Combin Scheduler Review: Get an Insta-Boost With This SMM Tool

Combin Scheduler Review: Get an Insta-Boost With This SMM Tool
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Combin Scheduler Review: In-Depth

Combin Scheduler helps influencers and brands with IG stores and posts. With this hands-on tool, people can curate an aesthetic and engaging feed that attracts more followers and leads to higher sales. Some of the key features include scheduling, auto-publishing, and multi-account access. The software is available on Web and mobile so customers can plan content and prepare bulk uploads anytime, anywhere. This review will look at how well this service manages audience growth for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Combin Scheduler Key Features

The service’s main focus is on Instagram, so it provides in-depth reports on hashtags, mentions, followers, likes, comments, and more. These deep insights help brands boost their engagement and design a feed that attracts just the right audience.

  • Auto-Publisher
  • Bulk Uploads (Stories & Posts)
  • Geo-Location Targeting
  • Hashtag Tracking
  • Image Editor
  • Plan-Ahead Scheduling

Background History

Combin Background History

Combin Scheduler was founded in 2016 by a team of digital marketing specialists and developers. They created the application out of a need for more personal and engaging Instagram management. Today, the staff has expanded to include designers, marketing experts, and tech support professionals. The company continues to grow and adapt to the ever-changing Instagram algorithm.

  • About 30,000 active users
  • Caters to entrepreneurial influencers and small businesses
  • Regional offices in Germany and Russia
  • Up-to-date socials (Reddit, Twitter, YouTube)

Service Features & Technical Details

Just because this application is rooted in only one social network, that doesn’t mean it lacks quality tools and resources. Check out the suite of digital marketing features that clients can expect.

Social Media Marketing

The company offers two main packages: Growth and Scheduler. Both are affordable enough so that clients can combine the two and take full advantage of all the benefits. This includes specific filters for finding just the right keywords and hashtags. Brands can also maintain updated contact lists and turn on geo-location targeting to learn more about their audiences. The image editor makes it easy to curate content and create the most engaging IG feed.

  • Filter keywords
  • Manage contacts
  • Organize/plan content
  • Target customers

Features in Detail

Below is a closer look at the service’s prime benefits and resources. These tools streamline the social media marketing process, especially in regards to bulk uploads, IG stories, and carousel posts. With these features, finding a business’s target audience has never been easier.

Advanced Audience Search

This tool will pinpoint where an influencer’s primary followers are. As a result, he or she can figure out which hashtags and keywords are bound to bring in more likes and engagement. Customers can also learn what their target audience is loving from competing brands.

Scheduler & Instant Posting

With this, clients can upload all of the month’s content and see everything from a glance. It’s easy to tweak schedules or delete posts. This way, businesses can design an IG feed that excites followers and gives them exactly what they want.


Whether they want to make a post now or later, Combin Scheduler can do it for them. The automatic publishing tool allows entrepreneurs to set up their preferred upload schedule and promptly forget about it.

Image Editor

Since Instagram is a highly visual platform, influencers need to post stunning photos and videos to maintain a following. The image resizer ensures that the customer’s uploads support IG’s latest aspect ratios.

Audience Geo-Locator

Clients can find out where their most profitable followers are located so they can clinch more sales and engagement. The software also allows customers to distinguish audiences based on gender and native language.

Tags & Mentions

To help increase user engagement, the system offers instant notifications when a customer’s profile is mentioned or tagged. The process also works vice versa so clients can hashtag another account and drive more traffic.

Post IG Stories in Bulk

Social media should work for entrepreneurs, even when they’re away from their devices. With this feature, they can select specific IG stories and throw them in their posting schedule for later use. This is a huge timesaver while keeping the profile up-to-date.

Automatic Reposting

Another way to ensure consistent IG activity is to use the reposting tool. This makes repetitive tasks much more efficient. The drag-and-drop functionality saves time and keeps things clear and concise.

Mass Follow/Unfollow

Even with multiple accounts, clients can manage all of their important statistics, including follows and unfollows. The dashboard tab creates a streamlined means of tallying up these numbers. It also supports mass actions like unfollowing dozens of accounts at once.

Profile Previews

This convenient feature gives users an at-a-glance profile view before deciding to follow or comment. This ensures that clients only interact with people that align with their content and marketing goals. The tool includes a relevance filter to quickly identify worthwhile profiles.

Adherence to Instagram Algorithms

Social networks will often block accounts that perform actions in bulk. However, Combin Scheduler keeps things streamlined and well-timed; even the mass follows/unfollows. This way, customers never get booted off the app.

Combin Plans & Pricing

This service offers three subscription options, including one that comes at no cost. For each plan, clients can choose the Growth or Scheduler option. The prices are low enough that most customers can choose both without breaking the bank. Here’s a closer look at each package and its benefits.

Starter: A Free Option for Creators & Entrepreneurs

This is the best place to start if someone wants to get a feel for Combin Scheduler’s key features. While users will have limited availability to the tools, they can still get a general idea of the basic structure. They can prep their uploads, geo-target followers, and use Combin Scheduler’s Link in Bio function. On the downside, this package doesn’t include the system’s in-depth analytics and reports.

Combin Pricing Starter

Features: 15 weekly IG Stories, 25 user search results, 50 search results for posts, 100 daily actions, Auto-publish 3 posts per week, Bulk image uploading, Link in Bio, Location tagging

Functionality: Instagram

Number of Users: 1

Number of Social Accounts: 1

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $0


  • Complimentary search tools
  • Geo-locating services
  • IG Story uploads
  • No cost
  • Streamlined bio links
  • Supports bulk images
  • Up to 100 daily actions


  • Limited functionality
  • No analytics
  • One IG account only

Personal: Ideal for Entrepreneurs

This subscription is a good choice for start-ups, smaller brands, and those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Most people will be able to afford both the Growth and Scheduler plans, granting them access to key analytics and search tools. Teams will save loads of time and effort, plus their posts will be safe from Instagram’s anti-spamming algorithm. Another great advantage is the comments and DMs inbox, where users can see all their messages and replies at a glance.

Combin Pricing Personal

Features: 1,000 search results per user/post, Comments/DM inbox, In-depth analytics, Task automation, Unlimited stories/posts, User tagging

Functionality: Instagram

Number of Users: 1+

Number of Social Accounts: 1

Scheduling: Yes

Price: Growth $15/mo, Scheduler $7/mo


  • Access to key statistics
  • All-in-one inbox
  • Automate IG tasks
  • Bulk uploads
  • No content limits
  • Scheduler calendar view
  • Search results refresh regularly


  • IG audit costs extra
  • Mostly suited to entrepreneurs and small brands
  • Only supports one account

Business: Full Access at a Great Price

This is the highest package that Combin Scheduler offers, and it still comes at an affordable rate. Teams can take advantage of both the Growth and Scheduler modules to maximize their reach. This subscription supports up to 5 IG accounts, although clients can pay to add more. One annoying thing is that Instagram audits aren’t included in this plan and come at an additional cost.

Combin Pricing Business

Features: 1,000 search results per user/post, Auto-tasks, Bulk image uploading, Caption templates, DM/comments inbox,Feed previews, Full analytics, Geo-location targeting, Link in Bio, Unlimited stories/posts, User tagging

Functionality: Instagram

Number of Users: 1+

Number of Social Accounts: 5

Scheduling: Yes

Price: Growth $30/mo, Scheduler $21/mo


  • Full access to statistics
  • Great price
  • Option to add more users
  • Refreshed search results
  • Supports up to 5 accounts
  • Task automation across all profiles
  • Unlimited app actions


  • Also doesn’t include IG audits
  • Desktop use only
  • No free trial

Pricing & Key Features Comparison Table

Take a peek below to see each subscription and its inclusions. This chart will help people decide whether the Personal or Business packages are worth their while or if they should stick to the Starter plan.

Free Personal Business
Price Growth: $0

Scheduler: $0

Growth: $15/mo

Scheduler: $7/mo

Growth: $30/mo

Scheduler: $21/mo

# of Users 1 1+ 1+
# of Accounts 1 1 5
Bulk Images Yes Yes Yes
Daily Actions 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Link in Bio Yes Yes Yes
Location Tagging Yes Yes Yes
Posts Per Week 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Stories Per Week 15 Unlimited Unlimited
Stats No Yes Yes
User Tagging No Yes Yes

Terms & Conditions

Combin Scheduler is owned by Open Media LLC. All users must be 18 years or older. Clients may not reproduce or redistribute any portions of the service. The tools do not contain any third-party software, spyware, or adware. This makes things simpler in that the same rules apply to all of the resources and features. Everything on the website is provided on an “as-is” basis, so customers can’t claim any warranty protection. The company reserves the right to change or cancel the services at any time.

Privacy Policy

The policy was last updated in May 2017. Open Media LLC owns and operates Combin Scheduler, so customers must abide by its privacy policy. The company collects certain client data, such as names, email addresses, and telephone numbers. It uses these details to improve the nature of the site and to develop marketing materials. The service uses cookies on its website as well as tracking pixels in its enterprise newsletter.

Refund Policy

Clients may ask for a refund if they experience prolonged issues with Combin Scheduler that lasts longer than 30 days. Moreover, refunds apply to customers who were charged twice or can’t activate their subscription on their device. The company may decline requests if the individual cancels after the payment due date or experiences issues related to Instagram and not Combin Scheduler. Users can send their requests via email to [email protected].

Customer Support

Combin Customer Support

There are a few ways that users can get in touch with the customer support team at Open Media LLC. Check out the different means below and how effectively they communicate.


The company does not provide an office telephone number on Combin Scheduler’s website. That said, individuals can find the two office locations on the “About Us” page. The InterPromo UG building is at Holzhofstr. 1 76530, Baden-Baden, Germany. The Open Media LLC headquarters address is Holodny Pereulok, 10a 603146 Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.


Individuals can get in touch with the support team by emailing [email protected]. This is where clients can direct their technical and user support questions. For customization requests, they can email [email protected]. Marketing and advertising inquiries can go to [email protected].

Online Chat

When visitors go to the company’s homepage, they’ll see a blue speech bubble icon in the bottom-right corner. If they click it, they’ll see a chat box appear. There, they can get the latest support updates and speak to a live representative.

Support Center

Individuals can scroll down to the bottom of the business’s homepage to the “Help” menu. Here, they can choose from guides and FAQs, which will direct them to the website’s help center. This is where they can attend or sign up for a live webinar as well as search for answers to their specific queries. This resource contains thousands of articles and blog posts related to Combin Scheduler and Instagram marketing. There are also how-to tutorials and troubleshooting guides. At the bottom of the page, there are links to the team’s social media channels, including Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube.

Quality of Service

The company is not rated with the Better Business Bureau, and it doesn’t have any reviews on Trustpilot. That said, the software has a good reputation among online tech reviewers and bloggers. Combin Scheduler is safe to use and features two-factor authentication to keep client data secure and protected. Most experts agree that the tool is great for streamlining Instagram content and scheduling bulk uploads. However, many people say that it would be easier to implement if it was available on mobile.

Customer Types

For those who are interested in giving this application a try, check out this section to see which customer types are best suited to it. The subscriptions are tailored to smaller brands and entrepreneurs, but there is still lots of overlap in regards to clientele.

Small Businesses

A start-up or a budding entrepreneur should check out what this service has to offer. Smaller businesses are a true match for Combin Scheduler, although it would be nice if they could access the features on a mobile device. That said, each of the plans provides easy access to auto-posting tools and scheduling assistance.

Mid-Sized Companies

A slightly larger brand could also benefit from what Combin Scheduler has to offer. Industries of all kinds are taking to social media, so it doesn’t matter which niche a company falls under. The Business subscription would be a great way for them to bolster growth and drive more sales.

Large Enterprises

This system may be a hit or a miss for larger companies. It depends on the size of the team and how many social channels they want to manage. Since Combin Scheduler only works for Instagram, it may not be worth the $30 or so a month.


A contractor or independent artist is a perfect fit for a service like this. Creators will love organizing their IG feed and planning all of their content uploads. Plus, they can automate time-consuming tasks and get updated statistics on their followers, tags, and more.

Combin Pros & Cons

There is very little to dislike about this application. First and foremost, many users agree that it needs to start offering mobile compatibility. That said, the rest of the complaints are minor and relate to a few technical glitches.

All in all, the system is a huge timesaver and features a streamlined and intuitive dashboard. The statistics are easy to read and can refresh automatically. Speaking of which, clients and automate certain tasks to keep the content flowing and engagement high. Things like templates, image editing, geo-locators, and scheduling tools help brands maintain a consistent online presence.



  • Comments templates
  • Doesn't rely on bots
  • No-cost version available
  • Great pricing
  • Multi-account management
  • Secure and protected
  • User-friendly interface
  • No desktop support or functionality
  • Only works for Instagram
  • Some users report tech glitches

Service Alternatives

Combin Scheduler is a great option for lots of entrepreneurs and creators, but some other services can give it a run for its money. Here is a look at some alternatives that clients may want to consider.

Buffer: Great Personalization Across Channels

Buffer Main Alternatives

Not only does Buffer work on multiple social networks, but it’s also mobile-friendly. This way, clients can plan on the go and cross-promote their services and products. Other great perks include custom video thumbnails and first comment. This allows users to add more key hashtags and mention relevant accounts.

Later: A Power Player in IG Marketing

Later Main Alternatives

Later is super affordable and also offers a no-cost version. It is well-known among Instagrammers, although it also supports Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. With this app, clients can visually plan their feeds, access analytics, and schedule stories. They can also work more efficiently by saving captions and hashtags.

Social Report: Comprehensive Channel Growth Analytics

Social Report Main Alternatives

As the name suggests, this tool focuses on reporting and statistics. Social Report recently joined Traject Social to offer even more SMM tools and capabilities. The basic plan caters to two clients and 15 profiles, as well as unlimited scheduling, centralized inboxes, and up-to-the-minute insights.

Bettr: IG Scheduling for Influencers

Bettr Main Alternatives

Bettr specializes in Instagram scheduling. As such, it allows users to set up stories and posts with just the click of a button. The software works on desktop and mobile and contains essential tools to help clients get to know their followers. With this software, influencers can save high-performing captions and find the best hashtags.

Planoly: Plan Visually Stunning Feeds

Planoly Main

The first thing people are drawn to is Planoly’s beautiful image filters. Beyond that, the service offers advanced analytics and a condensed comments inbox. Users can tailor their images, posts, and gifs to support engaging and aesthetic social feeds that will drive more sales. The first comment feature helps them boost engagement even more.

ScheduGram: A Simple Time-Saver for IG

This automation tool for Instagram supports multi-account management and provides 150MB of storage space for all of the client’s posts. With ScheduGram, they can auto-like and repost and keep track of growth through the mobile-optimized dashboard.  Unfortunately, the basic subscription only works with photos as opposed to images and videos.

Service Alternatives Comparison Table

To make it easier to compare and contrast providers, check out this convenient table. Businesses can see which solution offers the functionality and tools they need to succeed online. Remember, this chart reflects the most basic paid subscription. Additional resources are available on the higher packages.

CS Buffer Later SR Bettr Planoly SG
Price/month $7-15 $15-$35 $9 $49 $10 $9 $6
# of Users 1 1 1 2 1 1 1
# of Accounts 1 8 4 15 1 2 2
Auto-Posts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bulk Uploads Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Free Trial Yes (free version) Yes, 14 days Yes (free version) Yes, 30 days Yes (free version) Yes (free version) Yes, 7 days
Hashtag Filters No Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Mobile-Friendly No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reports No Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Scheduling Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supported Networks IG FB, IG, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter FB, IG, Pinterest, Twitter FB, IG, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, YT IG FB, IG, Pinterest IG


Is Combin Scheduler Safe For My Instagram Account?

Yes. The company uses two-factor authentication to keep customer data safe. It never shares client information with third parties. Instagram is constantly implementing anti-automation policies, so the software adapts to any new algorithms. Combin isn’t a bot, so profiles aren’t at risk of getting shadow-banned.

Where Do I Get the Activation Key for the Starter Plan?

The Starter plan doesn’t require any payment or activation key. For those who need to activate their Personal or Business account, they can find the download button by clicking the Profile tab. It should be in the top-right corner of the page. It’s purple and has the typical download symbol on it. If someone didn’t receive their key, they should check their email spam folder.

How Do I Cancel Combin?

Individuals can cancel their subscription at any time. However, they must deactivate their account at least one day before their next scheduled payment. Otherwise, they will have to wait until the next billing cycle. The cancellation instructions are easy:

  • Go to
  • Type the license key into the text field
  • Click next
  • Select a reason for deactivation
  • Click “Unsubscribe” to confirm

Easier Scheduling & Automation for up-and-Coming Brands

The Internet is full of Instagram tools and services, so it can be hard to choose the right one. Fortunately, this review shows Combin Scheduler to be a provider with staying power. Influencers and small businesses rely on this app to automate posts, target specific followers, and carry out bulk tasks. Plus, teams can try it free for as long as they want. Even when they decide to purchase a package, the pricing is affordable, and the features accessible.

Published: January 01, 2021Updated: February 24, 2024

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