Pros and Cons of Buying
Facebook Likes

Every day millions of people log onto Facebook. The site has become the biggest social network in the world, with millions of users daily. Due to its size, the site has also become one of the best ways for a person.

Yet Facebook runs on likes, and without many, an idea struggles to become popular. But there is a quick solution – buying them. Buying likes can help a person or idea become more well known, and build brand awareness. As a result, people and firms can reach a wider audience, and attract more attention.

Pros & Cons

icon-likeThe Pros
  • A Nice Head Start . Starting with many likes is easier than starting with none. But having to start with zero is tough, and can require a lot of time before a big following can develop. However, pages and profiles that have many likes are more likely to become popular in a shorter period.
  • Enhanced Social Credibility . Users often find profiles and pages with many likes to be credible sources. The users cannot see where the likes come from, so they can only assume that they are all organic. Brands and services can then appear more legitimate and credible in every way.
  • More Respectable Reputation Pages that have a large fan base can make a person or firm seem very established. The page can appear very popular as if it had existed for a long time. It can then become easier for businesses or people to partner with others online once they notice a large number of likes.
  • Boosted Organic Growth. Fans always attract more fans. An account that has may subs can motivate other users also to follow the account. The account can then start to bring in organic traffic, which attracts more fans who like the type of content that the page has.
  • Precision Marketing Purchasing likes is an easy way for accounts to target the exact users they want. Firms and persons can better define their target market by choosing the type of people who will like their content. This can then give the firm or service a chance to be recommended like to similar accounts.
  • Improved Efficiency Trying to build a fan base on a social network can be a very lengthy process. So much, that it may take time away from other important activities. However, buying a bulk amount of fans can give more time for other important activities. The cost is low, and the company can then more time for things like R&D, sales, and marketing.
icon-dislikeThe Cons
  • Unconcerned Fans. Many of the new likes that an account receives can be futile. The paid fans may not have any interest in the product or service from a firm. Few if any may ever buy products, and make an effort to read through the newly posted content.
  • Poor Engagement An account can gain a large number of new fans by buying them, but it does not guarantee that those fans will engage with the content. If other users notice that an account has many likes, but low amounts of fan interaction, it can seem suspicious.
  • Abundance of Scams Hundreds of services offer a quick exchange of likes for money. However many of those sites are scams and provide fake Facebook fans. These sites can then charge a user for a service while providing nothing. Worse yet, some services may just be looking to steal credit card info or worse.
  • True Fans Forgotten Facebook is honest about the fact that only a small fraction of fans will see newly posted content in their news feed. The amount is around 16% which gives a company or person a reduced chance to sell themselves. But when paid followers are part of that 16%, a reduced number of real fans will be shown a page’s new content.
  • Skewed Metrics Enterprises measuring the status of their online campaigns can be very troubled after buying likes. There is no way to differentiate which fans were real, and which fans were paid. Thus, measuring the real success of posted content becomes very tough.

Should You Buy Facebook Likes?

Depending on the needs of a firm or person, buying likes can either be helpful or harmful. A page or profile can indeed receive more likes, but that doesn’t mean much in the long run. Just having more likes is not a guarantee to increase the success of a firm or person. However, there are many services currently on the web that offer the ability to buy likes. Some services are genuine and do in fact help an account grow in the short run. Others may be a scam though, and make things difficult. Regardless, the goals of a user are what should determine if purchasing likes is a good idea or not.