Hootsuite Review: Is Hootsuite Worth It For Businesses?

Hootsuite Review: Is Hootsuite Worth It For Businesses?
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  • Professional package ($19/mo)

  • Team package ($99/mo)

  • Business package ($599/mo)

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Hootsuite Review: In-Depth

Hootsuite helps more than 16 million clients around the world manage their social platforms. Teams have the stability and security to take care of multiple accounts from anywhere. This software makes delegating tasks and keeping up with updates easier than ever. It’s ideal for businesses big and small. This review looks at the tool’s best functions and assets.

Key Features

  • Analytics – The service provides clear insights for each account to make analysis easy.
  • Apps – Clients have access to over 80 applications within the Hootsuite platform.
  • Collaboration – Features like team messaging make it simple to communicate effectively.
  • Engagement – As a one-stop shop for all social channels, interacting with users is a breeze.
  • Listening – From Facebook to Instagram, clients can get real feedback about their content.
  • Security – The entire platform is secured, and customer support is available 24/7.

Hootsuite Review: Background Information

Founder Ryan Holmes began this software journey back in 2008 through Invoke Media. The tool launched under the name BrightKit and was only for Twitter. The name they use today actually came from a fan contest back in 2009. In 2010, the team started offering services for Facebook and LinkedIn. In the same year, they played around with a mix of free and paid accounts. Over the years, the brand acquired competitors such as Geotoko, Seesmic, and Zeetl, AdEspresso, and LiftMetrix.

Talks of an IPO, a meeting with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and their growing capital earned Hootsuite a top spot in social media management. Its founder, Holmes, secured a reputation as one of Vancouver’s most powerful people. Loads of investors flocked to contribute to the provider’s success.

Fast forward to 2018, and the company had a growth capital of $50 million. Its headquarters is in Vancouver, Canada, but their 1,000 employees serve 175 countries. Some popular clients include the Obama Administration, HBO, the Virgin Group, SXSW, and The Gap. Its awards include the Canadian New Media Award, the Shorty Awards, and titles from Mashable at the Open Web Awards. As new formats and rivals show up, this brand is ready to grow and change with the times.

Interesting Stats & Facts

This social management provider has a track record of success, especially with big businesses. The service caters to a global market and client base and has headquarters around the world. Their exponential growth is one of their most impressive feats.

  • About 800 Fortune 500 companies use the service.
  • It’s available in 16 languages (Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Indonesian, Korean, Polish, and more).
  • It is the largest open social suite in the world.
  • There are 250 partner apps and integrations.
  • They have 12 offices around the globe (Bucharest, Hamburg, London, Mexico City, Milan, New York, Paris, Rome, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto).
  • They’ve been B-Corp certified since 2015.
  • Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest named them a preferred, certified partner.
  • Available on Wed, iPhone, and Android.

Features & Technical Details

Here is a brief overview of what a client can expect from this provider. The service works on many of the most popular business platforms. Plus, individuals can try it for free for 30 days.

Collaboration Opportunities

Working together as a team or partner makes the whole job go smoother. These features let members communicate effectively and stay on the same page. No more missed deadlines or gaps in contact.

  • Calendar Blocking
  • Content Curation
  • Project Scheduling
  • Support Management
  • Task Delegation

Reputation Management

This provider makes it simple to stay on top of reputation, so customers like what they see. The service will keep track of details such as surveys, schedules, responses, and social media impressions. All of this saves hours of research time.

  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Impressions Surveys
  • Regular Reports
  • Response Support
  • Social Media Benchmarks

Social Media Analytics Tools

Keeping track of all of the networks a company uses can be a tough job. This software makes it straightforward with reports and personalized analytics. Team members can find exactly what they’re looking for in no time.

  • Campaign Reports
  • Custom Analytics
  • Rival Benchmarks
  • Scheduled Content

Social Media Management

Businesses need to handle several different accounts, so they need a trusted system. This vendor provides a routine analysis so professionals can easily see their progress. The software also makes communication and delegating tasks a breeze.

  • Automation
  • Brand Analytics
  • Content Reports
  • Easy Team Collaboration
  • Engagement Stats
  • Monitoring Networks
  • Multiple Account Integration
  • Regular Updates
  • Scheduling Tools

Social Media Marketing

This tool can help brands get the word out there with minimal effort. It takes care of finding the ideal audience, studying the market, and suggesting keywords. It will even schedule content, so the right posts go out at the best times.

  • Analysis
  • Audience Targeting
  • Automatic Posts
  • Contact Support
  • Content Schedules
  • Conversion Reports
  • Keyword Tools
  • Multi-User Efficiency
  • Post Campaigns

Social Media Monitoring

It’s one thing to have a program that automates tasks. Hootsuite doubles down on their promise and offers research tools that analyze performance. That way, businesses can know what works and what doesn’t.

  • Analyzes Competitors
  • Boosts Engagement
  • Manages Impressions
  • Suggests Trends
  • System Alerts
  • Tracks Reputation
  • User Interface

Social Selling

Companies want to sell more services and products, and this tool gives them the tools to do so. Whether they sell on Facebook, Instagram, or somewhere else, they’re covered. It offers everything from tracking leads and engagement to extra resources for selling on the market.

  • Compliance Research
  • Manages Posts
  • Monitors Progress
  • Publish Automatically
  • Resource Database
  • Studies Benchmarks
  • Tracks Leads


One of Hootsuite’s prized possessions is its user interface. The design is intuitive and has everything a customer needs. They can navigate to different tasks or agendas with the click of a button. Plus, the dashboard integrates all of its apps and social media. All the stats are in plain view, and clients can refresh the numbers every 10, 15, or 30 minutes. This gives them up-to-the-minute content.

Speaking of posts and content, the program displays all of this in vertical columns. Team members can spot updates in seconds as well as find solutions suggested by their coworkers.

Composing Messages

Employees can post on their different social networks without leaving the Hootsuite dashboard. All they have to do is rollover their cursor on the left-hand side of the stream. They can choose which platforms to share on, then type out their message. This can cut posting time in half for social media marketers. This feature also allows clients to attach files and images if they want.

Key Features

The top features of the social media suite include scheduling capabilities and all-star analytics. Check them out and see how they can improve any kind of business or group.

Automated Content Scheduling


With this feature, businesses can be online and active 24/7. It ensures that they’ll hit their target audience no matter where they are in the world. Clients just use the scheduling tool to set things up for their various social channels. They can also use the bulk function to backlog a ton of content for when they need it. The Hootsuite content calendar is straightforward and showcases the different media that’s going online. This includes status updates, news and promotions, images, and more. It’s fully integrated so all team members can see it, too. This makes it ideal for collaboration.

Social Engagement & Content Creation


One of the hardest parts of running a social business account is keeping everything relevant. This software includes a library database of content for users to choose from. Moreover, they can search for keywords and other posts that are trending. They can locate creations on the Web or from the cloud. This will keep them up-to-date and increase their credibility. Whether they need to find content, organize it, or put it on the schedule, they can do all of this in just minutes. The platform’s beautiful design means that group members can hop in and pick up where someone else left off.



The system allows for plenty of customization when it comes to analytics. Customers can create their own reports, generate one from the program, or export from other devices. The statistics show things like engagement, leads, posts, ROI, and response time. It’s easy to see group efforts against individual stats. Brands don’t have to worry if they’re on multiple networks because the analytics toolbox syncs with all kinds of apps. This includes WeChat, Weibo, TalkWalker, and more. It’s all about getting tangible results and being able to draft a realistic game plan. Plus, employees can share the analyses with just a click.

Hootsuite Plans & Pricing

There are four main packages on the site. The first (Professional) is meant for individuals while the second (Team) is for small companies. The third tier is the Business plan for larger entities. The fourth is the Enterprise pack with custom features. People can try a 30-day free trial of the plans.

Hootsuite Plans

Professional Plan

Hootsuite Professional Pricing and Plans
Features Included: $500 monthly ad spend limit, automatic scheduling, key statistics, live chat support, unlimited RSS integrations.

Number of Users: 1

Number of Social Accounts: 10

Scheduling: Unlimited

Price: $19/mo


  • Affordable
  • Decent Ad Budget
  • Great for Individuals
  • Tracks Progress
  • Free Trial

  • Limited Features
  • Very similar to Free Version

Team Plan

Hootsuite Team Pricing and Plans
Features Included: $2,000 monthly ad spend limit, custom analysis, export reports, team messaging, training resources.

Number of Users: 3

Number of Social Accounts: 20

Scheduling: Unlimited

Price: $99/mo


  • Includes Everything on Professional Plan
  • Decent Price
  • Excellent Collaboration Tool
  • Exporting
  • Suits Small Teams

  • Limited User Count
  • Not for Larger Businesses

Business Plan

Hootsuite Business Pricing and Plans
Features Included: 24/7 support, $5,000 monthly ad spend limit, 5 social media certifications, one-hour onboarding process, workflow approval.

Number of Users: 5

Number of Social Accounts: 35

Scheduling: Unlimited

Price: $599/mo


  • App Integration
  • Approval Workflows
  • One-on-One Training
  • Personalized URLs
  • Social Media Certification

  • Ad Limits
  • Expensive

Hootsuite offers an Enterprise package that is available upon request. It includes platform programs such as Ads, Amplify, Impact, and Insights for those working in major industries.

Price & Key Features Comparison Table

Below is a look at what each plan offers and how much they cost. The Enterprise plan is mostly customizable, so buyers can choose their own features. The Professional package is best for individual entrepreneurs, while the other ones are great for collaboration.

Professional Team Business Enterprise
Price $19/mo $99/mo $599/mo Custom
Users 1 3 5 Custom
Social Profiles 10 20 35 Custom
Auto Scheduling Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ad Spend Limit $500 $2.000 $5.000 Custom
Custom Analytics No Yes Yes Yes
Export Reports No Yes Yes Yes
Performance Metrics Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Certification No No Yes Yes
Team Messaging No Yes Yes Yes
Workflow Approval No No Yes Yes
1-on-1 Training No No Yes Yes
24/7 Support No No Yes Yes

Hootsuite Academy (Educational Library/Training Center)

The software has an added feature: Hootsuite Academy. This is their online resource that serves as a content library and training center. More than 400,000 people have used the Academy to propel their social media management careers. The resource offers a variety of certifications to clients, from social marketing to advanced advertising. Students go on to earn a top-paying job thanks to their unique qualifications and credentials.

Hootsuite Academy

The platform is adding new courses and content all the time, so it’s a good idea for customers to check back in periodically. There are brands that partner with the training center to offer fresh coursework and lesson material. This includes Bell, P&G, Legg Mason, Pfizer, and the Mayo Clinic. The certifications that individuals earn here translates to industry recognition and more opportunities. A certificate in social selling or advocacy could go a long way for someone.

Terms & Conditions


The terms and conditions had their last update in January 2023. The service does use third-party sites, which buyers should be aware of. The website adheres to the compliance regulations set by the GDPR. The provider gives clients permission to use the features and functions as they wish. However, the company reserves the right to change these offerings any time they wish.

Customers are responsible for what they do or post on the self-serve features. This applies to the provider’s website, app, and other systems. The Business and Enterprise plans are exempt from this. They run on different terms from third-party sites. Any feedback that a customer gives to Hootsuite may be used publicly.

Privacy Policy


The website and app get buyer personal information through transactions. They use these details to provide a better product for customers. Giving out this kind of info grants the system permission to make offers and promotions for other products. It also gives them the ability to send informational emails and newsletters. While using the service, buyers can take advantage of third-party sites to make their experience even better. They should be aware that those terms and conditions may vary greatly from Hootsuite’s. They use industry practices to keep personal data and details safe. The website and app are meant to be used by people ages 18 and over. Clients can opt out of advertising on the company website.

Refund Policy

The company makes it clear on their webpage that they don’t provide refunds for most cases. They bill accounts on a monthly or yearly basis. In lieu of refunds, the business will offer credits for add-ons or similar products. Each credit is non-refundable and only for company offerings.

Customer Support

It’s quite easy to get in touch with the support team. They have a phone number listed on their site, as well as various handles on Facebook and Twitter. Depending on which social site a person frequents, they can probably find the team there as well.

On the Website

An online form encourages users to write a message to the customer support team. They need to include their email address along with their inquiry. The contact us page also has articles based on frequently asked questions. There is also a system status update that buyers can check on the site any time they want.

Social Media

The team is available to help on Facebook (/Hootsuite) and Twitter (@Hootsuite_Help). The group is on other social accounts. Moreover, there are different departments on Twitter. This includes @HootCommunity, @HootLife, @HootBusiness, and @HootPartners. This social platform also has accounted for clients who speak different languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish).


Hootsuite lists their phone number in the top right corner of the contact page. Clients can call 1-888-350-5191 to gain more insights into what the software is about. It looks like this is a sales department number, but they can transfer the call.

Support Center

The support page is full of blogs and articles that can answer many frequently-asked questions. There is also a search bar at the top of the page for clients to find solutions related to their problem. This is also the area where the company shares any updates or changes they’ve made. This could include acquisition or modifications to features. Scroll further down to see different categories offering feedback for questions on the billing, the dashboard, and education.


At the bottom of the page, there are more clickable options. For example, visitors can check out the Academy or the resource library. They can also check out webinars and tutorials for the various services on the software.

Quality of Service

This enterprise has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+. However, it doesn’t have BBB accreditation. TrustPilot reviews are overwhelming in their opinion that there are suitable alternatives out there. The top complaints are a lack of customer support and contact availability. They also state that the prices aren’t clear and free trials get billed automatically. Lots of people don’t enjoy the dashboard function, either. Overall, the program could work; it just needs to update itself for 2023.

Customer Types

So, who is the ideal customer for Hootsuite? It turns out that the company tries to appeal to all kinds of sizes and industries. They welcome people who are working solo as well as partners and teams. Here is a closer look at what each type of client can expect from this software.

Small Business

It seems that a smaller type of enterprise wouldn’t want to go with Hootsuite, at least not on their own. The program might be a good complement to another service. This way, clients can get the full experience without paying outrageous prices. While there is a plan for smaller businesses, the costs are high.

Mid-Size Companies

A specific type of medium-sized business could probably use this program without any major issues. They need to take into account the price and the features included. Depending on their industry, they might have a use for functions that are only on the bigger plans.

Large Corporations

Bigger entities are probably the ones that are best suited to this platform. The price is just too high for smaller groups and individuals. With a large team, it can be hard to communicate effectively and keep everyone in the loop. The software tries to do this through workflow options and collaborative tools.


A contractor is probably the worst person to try this service. That’s because the prices are too high for one individual to afford by themselves. It’s true that there is the Professional package for one user, but the investment might not be worth it. To get the best features on this software, people need to shell out more money.

Hootsuite Pros & Cons

At first glance, this seems like a well-rounded software that can fit into any type of business. The program can integrate with loads of different social channels, making it a one-stop shop for all things social media. The variety of tools make collaborating with partners and team members easy, too. This way, employees don’t have to worry about using Slack or Trello along with other management services. Hootsuite combines everything into one.

On the downside, the dashboard is out-of-date and can take some getting used to. There is a free version, but it only provides a fraction of what the software has to offer. Any paid packages can become expensive over time, especially for freelancers or those working on their own. Moreover, the platform uses third-party apps, some of which slow down progress.



  • Custom Analytics
  • Free Version
  • Management Features
  • Social Channel Integration
  • Team Collaboration
  • Pricey Plans
  • Third-Party Apps

TOP 5 Hootsuite Alternatives Social Media Tools

There are similar platforms out there, and they may have more to offer. If a company is looking for specific features, they should check out some alternatives and weigh their options. After all, the social media management space is full of competition.



This program shares some features with its competitor, such as RSS and app integration plus scheduling. However, Buffer offers a unique browser extension, a cleaner interface, and posting presets. They’re one of the most popular social media management software options out there today. Top companies have used Buffer or featured them in articles.

Sprout Social


While it doesn’t have a free version, Sprout Social offers a more streamlined design. They also have more analytics options than their rivals. It combines the abilities of a scheduling manager with an app like Trello. It’s one of the top choices for business teams.



Sendible is geared toward teams and agencies and offers plenty of tools to get the job done. That being said, they have a plan for solo entrepreneurs, too. The platform makes social media easy with automation, insider tips, ads, and more.



If there’s one great thing about SocialOomph, it’s the price. This system is affordable and can do many of the things Hootsuite does. This includes integration, monitoring, and scheduling. The platform can also do a search of trending influencers in a certain niche.



This system takes the top prize for the price. However, it’s only available for Twitter, so its capabilities are limited. TweetDeck is great for list organization, hashtag and keyword searches, and unlimited user accounts. People can use the app or desktop version.

The following table includes the basic plan packages for each company. It provides a quick glimpse for entrepreneurs and teams to see if the platform could be a good fit. The chart shows the smallest plans, so people should check out the websites to see all the available features.

Hootsuite Alternatives Comparison Table

Hootsuite Buffer Sprout Social Sendible Social Oomph Tweet Deck
Price/Mo $19 $15 $99 $29 $15 Free
Amount of Users 1 1 1 Custom 1 Custom
Amount of Profiles 10 8 5 Custom 12 Custom
Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Scheduling Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ad Spending Yes No Yes No No No
Exporting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile App Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
RSS Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Team Messaging No No Yes No Yes No

FAQ Section

What Can You Do With Hootsuite?


This system allows teams to collaborate on campaigns across different social channels. They can schedule and upload posts as well as to measure and report analytics. The platform looks at metrics such as audience engagement, leads, and likes. The dashboard lays everything out in one place so people can see all their accounts together. Employees can message each other on the app and employers can see everyone’s progress. There is also a learning center and resource library for extra help.

Does Hootsuite Post for You?

Yes. Clients can tell the software which posts to publish when. This works across channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It uses a CSV file to schedule hundreds of uploads at once. The calendar function makes it easy to see what content is going out each day. The dashboard streams can show customers content from other people that might apply to their field. This helps them stay relevant and compete with others online. Scheduling is one of Hootsuite’s strongest features.

Can You Edit Photos in Hootsuite?

Yes. Clients can use the resource library to store all possible content. This keeps everything safe and organized for later. Users can also pull things from the cloud or other Web-based apps. An individual can even edit the images in the system before scheduling them for publication. The program is great for finding suitable content as well as curating one’s own posts and images. The analytics on the dashboard makes it simple to see which photos are doing well online.

Can You Delete Posts From Hootsuite?

Yes. If a client publishes a post and then wants to delete it, they can. They just go to their dashboard stream and choose the content they want to remove. It’s possible to edit or delete posts from different social networks, too. This way, people can tailor each channel to their specific needs. There is one exception, though. In order to remove a post from Instagram, individuals need to use the IG app, not Hootsuite. Everything else is available from the dashboard.

How Long Does it Take to Get Hootsuite Certified?

Clients can receive this credential by passing a 60-question timed test. The exam takes about an hour, and individuals can retake it if they fail the first time. It is possible to take the test without enrolling in the course. However, most people need background knowledge of the class in order to pas. The certification never expires and can make employees stand out among their peers. Each course in the program takes a couple of hours to complete.

The Final Word

This platform is a comprehensive solution for small businesses and larger corporations. It combines the management tools companies want, like scheduling, with social media marketing and advertising. The result is a fully informed database and dashboard. Some of the key metrics and functions include custom analysis, exports, integration, and ad spending. This system is a good match for teams that need better communication and a better online presence. There is a plan for individuals, but it’s limited and similar to competitors

Published: August 05, 2019Updated: February 25, 2024

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