How to Post a Video On Instagram: Take Your Account to the Next Level

Instagram is the social media network of visuals, together with Facebook. And even if today most people and businesses only post pictures, they should consider another crucial item in the network: visuals. Some stats prove that they get as much as 21% more likes and comments. So, it’s time for people and influencers to use this strategy to grow. Here they can find out the best tips on how to post a video on Instagram in 2023.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Post a Video on Your Instagram
  2. Take Advantage of Footage in the Stories
  3. Repost Others’ Materials
  4. Features of This Footage Type
  5. Follow These Tips for Success
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

How to Post a Video on Your Instagram Feed

Post a Video

Considering that the videos on Instagram are crucial, in this post, you’ll find help to post them. In particular, to do it with one’s phone. And every detail that owners need to have great videos posted on the feed.

STEP 1: Start the Footage

The first thing to do on how to post a video on Instagram is to make the recording. Keep in mind that the visuals on the platform have to last less than 1 minute. If not, they won’t be posted. And to make them better, there are two main ways. The first one is uploading it raw. And then use a filter to polish it up. The other option is to edit it already offline.

STEP 2: It Has to Go Live

If you go for the first option, then you record images and upload them raw. The next step is to tap the arrow below the screen. Then, the person will see all the pictures and images he or she has ever taken with the phone. With that, the footage is almost ready to go live.

STEP 3: Edit to Make It Rock

Now comes the time to make it shine. And to show how unique it is when compared to other materials. There are millions of visuals on the platform every day. Applying those filters will help the video stand out from the rest. Consider this when looking for how to share a video on Instagram.

STEP 4: Pick a Cover Image

That’s what followers will see first. So, the cover image has to be creative and catchy. This way, it is going to entice the viewers to watch one’s content. In case people want to change it, there is a button called cover to do it.

STEP 5: Share It With the Crowd

Finally, it is ready to go live. The last thing that is left is to add a caption. Some hashtags will also enhance the post. And it will make it easier to find for others interested in that topic, too.

Take Advantage of Footage in the Stories

Footage in the Stories

Stories are very appealing to audiences today. And it has a good reason. Depending on the type of images or media products a person uploads, they can be interactive, for example. People can react to what they are seeing, putting emojis. Or answering polls or questions. And the best way to promote an element, service, or product is by using Stories.

Let’s see the steps on how to post a video on Instagram.

  1. Enter one’s account and look for the option of the story
  2. Consider that the footage can only be 15 seconds long. If not, the network will cut it
  3. Start recording with any of the cams available
  4. Decide if the footage is going to have audio or not. In that case, disable the mic.
  5. Add a caption, and that’s it!

Repost Others’ Materials

Repost Others’ Materials

This is not an easy task to achieve on one’s own. Looking for material to repost is simple. Doing it is not. The person will need the help of an app like Regrammer to achieve its goal. Luckily, all the tools work in a similar fashion.

STEP 1: Ask the Owner for Permission

Having issues with Copyright is not good. And this is also on the page’s terms of use. So, make sure to ask the original owner for permission before reposting. This can lead to great trouble if not. Maybe the person can reach out via a private message to ask this question. Or can post a comment on the same file they want to repost.

STEP 2: Get the URL

The next step is to copy the link of the post with the recording. Again, this is simple. If the person is using the laptop, it just appears. From a mobile device, users have to tap the three dots that appear on the right corner of the post.

STEP 3: Put the Link Into the App

After pasting the link into the box, just touch the button Preview. This way, the platform will start reviewing the URL and see what it can do with the material. And that is all. Owners do not have to download it to the phone, for example.

STEP 4: Business Done

Finally, the visuals will appear on the feed. Without delay or further action. This means that the actions are pretty fast and do not require any download on the part of the owner. They just need to press some buttons, and it’s like magic. The visuals they chose will be shared with the audience.

How to Upload a Video to IGTV?

Upload a Video to IGTV

So, those who want to share footage that is longer than a minute have an option. Using IGTV. Let’s take a look at some steps to do it with success.

  1. Put the media product online. Use the same button than when uploading other types of visuals, the plus section. Owners will need materials with at least 15 seconds.
  2. Choose the title and the caption. This is a crucial element to catch new viewers. With that info, they will know what to expect.
  3. The creator has to select if they want the post to appear on the feed as well.
  4. Just share it! The creation will be live for everyone to enjoy it.

Features of This Footage Type


Now, there are some guidelines on how to upload video to Instagram. Some of these are related to weight, resolution, duration, and more. For example, in terms of length, it can only last 10 minutes.

Feed Specs:

  • Up to 4 GB is allowed
  • The platform supports almost all types of videos. But mp4 or MOV is the easiest to use and edit.
  • 500 pixels is the minimum required.
  • Max duration is 1 minute. If not, owners have to pass it through to IGTV.

Story Specs:

  • These are a bit shorter. The max is 15 seconds. If not, the product will pause and continue in the next story.
  • Only read mp4 and .mov
  • 1800×1920 is the best resolution for great views.

Follow These Tips for Success

Tips for Success

So, there are some things every Instagrammer should consider to achieve results. Some of them are mentioned above. Below, they will be described in detail, considering how to post a video on Instagram.

Tip 1. Consider Length

People don’t like wasting their time. Not even when they are using social media. Nobody will want to scroll down and find videos of 15 minutes, for example. There are other platforms for that. So, owners should always have their goals in mind. And make the products as long or short as needed and nothing else.

Tip 2. Images Matter

Having catchy previous files is also important. It will entice the viewer to keep on watching. Maybe the visual is about a stunning place or landscape. So, people ought to choose the best photo that truly catches the idea of the whole piece. Or, if it’s about famous persons, a good headshot comes in handy.

Tip 3. Words Matter

This network is all about images. Everybody knows that. But words also matter. Without a good title and a nice description, for example, the material can fail. Good users should, for example, do hashtag research. To make the most out of this type of element for promotion.

Tip 4. Filters Are Allies

Images and visuals, in general, all about style. Without it, it’s hard to brand a piece. Travel vloggers, to name one, usually use some filters to share their images of the cities and countries they visit. This way, their followers know they see photos from them and not from somebody else.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Post a Full Video on Instagram?

It depends on the length. For stories, it can last up to 15 seconds. For the feed, the max is 60 seconds. But those who would like to share a longer piece can do so using IGTV. For example, in case the person is using the website, it is very easy to know how to upload video to Instagram. They just have to enter the IGTV section and then look for the option to upload. Browse the Gallery is the last step.

Can I Post a Video to Instagram From My Computer?

Not really. It is possible to browse one’s feed and see what others are doing. But this social network is mainly thought for a phone. Or for a mobile device. So, it is not feasible, and users should know how to post to Instagram from your computer. Instead, if that’s their desire, these people will have to use a third-party app.

What Is the Best Format for Instagram Videos?

The best format is MP4 for videos on Instagram. Other specs are 3500 kbps, so it is not too slow or too fast. And the size should not exceed 15 MB. If not, it would be too heavy. Finally, they cannot be longer than 60 seconds.

Does Instagram Support 4k Video?

Not really. These can only be of 1080p. 4k is far too complex for the platform to support it. If that was the case, then the feed would take forever to load. So, users should take this into account before crafting their materials. There is no point in spending too much time in 4k videos for this network.

Achieve Success on a Whole New Level

So, with these tips, anyone can grow their profile and make it rich. Both in content and in the audience. Some things, like length, filters, and style, are crucial for branding. All in all, any person who wants to use this social media network should understand how to post a video on Instagram. And to choose the best channel for that.

Published: October 26, 2020Updated: May 31, 2021

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