EZ Texting Review: The Wizard of SMS Marketing?

EZ Texting Review: The Wizard of SMS Marketing?
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EZ Texting Review: In-Depth

EZ Texting is a web-based messaging software that operates across the US and Canada. It delivers services such as SMS marketing, mass texting, multimedia messaging, customer engagement analysis, SMS polling, and more. It runs on web interface and iOS mobile applications and is rated as one of the top communication solutions providers in its region.

This review aims to provide readers with relevant information on the platform’s history, services rendered, and key features. Hence, users can make informed decisions as to whether or not to subscribe to its services.

Key Features

The platform has a litany of tools to help optimize its users’ experiences. Below are some of the site’s key features:

  • SMS Marketing
  • Agency Branding
  • Emergency Notification
  • Keywords
  • Text Personalization
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Self-Help Articles
  • Text-to-Landline

EZ Texting Review: History

The platform is a SaaS company that provides easy-to-use mass texting services for thousands of businesses across the US & Canada. It was founded in 2004 by Punit Shah and Vijesh Mehta. The office headquarters is located in Santa Maria, California, and has major satellite offices in Ukraine. Chief Executive Officer Norman Happ, together with seven other team members from the leadership team. They have a total workforce of 152 employees.

Over the years, the company has served over 160,000 customers. It is backed by major firms like Stanley Expansion Capital, Investor AB, and ROCA partners. The organization is also a beneficiary of some notable awards and recognitions. These include awards for outstanding marketing tools by review sites, TrustRadius, and G2 in 2024 and 2019, respectively.

Service Features Block

The software displays various unique features which are arranged under three major categories. They are SMS marketing, emergency notification, and mobile marketing. The list below tells us more about these tools.

SMS Marketing

Users can send messages (text, MMS, and pictures) to their target audience with advanced tools. They have access to benefits like group messaging, text personalization, analysis and reporting, contact management, segmentation, etc. This way, they can guarantee easy and effective communication between themselves and their clients.

  • Group messaging and Mass texting
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Text personalization
  • Contact management tool
  • Self-service one-to-one chat messaging
  • Message templates
  • Drip campaign automatic response
  • Text forwarding services
  • Scheduled text
  • Recurring messaging
  • Push notification
  • Text to landline

Emergency Notification

Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) is a preferred medium for sending safety and emergency information. This software allows individuals and organizations to read and transmit notifications on weather-related emergencies, health warnings, security threats, and other high-risk events. Some specifications that drive this component include:

  • Toll-free number
  • Dedicated shortcode
  • Reminder tools
  • Automated response tool

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a grounded tool used to drive localized information to individual clients. It leverages the wide use of smartphones and other common gadgets. EZ Texting extends its marketing services through the use of specialized mobile kits. Some of these are:

  • MMS
  • Picture messaging
  • Emoji
  • Keywords
  • Link shortener
  • Text polls
  • Mobile application
  • Sign-up widgets

Features in Detail

The platform is crafted with a variety of technologies for quality service delivery. Highlights of these are statistical tools that monitor market response, management features that help in data storage and sorting, and others that are properly discussed later on this page.

Analytical Tools

This characteristic assists subscribers in making crucial market decisions with relevant and adequate information. The software ensures that subscribers receive and read real-time updates on message delivery status and other essential customer responses. Also, the software employs the use of graphs, charts, and other statistical tools to translate gathered data.  These are displayed on statistical dashboards for easy comprehension and interpretation.

Contact Database

The site’s contact management system provides users with relevant tools for shelving, sorting, and grouping customer information. It also oversees the synchronization of details with third-party applications. There’s also the duplicate filter that ensures that a receiver isn’t spammed by repeat messages. This widget, together with several others, makes up the site’s contact management system.

Drip Promotions

Subscribers can ensure engagements even when they are not present. The drip campaign feature allows users to send automated messages to welcome, inform, and educate new visitors. This way, they have a higher chance of successfully onboarding a client.

Text Notifications

This feature helps users to duly notify customers about their scheduled appointments, upcoming events, follow-up tasks, etc. It is particularly useful for organizations that witness heavy traffic on requests, inquiries, or complaints from clients.

MMS Messaging

Past researches prove that the use of pictures and videos in marketing massively boosts engagement. Hence, this feature helps users to add some finesse to their texts by permitting them to send pictures, videos, audios, gifs, and stickers. Also, the MMS tool grants 1600 characters as against the standard 160 characters.

Pre-Set Templates

The message template technology provides users with free ready-made message content. So, individuals and organizations can quickly send essential texts to customers when in need. Also, people can customize these templates to make personalized content. They can also create their templates from scratch and save them for reuse in the future.

Promotion Scheduling

Scheduling allows subscribers to send out messages without a need for manual authorization. Users can schedule text ahead of time and specify the exact time they want to send the message. Should the need arise to make some changes, they can read, edit, or delete the message before the pre-set time.

Keyword Campaign

This feature makes it easy for enterprises to add customers to their marketing lists and other preferred categories. With SMS shortcodes alone, a person can easily enlist for a particular notification, promotion, and/or service.

Sign-Up Widgets

Widgets are highly effective channels for enterprises to reach out to prospects in 2024. They come with attractive graphics and a web link that directs visitors to registration pages. The widgets are displayed on various social media platforms, websites, and mobile applications to lure visitors into becoming clients.

Text Forwarding

With the text forwarding tool, subscribers can stay updated as events happen. This feature routes incoming messages from customers to a preferred email or phone number even if a person is not logged in. This helps members read notifications promptly and avoid missing out on essential information.


This feature works as a two-way messaging system. It allows subscribers to send and receive messages on a dedicated business line. Members can satisfy customers with this unique self-service feature as it allows prospective customers to contact representatives, place orders, and make inquiries. Thus, every sales lead is secured.

Polling  System

This is another valuable tool. It provides enterprise owners with the ability to gather customers’ reviews using a survey system. These could be opinions, ideas, and even experiences. Users can model the questionnaire as multiple choice questions, yes or no questions, or number range questions that visitors can easily read.


To achieve success both in operation and marketing, EZ Texting partners with leading software companies. This partnership allows members to connect with other web applications and operating systems needed to smoothly run their business. Users can automate contact management across various platforms and sync different systems to one another for efficiency. Here is a list of some of the integrating partners:

  • Constant Contact
  • LinkedIn
  • Hubspot
  • Squarespace
  • Zapier
  • MailChimp
  • Salesforce
  • Zendesk
  • LeadsBridge
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Facebook ads
  • Twitter ads
  • Google ads

EZ Texting Plans and Pricing

EZ Texting comes with a variety of plans. These packages are structured to meet the needs of different business sizes. The number of accessible features increases as the subscription advances in price. Also, all offerings come with 20% off on yearly subscriptions. More details are given below in this review.

Value Plan

This is the smallest subscription package available. It offers subscribers basic features like unlimited contacts and inbound messages and 1-1 chat features, integrations, and other additional tools. The subscription price for the value plan is $24/month and $228 annually.


  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited inbound messages
  • Unlimited 1-1 chat
  • 200 mass messages
  • Integrations
  • Additional message: $0.04/month
  • Opt-in keywords:1
  • Additional keywords: $25/month
  • Business number: 1
  • Additional number: $25/month

Number of users: 1

Scheduling: No

Price: $24/month, $228/year


  • Affordable price
  • Large cloud space for storing messages and contacts
  • Suitable for small-scale businesses
  • Supports the 1-1 chat feature
  • Integrations are available.


  • Very few keywords
  • No rollover of expired credits
  • It does not provide an SMS delivery report

Essential Plan

This package is an upgrade to the value plan. It provides subscribers with more options to drive effective communication. The new introductions include delivery reports, as well as picture and video messaging. It also offers additional keywords and business numbers.


  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited inbound messages
  • Unlimited 1-1 chat
  • 200 mass messages
  • Integrations
  • Delivery reports
  • Picture and Video Messaging
  • Additional message: $0.04/month
  • Opt-in keywords:3
  • Additional keywords: $25/month
  • Business number: 2
  • Additional number: $25/month

Number of users: 1

Scheduling: No

Price: $36/ month and $348/ year


  • Affordable price
  • Large cloud space for storing messages and contacts
  • Supports delivery reports
  • Allows multiple media messaging
  • Supports the 1-1 chat feature
  • Integrations are available


  • It does not have a scheduling
  • No rollover for experienced credits
  • It does not provide API access

Premium Plan

This package is the third in the hierarchy of all of EX Texting’s subscriptions. It is the first plan to have the credit rollover feature. Also, API access and automated messages are new introductions to its series. Cost-wise, subscribers pay less for additional keywords and business numbers on the premium plan. Hence, it is an excellent fit for rapidly growing small and medium-scale businesses.


  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited inbound messages
  • Unlimited 1-1 chat
  • 200 mass messages
  • Integrations
  • 3 Months credit rollover
  • Automated messaging
  • API Access
  • Additional message: $0.04/month
  • Opt-in keywords:6
  • Additional keywords: $20/month
  • Business number: 3
  • Additional number: $20/month

Number of users: 1

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $61/month and $588/year


  • Reasonable subscription price
  • Rollover of expired credit
  • Supports message scheduling
  • Allows subscribers to access API
  • More keywords than previous plans
  • Low price on additional keywords.


  • It only supports one user
  • Subscribers may need more than 200 mass messaging slots per month
  • Using only one social account may be difficult.

Professional Plan

The Professional Plan is the most expensive of the four packages offered by the site. It is designed to meet the needs of large enterprises. Here, features are customized according to the terms in the contract of agreement. However, subscribers have access to the full list of EZ Texting’s tools benefits. Lastly, it is the only package that guarantees a dedicated account manager for members.


  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited inbound messages
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 chat
  • 50,000 mass messages
  • Integrations
  • Delivery reports
  • Picture & video messaging
  • 3-month credit rollover
  • Automated messaging
  • API Access
  • Dedicated account team
  • Multi-user platform
  • Additional tools: Custom rate
  • Additional number: $5/mo

Number of users: Multiple

Scheduling: Yes

Price: Custom


  • Flexible subscription price
  • Rollover credits available
  • Dedicated account team
  • Multiple social accounts
  • Allows the API access
  • Low cost of additional features
  • More keywords and dedicated business lines


  • Appropriate only for large enterprises
  • Expensive purchase cost
  • No unlimited keyword

Price and Key Features Comparisons Table

The various service plans contain features uniquely for various company sizes, as seen in this review. However, the Essential Plan stands to be the most appropriate option for many growing businesses in 2024. It contains the major marketing tools as other features can easily be overlooked.

Value Plan Essential Plan Premium Plan Professional Plan
Price (per month) $24 $36 $61 Custom
Price (per year) $228 $348 $588 Custom
Number of Users 1 1 1 Multiple
Number of social accounts 1 1 1 Multiple
Credit Roll-over No No Yes Yes
Picture and Video Messaging No Yes Yes Yes
Mass Messages 200 200 200 50,000 or more
Opt-in Keywords 1 3 6 Custom
Textable Business Number(s) 1 2 3 Custom
API Access No No Yes Yes
Dedicated Account Team No No No Yes
Scheduling No No Yes Yes
Delivery Reports No Yes Yes Yes
API Access No Yes Yes Yes

Terms and Condition

EZ Texting requires that every subscriber reads and agrees with the terms of the agreement before opening an account. They require that all users operate within the confines of the national and international laws as regards guiding their services. They also state that the services rendered are for professional use only.

Therefore, sending unsolicited broadcast, racist and abusive messages are prohibited. The agreement also forbids the collection of clients’ information without their consent, transmission of bugs, viruses, and any plagiarized information. Breaching any of the terms and conditions by a subscriber would result in the termination of contracts with the platform.

Privacy Policy

The website collects data from subscribers and stores it in its database. EZ Texting stores some but not all of the customer’s data. Except for the case of a contrary, written agreement, the account’s data will be deleted occasionally. The company will not be responsible for any loss or damage as a result of unauthorized access outside its reach.

Attention Heading

The site does not share member details with any third party outside initial agreements. Therefore, the privacy and protection of account information is the customer’s responsibility.

Refund Policy

The platform uses non-paper vouchers called credit for all in-app transactions. Credits that are unused after the expiration of subscriptions (for non-rollover plans) will not be refunded. For annual plans, unused credits will automatically expire at the end of 12 months.

Informational Heading

An account owner may request a full refund of any unused annual plan credits within one business day of purchase. No other refunds are allowed.

Customer Support

The site has various channels to assist its subscribers as they use its services. These cut across telephone, email, and others. This review gives more information on the offered portals below.


The website offers a phone number to receive complaints through voice calls. To contact their customer service agents, subscribers can call this number: +18007535732.

Customers can also text ‘Answers’ and then their questions to 858585. They will receive a reply within four business hours.


The website offers a ‘fill a request’ section in the support corner. Customers can write their questions in the description box. The response will then be sent to their email address, which they will submit while filling out the form.

Online Chat

The customer service section of the site is equipped with an active online live chat feature. This feature provides an instant solution to customers’ questions. The chat lines are open from Monday through Friday, 11:00 am – 10:00 pm (GMT).

Support Center

This centre has various materials to answer questions that the customers would probably ask. It features a large database of relevant articles, videos, guidelines, and blog posts. The help centre also provides visitors with relevant knowledge to help boost individual businesses and marketing abilities. It is open 24 hours, every day of the week.

Quality of Service

EZ Texting has an average customer review rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. This rating majorly applauds the ease of working with the website. The user-friendly trait, combined with efficiency, makes up the majority of the reviews. Some individuals praised the site, saying it is so much easier to use than email communication.

Others said that once you start with the site, you would probably not need another. However, some reviews down-scored the site for allowing only one company per account and forfeiting expired, unused credits.

Customer Types

The company has served 160,000 customers since its inception in 2004. They have hosted various scales of organizations; small, medium, and large. Some of the customer types it can cater to are:

Small Business

The marketing service provided by the site’s tools can help to grow small businesses. Its low-end service packages like the Value Plan are a good fit for startups and enterprises with little traffic. Despite the package’s limited features, they can improve their sales returns and customer engagement significantly.

Large Enterprise

Large enterprises usually have tremendous marketing needs. The site, however, has sufficient capability to satisfy those responsibilities. With the necessary tools that it features, large enterprises can manage their large customer base effectively. They can also optimize the coordination of their communications with customers and other necessary stakeholders.

Medium Business

Usually, the biggest need for a medium business is to expand capacity and maintain proper customer interactions. With subscriptions like the Premium Plan, company owners can use the site’s analysis and management technologies to improve their chances of scaling.


EZ Texting services also cater to the needs of individuals who wish to get messages across to their audience. With the free 30-day trials and/or a standard subscription, freelancers can drive professional communications with their audience. They can also employ the analytics tool for insight purposes.

EZ Texting Pros and Cons

Similar to other software, EZ Texting is not without its strengths and weaknesses. Although it has a lot of positive reviews and high ratings, some customers still complain about some shortfalls. The list below contains some of its pros and cons.



  • Simple and user-friendly website
  • Quality customer service reviews
  • Affordable and flexible pricing
  • Excellent management and statistical tools
  • Multiple integration options
  • Efficient bulk and personalized texting
  • Offers free 30-days trial period for new subscribers
  • Credit subscription is forfeited on the expiration
  • It can allow for only one business per account
  • Allows a small number of keywords and business lines

Service Alternatives

An outlook into the SMS industry reveals several other sites that offer services similar to EZ Texting. This section of the review is geared at giving a quick overview of its major competitors and also comparing their basic attributes.

Textedly: Regular Service With Extraordinary Delivery

Reviews show that Textedly is a big dog in the SMS and mobile marketing industry. Its core focus is on technologies like 2-way communication, analytics, and contextual targeting that boost operational and management efficiency. The software is available only on the web interface.

SimpleTexting: All-Round Quality at Low Cost

SimpleTexting is a platform with innovative tools to promote enterprise messages to existing customers and prospects. The site is an all-in-one texting platform. It is renowned for its outstanding 1-1 customer service and mass-scale campaigns.

Text Magic: Affordability, Simplicity & Style

This software provides regular messaging services. These include online texting, email-to-SMS, web Integrations, and more. It is well known for its unique and cheap pricing systems, which support one-off usage than a periodic subscription. It also contains user-friendly policies.

Text-Em-All: Emergency Texting ‘Spéciale’

Text-Em-All specializes in providing solutions to emergency mass messages and phone calls. It is also very useful for bulk informational SMSs. Alongside its core functionalities, it is also lauded for its scheduling and automatic reply systems.

Trumpia: Sophistication Coupled With Simplicity

This is a texting software that majorly does automated messaging across all digital channels. It is popular among growing ventures as they can easily engage some enterprise tools like access control, report manager, and sub-accounts.  This way, they can develop efficient and professional communication systems at affordable costs.

TXT180: Magic Software for Mass Texting

This website, like all others, offers the native mass-texting and more. Poll and voting, Text-to-win, and text-to-vote are its most employed functions. It provides a cheap basic subscription. However, its users are allowed to send only 500 messages per month.

EZ Texting Textedly SimpleTexting Text    Magic Text-Em-All Trumpia TXT180
Basic Package Price (per month) $24 $29 $25 $0.04/ text $7.5 $45 $14.95
Mass Messaging 200 1000 500 Unlimited 1,000 5000 500
Multimedia Messaging No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Scheduling No Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
Automated Response No Yes No Yes No Yes No
Keywords 1 1 Unlimited No No Custom 1
Access API No No Yes Yes No Yes No
Rollover credits No No Yes No Yes No
Call Messaging No No No No No Yes No
Min. Business number 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

FAQ Section

  • What is EZ Texting?

    EZ Texting is a leading SMS marketing platform that provides a wide range of promotional solutions. It has served over 160,000 customers since its creation in 2004. It features various tools to help customers attain efficiency in their communications. Reviews disclose that the website is renowned for its simple and user-friendly web structure, management tools, and affordable pricing system.

  • Is EZ Texting Free?

    No, the software is not free. As detailed in this review, customers can access the services at affordable rates. Its pricing system is based on segmented pay-as-you-go monthly (or yearly) subscription packages. However, as a new subscriber, the service offers a free 30-day trial period with access to some of its products.

  • How To Start Using EZ Texting?

    Getting started is an easy task. All a person needs is a phone or computer and an internet connection – afterward, the following steps.

    1. Visit the official website
    2. Click on the sign-up button
    3. Fill in the necessary details in the sign-up form. (Make sure that information entered here is full, correct and, current)
    4. Choose a preferred plan
    5. Select payment option and make a deposit
    6. Confirm activation of subscription

The Final Word

Over the years, EZ Texting has built a strong reputation in contact management, software efficiency, and seamless delivery of services. With such a large customer base, it has proved that its success is not a fluke. Recent awards and reviews from TrustRadius and G2 attest to this.

The website also contains numerous tools to help grow clients’ enterprise. Businesses, whatever the size, can always find a plan that fits their needs. Lastly, its customer support system provides round-the-clock assistance to subscribers.

Undoubtedly, these impressive portfolios and performances make the website popularly loved among users. They also answer the question as to whether it is a good messaging software for individuals and businesses in 2024.

Are you a subscriber or about to be one, are there opinions about this website that you’d love to share with others? Kindly indicate in the comment section of this review below.

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