Sendible Review: Top-Notch Software For Quality Social Media Monitoring

Sendible Review: Top-Notch Software For Quality Social Media Monitoring
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  • Starter Plan ($29/mo)

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Sendible Review: In-Depth

Sendible is one of the most renowned social media tools. It is used by both freelancers and agencies alike. It features a timeline that shows the info from all the accounts. It has everything in only one place. In this way, it is easier than ever to waste less time and work more. Step up the social media game with this platform.


Key Features

  • It’s easy to publish across many social media networks.
  • Track down the analytics.
  • Simple to obtain great reports.
  • Generate new leads in seconds.
  • Engage all clients with top-notch content.

Sendible Review: Background Information

Sendible was born with the idea of helping other brands to tell their own story. They understand that to be truly successful.It t is necessary to know what people love on social media. The crucial year for the company was 2015. Then, it became more and more popular. From that moment on, the number of accounts grew very fast. Today, they have more than 100,000 profiles and a million social media pages.

In terms of the team, they have a lot of pros working for them. They have degrees in Sales, Marketing, and plenty of experience in support. Even if it has an office based in the USA, the clients come from all over the world. That’s why they consider themselves as being an international agency.


To ensure success, the platform started to integrate with other pages. One of them is Canva, a great app for design. Another one was to make it easier for owners to market their own business. Finally, their best perk is related to their mobile experience. The team knows that the majority of users access the web using their phones. That’s why they make decisions with that info in mind.

Interesting Stats & Facts

Sendible has already turned 10 years old, as it was created in 2009. It is based in London, United Kingdom. Their exact number of employees is not publicly known. Yet, some estimated figures uphold that they have between 10 and 50. They have an approximate number of visits of 305,000 people, most of them coming from the UK. In the second place, it is the United States. Surprisingly, Mexico is the third site from which most visits come.

Almost half their visitors go to their site because they find it in search engines. And most of it comes from organic results. Curiously, they do not seem to use display advertising, as no visits come from there. 4.42% of users are directed to this maketing site by other webpages. This shows how good a reputation this service has among the social media community. Regarding social networks, about 4.14% of traffic is directed from there. Of this share, 74.79% is sent through Facebook.

  • Founded in 2009
  • Located in London
  • 10-50 members of the team.
  • They mostly have UK customers.
  • Most of their clients learn about them in organic searches.
  • Their site has many referrals from other members of the community.

Service Features & Technical Details

Succeeding in social media takes time and dedication. The tasks are so many that it is difficult to keep the pace by oneself, or even with a team. Luckily, some of these features are helpful when it comes to managing one’s account and improving brand image.

Social Media Marketing Features

This tool has many competitors. But not all of them offer the same features. The management functions are what set them apart. These are some of the main ones.

  • Strong reports for informed decisions
  • Tools for managing content
  • Use the calendar to schedule posts for the future

Social CRM Tools Features

Helping clients is a key part of the job. Many of them will approach an account looking for info. But this is very time demanding and messy. This tool is aimed at solving this problem.

  • Provide the best customer care
  • Tools for marketing emails
  • Monitor social networks
  • Analyze sentiment in texts

Social Media Analytics Tools Features

Knowing what works is the best way to reach more people. Yet, most tools present this info in a difficult way. These analytics aim at showing detailed info in a simple way.

  • Get custom reports for analytics
  • Track how much clients like the posts or not
  • Collect info from many sources

Social Media Monitoring Features

Keeping track of what the audience thinks is challenging. There are too many networks to monitor. And hundreds or thousands of people posting at the same time. Hopefully, this will help.

  • Carry out an analysis of the competition
  • Take a look at trends in the field
  • Easy to use dashboard

Social Media Management Features

There are many important networks to post in. And many dates to keep in mind. With this feature, posts can be automated easily. Set it and forget about it.

  • Publish without manual work
  • Collaborate with a team in social media
  • Manage several accounts at the same time

Sendible Feature Set – Review

Working with social media takes a vast amount of time. There are plenty of things to do and to know about the field. And this may take some valuable time of interaction with customers. Luckily, This marketing page has many features that help with some of the work so that one can focus on what matters.

1. Perks for Users

sendible-single-review-Perks for Users

This agency offers plenty of features to those who decide to pay for their plans. These perks are mostly related to social media. Also, to get organized when posting there. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

  • See the posts as customers would before posting them. Save time and go for better quality.
  • Easy to manage and think about the content in just one place, all at the same time.
  • Nice design for the calendar.
  • Social media listening features are great for a business who wants to grow.
  • Get to know what clients are saying about the brand with just one click.

2. Managing Social Messages

It’s important for any big brand to have all the messages in just one place. Just imagine if the owner of a big company such as Tinder. He or she would have to monitor each of their official social media channels. It would be a very time-consuming task and quite expensive. Luckily, the agency can help owners in their efforts with its features.

  • Top-notch interface. No clients report using the dashboard in a difficult way.
  • Tracking down social media activity from just one place is possible. If not, it would be a titanic task to start seeing what users do on Twitter, on Pinterest, on LinkedIn, and so on.
  • Analytics will allow owners to see why or why not people like the things they post. That way, they can make informed decisions on the company’s online policy.

3. Help When Uploading Social Media Content

sendible-single-review-Help When Uploading Social Media Content

When it comes to posting, there are two main options on this page. The first one has to do with creating one post only each time. The other one allows for bulk orders to take place. For this to happen in an easy manner, they have a visual calendar to order each post to upload.

  • The dashboard is easy to use
  • Many functions: search, save, upload content.
  • Timeline is simple to see and organize.
  • A clear view of the inbox.
  • Can be a bit slow, especially when adding a new function.
  • Refreshing the page might be needed.

4. Collaboration Features

sendible-single-review-Collaboration Features

This tool was created for people working together. So, it includes features that make this easy. One that many companies are thankful for is its approval process. It ensures that each and every post is reviewed by all the important people in the team. In this way, nothing can go wrong. And the best part is that this can be done straight from the email inbox. There is no need to log in into the platform.

It is also possible to create a shared calendar. One member can schedule a task, and all the rest will know it. These chores can be assigned to specific members, reviewed, and marked as done. It is even possible to postpone campaigns if the team wants to.

5. Keep an Eye on Social Media

sendible-single-review-Keep an Eye on Social Media

Keeping track of all that customers say about a brand is not humanly possible. That is why this function was included in the tool. It helps to know what customers like, share, tag, or say about a company in their social media accounts. It is even possible to react to those interactions in real-time. In this way, one can prevent negative reactions from the public. The faster one reacts to bad comments, the less damaging they are.

6. Topic Recommendations

To be active on social media, one needs a constant stream of content. It may be very hard to come up with innovative ideas every time. So, Sendible has a function that analyzes all the previous posts. It also takes into account what the competition is talking about. Then, with all that info, it recommends some possible topics to post. This can even be done on a daily basis.

7. Cell Phone App

sendible-single-review-Cell Phone App

Most marketers now work on the go. So having an app for Android and iOS is very handy. It makes it easy to post new content from any place. One can also answer messages and keep track of what people are saying about the brand. In this way, one can be up to date all the time.

8. Integration With Other Platforms

sendible-single-review-Integration With Other Platforms

Sendible works with the most important social networks and tools. Canva, Slack, WordPress, Google Drive, Tumblr, and more are compatible with this platform. A very important detail is that this process works flawlessly. So, there is no need to be afraid of being uncommunicated because of failures or glitches.

9. User-friendly

Most of their features were included having their prospective users in mind. In this way, the tool was designed to make their work easier. One of the functions for this is the Content Library. It allows saving for later different media that could be useful. It is even possible to create a section for each client, and then schedule posts for them straight from there.

Getting started with this tool is even simpler. One only need to introduce their info, and everything is ready to use it for free for 30 days. The dashboard, one of the main features, is really intuitive and complete. Its analytics and social media listening functions are also user-friendly, as they present all the data in a simple way.

10. Get the Best Analytics

sendible-single-review-Get the Best Analytics

  • Analytics Dashboard – This section shows at a glance the main info on all the connected accounts. It can be accessed from the admin area. Its user-friendly design makes it very easy to navigate and understand. This is in spite of it not being customizable.
  • Reports – With the data in the dashboard, it is possible to create a report. There are many pre-made templates. Users only have to choose the best for them and let the algorithm do the rest. It is even possible to select how often this has to happen. In this way, one specifies if he wants it done every day, week, or month. And then, it can be automatically sent to a client.
  • Apps and Integrations – Sendible can be integrated with most major social networks today. For example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and more are all compatible with it. The best part is that doing this only requires one click. Then, the tool gathers all the info by itself.

11. CRM Tools

Many prospective clients have specific requirements. Knowing this requires to sit down and have a chat with them, which can be done online. Then, this info has to reach all the team that is working for that client. Instead of telling each one of them, it is possible to create a customer profile with this page. There, one can include all the info and share it with all the people involved. And there is even a function to include data from their social networks.

12. Learn How to Use It

Learning to use a new tool requires time and effort. Many companies use lengthy articles to explain how to do it. But this is boring. That is the reason why many people may prefer to learn from video tutorials like the ones by this company. These recordings include info on the essential functions of the site. Some of the things that they show are how to connect an account to the platform or how to post messages. The series has 6 episodes. They walk users on how to make the most out of this service from beginning to end.

13. Train With Sendible

The company offers its customers a set of articles that will let them use the page in a better way. These courses are free of charge and are divided into 3. The first one of them is called Sendible Fundamentals. In those videos, buyers can learn all the steps to use the agency in a more efficient way. The course has 7 steps, very simple to follow.

The second course is Advanced. It has info on more crucial options regarding social media marketing. One example is content curation to never run out of new ideas. Another aspect is to understand how to make custom reports. Finally, the third option is more of an exam. With that test, users can get a certification that shows they know how to use the page.

Sendible Plans & Pricing

Sendible aims at different types of customers. Because of that, their plans have many pricings and perks to offer. They differ in, for example, the number of users and posts per month. Let’s take a look at each one of them in detail below.


Starter Plan

The starter pack aims at freelancers or individuals who don’t have a large budget. The pricing is quite affordable, of course. Though the numbers are quite low and the functions, limited, that means that only one person can make use of the account. And the posts to schedule per month are very limited.


  • Great reviews
  • Management tool for beginners
  • Friendly dashboard
  • Affordable

  • Limited users
  • Not many functions

Tracktion Plan

Thought for a medium business, this plan allows for 3 users to have access to the account at the same time. Of course, the number of profiles to connect is much larger. Almost 50 accounts give the company the chance to step up the social media game. It’s also possible to schedule a lot of posts per day.


  • More users can access the dashboard
  • Suitable for a medium company
  • The social calendar is better designed
  • The reports are custom now

  • Too few queues
  • No integration with other pages

Growth Plan

Thought for a medium brand, this pack includes all the above perks and more. Among the main changes are the number of users and social profiles. These will allow for collaboration and review among several team members. Finally, the number of queues is accessible for a business that needs a lot of content uploaded per day.


  • AMore options for customer support
  • A greater number of queues
  • Enough social profiles for a large business
  • Collaboration features

  • Quite expensive
  • Too many functions on the interface

Large Plan

The company designed the plan to suit big businesses. Their clients are all different, and so are their needs. That is why these agencies can decide the perks that they want to have and pay for them accordingly. The landing page, then, shows no info on the benefits of the plan or a precise pricing number.


  • Exclusive customer support
  • Very fast answers
  • Dynamic links
  • Easy to use

  • No clear pricing
  • Scarce info on the site

Price & Key Features Comparisons Table

Depending on the brand’s needs and requirements, some plans will be better than others. Some metrics to consider are the pricing, the number of queues, of reports, and many more. Let’s take a look at them below.

Starter Traction Growth Large
Price/Mo $29 $99 $199 $299
Networks 12 48 105 Custom
Users 1 3 7 Custom
Bulk Scheduling Yes Yes Yes Yes
Type of Support Email Email Email and live chat Email and live chat
Queues 10 30 70 Custom
Custom Reports 0 9 35 35
DropBox Integration No No Yes Yes
Dynamic Links No No No No

Terms & Conditions

This section specifies how the service works. It also includes the rights and responsibilities of each part. It defines when it is that the contract starts and what each person is supposed to do when this happens. It also explains clearly, which are the prices and how to proceed if there are any errors in this area. How to use coupons and how to change plans are also detailed here.

The team makes special emphasis on clause 12. It is particularly important because there they explain what they are responsible for. More specifically, they say that if something goes wrong, they are not to be held accountable for it. In short, they make sure that they are not liable to their customers under most circumstances.

Privacy Policy

In their privacy policy, the company outlines the things they will protect their clients. Some of them are the private data they provide when setting up a new account. That includes personal info, such as name or address. But it also refers to financial data. For example, every person who creates a profile on this management tool needs to add something to pay for that.


Also, the team writes in detail the things that the platform collects from customers. One feature is the location. But there are also many others, like links or personal pictures. They promise never to disclose those things to any other third-party website. In terms of obligations, each client is responsible for taking care of their own passwords.

Refund Policy

The refund policy is quite tight. In terms of service, the team outlines the reasons why they would give money back to the clients. One of them is that these people had tech issues. Or that they never got the perks that they had bought. If that’s not the case, then a refund is not possible.

Sendible Customer Support

Taking care of customers is of crucial importance for this team. This shows in the number of ways they offer for buyers to send them info from very immediate ones, like a phone number, to more remote ways like training videos. There are a great number of options to contact the agency.



Their email address is not available. For some reason, they have decided not to display it on their page maybe because it’s a better way to organize the tickets. Or because the team does not want to deal with a lot of spam. That’s why the online chart below is best used.

Online Chart

The online chart has a lot of divisions. One of them has to do with asking for a demo. Those new customers who want to try out the service can order it from there. The other alternative is for customer support. Any issue can have an answer after sending a ticket.


The phone number is available and very easy to find. Users only have to scroll down to the bottom of the page. There, they will see the 3 numbers. One of them belongs to the USA. The other 2 are for the UK and Australia. Of course, people from all over the world can call them if they want to.

Support Center

The support center includes some video tutorials that are very useful for those who are just starting out. The videos are short but concise, giving crucial info on how to make the most out of the site. Also, the info is related to the best plan to choose for each case. Of course, they provide customer care if needed.

Within the center, there is a section about product updates. That is also important for clients who are there for a long time. Maybe the products changed, and they would never know if it was not for the articles. Finally, FAQS are also very useful. They cover the vital topics any user would want to know.

Quality of Service

The quality of the service is decent. Not many customers claim to be disappointed with the service. Even though some of them mention the pricing is high, there are many others who praise the functions that it offers. In terms of customer support, it seems to be of high quality. The teams provide nice answers to both queries and tech issues, for example. The last thing customers enjoy is the detailed analytics. The reports are custom and deep, which allows for making good decisions about one’s brand.

Customer Types

Sendible aims at reaching a wide audience. Among these people, there are freelancers, medium businesses, and large companies. Every plan suits different needs, as seen above. Below, let’s take a look at the perks that fit the public according to their budget and needs.

Who Is Sendible Best For

Depending on the business size, its employees, and the type of clients they have, then these customers will choose their plans. More details are to come on each profile.

Small Businesses


Small businesses can benefit from some of the cheaper plans. These have most of the features that this type of client will need. Yet, some of them may need the resources that are only available for the more expensive packages. And these prices may be prohibitive from them. But other than that, Sendible works well for small businesses.

Medium Businesses

Agencies and other types of businesses offer many features for large teams. One of the main functions for them is the possibility to have a forced approval flow. In this way, the person in charge is consulted about every decision. This helps ensure quality and consistent service.

Large Enterprises

They can profit from the more expensive packages. The custom package at $399 includes all the functions of the other plans and more. As the Sendible teams that this is a great investment, they give the option of trying it out first before committing.


Teams of one person are better off working with the starter plan. It comes at a very low price and is specifically tailored for one user. On the negative side, it only has email support, so subscribers of this plan usually get their answers after some wait.

Sendible Pros & Cons

Deciding which tool to use is hard. There are many options out there, and one needs to be sure that they are hiring the service that suits their needs. To know which are Sendible’s strongest and weakest points, read on.



  • Reporting and analytics are top-notch. With this data, people can be wiser when taking an informed decision about their business.
  • Managing many accounts at the same time is simple. Especially when creating new plans and products on the platform.
  • Many integrations are available. One of them is a content recommendation. Such a thing is great for those who run out of ideas.
  • Ease to engage new users. The dashboard is so easy to use that it attracts clients all the time.
  • The company always upgrades the plans. In this way, they make sure they are updated every day.
  • Some key functions are only available in the most expensive plans.
  • It is not possible to get in contact with them by email.

Top 5 Sendible Alternatives

The competition is fierce in this field. There are many other tools that offer similar functions. But, of course, each one of them has something that sets them apart. Read on to learn more about them.



Sprinklr aims at big enterprises with a large budget. They do not even display their pricing on the site. Instead, they offer custom solutions for those who want to hire their services. Most previous customers state that the platform is not cheap at all.

Sprout Social


Sprout Social is different in terms of collaboration features. Those who hire plans for using just one account can find it expensive. But when there are many profiles to connect, it is accurate. The reports are also custom per month.



This is another first-class provider in the field. The plans are very affordable for the features it provides. And they aim at daily tasks any marketer has to carry out. The content calendar is very efficient and has a nice design. And the customer support is great, too.



Agorapulse is one of the few who focus on CRM and customer care. Instead of so many perks for social media, the focus is on solving problems for agencies. That is why they do not support so many social media networks as other agencies do.



This is one of the most well-known platforms. Hootsuite has SEO solutions regarding web content and social management. The number of networks supported is big, and it integrates with many sites. One of them is WordPress, for example. The reports are custom and powerful.

Sendible Alternatives Comparison Table

Sendible HootSuite Buffer Sprout Social Agorapulse Sprinklr
Price/Mo $29 $19 $15 $99 $79 Custom
Networks 12 10 8 5 3 Custom
Users 1 1 1 2 1 Custom
Queues 10 No Limits 1 2 2 Custom
Analytics Deep Deep Basic Deep Basic Deep
Chrome Extension Yes No No No Yes Yes

FAQ Section

What Is Sendible?

Sendible is one of the best known social media management tools. It has a hub that unifies all the data from different networks. So everything is unified. The company also has an analytics feature. Such function allows understanding what works best in a campaign. This works hand in hand with the social listening tool. Knowing what clients say about a brand is key. And so it understands what they believe about the competition.

How Does Sendible Work?

Sendible is very easy to use. First, one has to create an account and pay for the desired plan. Then, it is time to give it access to all the social networks. After this, customer can start using any function they wish. They can, for example, access their unified social media feed. Or users could also schedule future posts or messages to fans from the “Engage” menu. There, one can also take a look at the recommended content. In this way, it is possible to learn about which content can engage followers.

How Do I Pause my Scheduled Messages on Sendible?

It’s very simple to pause one’s messages if they are going on vacation. This is useful to prevent those texts from leaving the owner’s profile when he or she is away. The option to pause it is very easy to access. People just have to enter the dashboard and look for the Preferences’ section. Inside of it, there are publishing alternatives. The only thing clients have to do is to “set them off”. As soon as they are back, they can turn it on again in no time.

How Do I Cancel Sendible?

First, go to the “manage” tab. In that place, enter the admin section, and select “subscription”. There are many options there. One needs to browse the page and go to the bottom of it. The option to cancel the account is the last one. Right after the user clicks on it, he will be prompted with a box where to write down the reasons for taking this decision. Of course, this part is not compulsory, but the team will really appreciate it if one takes the time to answer it.

Does Sendible Have a Free Trial?

Yes, Sendible has a 30-day free trial. User can start trying out the service for free just by clicking on the “Sign up for free” button. A box will come up asking for basic info, like the email address. After completing it, one is set to start working. Of course, those who use this option will have access to the same features as paid users for 30 days.

The Final Word

Sendible stands out for its amazing user experience. It is very easy to navigate and use. And having all the info in one place helps too. In this way, is someone who manages many accounts at the same time, it is not hard to manage them. Sendible has multiple options for all types of budgets. Yet, some smaller teams may need some of the features that are only included in the expensive packages.

Published: August 27, 2019Updated: March 26, 2024

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