InstaBoostGram Review: Easy Followers

InstaBoostGram Review: Easy Followers
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Price Plans

  • 100 Instagram Followers ($2.89)

  • 100 Instagram Followers ($2.89)

  • 100 Instagram Like($2.89)

  • 500 Instagram Views ($4.49)

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InstaBoostGram Review: In Depth

InstaBoostGram provides followers, likes, comments, and views. Customers buy a package and see rapid results. This maximizes the effects of buying services provided. Upon choosing a package, clients access several benefits. Real Instagram members interact with their IG content. Reviews state this happens without providing a password- just a username. Other features include 24/7 e-mail assistance and inexpensive packages. Identity protection and refills are other benefits. By finding and buying the right bundle of services, this company has great results. Companies have different needs. By meeting unique marketing needs, companies have better reach. The website provides a tailored marketing plan option, too. Is it a scam? This review summarizes its use as an effective marketing tool.

Supported Networks and Services

This website is designed to work with the social media network IG. To interact with customers, businesses need presence. The team adds followers. They provide viewings, likes, and comments. Ranking increases and improves reach. Pricing is unique for each service. High-quality results follow client orders. Each package has great features like real followers and 24/7 e-mail support. This builds a company’s brand and influence. Many combine networks and strategies, resulting in better results. This works with Instagram. Using as part of a greater marketing plan improves success. It allows a greater reach on many channels.

Instagram Services

Instagram is one of the most important social media networks today. As its name shows, InstaBoostGram tries to give owners a chance to boost their accounts quickly. That is why they have services for all the sections of this app. Fans are the crucial ones, but there are also likes for both videos and photos. Views are divided up into video, IGTV, and stories. All of them have different audiences. Finally, they also offer comments. Their writers tailor those texts to the content the owner posts, of course.

Plans & Prices

IBG Instagram Services has many packages. Most end after fulfillment of the purchase. Clients buy one or several plans. Combining packages allows continued use without suspicion. Each plan applies the chosen action across a specified number of posts. One of the best goals of the site is to ensure their user’s reputation. The cost of each offer in the review tables below.

Buying the cheapest packages costs less than $5. Others are over $1,000. Plans are flexible to fit any Instagram marketing strategy. The affordable packages let those who are skeptical try the service. They receive the same high quality as expensive packages. Reviews state the $35.99 option is most popular. It offers 5,000 members added and 500 bonus followers. This sneak peek shows a baseline of the company’s prices:

Services Quantity Price
Followers 100-100.000 $2.89-$498
Likes 100-100.000 $2.89-$299.99
Video Viewings 500-50.000 $4.49-$999
IGTV Viewings 100-1.000.000 $1.99-$1.599
Story Viewings 250-1.000.000 $1.99-$999.99
Impressions 100-1.000 $1.99-$27.99
Comments 10-1.000 $7.99-$155.99
Auto Likes (monthly package) 50-7.000 $49-$1.099

Network Services in Detail

The following services boost a client’s reach on IG. It comes without the guarantee of success. However, it is one useful part of a marketing strategy. In summary of the review, this business provides great results. Timely delivery means the site adds the request after order placement. Reviews report refills and order tracking are another option. This lets users stay current with the progress of their order. Filling out order forms for these bonuses is free. Refills are free for 60 days. A customized social media strategy costs, too. This works with a client’s unique needs.

Instant Followers

Following purchase, the account receives instant followers within 24 hours. Using the username for the account, the site delivers followers. Adding replacements is free for 60 days. A high level of privacy protection safeguards identity. Clients receive 24/7 help and guaranteed 100% satisfaction. As an added benefit, the 5,000-follower package comes with 500 bonus followers.

Followers 100 500 1.000 5.000 10.000 25.000 50.000 100.000
Price $2.89 $6.49 $23.99 $35.99 $59.99 $149.99 $248.99 $498



This package delivers a set number of interactions. Active accounts boost views and provide likes. It works without password entry, preserving identity. Other features include support and a satisfaction guarantee. Likes accumulate across different content, avoiding suspicion. The cost ranges from $2.89 to $299.99.

Likes 100 500 1.000 5.000 10.000 25.000 50.000 100.000
Price $2.89 $4.99 $7.99 $29.99 $45.99 $99.99 $149.99 $299.99


Automatic Likes

Automatic billing requires payments by the month. A range of likes increases across IG content. For example, between 250 and 350 number costs $119. Authentic accounts like posts, without providing a password. A 100% guarantee and 24/7 assistance protect the user’s investment.

Likes 50-80 100-160 250-350 600-750 900-1.200 1.500-2.000 5000.-5.500 7000
Price $49 $75 $119 $199 $299 $399 $899 $1.099


Video Views

Video views help people who buy this package trend. Thousands of video viewers cause rapid exposure. Users of this service receive results without password entry. Preservation of identity is a priority. Other benefits include a satisfaction guarantee and 24/7 support. Prices range from $4.49 for 500 viewers to $999 for 500,000 Instagram viewers.

Views 500 1.000 2.500 5.000 10.000 100.000 250.000 500.000
Price $4.49 $6.49 $17.49 $28.99 $41.99 $299.99 $699 $999


IGTV Views

IGTV viewings are views on Instagram TV. Trending topics attract organic views, boosting reach. The highest tier offers 1,000,000 views for $1,599. The lowest tier offers 100 views for $1.99. The viewers package offers assistance and a satisfaction guarantee. Without password entry, protection of privacy is another benefit.

Views 100 500 1.000 2.500 10.000 50.000 500.000 1.000.000
Price $1.99 $5.99 $8.99 $17.99 $49 $199.99 $999 $1.599


Story Views

Within 24 hours, story views boost interest. Clients can expect to receive quick delivery. Results come in 24 hours. Like other packages, identity protection and support are benefits. A 100% satisfaction guarantee reduces risk. The packages range from 250-1,000,000 story viewings. They cost $1.99 to $999.99.

Views 250 500 1.000 2.500 15.000 35.000 500.000 1.000.000
Price $1.99 $3.99 $5.99 $24.99 $99.99 $299.99 $549.99 $999.99



Gauging impressions involves all actions with an account. Dispersing these across different content increases customer privacy. A guarantee of satisfaction and 24/7 availability of help are benefits. Packages range from 100-5,000 impressions. From $1.99 to $27.99 buys the service. Delivery happens in 24 hours.

100 500 1.000 2.500 5.000
$1.99 $3.99 $5.99 $14.99 $27.99



Instaboostgram spreads comments across posts, reducing any suspicion. Addition of 10 to 1,000 entries happens in 24 hours. E-mail help and identity protection are benefits. A satisfaction guarantee prevents regret after a purchase. The addition of comments costs $7.99 to $155.99, making it affordable. Besides, all of them come from real followers.

10 30 100 500 1.000
$7.99 $18.99 $39.99 $125.99 $155.99


Social Media Marketing Campaign

This has unique pricing information. Clients customize their package or have one tailored by the company. Comments, followers, and other elements create the package. This campaign option allows the site to combine marketing strategies. Prices are available upon request. It is a good choice for combining services at a low cost.

Terms and Guarantees

BG outlines how it provides services in descriptions. Guarantees and agreements to terms of service create transparency. Details of each term of service follow. These create clarity between the site and clients. The team delivers on most accounts, meeting the standards set forth. They excel in other areas, providing excellent results.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions on the site seem clear. Upon selection of a package, the company starts providing services. IBG uses four cornerstone principles to describe what they offer. These principles are the 4Ss:

  • Service: They meet the standards expected by providing results as requested.
  • Speed: Timely results measure quality service.
  • Security: Provided security maintains client identity.
  • Support: Available assistance works with e-mail, just for questions and help.


Privacy Policy

The best practices of the company maintain privacy. Collected information limits the risk of invasion. Collecting the username and payment data allows access to services. The website protects client data, without supplying it to third parties.
Companies like Google and Instagram look for people trying to raise views. Many use ‘black hat’ SEO practices like recruiting fake viewers or bots. Using quality accounts stops detection. This preserves client identity.


Refund Policy

CEvery package has a 100% satisfaction and money-back guarantee. The company stands behind their services. They are fearless of losing profits because of their confidence in their service. This gives clients who buy peace of mind. Receiving a refund following poor service eliminates risks. This guarantee applies to all the packages offered on the site. The smallest packages and largest packages have refund potential.


Retention Policy

Replacing lost followers for the first 60 days ensures satisfaction. IBG provides additional refills following this period. Customers request this service using order forms. Lost followers experience disinterest. The company adds without considering niche markets. They fulfill their promise of numbers. As members remove themselves from an IG page, the company adds replacements. Reviews state this refill happens 2-3 times for the first 60 days. Refills depend on numbers lost. This refill is a nice incentive for buying from the company.

Customer Support

Upon placing an order, buyers receive 24/7 e-mail help from the team. This connection manages questions, comments, and complaints. However, 24/7 e-mail assistance takes time. Emails allow contact. A large queue means waiting for a response. Expect wait times. Waiting is not a scam, but an expectation. The team responds to e-mails as they receive them.

InstaBoostGram Quality of Followers

People who buy help with followers expect great results. Without high-quality results, likes have little value. Engagement is important. Achieving engagement requires real, authentic accounts. Keep in mind that different packages have unique benefits. Interaction isn’t guaranteed unless it’s paid for. Combining offers on the website produces a better result.

Part of the Instaboostgram guarantee is an emphasis on authentic accounts. Near 90% of IG users link Instagram to their phone. Genuine accounts provide services offered. Reviews mention some instances of bot account identity, but they are rare. One problem that may exist is the location of followers. Followers outside of the country may be added to their list. Though these are outside the niche market, it boosts numbers and reaches. It increases account popularity.

Retention Rate

he refill service helps maintain the retention rate for the first sixty days. Customers should expect to lose some followers. This is the price of authentic followers. They may leave following reviews of the content. As the goal is quick service, markets aren’t considered. Without this research, the added members may remove themselves. People who order thousands of adds may lose hundreds of followers. Protection of the refill services means this just shouldn’t be a problem. Achieving contact allows refills following the 60-day period for a cost.

InstaBoostGram`s Pros & Cons

Instaboostgram includes each package with a list of its many features. Below is a quick review of the pros and cons of the website:



  • Quick delivery of followers, within 24 hours of the order
  • Automatic refills if members leave
  • $35.99 package comes with a bonus 500 followers
  • Privacy and password protection
  • Added members are not always authentic or quality accounts
  • 24/7 e-mail support is not instant contact

The Final Word

Instaboostgram delivers on its promise of establishing followers. Fulfillment happens within 24 hours. Followers add Instagram likes, comments, and viewings as ordered. A refill service retains new followers. This service creates a great investment. Combining packages helps clients choose options for meeting business needs. They guarantee delivery of the 4Ss. This is service, speed, security, and support. The site excels at providing speed and security. Service and support are excellent, too. This helps clients get the needed likes, views, and comments of content.

Published: June 10, 2019Updated: March 27, 2024

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