Gramto Review: Ready for Social Media Take-Off

Gramto Review: Ready for Social Media Take-Off
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Price Plans

  • Starting Price per 1 Instagram Account: $9

  • Starting Price per 3 Instagram Account: $19

  • Starting Price per 10 Instagram Account: $49

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Starting Price per 1 Instagram Account


Gramto Review: In-Depth

Team Pilot Poster created Gramto to assist with growing businesses across Instagram. They offer a way to do everything automatically to keep accounts busy and active, even when managers can’t be online, but still see growth. 
Users can automatically import images to their account. They upload pictures and videos from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, tablets, laptops, and phones.
The service can put a profile on autopilot, allowing users to take care of other business aspects such as Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Supported Networks and Services

Gramto specifically focuses on Instagram accounts and increases growth via the social media platform. A profile can be made by using a Facebook profile or email address. 


With automatic features, profiles can grow quickly with a real following without managers manually sending messages, liking posts, commenting on posts, watching stories, or posting photos manually. 
The platform will also keep an eye on competitors to help gain new audiences from related profiles.  
The following automation features are offered:

  • Scheduled Posts
  • Auto Follow/Unfollow
  • Auto DM
  • Auto Like/Comment
  • Story/Poll Viewer

Gramto Plans and Prices

Gramto offers four different pricing packages on their website. They provide a free trial and then a Basic, Standard, or Premium package. In 2023, the packages range from $5-$20 per month. Each package includes the basic options, and the larger packages have bonus services.
Though there are monthly fees, discounts are available to those who wish to pay annually.

Free Basic Standard Premium
Price $0 $5/mo $10/mo $20/mo
Accounts 1 1 3 10
Schedule Instant Postings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Follow/Unfollow Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto DM New Followers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Like/Comment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Story/Poll Viewer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Private Proxy 1 1 1 2
Competitor Analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes
Image Editor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Storage Space 300 MB 300 MB 500 MB 700 MB
Upload Size 30 MB 30 MB 50 MB 50 MB

Network Services in Detail

Explicitly designed for Instagram, and not Facebook or Twitter, the service offers automation where it is needed. It maintains activity on the profile with minimal setup. This allows the account to remain active and grow the profile even if the owner is not always online.

With automatic features, accounts can grow while managers sit back and watch the magic happen. Set various speeds for how many likes, comments, messages, and posts are sent. The service packages do not determine these speeds.

Auto Follow

This feature allows profiles to easily follow users by setting some targets like Hashtags, Locations, and People. It is also possible to follow the recent followers of an account by using the People option. 

Very Fast Fast Medium Slow Very Slow
Daily Activity Speed 420 240 192 96 48

Auto Unfollow

With this feature, users can choose which profiles to Unfollow.

  • Unfollow those who don’t follow back
  • Unfollow profiles followed by Auto-follow
  • Set a white-list of users never to unfollow
Very Fast Fast Medium Slow Very Slow
Daily Activity Speed 380 168 144 72 48

Auto Direct Message

Thank You and Welcome messages are sent out automatically to new profiles, replacing sending them manually. Predefine automatic texts and use the program to do the rest. To personalize the DMs, add a variable that will plug in a username.

Very Fast Fast Medium Slow Very Slow
Daily Activity Speed 240 168 144 96 48

Auto Repost

Keeping the audience engaged is more comfortable with an automatic repost. Rather than constantly creating new ideas, repost others’ content based on hashtags, locations, and people. This keeps the profile fresh and up to date without creating unique and original content. The program’s repost feature allows more time to develop new ideas while still keeping the account active.

Very Fast Fast Medium Slow Very Slow
Daily Activity Speed 7 5 4 3 1

Auto Comment

The service will automatically comment on other posts with set parameters on different profiles. They can contain links (hashtags and profile), and Emojis are also allowed. Account managers can set the speed rate of comments on the platform.  

Very Fast Fast Medium Slow Very Slow
Daily Activity Speed 168 144 120 96 48

Auto Like

This is one of the most powerful tools for Instagram of 2023. It allows users to automatically like the posts of profiles by hashtags, locations, or usernames. This is also an excellent way to target the followers of competitors and gain more. New profiles are more likely to review where likes came from. 

Very Fast Fast Medium Slow Very Slow
Daily Activity Speed 420 240 216 96 72

Auto View Story

The newest feature allows users to view stories automatically. When people see that their story is viewed, they will be interested in looking at the profile. This is another way to gain attention and reviews and attract new audiences.

Terms and Guarantees

Gramto does not guarantee account growth but does provide automated tools to make the process easier. Their terms are fairly easy to understand and straightforward. 

Terms and Conditions

The Terms of Service are straightforward. Account information is secure, and they do not store passwords. Gramto suggests that it not be mixed with other automated software on an account. Using more than one such service may lead to a banned account due to the service seeming like a scam.
If the account does get banned, Gramto does not take responsibility.

Privacy Policy

The service does not sell information to third parties. All of the information provided is secure and will never participate in a scam. The program will require the API access to gain the data necessary to interact with other APIs. The account information will not be shared, sold, or given away to any third parties for any reason.  

Refund Policy

Refunds are not offered for any reason. Start with the three-day trial package to ensure that the services are understood.  

Customer Support

The support team is always ready to assist in any way possible. They can be reached via email or via online chat to discuss any issues or needs.  
There are topics for frequently asked questions on their support page. There is help with getting started, troubleshooting, posting, automation, FAQ, and how to make payments.  
It is easy to get support at soon as it is needed.

Quality of Followers

The number of following accounts still depends on its content. Good, relatable content is needed to grow the account. Real users will view the profile and hopefully follow it.  
There is also the possibility of having spam, fake, or inactive accounts. This is unavoidable, but managers can remove the profiles.
Gramto can help to bring people to the page, but they can’t guarantee interaction. That is where high quality, exciting content comes into play.

Retention Rate

Followers have the freedom to unfollow the profile. While users can gain a new audience through automatic features, the program’s guarantee of retaining them is not granted. The best way to keep new followers is to produce captivating content. This is important for customers to know before signing up for the program. 

Gramto Pros and Cons

Knowing the pros and cons of a service is the best way to choose the right tool. Here are all the benefits and disadvantages of Gramto based on customers’ reviews:



  • Data is secure
  • Clear pricing plan
  • Good value for services
  • Easy to use automation features
  • User-friendly interface
  • No guarantee of authentic profiles
  • Likes may not be from real users

The Final Take

It is worth trying the free 3-day trial. Create a plan before subscribing to the free trial so that managers can make efficient use of it. Make sure to have posts ready to go to schedule them and see the results they get when posted using Gramto.

If it goes well, but still not sure, sign up for a monthly plan to better feel for it. After using it monthly and see results, sign up for a full year and receive a discounted rate on their website

This is a tool to help grow Instagram profiles with automated features. Having this kind of system is good since there will be time to apply to other business aspects.

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