BuzzSumo Review: Kickstarting Every Channel

BuzzSumo Review: Kickstarting Every Channel
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BuzzSumo Review: In-Depth

BuzzSumo is a very well-known platform. Major brands like National Geo and TED use it. The pricing is not cheap. Yet, its free trial can entice new clients to give it a try. It has a lot of benefits for those who decide to hire them. One of them is the influencer finder, for example. A key feature in today’s online world.

Key Features

The focus of this company is on content. This is a key part of any social media tactic. Without quality posts, there is nothing. These are some perks that this software offers to clients.

  • It’s possible to share new data.
  • Curation of other posts like Facebook or Twitter ones.
  • Analysis of most important figures.
  • Doing research on the competition.

BuzzSumo Review: Background Information

This is a company in the tech field, founded a lot of years before. Its base is in London. The field of experience is related to giving numbers to business owners. With those metrics, they will be able to see how well or not they are doing in social media. And be able to make informed decisions about the changes they want to introduce. Apart from analyzing their own site, people are also able to see what other blogs or networks are doing.

The CEO Henry Wing and his partner founded the company in 2014. Since then, it has been gaining new users every year. Today, the company is active and has more than 15 employees. All of which come from many parts across the world. Yet, the headquarters are in Europe. The brand also gets some funding from the members of the shares, and foreigners. That allows it to grow a lot. Of course, the type of company is for profit. And it seems that it’s quite a successful one.

Interesting Stats & Facts

The most interesting fact is that it has allowed hundreds of users to get the influencers they wanted and needed for their brands to grow. Also, it is easy to see who is the one that created a page if the person wants to hire them.

  • This agency is a branch of Brandwatch. This means that they are closely related. And that they help each other.
  • For example, clients in one company get discounts for the other’s plans.
  • Today, more than 300k customers have decided to hire their services.
  • This is a lot, considering that it has not been working for so long online.

Service Features & Technical Details

BuzzSumo helps relieve the burden of managing a social media account. Doing this can be quite demanding. Yet, this tool writes the content that should be posted. In this way, doing this becomes much easier. And less time consuming. It searches the web for articles or blogs that are related to the topic. Then, it finds the text’s main and extracts a quote. All there is left to do, then, is clicking “post”.

Efficient Browser Extension

What is more, this tool includes a browser extension. This means that when one is reading an article that they find interesting, they can just click a button to create new content. By doing this, this app comes up with five possible posts to publish on any social network. These consist of one related quote and a link to the article.

Use Categories for Organization

t is also possible to arrange content according to many categories. Users can create the categories that they like and assign different colors to them. They can be anything. From “news articles” to “beautiful places”, and everything in between. Then, they can be scheduled. This means that the algorithm will choose one of the articles and post it. So, a news articles will be posted on Mondays, for example.

Once all the planned content is posted, this agency does not stop. It starts sharing and publishing again previous posts. Some platforms, like Twitter or Facebook, do not like this. So, this tool rewrites some parts to follow the terms of use. In this way, a page will never become inactive.

SEO Service

It can also take care of SEO. It looks for the best keywords for the niche. This means that articles will rank quite high in research. It also studies the latest trends. In this way, when one is looking for an influencer to promote their brand, this service will know where to look.

BuzzSumo Best Traits

In terms of features, there are a lot regarding social media marketing. But it also offers others in a related field. Let’s break down some of them below.

Social Media Marketing Features

Marketing on social apps is not an easy task. There are a lot of aspects to take into account. Some of them are related to SEO, for example.

  • Keyword research.
  • Managing contacts and agenda.
  • Metrics for every aspect of the networks.

Influencer Marketing Features

As stated above, one of the most important things they care about is influencers. Finding them can be daunting. Seeing what they do right can be even harder.

  • Filtering and research profiles depending on the type of business.
  • Monitor what others are doing on their media and each review.
  • Do an analysis of who are the influencers on the field.

Social Media Analytics Tools Features

It’s really hard to know what to do without metrics. Analytics today help to take decisions on what to change and what to keep. Some tools are these ones.

  • Reports, reviews, and graphs appear in PDF form.
  • Users can choose shared colors and format.
  • Track down the best choices for social media like Twitter.

Social Media Monitoring Features

A big part of getting good numbers is monitoring what one is doing. For that to happen, tools have appeared to simplify the task.

  • Segment and review the public with ease.
  • Owners can decide when they want to get alerts or share them.
  • Scoring about reach and impact of shared posts.

BuzzSumo Key Features

This agency offers several features to help companies be in charge of their online presence. Some of their tools are quite useful for social media, while others regard SEO. One of the most important services they offer is detailed metrics.

Looking for Inspiration

It’s not easy to come up with something good to upload. Especially today, when it seems that somebody has already said what owners want to share. And even if they do have some great ideas, nothing guarantees that the content will impact readers. Or that it will direct traffic to it. That is why there is a process for the creation of these pieces. The vendor can be of great help there.

  • The first step is to look for good keywords for one’s field. It will be useful for knowing how to rank better in terms of SEO. Google Keyword Planner can be helpful in this aspect.
  • Take a close look at the way in which those terms compete. For that, it would be useful to know their broad and narrow rates of search. If they have a lot of competition, maybe it’s better to choose another word.
  • Use filters to see if the content is truly worth the effort. This software has a great variety of these. One of them is filter by date. With that one, owners can see if they post will truly work in a specific moment. Language is also very important. Something that works in English may not be the same in Spanish, for example. The same happens with the country filter. That will be indeed helpful if a person has an audience from all over the world. Finally, there are others which are more specific. So, a person can look for images, videos, blog posts, or whatever.
  • The last crucial step is to sit down and write the content. This is not easy because of many reasons. First, writers might get distracted. Second, as stated above, it’s not easy to inspire oneself to write. Still, with all these options from the company, the process would be much easier.

Keep Your Fans Engaged

People read before, you might be don’t think about something viewers had never read before. Luckily, this platform has some steps that help owners in this endeavor.

  • The first thing to do is to go to the platform and type a keyword about which persons want to write.
  • TThen, they have to sort out the results.
  • Finally, people should rank the topics around the number of shares they got.

For example, for someone in the book industry, it is hard to think of new topics. But this platform can help in giving ideas, such as new gadgets for readers. Since reading today s a task that most people do with their phones or Kindle.

What’s on Today

The world of today changes all the time. This platform has a feature, then, that allows people to be updated about those movements. If owners decide to write about old topics, they might not get the ranking that they truly wanted. That is why users can access the search box for new things to talk about. The available filters are also high quality here. Especially for brands in a particular niche.

Know the Best Influencers in the Field

Creating engaging content is key, but not enough by itself. It needs to reach the right audience. Social media is great for this. And influencers can be particularly helpful. Once one finds content that is similar to their sites, these apps will take care of the rest. It searches for people with many followers that have shared those posts. Then, it makes a list. If the people on that list have already done it, they are likely to recommend a new brand too.

This can be useful for SEO too. To rank high in searches, one needs strong backlinking. This means having one’s link in many reputed sites. This tool searches for the best sites to post links. To use this function, one needs to go to the “Influencer Outreach” section. There, create a list and add the influencers recommended by this tool. They can be found on the “Search Influencers” tab.

Work with Pros Who Know What They Are Doing

Writing is not an easy thing to do. Apart from having great ideas, a person needs to have a flair with words. And be able to convince others that what they are saying is worth their effort. That is why any reputable brand should have decent copywriters to work with them. Buzzsumo has a search engine that serves that goal. Experts say that it is crucial to pay writers well. Without good money, no expert would be willing to sell their moments for this.

Take a Look at What Others Are Writing About

Buzzsumo can help in knowing what other people in the same field are sharing. This is very useful to get some inspiration. And to copy the best tactics that make businesses succeed. So, with this tool, it is easy to:

  • Take a look at the stats of those pages.
  • Links are also useful to truly understand how good or bad these sites are doing.
  • YouTube channels measure depending on their number of followers.

Set the Alerts You Want to Get

Another important benefit of this brand has to do with alerts. Maybe owners find something that they want to save for later. Either to read more about it or to copy their best ideas. That is possible when using this platform. People only have to set up these alerts, which is very easy. They only have to access their board and look for the option on the right. After this, they will receive notifications any time the channel refreshes.

Analyse the Posts Before Uploading Them

A good backlinking strategy is known as the Skyscraper campaign. It works like this: One searches for good videos or visuals in their niche. Then, they take ideas from there and create a better article. After this, they contact influencers and ask them to share it.

Influencers also benefit from this, of course. To keep their audiences engaged, they need new content constantly. So, if someone gets in touch with them and offers relevant quality texts, they will be glad to accept it. The best way to find the right influencers to work with is by going to “Top Sharers” tab. One can find who has shared their previous materials there.

But this is not all it can do. To be able to do this, quality posts are key. To see how that is going, this tool has some very interesting functions. It searches for previous ideas and how users interacted with it. In this way, one is better prepared to understand the audience and what type of texts might work better with them.

Linking Each Other

Those links means that owners of many networks or blog collaborate. So, they write articles for each other. In that content, they include links for their own page. In this manner, they will increase their organic traffic. And will become more well-known. It’s very easy to know how others build their backlink tactic. Users only have to type the URL on the search box and click search.

See How Questions Form

Viewers and clients always have queries about how a service works. This agency allows people to know those questions in advance. It is very easy to search for keyword to predict what others will say about the brand, employees, or product itself.

Facebook Focus

This is the most popular social media network, still today. That is why the mentioned vendor has added this benefit for those who want to connect their accounts to the board. Then, owners may analyze how this profile is doing and how they can improve.

Take a Look at What Others Are Saying

This is related to metrics. Knowing what clients think and say about a brand is crucial. Especially to improve customer care. Users can group these mentions in many ways. First, they can use filters of timing. So, they will obtain graphs for daily, weekly, or monthly comments. Finally, they can download those graphs in the way of reports to keep them stored. Good and bad comments appear in the same manner.


This feature is crucial for persons who have to fulfill a lot of analysis at the same time. So, it is aimed at marketers who manage many accounts. Setting up alerts with Buzzsumo, then, is very user-friendly. There is a very big button on the board that allows users to create alerts. One example is for pricing. So, people can follow the price of a review package over a month or a week. The advanced filters are key when deciding the type of info a person wants to get. The steps to follow are not a lot, and are simple to carry out.

BuzzSumo Plans & Pricing

Buzzsumo offers different plans for people who have varied needs and budgets. These packages adapt to the goals that people or companies have for their social media networks. All of them have a free trial lasts at least two weeks. Also, the price that appears on the page is an annual one. If clients decide to pay month by month, it will be a bit more expensive.


Pro Package

This is the basic plan, and it’s quite affordable. Yet, It is not that cheap when compared to other plans from the company. The number of features that it has makes it very suitable for persons that work alone.


  • For example, if they need to get alerts during the day, they would only be able to receive five of them.
  • Safe payment.
  • Nice customer service.

  • Marketers dealing with a lot of accounts at the same time would probably not find it very useful.

Plus Package

The second in the list aims more at small businesses with few employees. The price goes to double. So people should have a good budget to be able to afford it. Its social media analyzer gives good inspiration to those owners who needed to create more content. Also, everyone knows the importance of analytics today. And how convenient it is to have those reports stored in our laptops. Still, the number of reports that a person can download is limited.


  • Get new info for posts.
  • Good metrics.
  • Convenient.

  • They have only 150 downloads per month.

Large Package

As the name shows, this is meant for companies with a fair amount of people collaborating. The price is high, so probably brands with success will be able to pay for it. One new part that includes for this package is the ability to search for influencers. These are people who have a lot of success in a certain niche. Or even to make a partnership.


  • It allows more than one member of the team working at the same time.
  • It is great to be able to copy their strategies.
  • Branding for social media.

  • Expensive

Expensive Package

The last plan aims at big companies. That’s the reason why this is so expensive. In terms of features, he includes them. The one that makes them unique is that search for new trends. Every day, social media Shows a variety of themes. These go from series Chapters to new books or clothes. It is great, then, to keep updated with those trending topics.


  • Many members can work together in real time.
  • Allows to imitate successful competitors’ strategies.
  • Builds strong presence in social media.

  • Pricey

Price & Key Features Comparisons Table

Readers can find below some information about the key options that each plan offers to their clients

Pro Plus Large Enterprise
Price/Mo $79 $139 $239 $499
N° of users 1-5 10 15 Custom
Free Trial Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alerts per day 5 10 30 50
Analyzing Social media No Yes Yes Yes
Downloading reports 50 150 200 no limit
Look for influencers No No Yes Yes
Filters for Trends No No Yes Yes

Terms & Conditions

Their terms of use are easy to read and access. First, they state their main audience, which is business. In addition, the team provides a free trial for all the plans. The only condition is that clients provide their credit or debit card data when buying. As regards changes in the policy, they promise to notify each customer by sending them an email.


This company, as stated above, is based in England. That means they regulate the company following those laws. Even if the buyer is from another country. Finally, they clearly state the process for cancelling the contract in case shoppers are not happy with them. And that there will be no refunds for this. Money-back only happens in case the tech team cannot solve existing issues.

Privacy Policy

This section of the page refers to any data that the company has on personal details of their users. Even of those who decide not to become clients. What they do first is to state how they gather info on the buyers. So, those who buy any product will have to give their address, phone number and email. This will make it easier to solve any issues that might appear or to offer discounts.


In terms of payment, they promise that the processors they use are safe. And that they would never disclose any info that might be sensible. Cookies are also a part of the way in which they function. Finally, they promise not to track down any movements in the social media networks of the shoppers.

Refund Policy

The provider does not have a refund policy for a simple reason. The company charges its plans for the period of one month. If the person is not satisfied with the product defaults, they just have to cancel. The next month, they will not have to pay for it. The only instance in which they give money back Is in case of tech issues.

Customer Support

Customer care is one of the key aspects of this platform. Buzzsumo tries to give the best one they can. Below, let’s break down all the channels through which clients can contact the team.


This is the only channel that customers can use to say things to this team. They might choose to ask questions about the products before they decide to buy them. Or these people may send them their issues that need some kind of solution.


This choice is not available to anyone who decides to use this company. It could be a fast way of contact. But it seems that Buzzsumo does not regard these issues so urgent so as to give them a contact number.

Online Chart

Online forms are also not available at the moment. If buyers have any problems or queries, they will need to send an email using their personal account. The contact form may be more convenient for those who do not usually access their email, but it is not on this site.

Support Center

Their support center is a section on the page that aims at helping buyers with questions they might have. It has many groups of ideas that will assist those shoppers on those issues. The first one of them has to do with creating an account. And all the steps needed to get started using Buzzsumo.

There are also case studies. These show how people became very successful using the platform to boost their brand. Other parts involve FAQs. These are usually useful in case some persons have the same questions. This way, they can save some time of their own. And also of the customer care team when answering. Finally, there is a guide on how to find the key influencers. Applying the best filters, for example, is not as easy as it seems.

Service Webinars


Webinars are a great way of sharing info today. These involve videos that experts record live or before the event takes place. What they do, then, is to create content in a visual way. The main aim is to interact with the public. In this manner, they will feel they are in the presence of the person who is talking to them. And, most of the times, teaching them how to do something new. Another crucial thing is that Buzzsumo offers this service to any person who wants to attend these webinars. No matter if they are brand new clients, old ones, or just people passing by.

The creators decided to group these videos into three classes. The first one of them has to do with the platform itself. Viewers will get a glimpse of how the software works. The second group combines the features of the company with the skills a person needs to have. So, it will provide people with pieces of advice to boost their company in no time. Finally, there is an expert section for the ones who know a lot about the field. They mostly focus on common mistakes to avoid when deciding on a marketing strategy.

Quality of Service

Almost all of the clients of this company a report that they are satisfied with their services. This reflects in the number of users that the tool gets every year. As seen above, the numbers have grown a lot in the last decade. Most buyers claim that this provider has a great customer support team. As soon as they had an issue, they wrote back to the platform. And these people say that the employees answered quickly and kindly to every query.

Customer Types

Many buyers might decide to hire the services of the agency. Some of them may work on their own, in teams, or for other companies. Below, readers can find data about each group to choose which one will be the best for them.

Small Businesses

The plans for this type of business are pricey. Even if they offer nice perks, like a high number of alerts, they might be out of the reach of that budget. Still, it is great the the employees are able to collaborate using the page.

Medium Businesses

A medium brand with not so many employees will find it convenient. The pricing is affordable and it has many custom alternatives. A great example of this is the number of exports they can make. Or how many projects those people can work with at the same time.

Large Enterprises

Large businesses might be the best audience for this platform. As readers can see, it offers a lot of unlimited perks for those who buy the most expensive plans. One of the them is the number of alerts these team members can get. Such quantity will not have any limits. The price is high, but the benefits are worth it.


Self-employed workers might find this service very useful and convenient. Except for the pricing. The basic plan is not cheap at all. Even when it offers a lot of benefits, it might not be very suitable for those with a low budget.

BuzzSumo Pros & Cons

Certainly, this is a platform to take into account. Anyone who needs social media help can find many benefits in hiring them. They are far more than the cons.



  • It helps to come up with new ideas for a blog and social media posts.
  • It’s easy to find influencers in a certain niche.
  • See how the competition is doing and copy their best tactics.
  • Know what others are saying about one’s business online.
  • A reputable company that offers services for a good price.
  • Their tech support might be slow. There are a lot of users with issues and all of them want some attention.
  • The price is very high. Not everyone is able to afford it

Top 5 BuzzSumo Alternatives

Apart from the mentioned brand, there are other options for marketers who need a helping hand. Below, readers will find info about six of them. They will have all the features available in a comparison table with the most important aspects.



The aim of this tool is the analysis of the competition. They offer help in seeing why they rank high. And also to see what the business can do to debunk them. They have a trial, but it is not free.



It is an integral service that works mostly with social media apps. Content marketing needs to be powerful, and that’s what their tools are for. The analytics are strong, and take a close look at KPI and ROI.

Social Animal


The focus of Social Animal is content research and marketing. With the use of filters for keywords, people can search for the most effective ideas to create their own posts. Also, it is easy to check the outreach of influencers using the site.



This company is big, and so are the features it offers to buyers. These go from link reach to promoting content and products. Email marketing is key for them, so any business who needs this type of service will be satisfied.

Google Trends

Google Trends Alternatives

As its name shows, it is an analyzer of what the public used to search for. The focus is on keywords and the search volume of each one of them over months, days, or a given period of time. Comparative search is also possible.

Competitor Comparison Table

After comparing their basic plans, the chart below was outlined. It features the name of each company, together with all the traits in common and different.

BuzzSumo Ahrefs C Studio S Animal N Outreach G Trends
Price/Mo $79 $99 $49 $49 $119 Free
Free Trial Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Site Audit Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Reports Download Only Web Yes Only Web No Yes
Alerts Yes Yes No Yes No No
Team Collaboration Yes No No No No No
Keyword Planner Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Number of users 1 1 1 1 1 1

FAQ Section

What Is BuzzSumo?

It is a company that aims at boosting social media accounts. The price is quite high, so it mostly aims and companies and teams with a big budget. It has a large variety of features that make up for the high pricing. Such a vendor focuses mostly on the best ideas that the brands have. And the things that they did to become well known. That is why it has, for example, a search engine for influencers within the page.

Does BuzzSumo Have a Free Trial?

Yes, it does. But it only lasts seven days. A week may not be enough to know if the platform is truly functional to the business of the person wants to hire them. Still, owners will have access to almost all of the traits of each plan. After this, they will be able to decide if they want to buy one of the four packages. They go from a very affordable price to an expensive one. These plans suit different needs.

What is an evergreen score?

It is a ranking system created by this agency. It tracks how many interactions (such as shares, likes, etc.) and backlinks the content receives in a period of 30 days. The higher the number, the better the score. If an article gets many engagements over a long time, then it is called “evergreen.” Content of this type builds more authority for a site. This entails that search engines will consider it more trustable. So, it will rank higher.

How to Use BuzzSumo Effectively?

This might be a bit hard to learn at first because the tool has a lot of functions. First, it is crucial to use the platform to get some fresh ideas on what to post, when and how. Then, it would be wise to find the best keywords to use in the content. In this manner, the SEO will make it more visible. Ranking them is the third step to take. Finally, the promotion tools are really useful when sharing it with the selected public.

How to Use BuzzSumo to Improve Your Marketing Strategy?

There are many ways of doing this. The first thing might be start researching keywords. These will greatly improve the ranking of a page. It will become more visible and people can visit it more. The content calendar is algo a valuable tool to get organized. The premium packages have a lot of posts available per day. Finally, the analytics are a powerful resource to learn more about one’s own page.

The Final Word

BuzzSumo is a reputable company to consider when looking to improve one’s online presence. It offers services in the social media and SEO fields. It has several tools that allow to find the best content for a site. From detecting trending topics to recommending suitable influencers for a brand, one can do pretty much anything. What is more, they usually update their page. In this way, not only do they add new services, but they also include the latest social networks.

Published: August 14, 2019Updated: March 26, 2024

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