4Gram Review: How Genuine Are Its Services?

4Gram Review: How Genuine Are Its Services?
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4Gram Review: In-Depth

4Gram has been around for a very long time now. It comes as a social exchange platform where users can get a chance to boost their fame over a social network. Its home page signifies this. Today, users spend most of their time using and consuming media from social networks. This provides the best chance for business owners to grow their audience and improve their marketing sales and product sales. But all these are possible if the business is able to reach a good number of users over the network.

This is where the platform comes in handy. Its unique features are able to boost the levels of fame across different accounts. This then goes a long way in helping the owners of these accounts reach their desired number of clients with ease.

Supported Networks and Services

With the good number of networks out there, finding a tool that offers a unique feature for one can be done with so much ease. This platform offers support for only the Instagram network. Unlike a lot of similar platforms, this one does not support Facebook, Twitter, YouTube networks. In order for readers to gain a greater insight into what it truly offers, here is a brief rundown on the network it supports as well as each feature it offers.


Instagram (IG) is a widely used social platform. Apart from the fact that it is mostly used by brands and business owners to promote their products and market campaigns to their audience online, it still retains its name for being used to boost fame and engage with users of the same niche.

The platform offers more than just a few services as regards the Instagram network. They go an extra mile in improving the overall status of a user’s profile. Hence, giving the user a better chance of getting the right kind of clients to engage with their content or posts.


Likes are unique ways to show how many people really like a photo or video contents on Instagram. When they come from real people, they help in showing how genuine a user’s profile is. This site has an auto like feature.


Views are handy when clients to know how much users are getting engaged with video content. This can be high of help when a user is trying to drive more viewers to their posts.


These are vital features that can not be left out when dealing with IG services on the platform. In fact, the tool makes sure it provides a feature where members can get their desired number of comments with ease. Apart from this, they are used to describe the thoughts of a user engaged with a post. By using the feature of this tool, members are free to get a good number of positive talks attached to their posts.


Followers are the main ideas behind the use of IG. It comes as a dream of every user to have a great number of follows to their account. This platform is willing to assist its members in achieving this. Through its follower feature, getting a follower sent to an account can be done with a lot more ease.

Plans & Prices

This tool comes with unique auto services, of course. But even with this, it still offers each one at no cost at all. This means users do not have to pay for any of the services. Those who are worried about having to break a bank can be assured they would not have to. Also, no one has to break a spend their whole budget on a feature. Every feature comes for free. No plans, and no charges before delivery.

All that is needed for a user is to log in with their account details. After doing that, they get a chance to aim a certain amount or quantity of service towards their IG account.

Before the usage of features, clients are prompted to a page where they select which one of the special features they might want to use. After this is done, they are presented with a toggle bar from which they choose the quantity they would like to have.

Each feature provides a minimum amount of 5, and a maximum amount of 100. This way, users can control the speed at which their account gains followers, comments, likes, or views. They can keep track of this by watching their profile, as the website does not provide reports as regards that.

Network Services in Detail

The likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are widely used to promote skills, products, and services by many around the globe. Placing time and effort in using the features offered by a social tool to boost the accounts on those networks can greatly help a user. For this, this tool comes in handy with its Instagram features.


The IG network has a lot of unique features including photos and videos which are greatly used by its users. These features help in determining the fame of a user across the network. Here’s a brief look at each feature offered by the platform.


Likes are offered by the special tool. This is crucial to the user’s contents and can attract and bring more clients to engage with their contents. Users can control the number of likes they get per order.

Likes can be gotten after a user selects the amount they want to be delivered to their content. All they have to do is choose the post they need the likes on, and that’s it.


Views are not left out of the picture. With a large number of views, more customers will want to view and find out what could be the content of a video on the profile of a user over the network. 4Gram offers this for free. It also allows members to control how fast and how slow it delivered the views.

No big deal involved as all members need to do is set the number of views they need to a special video post. A minimum amount of 5 and a maximum amount of 100 is implemented to go with it.


This auto feature delivered within a short period of time. Users get a chance to control the speed of their order. This helps them grow their account in an organic manner.

When the posts of a user get a lot of comments to it, that post tends to reach more a better audience level quickly. Apart from having a lot of it, having a great number of positive ones can help a user stand out from others. This goes a long way in ensuring the user’s face gets a huge boost. And if they are a business, they stand a chance of reaching a better audience in order to increase market sales at a rapid rate.

Members can find their posts listed after clicking on what they need. From there, they can choose one and allocate the number of comments they desire. Although, just like others, this one has a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 100.


These are the main features of IG. With a lot of follows to an account, that account can experience wide range goodies such as increased fame as well as improved reach. Business owners are not left out. When they have the right number of follows attached to their profile, they get a chance of reaching a wider target audience.

Luckily, this is something this tool refused to leave out of its wide list of services – all for free. Its members simply need to sign in, pick the feature, and choose the number of follows that get sent to their account within a specific timeframe.

Delivery speed per 24 hours comes at an amount of 100. Although it has a minimum amount of 5 and a maximum amount of 100 too, it still helps to provide the right number of follows to aid the growth of a member’s IG profile.

Terms and Guarantees

There are top rules and regulations attached to the usage of each feature of this social tool. Even at that, there are still a good number of guarantees which it provides. Here is a brief overview of all that.


Terms and Conditions

These are crucial factors that govern the behavior of members across the platform. This site has a page that describes each term. A full list of them can be found on that page. For now, here is a short list of the terms of the website.

  • The website reserves the right to ban any use if such user violates the site’s terms.
  • The website will store cookies which contains a user’s authentication data on a user’s browser.
  • No feature of the site should be sold.
  • No feature must be used on inappropriate content.

People who do not agree to the rules are strongly advised to stop using its service.

Privacy Policy

This refers to the way the private data of users are used. A large percentage of the people who use online platforms are highly concerned about how their private data is shared, stored, and used. This is where the privacy policy comes in. This site has one and has assured users as regards their special data.

The site supports ads. Apart from this, it collects certain personally identifiable information. It uses this info to improve better and provide its service to members.

4Gram ensures it logs data in case of an error. This is done from the user’s device, through a third-party product called Log Data. It also ensures the use of third-party software and programs. This helps it too better provide its features and analyze it.


Refund Policy

This platform does not have a refund policy. This is due to the fact that each feature it provides comes at no cost at all. Members can worry less about having to go through hassles which might warrant to a refund for them. Due to the site being a free one and payment is not involved, it does not support a refund on its platform.

Retention Policy

Since the features are not paid for, getting to retain them is not sure for members. As a matter of fact, getting to retain users is a tough job, and will have to be handled by the member. Today, the likes followers, comments and views sent to a user’s account by the platform are based on niche and interest. This gives them a chance to retain what they get.

Customer Support

Client support is one of the best ways to attend to the needs of users. The platform does not come with a large database or system built for user support, but all members can contact the admins via their official email address. This way, they can get answers to their questions and get feedback as regards any problem they have with the site’s usage.

4Gram Quality of Followers

This site delivers unique followers to a member’s account when they opt in for a feature. This offers a slight edge over the growth of their account. Therefore, users can boost their social presence without going through hassles.

It claims each follows it sends to the profile of a user comes from real people. However, a good number of people say it uses bot technology.

Retention Rate

The rate at which products are retained is low. This is due to the fact that the website offers its features for free. Less control is taken over the retention rate of the features, which cause the growth of an account to fluctuate.

4Gram`s Pros & Cons

Just like most things in the world, this social tool comes with a few pros and a few cons. A lot of people might know the goodies it offers. But when it comes to cons, not a lot of people look into that. It is crucial to take a look at the top benefits as well as downsides attached to a feature. Here’s a quick rundown on its top pros and cons.



  • Offers client support
  • Free to use
  • Secured website
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-understand user interface
  • Can be used to grow a profile quickly
  • Poor retention rate
  • Users have to include their IG password before they can make use of the website

The Final Word

An auto tool like this is a great start towards growing an IG account. Smaller brands can make a great impact on their market sales by getting a better audience level. This helps them stand out from competitors. 4Gram claims it can help deliver this.

The above review should serve as a guide for those willing to adopt the usage of 4Gram in 2023. Now they can answer the question, is it genuine or not?

Published: July 17, 2019Updated: February 17, 2024

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