From the day it appeared, more than 14 years ago, YouTube became a nice way in which people watch videos. Year after year, the numbers keep on growing. Its growth is only similar to the one of Google and other apps. Together with YouTube, there grew and appeared a new generation of young people. These persons discovered they could make wealth out of uploading videos. Today, their name is YouTubers. In this guide, readers can get to know more about the Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTubers.

These young persons have built a solid audience over the years. These fans love being able to connect and talk to the people they follow. Uploaders, then, pay a lot of attention to their feedback. For example, they know exactly what the public wants when uploading a video. YouTubers sell themselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s really who they are or not. In this guide, readers can find more about the most famous ones.

Top 10 Most Popular YouTubers In 2020

There’s no limit to where social media, and especially YouTube can get. Thousands of people have subscribed to the content they like. Most of them focus on certain people. These became famous and are earners of fortunes. They became some of the most subscribed YouTubers. Would you like to know who they are? Follow this list to get to know about the top 10 YouTubers in 2020.

#1 PewDiePie: Amazing Fun Popularity

Most Subscribed YouTubers in 2020
  • Subscribers: 97.8 million
  • Specialization: Comedy
  • Earned: $30-50 million
  • Account Creation Date: 2010
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 3 901
  • Total Video Views: 22 274 729 469

This YouTuber is called Felix and comes from Sweden. He has been doing videos on YouTube for more than a decade. His period of fame appeared in 2010. During that year, this man got more than 60,000 subscribers. From there, PewDiePie went up. By 2013, he had reached an impressive amount of 2 million. After that, a professional contract with a Studio was got. In this way, he started monetizing his career. This man focuses on making comments while he plays different games. His fans enjoy his reactions above all. His remarks focus on humor and to make viewers laugh.

Not everything has been bliss for this young man, though. Some years ago, he made some comments that offended Jewish people. It attracted a lot of negative data for him. So, millions of fans abandoned his YouTube channels. Also, some big companies like Disney stopped to pay him for his content. Still, Felix is publishing on the platform. His account is active and has more subscribers than ever. This YouTuber mostly plays horror games, showing which steps to take while he’s scared. This makes his viewers laugh and come back for more. His net worth is truly big, as his space has earned millions of dollars with paid ads.

#2 Dude Perfect: Sports For Everybody

Most Subscribed YouTubers in 2020
  • Subscribers: 43.8 million
  • Specialization: Sport
  • Earned: $50 million
  • Account Creation Date: 2009
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 209
  • Total Video Views: 8 346 041 791

These men come from the USA and make sports-related content. The squad is made up of two twin brothers, and then 3 of their friends. They went to college together and played basketball in the same team. They are, so top the team has even broken some Guinness records. For example, the squad is the most popular in the field of sports worldwide. Sportsmen have a nice relationship with their subscribers. They answer texts, especially queries about their performance. This way, the bunch makes everybody feel as if the spectators were there. The gang feature competitions, tricks and more.

All in all, their YouTube videos are related to the basket, football and golf. As a gang, are experienced in these sports. So, they are able to record great videos by themselves. Their presence in many different social media channels is good. For example, they have millions of followers on Facebook and Twitter. These men claim that they are super competitive. This personality trait has been the one that made them very successful. For example, the first video that became popular was one of them competing against one another. They made playful shots, and their fans loved it! It went viral soon, and from there Dude Perfect never stopped.

#3 Smosh: Loyal Fans

Most Subscribed YouTubers in 2020
  • Subscribers: 24.6 million
  • Specialization: Comedy
  • Earned: $10 million
  • Account Creation Date: 2006
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 1 061
  • Total Video Views: 8 678 969 647

This is not just one man, but two top YouTubers! Both from the USA, their center of attention is sketch comedy. They started collaborating and did so for almost 10 years. However, two years ago Smosh decided to take separate roads. Still, the channel exists and is fruitful. They also have successful in Facebook and Twitter. As other YouTubers, there are have multiple themes. Some of them are music, brand critique, review of social media for smartphones, online games and cinema or theatre releases. The team started back in 2002. In the beginning, the duet had a lot of flash animations. This has nothing to do with their activities today.

As stated before, one of the members of this duet left it in 2017. Many YouTube fans doubted about what would happen to Smosh after this. It’s true that it has lost some places in the ranking of most subscribed ones. It has also dropped in views. However, last year it started to rise up again. Their best videos according to those who follow them are the next ones - the Pokemon Power ranger video, which features an original song. Also, Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig, a funny animated piece. Mortal Kombat ones are also very liked. Even though their ideas are simple, the duet surely knows how to appeal to the masses.

#4 Markiplier: Gaming For A Living

Most Subscribed YouTubers in 2020
  • Subscribers: 24.2 million
  • Specialization: Games and comedy
  • Earned: $24 million
  • Account Creation Date: 2012
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 4 438
  • Total Video Views: 11 422 761 390

Another YouTuber from North America. He focuses on songs and music in general. But, he also likes live gaming. In particular, of survival and horror ones. This man usually yells, screams and cries while he films this activity. It made him famous. Apart from these videos, this star does some meta-talk about many themes. For instance, he tells his personal life story and the things he likes to do. Animated parodies of famous tv programs are also present in his channel. Also, this man creates his own pieces of fun material. To grow his fan base, he has collaborated with others who were also popular.

To conclude, the premise behind his activity is simple. Charity is one of his passions. So, he applies this to his work. He streams in YouTube. And, plays to collect money for refugees and others in need. Apart from streaming, Mark has other activities to provide him income. For instance, he goes on a series of music tours all over Europe and other countries. In this space, there are sketches that make spectators laugh. He is emotional and usually shares his personal life. His family is multicultural. Meaning that the baby was born in Hawaii, his father is of German blood and his mother has a Korean origin. Mark makes up the list of top 10 YouTubers.

#5 Ryan Higa: Multicultural Comedy

Most Subscribed YouTubers in 2020
  • Subscribers: 21.4 million
  • Specialization: Comedy, actor
  • Earned: $8.5 million
  • Account Creation Date: 2006
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 381
  • Total Video Views: 4 086 833 155

This American YouTuber has also been able to make a living out of entertainment. He’s also an actor and has proven his talent in the things posted on YouTube. Apart from his main channel, Nigahiga, he has another one. It’s named “HigaTV”, and there are uploads of series related to behind the scenes on tv. Ryan posts mostly visual materials related to comedy, commentaries on trends, and shorts. Some of them are funny, some of them are not. His Facebook account. Is also well-known When he first started, back in 2006, this man did things related to music. For example, such boy used to lip-sync popular music songs. Yet, he had to remove them because of copyright issues.

In conclusion, this Youtuber has a special video related to fun content. Sketches are his special thing. He also puts his attention to pop culture and news. They seem to spend a lot of money when producing these visual materials. His consistent reactions help Higa have a huge fan base all over the world. Apart from these channels, he has some other sources of income using media. For example, with help, he created an app for 2 systems. It is called TeeHee and has quite a lot of downloads during this time. "Nice Guys," "How to be Gangster" and "The iPod Human” is the most viewed ones.

#6 Jenna Marbles: Fun Of The Week

Most Subscribed YouTubers in 2020
  • Subscriber: 19.8 million
  • Specialization: Comedy and acting
  • Earned: $4 million
  • Account Creation Date: 2012
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 458
  • Total Video Views: 3 230 439 670

Jenna Marbles is a very popular YouTuber. YouTube is one of her most active accounts. Every week, this woman posts new content. Most of the times, Jenna does so on Wednesday or Thursday. One of the few girls in this list, she is said to be a great Twitter influencer also. Her videos inspire her tons of viewers. There is quite an eclectic list in her channels. This means that those who access her channel never know what they are going to what. Her charisma helped her to become a star. She is very cute and has an attractive personality. Apart from uploading a video every week, this young woman does many other things in entertainment.

All in all, Marbles is an excellent actress. This woman has been cast for many indie movies. The great part is that she can act as her own person! She has been one of the first women to become top rated in this video stream platform. That girl is her own boss and has her creative ideas. This woman is always authentic, and that’s what attracts each subscriber. What makes her viewers love her is that her humble character never disappeared. Her wealth is valued in millions because of paid ads. Today, her top posts are the ones in which they appear with her boyfriend, Julien. They even have a section together. Finally, her Twitter account is also well-known.

#7 Logan Paul Vlogs: Young But Popular

Most Subscribed YouTubers in 2020
  • Subscribers: 19.6 million
  • Specialization: Comedy and news
  • Earned: $19 million
  • Account Creation Date: 2005
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 636
  • Total Video Views: 4 564 335 015

This man has quite a lot of talents. Logan has become a star by sharing those on YouTube. He can write screenplays, singing rap, boxing, and acting. A lot of skills, right? When such man first started, Logan posted content on Vine instead of YouTube. Now, he has two channels. In one of them, there are shares of entertaining content and short films. The other one is much more popular this time. There, Paul talks about trends and related topics. He became a YouTuber at a very young age. Only ten years old.

This account is among the most popular YouTubers. He has made a lot of income by doing this activity. Also, this boy is an actor, who has been invited to work in movies and series. For example, “The Space between us”. Paul is an avid poster. He uploads a video almost once a day. This helps him keep his audience engaged. The content is of varied topics. Last year, this boy had an issue when he went to Japan. There, he filmed the dead body of a person who had just killed himself. That brought about an awful reaction from subscribers. This led him to apologize twice. All in all, Vlogs is still a YouTube star.

#8 FBE: Internet Brother

Most Subscribed YouTubers in 2020
  • Subscribers: 19.4 million
  • Specialization: Movies and comedy
  • Earned: $13 million
  • Account Creation Date: 2004
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 2 022
  • Total Video Views: 8 126 033 506

FBE accounts for Fine Brothers Entertainment. They are a team made up of true brothers. Brothers are focused on making content showing how they react to different things. For example, these men watch chapters of subscribed series. Then, there are films of themselves while they laugh, cry, shout and more. Their scripts are of the best quality. Also, those without a narrative are also very good. The channel has millions of subscribers who love their cartoons and sketches as well. Today, these YouTubers are starting to produce tv series and even some small movies. FBE upload materials on a daily basis. For each day, they have a category of things they talk about.

They do not only have their own reactions. This man also films what others think and do. One of the best subscribed in their channel is related to the ten years challenge. There, there is a recording of what teens think about this. They have also subdivided their channels. For example, the specialized one on people’s emotions is called REACT. FBE has been good in creating long films out of their short videos. Some of their most liked contents are Emo Dad, Elders, Teens and more. This success makes them one of the most subscribed YouTubers today.

#9 Liza Koshy: Girl Power In The Most Popular YouTubers

Most Subscribed YouTubers in 2020
  • Subscribers: 17 million
  • Specialization: Pop culture and comedy
  • Earned: $12 million
  • Account Creation Date: 2013
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 154
  • Total Video Views: 2 096 628 453

Elizabeth is an actress and YouTuber. She has also hosted tv programs. This girl started on YouTube when she was young, 6 years ago. What her subscribers love the most is when the funny faces. She speaks fast and is very fun. This woman is not afraid of seeming ridiculous. Apart from fun topics, there is also some content on serious themes. For example, there has been a chat about her anxiety. Also, about peer pressure. Finally, she touched the issue of stalkers and Internet trolls. There’s a focus on how much damage this can make to people. Liza is very spontaneous, and people are very keen on that.

In her funny materials, she mostly plays with words. There is a cheerful way of being and is all over the place. Also, Koshy laughs a lot about herself. She has cooperated with other YouTubers. This has made both of them even more subscribed. Lyza has made partners with many companies. These want to market their best products with her. So, her bank account has grown and has made a lot of money in the industry. This young woman also has an account on Vine. There are loops funny materials. In the last months, she did not upload anything to her channel. Because of her had anxiety attacks, she was not able to work. This girl was dating another Internet YouTuber, but they broke up, and now she’s single.

#10 RomanAtwoodVlogs: Risky Character

Most Subscribed YouTubers in 2020
  • Subscribers: 15.3 million
  • Specialization: Pranks and daily life
  • Earned: $20 million
  • Account Creation Date: 2011
  • Total Videos on the Channel: 1 624
  • Total Video Views: 5 059 376 198

Last but not least, Roman Atwood is a big YouTube star. He also does comedy, but the main focus of his videos is pranks. Also, the most recurrent feature is sharing details of his private life. Atwood has a family. So, his two sons and daughter become the protagonists of his stories. This husband also likes showing off the lifestyle he has with this partner. Not long ago, as a father claimed to be going to stop showing his daily life. Instead, this vlogger said he wanted to start with some other, new type of content. Though this might seem daunting for any channel owner, it isn’t so for him. Roman is not afraid of losing subscribers.

Certainly, subscribed persons follow him no matter what he does. In the past, this man used to do a lot of content related to pranks. Today, his channel is more dedicated to trying to break records, for example. Yet, it has been the jokes that made him a top personality on YouTube. Each subscriber knows where to go if they need a good laugh. This star uploads something on a monthly basis. Apart from this business, he conducts other activities. Some of them are selling merchandising and acting on some gigs.

Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTubers in 2020

1. PewDiePie94.7M$30-50MComedy20103 816
2. Dude Perfect41.4M$50MSport2009203
3. Smosh24.2M$10MComedy20061 045
4. Markiplier23.6M$24MGames/Comedy20124 377
5. Ryan Higa21.3M$8.5MGames/Actor2006369
6. Jenna Marbles19.5M$4MComedy/Acting2012446
7. Logan Paul Vlogs19.1M$19MComedy/News2005617
8. FBE18.8M$13MMovies/Comedy20041 931
9. Liza Koshy16.7M$12MPop Culture/Comedy2013150
10. RomanAtwoodVlogs15.2M$20MPranks/Daily Life20111 612


FAQ Section

Who Is The Most Famous Youtuber In The World?

As said before, PiewDiePie is one of the most subscribed YouTubers in the globe. Especially in terms of subscribers. There are also other personalities. One of them is Felipe Neto, who comes from Brazil. He is linked to pop culture and social media. He mostly talks about events and news for 60 seconds.

Another very big star is Rubén Douglas or El Rubius. With just 28 years old, he has built an empire around him. He is truly wealthy — this money he made recordings of him while gaming. Yet, during the last 6 months, he did not produce anything new due to anxiety attacks.

Who Is The Most Popular Youtuber In The USA?

Dude perfect tops every other YouTuber. With their focus on sports, they are giants in YouTube. These boys are only topped by the Swedish Felix.

Yet, there are others who are also famous in this North American country. One of them is Vanoss. He’s been active since 2011. His focus is games like GTA, Garry’s Mod and others. This boy plays these with his friends.

Another leader in the field is Vegetta. Coming from Spain, he is also a gamer. He not only gives fun to the viewers. Also, he creates a story for each of the past times he shows.

Who Are The Richest Youtubers?

It’s not that easy to know how much each of these YouTubers makes. Their numbers are not public, so Forbes calculates it with the data they have. In addition, their money flux changes all the time.

Finally, YouTubers are earners of money from their videos, sure. But most of them also have other sources. Those include merchandising, touring, appearing on tv and many more.

With some estimations, PewDiePie is the richest YouTuber. He makes $16 million a year. Smosh, Lily Singh, and Roman Atwood follow him. Each of them has around $13 million on a yearly basis. Finally, Rosana Parsino also appears on this wealth review.

Who Are The Fastest Growing Youtubers?

Some of the influencers in this top 10 became so real fast. While some others took years to get to stardom, these YouTubers were able to grow their accounts in few years.

One example is German Garmendia. This guy is from Chile and started not so long ago. Also a gamer, he gets to talk about other things too. Everyday themes or Internet news are his things. His channel went from 500 subscribers to 10,000 in less than a month. Today, German’s a star.

Nunes Batista is another man in the same situation. He is from Brazil, and he made a lot of parodies. Nune is also new in making movie reviews. These made him gain millions of followers in just 2 years.

The Final Word

There’s no doubt social media grew a lot in the last few years. With it, there appeared many personalities. Particularly in video streaming apps. In this one, people create their own channels with their content. If it’s engaging enough, it will get millions of subscribers. That’s the case of the persons mentioned in this guide. Most of them post materials related to social media and pranks. Yet, some others like talking about everyday topics. This shows that it is possible for anyone who tries hard enough. Get some inspiration from the success of these 10 stars.

Published: April 24, 2019 | Updated: January 06, 2020
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