pride

Best Facebook Pages in 2021
  • Account Name: @RealMadrid
  • Total Followers: 109 million
  • Special area: Football Club
  • Country: Spain
  • Total Likes: 111 million
  • Page Created: 2007

Real Madrid Club de Fútbol is one of the greatest clubs in the planet. It is in the city of Madrid, in Spain. They have been playing for more than 116 years. Its name was given by King Alfonso in the year 1920 and has been using the royal design ever since. They have their stadium called Santiago Bernabeu. It was built in 1947. Different from other sports clubs, the members who pay to be a part of the club, own it. They take the relevant decisions about its future. It’s one of the clubs with more money all over the country. This year, it has been valued in $4.1 billion. It has millions of supporters worldwide. This shows in the number of likes on their Facebook profile. There, the club uploads photos as a marketing option and news about the team. Also, they ask clients to participate and comment on their favorite players and their preferred goals.

Real Madrid C.F. Photos

To finish, the fan page has different types of data. They have a website, though not a blog. For example, they feature games as FIFA in sponsored postings. They also post podcasts about the players, press conferences, and live training. The club writes its content both in English and in Spanish. They upload photos of famous players and their families. In photos, they appear showing their prizes. They even post apps as greeting card makers with the faces of the players. Each space shows only their professional lives. Their followers here, on Twitter and Instagram like watching live interviews a lot. This way, they can comment at the time the players are speaking. So, they can ask questions and get immediate answers from them.

#4 FC Barcelona: Virtual Cheering Crowds

Best Facebook Pages in 2021
  • Account Name: @fcbarcelona
  • Total Followers: 101 million
  • Special Area: Football
  • Country: Spain
  • Total Likes: 103 million
  • Page Created: 2009

This is another very old football team. A giant in its field, the club was founded in 1899. It is in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. By 1910, they had won almost 15 trophies. It is the direct competitor of Real Madrid They have very expensive players that come from all over the globe. Messi, for example, comes from Argentina, and Suarez from Uruguay. About their fan page, it is trendy. They write their captions in 3 languages: Spanish, Catalan, and English. On the page, they highlight their best players, like Messi and Neymar. They appear many times in pictures and videos, and viewers love them. They show their support for writing sweet messages and liking every post. They have their Facebook profile for fans to cheer the team and the club as well.

FC Barcelona Photos

The club uses the page for several goals. One of them is marketing. Users can find information about the team and news about matches. Also, there is content regarding ticket sales, how to become a member, the services the club gives and more. For example, they post guess who photos about the team for users to comment. The page also features live interviews with players and coaches. They mostly talk about their professional lives to do some marketing. Live videos are successful, especially their training sessions (private or public). They are fun and exciting, and that is why people follow them on social media.

#5 Tasty: Expect Delicious Food

Best Facebook Pages in 2021
  • Account Name: @buzzfeedtasty
  • Total Followers: 101 million
  • Special Area: Food
  • Country: USA
  • Total Likes: 97 million
  • Page Created: 2015

Tasty belongs to Buzzfeed, one very well-known news company. They started posting information belonging to Internet media. For example, they wrote on the niches of taking care of the house, health, beauty, and cooking. Food was an active topic for them. So, they made a Youtube channel. In this channel, they posted recipes for simple and complicated dishes. When they started, Tasty shared those videos on their space in Facebook. In a short period of time, viewers watched more and more of them. They also commented a lot. As the content went viral, they began posting podcasts only on that space. Some of them are a list of typical dishes. They also share recipes from all over the globe. Their videos are mostly short and without a voice. Sometimes, they also write a blog article that goes with the video they had posted. Some popular postings are varied ways of cooking the same thing. For example, they apply eggs as the main ingredient. Then, they show cooks 5 different styles of cooking that dish.

Tasty Photos

In conclusion, this channel posts tasty food to tempt their viewers. Their business is food. Vegans can find a significant number of dishes that have vegetables, such as corn, tomato, onion, and so on. They also have a section on healthy food. For example, they show mixed fruits to eat as desserts. Guilty pleasures are also present there. Its main items are eggs, sugar, chocolate, and cream. Viewers like their tips to make food look and taste perfect. Finally, their posts on the history of some well-known dishes are also top notch. For these reasons, this food channel is one of the most popular Facebook pages.

#6 Shakira: Famous Music from Latin America

Best Facebook Pages in 2021
  • Account Name: @shakira
  • Total Followers: 98 million
  • Special Area: Singer
  • Country: Colombia
  • Total Likes: 100 million
  • Page Created: 2007

Shakira is a female singer from Latin America, Colombia. She started singing in Spanish but did not have a lot of success at the beginning. But by 1996 she became famous with Pies Descalzos. In 2001, she started singing in English and attained complete success. She is known by millions of listeners today. Apart from singing, she has a fruitful perfume brand. With it, she makes a lot of money. She is also well-known because 8 years ago she started dating Gerard Piqué. He’s a very famous Spanish football player. Together, they had 2 sons: Milán and Sasha. The family lives in Spain. All of them have many followers on social media because of Piqué and Shakira’s fan pages. In her Facebook space, she shows her private and public life. Some examples are photos of charity events, and photos with her father.

Shakira Photos

All in all, Shakira boosts her career using her page. This way, she does business. She posts exclusive music video clips and back stages, for example. One of the most watched ones is the preview of how they made the video for Chantaje. Also, the postings pictures of her perfumes for fans to know it and buy it. Also, she enjoys sharing pictures with her partner, Piqué. Her followers love to see photos or her holidays and of her everyday life. For example, she uploads pictures of nature and beautiful cities she visits. Her sons are cute and receive a significant number of likes and comments.

#7 Vin Diesel: Talent and Popularity

Best Facebook Pages in 2021
  • Account Name: @VinDiesel
  • Total Followers: 94 million
  • Special area: Cinema
  • Country: USA
  • Total Likes: 96 million
  • Page Created: 2009

Vin Diesel is a top American artist (actor, director, producer). His real name is Mark Sinclair and has been acting for decades. His most famous part is as Dom Toretto in Fast and Furious movies. As of 2010, he also became a producer and director. He has always played action movies, but he also starred some comedies. In the last few years, he also started to be a voice actor in the media for the character Groot. One of these famous features is his voice. It sounds mature and deep. He is married to Paloma Jimenez and has 3 children. In his space, he does not publish video content or photos with them. He has said he wanted to keep his private life for him. Instead, he tries to promote his career in the social media and show his charity events.

Vin Diesel Photos

All in all, Vin enjoys sharing videos with his friends. For example, he shares memories with Paul Walker and with his brother, Cody Walker. In the space, there are also selfies of him at his workplace and studios all over the planet. He doesn’t publish often, but he gets a lot of likes and shares anyway. In the last few years, he is the voice of Groot in the Avengers movie. He seems to like this role, and he shares updates and trailers of the new film. His followers cheer for him and like his charity events. This action and comedy actor is another example of top Facebook pages.

8. CGTN: Chinese Global TV News

Best Facebook Pages in 2021
  • Account Name: @ChinaGlobalTVNetwork
  • Total Followers: 92 million
  • Special Area: News
  • Country: China
  • Total Likes: 93 million
  • Page Created: 2013

CGTN is also known as the China Global Television Network and is under the control of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China. It is an English-language international news channel that shares information, updates, and trends related to China and the world. Areas of interest include politics, sports, business, science, culture, and travel. The content on CGTN ranges from in-depth interviews to newscasts, commentaries, and more. There are also live streams and featured TV presentations. About 85 million viewers in 100 countries tune in to CGTN regularly.

On social media, CGTN posts several times a day. Its content includes live streams, news articles, and status updates. It will also share critical information regarding national health emergencies, such as is the case right now with the coronavirus outbreak. On average, the news network's posts get hundreds of likes each. Followers speak conversation and debate in the comments section.

CGTN Photos

CGTN has over 92.5 million followers on Facebook, and over 92.6 million people like the page. On any given day, the outlet may post about immigration, poverty, and science. It also keeps viewers up-to-date on political affairs and international meetings, such as the impeachment trial for U.S. President Donald Trump. CGTN goes live on a routine basis, with the most recent live stream concerning the World Health Organization's meeting to discuss the coronavirus. CGTN employs foreign news staffers to report on current events, such as news anchors from Australia, the United Kingdom, and the U.S.

#9 Lionel Messi: Small but Great Sportsman

Best Facebook Pages in 2021
  • Account Name: @leomessi
  • Total Followers: 92 million
  • Special area: Footballer
  • Country: Argentina
  • Total Likes: 90 million
  • Page Created: 2010

Born in the country of Argentina, Lionel Messi is a football star. He is a forward for Barcelona and also for the Argentina national team. He turned 30 in 2017. Critics consider him to be the best of all times. He has broken records, like winning five European Golden Shoes in a row. When he was very young, doctors discovered he had a disease. As he could not be treated in his country of origin, he traveled to Spain. Barcelona team sponsored his recovery, and he has been playing for them ever since. He goes back to Argentina to visit his family every year. He has likes from all over the world, and this shows in the traffic of his Facebook space. There, he carries out sponsored posts. For example, he posts ads on new smartphones. He also takes selfies before he enters the pitch. He enjoys showing the public how he trains.

Leo Messi Photos

To conclude, Messi and his family are very famous. In his page, he shows his wife Antonella (also Argentinian) and his cute sons. He shares small details of their private lives. For example, people loved seeing photos of Antonella when she was pregnant. He is a representative of UNICEF, and he promotes the campaigns the best he can to help children in need. Also, fans can see their children playing with dogs and their toys. Messi shares evidence of his prizes and trophies. Finally, he uploads photos of him with his partners and friends, like Iniesta or other football players.

10. Mr. Bean: A Comedic Actor From Our Childhood

Best Facebook Pages in 2021
  • Account Name: @MrBean
  • Total Followers: 90 million
  • Special area: Comedy
  • Country: England
  • Total Likes: 84 million
  • Page Cretaed: 2008

Mr. Bean is a classic British sitcom starring actor Rowan Atkinson as the lead. In the series, Atkinson's character gets into all kinds of mischief and comedic escapades. Mr. Bean is largely mute, but he does mumble a few words from time to time. Therefore, he garners laughs from the audience through physical humor, such as exaggerated movements and facial expressions. Some of the iconic components of his show include his teddy bear and mini 1000 Mark 4.

Mr. Bean's Facebook page has over 2,700 videos on it and inspired the Mr. Bean Offical Fan Group, which has over 118,600 members. The Mr. Bean Facebook page shares a post every day, usually a video clip of an episode. From time to time, there will be a photo post. Each piece of content shared on the page ends up getting hundreds of comments and thousands of likes. Most people remember the sitcom from their younger years and enjoy sharing it with their children.

Mr Bean Photos

The page has over 90 million followers and 84 million likes. It also has 22 playlists that fans can explore. Examples include "Mr. Bean Goes to Town," "Goodnight, Mr. Bean," and "Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean." These all show snippets of previous episodes, stirring up lots of nostalgia and laughs from fans. A couple of years ago, there was a "Teddy Travels Competition," in which fans took Mr. Bean's beloved teddy bear and took photos of him in different locations.

11. Eminem: The Rap God of the 2000s

Best Facebook Pages in 2021
  • Account Name: @Eminem
  • Total Followers: 82 million
  • Special area: Music
  • Country: USA
  • Total Likes: 86 million
  • Page Cretaed: 2008

Eminem, also known as Marshall Mathers III, was one of the most iconic rappers of the 2000s. His fans often refer to him as a rap god, and many people are still avid fans of his work. His Facebook page has 82.2 million followers and 86 a million likes. The 47-year-old rapper shares content somewhat sporadically. One month he'll post several times a week (or even multiple posts per day), and then he'll go months at a time without sharing anything.

His latest string of posts has been focused on his newest surprise album, Music to be Murdered by. He's also been sharing information about his latest merchandise collection. Eminem gets thousands of comments and shares on each of his posts, and tens of thousands of likes. Much of the feedback on his page is incredibly positive, and it looks like his hardcore fans haven't gone anywhere in the past decade!

Eminem Photos

Eminem's Facebook page is also where fans can find details about his tours and studio sessions. He shares plenty of photos and videos to keep people begging for more. He's also not afraid to post throwback videos from his time as Slim Shady, mostly from the late 90s and early 2000s. The "Events" tab is where fans can find details about his shows and other live performances. However, there aren't any upcoming ones currently.

Best Facebook Pages We’ve Reviewed…

Name Account Followers Specialization Country Created
1 Facebook @Facebook 215 m Services USA 2007
2 Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano 124 m Footballer Portugal 2009
3 Real Madrid C.F. @RealMadrid 109 m Football Club Spain 2007
4 FC Barcelona @fcbarcelona 101 m Football Club Spain 2009
5 Tasty @buzzfeedtasty 101 m Food USA 2015
6 Shakira @shakira 98 m Singer Colombia 2007
7 Vin Diesel @VinDiesel 94 m Cinema USA 2009
8 CGTN @ChinaGlobalTVNetwork 92 m News China 2013
9 Lionel Messi @leomessi 92 m Footballer Argentina 2010
10 Mr. Bean @MrBean 90 m Comedy England 2008
11 Eminem @Eminem 82 m Music USA 2008


Frequently Asked Questions

The famous persons that appear in this review belong to the fields of sports, arts, and music. This is not a surprise. People usually like knowing about the private life of a celebrity. Most of them use their space to do business. On the one hand, we have Cristiano Ronaldo, a wealthy footballer who shares his family life on his fan page.

On the other hand, there is Shakira. This woman was able to become a hit in the world. Even if when she started she did not rock the world of music. She was a cute family, and she shows it on her fan page. Finally, Lionel Messi is very famous on this platform. As this guide writes, he is the best football player in the world. He also likes posting photos of his family. Sharing his success online makes him very famous.

What Types of Pages Are the Most Popular Ones on Facebook?

This guide shows that people like the following pages related to celebrities, social networks, and football teams. Samsung is one of the top ones, for example. In the field of technology, they post updates on their products for marketing. Most people comment on them. So, it’s an excellent chance to get customer care. As regards football teams, Spain leads the way.

Barcelona and Real Madrid show how well their players are doing in their everyday life. They also publish exclusive press videos and interviews. Followers also like actors, like Vin Diesel. These artists show that they do in the place they work. This way, they promote their business. But, he also shows his charity events and tries to help children in need.

Which Best Facebook Pages Has Most Likes?

As mentioned before, it is Facebook that has the most significant number of likes. The most liked site in this platform is Facebook itself. Many persons use it to complain about faulty service or ask questions. But, other persons also use it to leave a suggestion and praise the services. Millions of people view other giant brands like Samsung or Coca-Cola on an everyday basis.

They seem to like to be in contact with the products they love so much. This way, they have updates about new changes and can complain if they get a faulty product. All these companies have excellent design skills. Also, they know how to create engaging posts that people will comment and like. This way, they become more well-known every day.

What Does Being Popular Mean on Facebook?

In conclusion, Facebook moves millions of views. From young persons to adult ones, we use this platform for various reasons. Some of them do their shopping, others to keep informed and read the news in their feed. Links also help to read interesting blogs. Most of us like being in contact with the people and products we love the most. This is a great marketing move for them. To do that, we follow fan pages. In this guide, we have described the 10 spaces with the highest number of likes.

The Final Word

This means that the millions who follow them receive all their updates. It can be pictures, text, video, raffles and many other ways of engagement. From Samsung to Messi, people like knowing what happens with the things they know and adore. Competition is fierce, as there are hundreds of pages today. In the end, those who are successful in Facebook are the ones who know how to make crowds have fun with their postings.

Published: April 25, 2019 | Updated: August 01, 2020
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