Buy Real Marketing Review: Support Social Channels

Buy Real Marketing Review: Support Social Channels
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Price Plans

  • 500 Instagram Followers ($7)

  • 500 Instagram Followers ($7)

  • 100 Facebook followers ($7)

  • 100 Pinterest Followers ($7)

  • 50 Twitter Likes ($7)

  • 100 YouTube Subscribers ($7)

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Starting Price per 500 Instagram Followers


Buy Real Marketing Review: In Depth

Buyrealmarketing is a business that has been around for a decade. It began in 2009 and has witnessed the positive effects of social media. This includes more presence and greater reach for companies and personal brands. The team works with all industries, such as the arts, business and economics, start-ups, and technology. So far, they have over 60,000 customers and tons of experience on popular social networks. They assist with a variety of social media sites and clients.

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Supported Networks and Services

Buy Real Marketing is committed to working with all types of people. That’s why they help out with video platforms, news feeds, and more. Their goal is to bring more engagement to a profile through views, comments, and other interactions. Here are some reviews of their services.


This provider stands out because they offer more than likes and followers. Clients can purchase reactions for their Facebook posts, too. Or, they can choose to get superb ratings for their business and products.

  • Comments
  • Daily Likes
  • Daily Post Likes
  • Five Sar Ratings
  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Post Haha Reactions
  • Post Likes
  • Post Love Reactions
  • Post Wow Reactions
  • Shares
  • Video Views


Customers can stay on top of the trends, such as Instagram stories. They can buy TV views, or get a specific U.S. audience. These offerings are available as a single order or a subscription.

  • Comments
  • Custom Comments
  • Daily Followers
  • Daily Likes
  • Followers
  • Likes
  • TV Views
  • USA Followers
  • Video Views


This social platform is full of appealing visuals. Buying some expert help can bring a user’s pins to the forefront. It’s a great tool for creatives and bloggers.

  • Daily Followers
  • Followers


Tweeters can make a lot of money with popular tweets and profiles. Buyrealmarketing helps customers big and small grow their page with interesting content. They teach clients the tricks to getting more user interaction.

  • Likes
  • Retweets
  • USA Followers

This platform works well for individuals and groups. Buy Real Marketing makes it easy to grow a channel to success. Gaining subscribers and shares can boost their popularity in the industry.

  • Comments
  • Daily Likes
  • Daily Regular Views
  • Favorites
  • Likes
  • Regular Views
  • Shares
  • Subscribers
  • USA Views

Plans & Prices

Clients can pay for many of these services with a one-time payment. Some of them require a subscription. Plans can last for one, three, or six months. The company delivers its products quickly across several channels. They have packages for smaller businesses and large brands, so there is something for everyone. They work on a daily or monthly basis. Many of their features have a different approach – this list reviews what they offer.

Services Minimum Per Order Delivery Speed Price
Facebook Comments 10 3-4 days $7.00
FB Daily Likes 100 Daily $89/month
FB 5-Star Ratings 50 3-4 days $15.00
FB Followers 100 5-6 days $7.00
FB Likes 250 4-5 days $9.00
FB Post Reactions 50 3-4 days $7.00
FB Shares 100 3-4 days $7.00
FB Video Views 1.000 2-3 days $9.00
IG Comments 50 3-4 days $9.00
IG Custom Comments 10 24 hours $7.00
IG Daily Followers 100 Daily $50.00
IG Daily Likes 100 Daily $37.00
IG Followers 500 3-4 days $7.00
IG Likes 100 3-4 days $7.00
IG TV Views 500 1-2 days $7.00
IG USA Followers 250 3-4 days $9.00
IG Video Views 500 3-4 days $7.00
Pinterest Daily Followers 100 Daily $99/month
Pinterest Followers 100 3-4 days $7.00
Twitter Likes 50 4-5 days $7.00
Twitter Retweets 50 4-5 days $7.00
Twitter USA Followers 200 4-5 days $7.00
YouTube Comments 10 4-5 days $7.00
YT Daily Likes 100 Daily $60/month
YT Daily Views 100 Daily $37/month
YT Favorites 50 3-4 days $7.00
YT Likes 100 5-6 days $7.00
YT Regular Views 1.000 10-11 days $10.00
YT Shares 100 3-4 days $9.00
YT Subscribers 100 7-9 days $7.00

Network Services in Detail

Subscribers, shares, followers, and comments. Buyrealmarketing provides all of these services on multiple platforms. They’re dedicated to giving customers what they need to excel. Plans start at low prices for YouTube, Instagram, and more. Clients can even choose fans in the United States. These products help with every area of social media strategy.


There are people of all ages who use this social platform. It’s also a popular spot for start-ups and entrepreneurs. The community is an important part of Facebook, so interaction is essential. These offerings increase conversations and bring attention to profiles. There is something for businesses of all sizes and industries.


User interaction lets others know that this is exciting content. Likewise, people tend to reply to informative posts, such as statistics or videos. Sharing some of this type of messaging can lead to more commenters online. It’s one of the most popular ways that brands build a conversation around themselves.

Number 10 25 50 100 200 300 500
Price $7 $15 $29 $57 $99 $145 $235

fb-comments-buyrealmarketing -single-review

Daily Likes

The more engagement a page gets every day, the faster it will grow. It’s a no-brainer here. Daily interactions and reactions will quickly transform a business or personal page. It is something that the experts have been doing for years now. This is an effortless way to boost popularity numbers online.

Number 100 200 300 400 500 750 1.000
Price $89 $178 $266 $392 $489 $698 $937

fb-daily-likes-buyrealmarketing -single-review

Five-Star Ratings

This is absolutely perfect for companies. Positive ratings bring more attention, and that means more clients. It also makes it look like an enterprise that has a loyal following. Other users will notice that and wonder what’s so great about that business. So, they’ll try it and find out for themselves.

Number 50 75 100 150 200 300 500
Price $15 $27 $30 $45 $60 $89 $149

fb-five-star-ratings-buyrealmarketing -single-review


People follow accounts that they like. They either stand out to them or bring some value. When their friends see who or what they follow, the pattern continues. This is why increasing this statistic is so important. It can give a page a huge advantage.

Number 100 250 500 1.000 2.000 3.000 5.000
Price $7 $10 $18 $35 $69 $99 $167

fb-followers-buyrealmarketing -single-review


The best pages increase their number of likes every single day. In a week, they can see major progress. Then the social site will notice and suggest that page to other users. That is why getting a lot of engagement in a short period of time is crucial.

Number 250 500 1.000 2.000 5.000 7.500 10.000
Price $9 $17 $33 $65 $95 $157 $312

fb-likes-buyrealmarketing -single-review


A reaction such as “wow,” “love,” or “haha” is a good thing. It gives page administrators more to work with. They know what the audience is loving, and what they’re finding interesting. That will determine future posts as well. It’s a unique strategy that really works.

Number 50 100 250 500 750 1.000 3.000
Price $7 $12 $23 $35 $45 $89 $134

fb-Post-reaction-ha-ha-buyrealmarketing -single-review


When a person shows a post to their friend, they are giving the original author a huge compliment. They find the content so great that they want others to experience it, too. That is why it is a good idea to look at shares. It is a way to compare a page to the competition.

Number 100 250 500 750 1.000 2.000 5.000
Price $7 $10 $17 $29 $57 $84 $135

fb-share-buyrealmarketing -single-review

Video Views

A video can capture an emotion that a regular post may not. Vids can spread info, fulfill a goal, or give people a new perspective on something. The more views it gets, the more likely it is to go around the site more. That means it will come in contact with all kinds of users.

Number 1.000 2.000 3.000 5.000 7.000 10.000 20.000
Price $9 $16 $24 $37 $51 $73 $145

fb-video-views-buyrealmarketing -single-review


This platform focuses on images and short videos. Buy Real Marketing helps by sending real viewers and fans. Clients have a higher chance of attracting users with these services. Unlike other providers, this one works with IG TV. This is a newer feature that millions of people enjoy.


Instagram comments are one of the most important parts of the platform. Brands can make the most of replies in a few different ways. For instance, contests and giveaways encourage people to drop a comment. Celebrities like to prompt their fans to reply with emoji.

Number 50 100 200 300 500 750 1.000
Price $9 $17 $33 $49 $77 $113 $149

ig-comments-buyrealmarketing -single-review

Custom Comments

Getting a reply that is just for a particular page or brand is great. It provides real feedback but also makes the account look more verified. Those who want to boost the validity of their page should try out customized commenting. It can make things look a lot more legitimate.

Number 10 25 50 75 100 125 150
Price $7 $15 $25 $35 $45 $55 $65

ig-custome-comments-buyrealmarketing -single-review

Daily Followers

The most popular Instagram accounts gain dozens and dozens of fans per day. It’s difficult to get to that level right away. Therefore, buying some daily follows can help other brands get to a higher realm of popularity. It adds a certain appeal and gets pages noticed.

Number 100 200 300 400 500 700 1.000
Price $50 $89 $137 $170 $220 $295 $399

ig-daily-followers-buyrealmarketing -single-review

Daily Likes

This is why it makes sense to post to the site every day. It gives brands more opportunities to grab daily likes and engagement. It also lets fans know that they are valued. No one wants to interact or keep up with a page that does not care about their fan base.

Number 100 200 300 400 500 750 1.000
Price $37 $69 $99 $129 $149 $217 $237

ig-daily-likes-buyrealmarketing -single-review


Some people choose to follow an account because they like the pictures on it. Others find some other kind of value from it. This could be information, encouragement, or inspiration. There are others who become fans so they can keep up with daily events.

Number 500 1.000 2.000 5.000 10.000 50.000 100.000
Price $7 $11 $19 $49 $89 $393 $857

ig-followers-buyrealmarketing -single-review


Gain thousands of likes for Instagram posts, and that account will skyrocket. Buying them is a way to jump-start the progress. It will also help the account get more traction and run ahead of the competition. Pretty soon that account will be on the site’s explore page.

Number 100 250 500 750 1.000 2.000 3.000
Price $7 $10 $17 $21 $31 $59 $89

ig-likes-buyrealmarketing -single-review

TV Views

The TV feature is absolutely wonderful because it brings a more personal touch to the platform. Instagrammers share their day-to-day lives or behind the scenes footage. It brings more fans and followers, which boosts their credibility.

Number 500 1.000 2.000 3.000 5.000 7.000 10.000
Price $7 $10 $17 $25 $42 $59 $80

ig-tv-views-buyrealmarketing -single-review

USA Followers

Face it: accounts look more legit if they have mostly USA followers. The only way to guarantee that this happens is to purchase them. At least, it is a good place to begin. It is much easier to get more fans in the United States when there is already a base of them.

Number 250 500 1.000 2.000 5.000 10.000 20.000
Price $9 $12 $33 $65 $160 $319 $637

ig-usa-followers-buyrealmarketing -single-review

Video Views

Videos are on Instagram, too. A lot of musicians, artists, and fitness gurus are keen on sharing video content. It provides a more personal glimpse into their life. Consider adding vids to an Insta page for more organic traffic. Of course, purchasing them can set the stage.

Number 500 1.000 1.500 2.000 3.000 4.000 5.000
Price $7 $9 $17 $21 $29 $37 $69

ig-video-views-buyrealmarketing -single-review


This is another social site that relies on images. There are many categories that users can explore on Pinterest. This makes it a useful network for people in all fields. Bloggers can share recipes, projects, and hobbies every day. There is always something new to discover, so there is a lot of competition.

Daily Followers

Post and share some intriguing pins for a greater number of followers. It’s important to understand the target audience, especially since this platform is so varied. There are many different categories and focuses. Some market research and study goes a long way.

Number 100 200 300 400 500 700 1.000
Price $99 $197 $296 $394 $493 $689 $989

pinterest-daily-followers-buyrealmarketing -single-review


Having a variety of pins will bring a vast and interested fan base. It does not matter what the brand focuses on. There are always plenty of things to share on Pinterest. It’s also a cool way to break into a niche community. There are often loyal fans there.

Number 100 250 500 750 1.000 1.500 5.000
Price $7 $15 $19 $29 $39 $55 $169

pinterest-followers-buyrealmarketing -single-review


Users go on Twitter every day to get news and updates from people they like. They might follow celebrities, social media personalities, or brands. The quick response time and interactions make it popular with teens and young adults. Businesses need to keep up with this site to be successful on it.


People like all sort of tweets. There are funny ones that provide a sharp wit. There are informational ones that raise awareness. Some users are into those that are purely for entertainment. There are so many ways to get reactions from tweets!

Number 50 75 100 150 200 300 500
Price $7 $9 $13 $15 $19 $27 $35

tw-likes-buyrealmarketing -single-review


Truly engaging content will earn retweets or shares. This is one guaranteed way to travel far and wide on the Twitterverse. Anyone can achieve this feat. Celebrities, scientists, entertainers, and businesses are just some examples. Know what the target audience wants, and that information goes a long way.

Number 50 75 100 150 200 300 500
Price $7 $9 $13 $15 $19 $27 $35

tw-retweets-buyrealmarketing -single-review

USA Followers

Just like on other social media networks, a follower list from the United States looks more impressive. This might be because there are so many users from the U.S. It also helps that many U.S. followers speak English so that they can interact with each other.

Number 200 300
Price $7 $10

tw-usa-followers-buyrealmarketing -single-review


This website focuses on video content. It can be an exciting way to share information about services and products. Bloggers can expand their brands here and talk to fans. Companies can add a personal element to their practices and techniques. Users must know how to work on YouTube for the most success.


Yes, the YouTube comments section can be a scary place. It is also where a lot of research and growth can happen. Creators can learn about what viewers like, hate, and want to see next. Likewise, it makes it easier for them to improve their content.

Number 10 15 25 50 75 100 125
Price $7 $10 $15 $29 $40 $57 $70

yt-comments-buyrealmarketing -single-review

Daily Likes

This statistic often leads to more subscribers. Therefore, it is worth it to invest in some bought daily likes. Getting new reactions and replies every day will make an account look like it’s growing more rapidly. These days, YouTube is competitive, so every bit counts.

Number 100 200 300 400 500 750 1.000
Price $60 $120 $180 $240 $300 $450 $599

yt-dailly-likes-buyrealmarketing -single-review

Daily Viewers

Those who make money on this platform need about 10,000 views per day. This sounds like a lot, but a way to get started is by purchasing them. Everyone has to start somewhere. This service can bring viewers, which can bring more attention to the video.

Number 100 200 300 400 500 750 1.000
Price $37 $69 $99 $129 $149 $217 $237

yt-dailly-views-buyrealmarketing -single-review

When someone has a YouTube account, they can have a favorites list. When they see something they like, they add it to the list and then they can easily watch it whenever they want. It is an honor to be on the favorites list! For just a few dollars, new YouTubers can purchase some to get started.

Number 50 100 250 500 750 1.000 2.000
Price $7 $9 $17 $19 $27 $37 $59

yt-favorites-buyrealmarketing -single-review


A video can get a thumbs up or a thumbs down. It reflects on the entire channel, especially if the pattern continues. Therefore, it’s a good idea to create a buffer of likes to start building up a channel. It is an affordable way to set the pace.

Number 100 250 500 750 1.000 2.000 5.000
Price $7 $13 $19 $27 $37 $69 $167

yt-likes-buyrealmarketing -single-review

Regular Views

There is nothing as satisfying as having viewers that regularly show up to see new content. This could be every day or every week. The point is that these users come to the channel to check out what’s going on. It makes an account look much more verifiable, too.

Number 1.000 5.000 10.000 25.000 50.000 100.000 250.000
Price $10 $50 $99 $259 $509 $989 $1987

yt-regular-views-buyrealmarketing -single-review


It is a huge favor to a YouTuber to share one of their videos. Again, people send video links to their friends because it adds value or entertains them. A mix of both of these purposes can make a channel very popular in a short amount of time.

Number 100 250 500 1.000 2.000 5.000 10.000
Price $9 $19 $31 $39 $51 $219 $519

yt-share-buyrealmarketing -single-review


A lot of folks wait a year or two for their channel to gain a respectable subscriber count. Not everyone wants (or needs) to wait that long. These services bring other users to an account to “smash that subscribe button” and sign up for notifications.

Number 100 200 300 400 500 750 1.000
Price $7 $13 $20 $25 $31 $45 $60

yt-subscribers-views-buyrealmarketing -single-review

Terms and Guarantees

This vendor also has a professional site in which they show their clients how transparent they are. Some parts of this website include their terms of use, and also privacy, refill and refund policies.

terms-of-services--buyrealmarketing -single-review

Terms and Conditions

Buy Real Marketing claims that their services are only for credibility. They do not suggest using their products to increase engagement. They also do not make any promises about their marketing. There is no guarantee that customers will get the results that they want. The terms warn that clients may experience negative consequences on their accounts. This depends on the specific policies of each social site. The company is a third-party entity. They are not connected to other social networks in any way.

Privacy Policy

The company does not need much information to get started. Users can give them their email address as well as their username on social media. This includes their Instagram handle, YouTube profile, and other network names. The marketing provider does not ask for any passwords. Clients can opt into emails from the company if they would like. The team will process all orders through PayPal. This keeps customer details safe and encrypted. The website has security certification from TRUSTe.

Refund Policy

The business honors a refund policy. They will give back 100% of the money to clients who aren’t satisfied. Customers must request a refund within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days, they do not qualify for the money back guarantee. People get their money back if the company does not fulfill an order. Also, if the delivery time expires without receiving a product, users can get paid back. The provider offers credit funds to place refunds. This is optional for customers.

refund-policy-buyrealmarketing -single-review

Retention Policy

This company does its best to provide quality service. However, they can’t promise that customers will keep their new followers. Most of the fans will probably stay because they come from inactive accounts. The site states that they get their profiles from inactive users online. This means that the subscribers may stay, but they probably won’t interact. The purchased views and likes are mostly for vanity purposes. There is no guarantee of an engagement or increased reach.

Customer Support

There is a contact button in the bottom left corner of the website. Users can click this to send a message to a representative. They can also send a file attachment. Zendesk services the contact button. Clients can click on the cart icon in the top right corner. This takes them to the checkout page but also shows the company’s phone number. The contact page circles back to the homepage. Either the link is broken, or it just doesn’t work. So, the two ways to talk to the provider are email or telephone.

Quality of Followers

People should understand that the followers here come from inactive users. This means that most of the new fans are not engaged with the page. The service sends them to a customer’s profile, and they like a post. The subscribers and follower counts are meant for show. That’s why a lot of artists and personalities use this provider. Their profiles look more impressive if more people subscribe or follow. The platform has helped thousands of individuals improve their ranking online. This includes musicians, influencers, and small businesses. The website is very clear about the quality of their followers. They are honest and say that they use mostly inactive profiles.

Retention Rate

Since the likes and comments come from inactive users, the retention rate can change. The website does not make any promises about keeping subscribers or followers. They are most interested in impressive numbers, not engagement. Of course, retention depends on the specific profile. If a person has an intriguing social media page, then they will probably retain more fans. This company’s services are meant to be part of a marketing strategy. They do not replace all of the efforts of social media management. Brands large and small need a decent plan if they want to succeed online. Buyrealmarketing can help be part of that plan.

Pros & Cons

Overall, Buy Real Marketing offers such a variety of services. They can help with several different social channels, so it’s a worthy investment. The business will appeal to people in a wide range of industries. For instance, users who post a lot of videos and vlogs can use YouTube products. Artists and photographers will appreciate the Instagram assistance. This software has many more benefits than its competitors. There are also a lot of positive reviews. Moreover, clients can request their money back if they aren’t happy.



  • Reviews Multiple Social Networks
  • Variety of Prices
  • Fast Delivery
  • 10 Years of Experience
  • More Choices Than Most
  • Inactive Users
  • No Guarantees

The Final Word

This is a provider that can boost an account’s credibility. If a person is looking to improve the appearance of their page and statistics, this is the company to try. They have different ways to pay, such as monthly or by the day. This is perfect for small teams as well as bigger enterprises. Customers can get assistance with all of their social media networks from one website. It’s one of the easiest ways to start building an online presence.

Published: June 25, 2019Updated: March 26, 2024

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