InstaMama Review: Real Social Media Engagement or Not?

InstaMama Review: Real Social Media Engagement or Not?
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4.3 / 5

Price Plans

  • 100 Instagram Followers ($5.5)

  • 100 Instagram LIkes ($2.5)

  • 500 Instagram Views ($1.5)

  • 100 Twitter Followers ($8.5)

Credit Card

Starting Price per 100 Instagram Followers


InstaMama Review: In-Depth

This is a social media marketing tool for Instagram and Twitter users. There isn’t too much information about the company on the website. However, it’s clear that this is a service like many others. The business makes it simple and affordable to purchase real engagement for a social media profile, either through followers, likes, or views.

The site also features an affiliate program so customers can earn extra income by referring the service to others. In short, this company is client-focused and emphasizes real growth and results.

Supported Networks & Services

To help anyone improve their social standing online, this provider offers engagement packages for Instagram and Twitter. These are two of the most popular networks, so customers are bound to see more growth with this service.


IG users know that the platform is best suited to images and photographs. However, not everyone is a professional photographer or editor. So, this company has a variety of plans and bundles to help clients boost their engagement numbers in less time.


The more followers an Instagram account has, the more credible they look. Customers can buy Instagram fans in packages of 100 to 10,000. The prices range from only $6.50 to over $200, so there is something for everyone. The service promises real followers and engagement, as well as quick delivery.


The likes bundles range from 100 to 50,000, and prices start at $2.50. Since likes are a quick way to boost an Instagram profile’s popularity, these packages are very popular. Delivery starts within 24 hours of ordering.


The last Instagram service is for views, and these range from 500 to 250,000.  They are also a bit cheaper than likes or followers, and pricing starts at $1.50. This entire process is hassle-free and ensures that customers get more eyes on their content in less time.


While Twitter is more text-based, it is still one of the most popular and saturated social media platforms. InstaMama can help customers get more follows on their tweets.


This is the only Twitter service on the site, but it promises genuine engagement from people with real accounts. The smallest package costs $8.50 for 100 followers, but individuals can buy as many as 1,000 fans.

InstaMama Plans & Pricing

A quick look at the website will show that their prices are industry standard and quite competitive. The smallest packages cost just a few dollars and can be a great way for new social media users to boost their popularity. They can pay with a credit card and not worry about the company holding on to their card information. Checkout is secure and goes through a reputable third party.

InstaMama Instagram Followers

Pricing Table

This chart reviews the deliverables that clients can buy. That said, if they want up to date prices, it’s best to contact the provider or check the webpage.

Minimum Order Delivery Speed Price Range
IG Followers 100 2-24 hours $5.50-$890.50
IG Likes 100 2-24 hours $2.50-$245.50
IG Views 500 2-24 hours $1.50-$238.50
Twitter Followers 100 2-24 hours $8.50-$37.50

Network Services in Detail

It’s time to get into the company’s bread and butter. Even though it only deals with two social media networks, they are the most prevalent platforms of the time. Below is a sampling of the bundles that customers can expect, as well as the price ranges.


Instagram is a huge draw for all kinds of businesses, industries, and interests. So, it makes sense that this provider offers three distinct IG packs. Whether a person wants more post engagement, a higher number of fans, or more eyes on their videos, they can get it here.


Instagram Followers

The more fans a profile has, the more clout they have on the Internet. People are more likely to listen to someone who has a higher number of followers. This is why InstaMama strives to provide fans from a community of real users. No more bots or inactive accounts!

# of Followers 100 500 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000
Price $5.50 $14.50 $24.50 $53.50 $90.50 $185.50


InstaMama Buy Instagram Like

The most basic form of engagement on IG, likes are crucial for raising awareness about a person or brand. Fortunately, the bundles for likes are quite affordable on InstaMama’s site. Individuals can choose from a handful of likes to up to 50,000.

# of Likes 100 500 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000 20,000 30,000 50,000
Price $2.50 $6.50 $11.50 $23.50 $35.50 $53.50 $98.50 $127.50 $245.50


Buy Instagram Views

The last option is for video views, which can go a long way in boosting someone’s popularity online. Purchasing views is the cheapest option on the site, and there is a wide range of options. Best of all, the largest number of deliverables is 500,000.

# of Views 500 1K 5K 10K 15K 20K 30K 50K 100K 150K 250K 500K
Price $1.50 $2.50 $7.50 $13.50 $19.50 $23.50 $28.50 $38.50 $79.50 $99.50 $129.50 $238.50


Twitter, like Facebook, is a platform dominated by industry professionals, celebrities, and other public figures. In other words, it’s very hard to break into this oversaturated market. That’s where services like InstaMama come in. While they only offer Twitter followers, this is perhaps the most important metric in the Twittersphere.


InstaMama Buy Twitter Followers

For some reason, there are only three packages for Twitter followers: 100, 500, or 1,000. The bundles are affordable, so many people will probably buy more than once. Delivery starts as soon as the payment processes, which usually takes two to 24 hours.

# of Followers 100 500 1,000
Price $8.50 $22.50 $37.50

Terms & Guarantees

One of the bright spots of this provider is that it has complete terms of use on its website. This section reviews the different parts of that agreement.

Terms & Conditions

According to the Terms, buyers must be 18 or older. The company holds all intellectual rights to the content on its site, as well as its services. The business does not assume any responsibility for damages that customers may experience as a result of purchasing engagement. In other words, clients can’t blame InstaMama for any loss of credibility or reputation. While the enterprise works with third parties for payment processing, it never sells or shares personal information.

Privacy Policy

Individuals should be aware that the InstaMama site uses cookies. This is quite common for any webpages, including Google. The company does not recommend disabling the cookies, as this may interrupt or delay delivery. The business also collects private information, such as IP addresses. Its website tracks user details such as browsing history and how they utilize the InstaMama interface. This data helps develop webpages and deliverables for future customers. Those who have questions can email the customer support team at [email protected].

Refund Policy

The Terms of Use include some information about refunds and returns. Clients are not entitled to a refund if their order has already been confirmed and processed. They will not get their money back for any completed orders. If they do experience issues or delays in delivery, they should reach out to customer support for helping with resolving this. Keep in mind that InstaMama works with a third party to process payments, but all payment info remains secure.

Retention Policy

Individuals need to pay attention to this information. InstaMama does not assume responsibility for its deliverables or the quality of its services. The agreement does not say anything about retention. On the homepage, it states that the engagement comes from high-quality social media profiles. So, customers will likely keep their new followers, likes, and views. However, this isn’t guaranteed.

Customer Support

The provider has a 24/7 customer support team that is available via contact email or live chat. Clients can access the latter option by going to the InstaMama website. In the bottom-right corner, there is a blue speech bubble icon. There, they can type in their question or concern and connect with a representative who can walk them through a solution. Alternatively, individuals can reach out via email, [email protected], or contact form on the website.

InstaMama Quality of Followers

Things get a bit murky in this department. First, the homepage states that the company provides engagement from high-quality followers. However, there isn’t much more information available on the website. The terms of use reveal that InstaMama assumes no responsibility for the quality of its deliverables. So, it’s not clear just how reputable the followers and likes will be.

Most of the time, these types of services have a community of social media users that they call on for engagement. InstaMama probably has a similar business model.

InstaMama Retention Rate

In much the same way, there aren’t any guarantees about retention on the InstaMama website. According to other reviews, the engagement is here to stay. In other words, previous customers report that when they purchased new fans or views, the numbers remained constant. They didn’t drop off or experience any dips in interactions.

Please be aware that there aren’t any retention promises in the terms and conditions. Read through this agreement carefully before committing to a purchase.

InstaMama`s Pros & Cons

Overall, this provider seems like a good service to try out, especially for those who are new to social media. This works for newer businesses as well as individuals who want to become digital influencers. The prices are great, and there are different packages to suit a variety of customers.

On the downside, there are few guarantees regarding refunds and retention rates. It would also be best if they also worked with Facebook. That is something to keep in mind when using this service.



  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast delivery
  • Ease of use
  • Secure payment
  • Variety of packages
  • Limited to IG or Twitter
  • No retention guarantees

Final Verdict About InstaMama

All in all, it’s fine to use this platform to boost a social media profile. While it doesn’t work for sites like Facebook or YouTube, it does provide ways to increase engagement on two of the most popular networks. The prices are hard to beat, plus the delivery is fast and runs like clockwork. 24/7 customer support is another impressive feature. The only potential problems are related to refunds and how long the new followers and likes will stay. At the end of the day, this isn’t a service to rely on 100%, but it can be a good addition to a solid social marketing strategy.

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