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As per Instagram policy, saving media from private Instagram profiles is prohibited. So, you can avoid it. If the tool is not working now, you can come back after a while.

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How to Download from Instagram?

From Instagram App, Copy URL Link

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Paste that link into Above Box

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The allure of Instagram Stories is undeniable. But what if you crave a peek without leaving a trace? Perhaps you’re curious about a friend’s adventures, want to keep tabs on a competitor, or simply enjoy a dose of anonymous inspiration.

Introducing Howsociable: Your Gateway to Anonymous Instagram Story Viewing!

Here’s why Howsociable is your secret weapon:

  • Unveiled Anonymity: View any public Instagram Story without a single notification being sent. Your identity remains a secret.

  • Effortless Access: No downloads or logins required. Simply enter the username and witness the magic unfold.

  • Device Agnostic: Enjoy seamless functionality across various devices, from smartphones to laptops.

  • Unwavering Privacy: Your data is our top priority. We utilize robust security measures to keep your information safe.

Stop wondering what lies behind the Story!

Unlock a treasure trove of content:

  • Uncover Trends: Stay ahead of the curve by observing what others share in their stories.

  • Gain Inspiration: Spark your creativity and fuel your content strategy with captivating ideas.

  • Maintain Privacy: Satisfy your curiosity without compromising your anonymity.

Howsociable makes it simple:

  1. Reveal the Username: Enter the username of the desired Instagram account.

  2. Witness the Stories: Instantly access their stories and enjoy the content anonymously.

  3. Repeat the Magic: Explore as many stories as you desire, all while maintaining your privacy.

Why Choose HowSociable's Instagram Story Downloader

1. User-Friendly Interface

HowSociable’s IG Story Downloader has a simple, user-friendly interface. Anyone can use it easily.

The interface is easy to understand. It is free of distractions. It lets users download their desired Instagram stories easily. The downloader is so easy to use; you just need to input the story URL, and the downloader will do the rest.

2. Speed And Efficiency

HowSociable’s IG Story Downloader is incredibly fast and efficient. It takes just a little while to download your desired Instagram stories. Sometimes it takes less than a minute.

Also, the downloader uses little memory. This leaves you space for your other files.

3. High-Quality Downloads

You don’t have to worry about downloading a pixelated, blurry Instagram story. This downloader will give you a high-quality download. It will be as good as the original story. The download won’t affect the video or image’s resolution.

4. Platform Compatibility

HowSociable’s IG Story Downloader is compatible with different devices and platforms. The downloader works on Windows, Mac, and tablets.

It’s also optimized for iOS, Android, or Windows-based mobile devices. It won’t reduce the downloader’s work efficiency.

5. Privacy And Security

HowSociable designed its IG Story Downloader with users’ privacy and security in mind. It doesn’t share users’ information with third parties or other outsiders. You don’t have to worry about your personal information leaking to unauthorized persons.

6. No Watermarks Or Ads

HowSociable’s IG Story Downloader doesn’t add watermarks or ads. The downloader doesn’t leave any trace on downloaded stories. This could harm users’ trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Instagram Story downloader free of charge?

Yes, HowSociable’s Instagram Story Downloader is 100% free of charge. Besides, there’s no limitation on usage. You can use and download as many ig stories as you want.

Can I download Instagram Stories from private account?

No, you simply can’t. There’s a reason behind this. You are only allowed to download Instagram stories from public accounts. Private account stories can’t be downloaded.

Is downloading IG stories legal?

It depends on how you use it. If you download it to view it later, it’s not illegal. However, if you download and post on your Instagram without seeking permission from the creator,, it can give a red flag on your profile. So, it better to contact the person before resharing or simply give credits to them.

How many IG stories can I download?

You can download as many stories as you want from HowSociable’s Instagram Story Downloader. There’s no limit.

If I download the story, will the story creator be informed about this?

No, he will not be informed. As Instagram doesn’t work with HowSociable’s Instagram Story Downloader. So, all the ig stories downloadimg process remain anoymous.

Do Instagram Story Downloader leaves water mark on the downloading story?

Among the all other qualities of HowSociable’s Instagram Story Downloader, the best among is, when you download the ig story via HowSociable’s Instagram Story Downloader, it will show no watermark on the downloaded story.

Where do videos and photos from ig Stories save when downloaded?

When you download the ig stories using HowSociable’s Instagram Story Downloader, the photos and videos will save in the download folder. So, look at the “downloads” to se the save ig stories.

Do I need an Instagram account?

Nope! Howsociable works independently.

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