ClickFunnels Review: Build Sales Funnels Easily in 2023

ClickFunnels Review: Build Sales Funnels Easily in 2023
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  • Enterprise: $297/mo

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ClickFunnels Review: In-Depth

ClickFunnels is an integrated sales pipeline building software that helps businesses create marketing funnels, generate and capture leads, upsell and downsell, and do many other things that help generate sales. It comes with multiple elements that help businesses of all sizes build webinars, landing, sales and billing pages, and so on. 

Clickfunnels also comes with a lot of page and funnel templates that make the process of building pipelines much easier.

Key Features

The tool has many elements that make building landing pages and other marketing campaigns easy for businesses. Subscribers to the platform will consider it easy to find and create leads, warm them up, and eventually convert them into paying customers. Here are some of the key features that the platform offers:

  • A/B Testing
  • Seamless Integration with CRM systems
  • Click-Through Tracking
  • E-mail Integration, Notifications, and Tracking
  • Custom Landing Pages with Customizable Templates
  • Easy Integration with multiple third-party applications
  • Performance Reports
  • SEO Management Tools
  • Social Media Integration (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Simple Drag and Drop page editor

ClickFunnels Review: Background Information (History)

ClickFunnels was established in 2014, and according to Forbes, “have since then revolutionized the online selling industry.” It was founded by Russell Brunson, the bestselling author of DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets. 

Brunson and his team wanted a way to make faster selling funnels, as it normally took weeks to build them. After developing the system for internal use, they quickly realized that it would be really useful for others and had great potential as a commercial product. 

Features & Technical Details

The platform comes with multiple elements that make creating selling pipelines easy. Over the years, multiple functionalities have been added to the system, making it extremely powerful and versatile. Here some of the most useful functionalities of the software.

Landing Page

Landing pages are an important part of any online selling pipeline, as it’s the first page that a lead lands on. There are several useful functionalities from the platform, like:

  • A/B Testing: 
  • Detailed Analytics: 
  • Customizable Templates
  • Real-Time Editing 
  • Form Builder
  • SEO Management 
  • Drag and Drop
  • Facebook Lead Ads

Key Features in Detail

The pipeline builder comes with a lot of functionalities and tools that are quite impressive. With this service, businesses can create almost any type of high-converting and functional selling process. Another bonus is that there are many ready-made templates that can be imported and edited to suit the business specifications. Instead of creating a sales page or lead generation funnel from scratch, a template can be edited to fit that specific use case. 


The software also comes with a complete hosting solution that will host all the tool’s marketing pipelines. This also means that all security and maintenance issues are taken care of in record time, so there are no worries of websites loading slowly or web downtime.

Easy Page Building with Drag and Drop Visual Editor

Building a sales page is easy with the visual drag and drop page editor. Pages are built by placing sections over each other, with each section made up of rows and columns. The builder is visual-based, so there is no need to write any code whatsoever. There are several  elements that can be dragged, dropped, or edited like:

  • Content Blocks
  • Fonts
  • Media
  • Social Media
  • Pop-Ups 
  • Input forms

Funnel Templates

This software comes with a huge library of both free and paid landing page templates. All the templates are well-optimized and created to convert visitors into leads, and eventually, customers. There are many types of professional templates available, but they can all be classified into four categories:

  • Lead capture pipelines
  • Sales page pipelines
  • Membership pipelines
  • Event pipelines

Information headline: 

The subscribers have created over 3.7 million pages using the funnel editor.

Share Pipelines 

Pipelines created can be easily shared with others within the program itself. There’s no need for files to be transferred or remembering unnecessary logins. There’s a share funnel URL in the setting tab of any funnel. When any user visits the URL, they can add the funnel to their accounts. Plus, the URL also serves as an affiliate link. 

A/B Testing 

Subscribers are encouraged to split test their pipelines to ensure that they enjoy the maximum conversions. A/B testing helps marketers understand what works and what doesn’t. Almost any aspect of a funnel can be split tested, including:

  • Pages
  • Copy
  • Media (Images/Videos)
  • Headlines
  • Buttons

The pipelines’ analytics are tracked, providing up to date statistics on how the pages are performed. The native dashboard provides stats on:

  • User behavior
  • Page views
  • Conversion Rates
  • Funnel comparisons


Actionetics is an automation tool that tracks leads statistics when leads visit a selling funnel. It provides information on an audience segment’s needs, allowing products to be better tailored and marketed using marketing pipelines. This makes automating the process easier.

Information Heading 

ClickFunnels has generated more than 54 million unique customer leads. 

Webinar Funnels

As marketing has moved from text to images and now video, webinars have grown in popularity. This platform allows businesses to create customer journeys around video content like webinars, allowing their leads to register for free webinars as a lead magnet and then upselling to them later. 

Payment Processing

It also easily integrates with many payment gateways, allowing for products to be sold via the program. Some of the accepted payment gateways include:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • ClickBank
  • Authorise.Net
  • InfusionSoft

Integrated Shopping Cart

The tool is great for making sales, offering multi-stage pipelines that allow businesses to showcase their products, create interest, and then close the sale. It also integrates with ShipStation, which is an eCommerce fulfillment center that takes care of logistics like packaging and shipping.

Affiliate Program

The platform also has a tool called Knapsack that allows businesses to create affiliate programs. This is a popular feature as affiliate marketing is a popular strategy that businesses apply to increase sales without increasing their budget.

Support and Documentation

There is an impressive knowledge base in the platform’s ecosystem, with extensive support documentation to help solve any problems that users might face. There is also multi-channel support with the following channels:

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Live Support/Chat


Integrations help extend the service’s functionalities, allowing businesses to integrate it seamlessly into their existing software ecosystem. One of the strengths of using this platform is that it can integrate with a wide range of applications. Currently,  there are over 2000 apps that can be integrated with it.

Here are a few of them:

Email Integrations

  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • Gmail
  • ConvertKit

CRM Systems

  • Pipedrive CRM
  • Agile CRM
  • Zoho
  • Salesforce

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter


  • Shopify
  • Teachable
  • ShipStation
  • WooCommerce

Marketing Automation and Productivity

  • Google Sheets 
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Twilo
  • Keap (formerly InfusionSoft)
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Asana
  • Airtable
  • Zoom
  • Google Drive
  • Hubspot
  • Google Calendar

Payment Platforms

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Authorize.Net
  • Square

Ads and Conversions

  • Facebook custom audiences
  • Facebook lead ads

ClickFunnels Plans and Pricing

ClickFunnels offers two different pricing packages, the Startup and the Platinum package. As a business, it is important to go over each package’s functionalities to determine the package they need and what would be the best fit for the business’s unique position. This is a review of what is offered under the plans.

Startup Plan

The Startup package is the cheapest plan offered and is priced at $97 per month. It provides access to all the funnel creation tools but has some limitations. Only 100 landing pages and 20 funnels can be created under the startup package. Users have access to 3 custom domains but can’t create follow-up pipelines. Subscribers to this package can’t create affiliate programs with the platform’s affiliate program platform, Backpack. Here’s a comprehensive review of what the startup plan offers.

Warning heading: 

ClickFunnels does not have a free plan.


  • Marketing pipelines
  • Webinar pipelines
  • A/B split testing
  • Up-sell and down-sell pages


  •  20 funnels 
  • 100 landing pages 
  •  20,000 monthly visitors. 
  • 3 custom domains only
  • No follow-up pipelines

Number of Users: 1

Scheduling: No

Price: $97/month


  • 20,000 monthly visitors 
  • Host websites without a separate domain and hosting
  • A/B testing and split testing of campaigns
  • Access to 20 advertising funnels and 100 landing pages 
  • Webinar pipelines to use video advertising.


  • High price for small businesses.
  • No follow-up pipelines.

Platinum plan

The platinum package gives access to everything available in the startup package and even more. With it, subscribers get an unlimited number of visitors, pipelines, and pages. They can also set up unlimited follow-up funnels and have access to 9 separate payment integrations, in addition to many more functionalities. Here’s a comprehensive review of all that the platinum package offers.

Attention Heading: 

Users are required to input their credit card information when registering for the free trial. So remember to cancel before the free trial expires.


Everything available in the startup plan, plus:

  • FunnelFlix
  • Backpack
  • Unlimited Follow-up funnels
  • 9 domains


  • Unlimited funnels and landing pages
  • Unlimited monthly visitors. 
  • 9 custom domains.
  • Unlimited follow-up funnels.

Number of Users: 3

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $297/month


  • Unlimited funnels and landing pages 
  • 9 custom domains
  • Unlimited follow-up 
  • A/B split testing
  • Powerful analytics and data tracking


  • The premium pricing package is quite expensive for many businesses.
  • Too many resources in FunnelFlix, with most of them being fluff.

Price and Key Features Comparison

The choice of package to use depends on the needs of the user. A large business that’s expecting many visitors on their website and needs multiple users might find the platinum package useful. For a solopreneur or a small business, the standard package is usually more than enough.

Below is a review of the prices and functionalities of the various packages.

Startup Plan Platinum Plan
Monthly Price $97 $297
Number of selling funnels 20 unlimited
Number of landing pages 100 Unlimited
Shared Funnels Yes Yes
Users 1 3
Payment gateways supported 3 9
Connected Domains  3 9
Follow-up funnels No Unlimited
Up-sell and Down-sell functionality Yes Yes
Affiliate Marketing No Yes
FunnelFlix Access Limited access Almost full access
Chat support Yes Yes (with priority support)

Terms and Conditions

Some terms and conditions govern how the software is to be used. For example, one of such terms is that the website is intended for use by adults, and by continuing to use the website, users affirm that they are 18 years or older or at the legal age of majority. The complete Terms and Conditions statement can be found here.

Privacy Policy

The software respects the privacy, use, and protection of personal data of users. The Privacy Statement governs all the personal information submitted through the website. For users in the EU or the UK, the Data Processing Addendum (“DPA”) also applies. The privacy policy and DPA can be found on their respective web pages. 

Refund Policy

If a user purchases a “hard good” like a book or any other tangible product from the platform or any related brand, they might be able to receive a limited refund if they:

  • Request a refund in writing by contacting [email protected]
  • The refund request must be made with 30 of the purchase.
  • The physical good must be returned immediately, in accordance with the information that will be sent once a refund is requested.
  • The product must be returned in a “like-new” or resellable condition as determined by the software’s discretion.

Customer Support

No matter how good a product is, there will come a time where there will be an issue with the product, and the user reaches out to the company for support. There are various support channels that users can use to reach the service support team. Here are a few of them.


Users with issues can contact the support team via telephone. However, it might take some time to get results, according to reviews. Also, the support is usually only good for basic questions. If answers to highly technical questions are needed, you’re likely to be disappointed.


Another way to get support is to shoot the team an email. You can typically expect a response within 24 to 48 hours.

Online Chat

There’s an in-app chat button within the dashboard that allows users to ask questions and receive real-time answers. Users on the platinum package also enjoy priority support.

Support Center

There’s a robust support and documentation center with detailed guides and answers to common questions about the software.

Quality of Service

The software has a lot of functionality, and it’s safe to say that there are few, if any, tools that offer the sheer amount of funnels and funnel templates that this software has. This makes it very attractive to businesses and entrepreneurs because of the robust ecosystem and useful functions. 

However, the major complaint is with the support and customer service. According to reviews by many users, they stated that their questions were not answered in detail or were ignored outrightly. Thus, if a user gets stuck with a complex issue, it might take a while to get an answer.

Customer Types

Prospective users of the platform need to decide how this software fits into their business and see how it makes their business better. Granted, there are a lot of features on the software, but which ones are best for which kinds of businesses? Here’s a simple breakdown of how the software might be useful to different kinds of businesses.

Small Businesses

The software will prove useful for small businesses, with the startup plan being the best fit. It provides them with the ability to create and capture leads, nurture them with content, and eventually lead them to a sale. The most important features that a small business will need and find useful are sales and landing pages. Another great feature is that small businesses can use the platform as their website and don’t need to pay extra for an external domain and hosting.

Large Enterprises

Large enterprises will best benefit from the platinum package. With unlimited funnels, sales, and landing pages, they can comfortably sell all their products and services. They can also create affiliate programs using Backpack. With 9 connected domains and accepted payment gateways, advertising and selling teams will find the platform very useful.

Medium Enterprises

Medium-sized enterprises will find it a lot easier to make sales with the platinum plan. Advertising teams can collaborate easily due to the sheer amount of integrations that the platforms offer. 


Freelancers in the marketing space can find the platform useful because they can build funnels for their clients. In these situations, a platinum plan will be the best bet. With unlimited sales and landing pages, freelancers can manage multiple clients’ marketing processes and share it with the clients from right inside the software.

ClickFunnels Pros and Cons

It’s important to take an unbiased look at ClickFunnels from the eyes of already existing users. Understanding the challenges that they had will help in the decision-making process of whether to sign up.



  • All-in-one solution for creating marketing funnels.
  • The One-Funnel Away (OFA) challenge helps boost success.
  • Access to countless marketing resources on FunnelFlix.
  • Pipelines can be shared with clients or team members.
  • Affiliate programs can be created.
  • Pipelines are self-hosted on the platform.
  • The volume of resources can be overwhelming for beginners.
  • The support leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Marketing can seem overhyped.

Service Alternatives

ClickFunnels is not the only marketing funnel software out there. Therefore, before settling with the software, it is important to look at the alternatives to make the most informed decision.

Kajabi: Online Course Funnel Builder

Kajabi is an online course platform that has a lot of marketing and automation tools built into it. This makes it unique and functions as an all-in-one marketing funnel. It comes with an integrated email marketing platform and sales pipeline builder, which allows course creators to promote their courses better.

Builderall: The Online Marketing Solution

Builderall is an alternative to the all-in-one sales funnels platforms. It comes with an almost infinite list of features, some of which even the big players lack. It has a solid funnel-building capacity and provides a lot of possibilities for both novice and experienced marketers. It also has a website builder called “cheetah” and an integrated email marketing software. It is reasonably priced and has a free plan, making it ideal for small businesses or marketers just starting out.

Kartra: The All-in-One Marketing Platform

Kartra is more than just a funnel builder. It’s more of an all-in-one marketing platform that allows users to build pages in the sales funnel, link those pages together, separate customers into segments, track the results, and so many other features.

Convertri: World’s Fastest Funnel Builder

This is a software that claims the title of ‘world’s fastest funnel builder.’  And from customer reviews, Convertri’s funnels load very fast, but that’s not all. 

Convertri has several features like an intuitive editor, sticky headers, forms creation, pop-ups, etc. It also integrates seamlessly with multiple email platforms and comes with an in-built shopping cart. In addition to the wide variety available, templates can also be imported /exported, and all this is available at an affordable price.

Competitors’ Comparison Table

Features ClickFunnels Kajabi Builderall Kartra Convertri
Pricing per Month $97 $149 $19.90 $15  $53
Sales Funnel Building Yes Yes Yes Somewhat Yes
Native Email Integration No Yes Yes Yes No
Self-Hosted Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Website Builder Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Beginner Friendly  Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Pre-made templates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Affiliate Program creator Yes No No No No
Training resources Yes No No Yes No
In-depth analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

FAQ Section

  • Is ClickFunnels Legitimate?

    Yes, the platform is legitimate because it offers what it claims to do, helps businesses build great sales funnels. However, they have a really great affiliate system that has unfortunately gotten some bad reviews because of how some affiliates marketed it. The software is not an MLM platform.

  • Can You Make Money With ClickFunnels?

    Yes, anyone can make money with the software. That’s what it’s set to do, anyway. It helps businesses do better marketing and drive more sales, making more money.
    However, it is a bit on the pricey side, so beginner marketers with very tight budgets might run out of money before they start making sales.

  • Is ClickFunnels a Pyramid Scheme?

    No, it is not a pyramid scheme. It should only be used by those that have products or services to sell. Joining the platform intending to make money only as an affiliate is an underutilization of the platform’s capabilities.

  • Is ClickFunnels Easy to Use?

    It can be hard to use this software for a new marketer. There are so many features, which can be quite confusing. There are a lot of resources, which can also be overwhelming to a new beginner as they wouldn’t know where to look.

  • Do I Need a Website to Use ClickFunnels?

    Strictly speaking, a website is not needed to use Clickfunnels as it comes with self-hosting. For those with the technical know-how, however, the tool can be integrated into a stand-alone website.

The Final Word

The funnel builder that a business chooses to use will depend on their requirements and the amount of work they’re willing to invest in their business.

Creating a high-converting funnel is hard work, but if the business is ready to put in the work, then ClickFunnels will make the work easier. For businesses that want to increase the average lifetime value of their customers, then using ClickFunnels is a smart choice.

Take advantage of the 14-day free trial, and start building funnels and making sales.

Let us know your experience with the software in the comments. We’ll love to hear from you!

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