How to Delete Instagram Messages: 2 Different Methods for Success

Even though Instagram, similar to Facebook, is a network meant to show images and videos, today, it has other functions. One of them is using DMs. Though convenient, it may happen that somebody repents of sending certain content in private and wants to go for deleting the content on desktop or Android.

People who want things they have sent to go away are in luck. Nothing in social media is permanent. Want to know how to delete Instagram messages in 2023? Follow these simple steps and do away with those annoying DMs.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Erase Messages from Both Sides
  2. How Do I Erase Messages Only for Myself
  3. Can You Delete All Instagram Dms at Once?
  4. How Do You Hide a Conversation?
  5. Can a Blocked Person Still Be Able to See Past Conversations?

Learn How to Delete Instagram Messages for Everyone

Delete Instagram Messages

At times, people repent from the things they have sent to another one. It might be embarrassing content, or it may be something that the person sent when they were angry. No matter the reason, they should reflect upon this action. And, once they are ready, they can delete them for good. None of them will be able to see it anymore.

The process of  deleting IG messages is fairly simple:

  1. There is a section on the right corner of the screen.
  2. Look for the name of the conversation to be unsent.
  3. Tap on it and hold the finger.
  4. Select “Erase”, and that’s it. In case the user has Android or iOS, the process is the same.

Delete Instagram Messages Only for You

Instagram Messages

Instead of one interaction, the sender might want to forget about a whole exchange. Unless the owner cares about the content, they can do away with entire conversations in only seconds.

The process is simple and quick, and it takes some steps to unsend messages on Instagram:

  1. Access the app and look for a paper plane icon. It is on the right upper corner of the screen. This emoji represents the section where all DMs are stored.
  2. Look for the conversation to erase. They are under the name of the receiver.
  3. Hold your finger until you see a number of options in a pop-up menu.
  4. Tap on delete Instagram messages, and that’s it.

When all the steps to unsend messages on Instagram are done, the conversation will not appear in the inbox. Plus, it will never be able to go back again.

Those with too many conversations can also use the Search tool to find what they are looking for.

Is it Possible to Remove Every DM With Just One Action?

Just One Action

No, this function is not supported in the app. And the owner cannot do this on the desktop version either. This happens because Instagram was meant to be for video and photo sharing. In further versions, the function of direct messages was activated.

This means that users could start sending texts, emojis, and other elements without using another app. Yet, it has not been perfected or used by too many people still. This explains why the features of DMs are not as good as Facebook’s. And why the ones who want to delete IG messages at once cannot do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Hide a Conversation?

This is easy, and the process is similar to the one the person does when erasing everything. The person has to access his or her profile and look for the arrow that represents the messages. Find the conversation, tap on the text, and select the option Hide.

Can a Blocked Person Still Be Able to See Past Conversations?

Yes, it’s possible. Carrying out this action with another user does not prevent them from seeing past gifs or texts they had exchanged in the past. The people who freeze others, yet, will not be able to do away with those conversations. They will be archived.

What Happens When You Remove a Delivered Message on Instagram?

The first thing that happens is that, of course, the message disappears. The recipient will never be able to see it again. The owner will be in the same situation. In addition to this, the action cannot be undone. There will be no way, not even by direct email, to recover this content for the unsend messages on Instagram.

Why Can’t I Delete My Messages?

It might be a technical issue. But anyone should be able to delete the content they have sent. Just tap on it, and the option will appear. From the desktop, the process is similar. The user has to access his or her account, then look for the message sent. Finally, they have to click on the DM, and it will vanish.

How Do You Know If Someone Deleted Your DM on Instagram?

There is no way to tell if the other person has decided to remove any DM. The only info the sender will get is if the message was delivered. And if they read the text, saw the image, or reacted to an emoji or icon. Then, if these people wanted to delete in a direct way, nobody will ever know.

Are Messages Deleted Forever?

Yes, they are. Once a person decides to delete text, pictures, videos, emojis, or videos, they are gone forever. Instagram does not store this info. So, there is no way at all to get these DMs back.

Make These Texts a Thing of the Past

Texts a Thing of the Past

Social media, like Facebook or Instagram, usually has one feature for deleting direct messaging: to make it easy for users to navigate the page every time. And erasing things in this visual network is not the exception. Just tapping on some sections of the page, the owner can clean up his or her inbox by tapping the icon.

So, don’t hesitate to delete Instagram messages in 2023 and make that content go away forever with a few clicks. Is this your case? Have you ever gotten rid of annoying or embarrassing messages?

Published: March 22, 2021Updated: March 22, 2021

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