Followadder Review: Auto Followers & Promotions

Followadder Review: Auto Followers & Promotions
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Price Plans

  • Started Plan ($49.99/6 mo)

  • Started Plan ($49.99/6 mo)

  • Premium Plan ($75/6 mo)

  • Professional Plan ($115/6 mo)

  • Agent Plan ($188/6 mo)

  • Publicist Plan ($425/6 mo)

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Starting Price per 6 Month Started Plan


Followadder Review: In-Depth

The company’s website includes a blog with tips on how companies can expand their reach on social media. The service offers an affiliate program for clients. Through the program, they try to get friends to sign up for the adder bot. By now, this resource is a few years old, but people are still using it. There are several tutorial videos on the website so beginners can get a feel for it. It’s clear that the business is trying to be a leader in automated Instagram services. This is what social media users want in 2023.

Supported Networks and Services

Followadder marketing software is only for people who use Instagram. The program makes many of the media tasks automatic, so teams save time and money. Different clients use the tool to promote themselves and their business. They also reach out to others online who share their interests. Even in 2023, Instagram continues to be one of the best photo-sharing sites.


Speaking of photos, this social media network is all about visuals. Businesses can get more attention by including images and video posts. Since there are so many people on this site in 2023, lots of companies use apps to help. Followadder makes engagement and promotion simple with just a few clicks.

  • Comments. When someone gets comments on their photos, it means that people are paying attention. The site sees profiles that get popular and add them to the explore page. This service can raise a person or team’s popularity online for more comments and views.
  • Followers. The number of followers a profile has, the more professional they seem. This app can match brands to people who are interested in their niche or product. They take the guesswork out of the equation.
  • Likes. The adder service helps individuals and teams get likes on all their photos. This includes their videos and images. The likes come automatically, so there is little to do on the customer end.

Plans & Prices

There are five plans to choose from. When someone signs up for a plan, they get access to the service for six months. The company offers a 7-day money back guarantee. The different price points appeal to teams of all sizes. For example, a single person can try the Starter pack for one social media account. Each package gives the buyer all of the Followadder features. Customers get all the support they want, too.


The plans don’t specify how many likes, follows, or unfollows they get. Rather, each adder plan provides the services for a given number of profiles. For example, the Premium plan costs $75 for 6 months. Customers can use all of the services on up to 3 accounts. The number of likes, follows and unfollows they get may vary. It depends on their niche, quality, etc.

Starter Premium Professional Agent Publicist
Price $49.99 $75 $115 $188 $425
Profiles 1 3 5 10 25
Trial Period 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months
Included Features Like, Follow, Unfollow Like, Follow, Unfollow Like, Follow, Unfollow Like, Follow, Unfollow Like, Follow, Unfollow

Network Services in Detail

This adder app is for anyone who wants more online marketing success. A large social media fanbase allows for more sales and growth. This software makes it easier to find a target audience. That way, businesses, and entrepreneurs can build brand loyalty. There are many tools that can schedule, search, and filter.


Followadder works to help customers find their prime audience. They do this through hashtag filters and other photo searches. These tools can also bring clients higher in Google rankings. All of the plans offer the same services and quantities. The primary difference is the number of accounts a client can use.


Followadder will help buyers get more replies on Instagram. However, they don’t clarify how many. The cheapest plan will work on one account, and the price is for 6 months. The limit appears to be about 14 per hour.


This is another area that Followadder doesn’t discuss. Anyone can become a fan of up to 160 people per hour. Using a marketing tool to do this is the best use of time. Customers will get different numbers of followers each day, as there is no specific amount listed on the service. The price pertains to the number of profiles they can use the program on.


The automated adder service can give out hundreds of likes per day. It’s one of the best ways to streamline an online profile. Followadder doesn’t give specific numbers, but using the tool definitely makes things easier. Clients will get a different amount of likes each day, depending on if the network can find good matches. They’ll get more engagement if they have good quality images and fast response times.

Accounts 1 3 5 10 25
Price $49.99 $75 $115 $188 $425

Terms and Guarantees

Followadder has a great website to sell their products. Among the sections on the page, there are the policies on refills and refunds. In their terms of service, they also state their attitude towards private info.

Terms and Conditions

The support team offers a money-back guarantee for all customers. Also, each plan includes the same amount of features and support. The main difference is the number of accounts the client can have. For example, the Publicist package can have25 profiles on it. This makes the adder app’s pricing unique. There is a separate customer help page on their website. This is where clients can find answers to many questions. The page includes links to tutorials, although there is a lot of circling back.

Privacy Policy

Each account gets separate treatment. It doesn’t matter if a customer has more than one profile with the software. Each one will have its own settings. The help page says that they can’t import settings across accounts. Clients can run the program on any computer or notebook. The team suggests that they run a specific profile on its own device. The service gets information from the websites that the client visits. This determines the ads the show to clients. The team does not knowingly get information from children under 18.


Refund Policy

The 7-day refund is only for first-time buyers. All subscriptions are on auto-renew. The company provides its services as is without a warranty – clients who want to cancel, need to submit a request through the account management area. After the 7-day period, a client may still cancel. However, they will not get their money back. They can use the rest of the funds to finish their subscription. The business may change its prices at any time. They are not required to notify customers of the change.

Retention Policy

The business does not have a retention policy on its website. The services come from a bot and automatic programming. Clients can expect to see growth on their profiles from these resources. The staying power for these bots depends on several factors. First, customers need to keep their page interesting. Any follower will leave if the profile does not provide value. Second, it is important for clients to interact with their followers. The app has list functions to make it easy to track users.

Customer Support

The help page on the website is full of common questions. If someone wants to contact customer support, they fill out a request ticket. They can check the status of their request online. There is a subscription management area for this. There is a list of frequently asked questions that clients can browse. There are several answers that apply to most people. The homepage does not have a link to the terms and conditions. Clients can access these by doing a quick Google search.

Followadder Quality of Followers

The software uses bots to find fans for clients. This makes all of the features on the app possible. The list management function makes it fun to keep track of everyone. Businesses and individuals can see who shares their interests. The bot might pick real people or fake accounts. Any of these profiles can share, like, comment, or follow. There are clients who have seen their growth double with this tool. The more engagement they get, the better their targeted lists become. This means higher quality followers. Then, clients can use this to bring more traffic to their own website.

Retention Rate

Sometimes it doesn’t matter if followers are real or fake. When people see a profile with lots of subscribers, they want to learn more. They click on the account and take a look around. This is where businesses and individuals can guide them to their webpage. The software makes many tasks automatic, so people spend less time driving traffic. They get more leads without the extra time and energy. In some cases, success does not depend on the retention rate. People have made money on Instagram by using the adder app. They use the different features, searches, filters, and lists to do this.

Followadder`s Pros & Cons

Hopefully, this review can help buyers choose the right software in 2023. The adder app can make a big difference for people in all industries. Instagram works well for businesses, artists, social media enthusiasts, and individuals. This software uses bots, but it isn’t like similar services. This one has lists, management features, and more search tools that people want. Of course, a person has to put in the effort to see change. The app will work harder if the client does, too. Still, it is a great starting point for social media marketing.



  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Automatic Service
  • Years of Experience
  • Bot Program
  • List Management
  • Difficult Customer Support
  • Instagram Only

Top 5 Followadder Alternatives

Instazood Robolike Instavast Gramista Ighoot
Price/mo $14.99 $7.77 $15.00 $39.99 Free
Rating 4.0 4.4 4.2 4.2 4.0
Networks Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram
Services Views, LIkes LIkes Followers, Views, LIkes Followers, Likes Followers, Likes
Delivery Fast Fast
Support 24/7 24/7
Safe 96% 90% 90% 80% 80%

The Final Word

Overall, this software does what it says. It is not just a bot. It is a marketing management app. People can build interest in their profile through images and interaction. Customers can create custom lists, follow specific accounts, and find trending hashtags. The tool lets them whitelist and blacklist users and spot inactive ones. Someone can try it for free to decide if it’s the right fit. Any plan they buy will include full customer support. They’ll also get full access to the features.

Published: July 04, 2019Updated: March 26, 2024

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