Instazood Review: Is It Reliable & Fast?

Instazood Review: Is It Reliable & Fast?
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Price Plans

  • 100 Instagram Likes ($1)

  • 100 Instagram Likes ($1)

  • 100 Instagram Video Views ($0.5)

  • Instagram Bot ($9.99/mo)

  • Instagram Comment Tracker ($9.99/mo)

  • Instagram Direct Message ($14.99/mo)

  • Instagram Post Manager ($9.99/mo)

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Starting Price per 100 Instagram Likes


Instazood Review: In-Depth

To work with Instazood and its bot, the customer just signs up on the website. They only add their Instagram handle and email address. It will provide some advice for reviewing. They make people read it if they have less than 700 followers. The advice includes the necessary information and more details about the marketing options. After that, they need to add targets for the program. It’s supposed to use these targets to send likes and messages to other accounts. It’s important to set good targets so the program can work.

Anyone can start right away for free. After three days, they need to purchase one of the plans. They have the power to tell the program what to do. It will do what is asked while clients focus on other things. They can turn the tool on and off when they want. It works on their schedule and works as an account promotor. This is a good way to meet other people and explore their pages.


Supported Networks & Services

This is an extensive app, which covers many networks. For each one of them, it has plans and perks in terms of prices and benefits. Readers can find those details below.



Individuals can try this tool only on Instagram. It can schedule content and publish pictures and videos when clients want. They can even save content for later. The dashboard is the place to see who is liking, following, and replying. This is where they can read, delete, and sort messages. They can save some for later and see all of them in one place. This saves time and makes it easy to manage.

If they want, they can buy likes and views. These purchases are available right away or can be saved for the future. It is safe and shows them soon after purchase. The program can also send messages to new followers. They can set up automatic messages, so they don’t have to keep track of new people. And now they can say hello day or night!

Plans & Prices

There are different prices for the various marketing tools available. The bot costs $9.99 per month and makes tasks automatic. It can find accounts and follow them, or like their posts. It will unfollow people, so clients don’t have to do it themselves. It can comment on pictures and leave reviews so they can interact with more people. It keeps track of this activity and can be viewed anytime.


The comment tracker is $9.99 per month and labels all reviews. The labels show if the messages are important or if they’ve already been read. This tool can delete them automatically or respond to them. It’s easy because everything it does can be seen in one place. The dashboard manager works like the comment tracker. It can delete images or publish them on a client’s page. It costs $9.99 per month, and there is no limit on how many posts can be on the schedule. Save them for later, or publish right away.

Instazood has an automatic message service. It costs $14.99 per month and sends messages to those who choose to follow clients. It says hello to them and welcomes them to the page. Customers don’t have to see when others follow because the service will review it. There is the option to add images to the messages and send up to 120 each day. Individuals can message anyone, even those who don’t follow their account.



Automatic Followers $9.99 per month
Automatic Likes $9.99 per month
Automatic Comments $9.99 per month
Automatic Unfollowing $9.99 per month
Automatic Messages $14.99 per month
100 Likes $1 per day
100 Video Views $0.5 per day

Network Services in Detail

The network functions help with likes, views, comments, posts, and messages. There is no subscription plan, so clients buy marketing assistance when they need it. They can get it for any number of Instagram accounts. If they have more than one account, there are two options. One choice is to purchase a big package for all accounts. The other option is to pay for a smaller package for each account.


Anyone can try the resources for free for three days. After that, they need to buy time to continue to try them. It’s easy to choose the best one for a particular purpose and how long it’s needed. Instazood accepts PayPal and starts working right away.

It’s a good way to start a brand or company and get reviews. They can buy them, so people start to notice their account. Automatic replies let them interact with others without using their phone. The more interaction, the more others want to learn about that account. There are video views for purchase that can get more visits on a page. If there are many views on a profile, it will be on the Instagram explore page. It’s not easy to get people to like a page. That’s why this is a handy tool to try. It’s possible to grow an account with a few dollars every month.


These tell others on the site who is popular. The more interaction someone has, the most eyes will flock to their profile. All kinds of subjects are found on social media, so there is room for anyone to grow! People can like as many photos and videos as they want.

  • Instant Delivery
  • New Likes Daily
  • Use Now or Later
  • Safe and Secure
100 Likes $1 per day



Instagrammers can share videos on their accounts now. This is another great way to interact with others and share reviews. Videos can be related to anything from vlogs, news, sports, and style. Short vids and longer-form ones are both popular, so switch it up. A mix of photos and video is best.

  • Received Immediately
  • Fresh Views Every day
  • Use Any Time
  • No Fake Views or Spam
100 Video Views $0.50 per day



If someone likes an image or video on the social site, they can add a comment. These could be helpful hints or reviews to make the content better or praise for great images. People like to send emojis as well, which can convey a range of feelings. The manager function can handle deleting and replying tasks.

  • Label Important Replies
  • Automatic Replies
  • Instant Delete
  • Mark as Read
Comments Manager $9.99 per month



Managing what to publish and when can be a headache, especially with little experience. The manager function takes care of everything from saving drafts for later to deleting automatically. There is no limit to the number of images and videos the manager can save for later. It’s a great way to keep on time!

  • Scheduling
  • Automatic Delete
  • Drafts
  • Unlimited Scheduling Space
Post Manager $9.99 per month



Besides commenting, private communication is popular on Instagram. This is called a direct message, and it provides a one-on-one conversation. This can help businesses talk to customers, and it’s a way for popular accounts to talk privately with others. The manager function here is handy for dealing with loads of daily conversations.

  • Welcome Messages
  • Reach Out to Followers
  • Send to Non-Followers
  • Add Images
Message Manager $14.99 per month


Terms and Guarantees

Instazood is always upfront when it comes to their company. Because of this, their site has many details about their terms of use, for example. Also, privacy, refills, and refunds are present there.

Terms and Conditions

Instazood does not have a connection to Instagram or other social media sites. It is a separate company and does not do business with Instagram. It does not work with other sites like Facebook either. Individuals must be at least 13 years old. They cannot have robot accounts if they have the service. When signing up, clients must provide a valid email address. They are responsible for what they put on their account. It’s critical that the account, username, and password stays safe. The company can choose to change its prices or cancel any account. It does not promise results for any Instagram account.

Privacy and Policy

The company is not related to Instagram. It does not have Instagram’s information and will not share its own information. If you want it, you must give your Instagram username and password. The company says it will not keep these details. Instagram did not approve of the company or its system. Everyone should know this before they sign up. The company suggests you try it for three days before you buy it. They offer their tools as they are available, but they update regularly. The company does not promise that their resources are reliable or effective.

Refund Policy

When a person buys a plan from Instazood, they agree to their terms. It says that they agree to the plan and will not file a dispute. Clients cannot report a false complaint to PayPal or other payment systems. Instazood does not give refunds on monthly plans. If someone wants to cancel a plan, they must do it themselves. The support team must receive an email explaining the reason for wanting a cancellation. The company can cancel their offerings anytime. If they don’t want to offer them anymore, they don’t have to. They don’t have to tell their buyers why they cancelled.

Retention Policy

The company does not have an official retention policy. It says that customers try the service at their own risk. Clients pay for functions as they are, and if they are not available, they won’t get them. They are responsible for how many likes and comments they get. The company does not make any promises about this. Their bot publishes things and sends messages, but it doesn’t provide dedicated fans. It’s crucial to pay attention to the content and keep things interesting. The company brings actual people to an account, but it might not be on a regular basis. They can’t protect accounts from spam or fake profiles.

Customer Support

The company has a help page on its website. Anyone can visit this page to get answers to common questions. There is information about how to work with the tools and set up an account. People can learn how to track activity and find targets. There is a search function on this page, but it does not give much assistance. It redirects back to the page. If more support is needed, the company accepts request tickets. This function is at the bottom of this page. Customers must give a username and review of the problem. The team doesn’t promise an answer.


Instazood Quality of Followers

The company’s bot does most of the work to get the best followers. It requires targets so it can follow other pages. Targets are other Instagram pages that focus on the same things as a client account. It can also target separate pages or a mix of both. It will give other pages replies and messages. Those pages will come to a customer’s account and like their content. This is the main way the bot works. If they want, they can give it hashtags to target. The service lets them manage the settings. It will go to real pages, not fake accounts.

Retention Rate

Instazood does not state an official retention policy. People can change the bot settings and manage its services. This can assist with targeting accounts that will like their post. It is the most useful way to get results. The company suggests filters for those who want to address a particular niche or area. It’s a common method for retaining attention online. If someone has competitors, they can tell the bot not to follow them.

All the followers it provides are real, so they come and go as they please. Reviewers say this is a beginner’s tool that helps with establishing a presence online. They recommend sticking to the advice on the site to get the best results. The site has an average of 3 out of 5-star rating for retention.

Instazood`s Pros & Cons

Instazood is a quality provider that offers many supported services and benefits. For example, they will only partner with genuine accounts and will try to automate tasks to ease the load of the owners. Still, there are some other features on the grey side. Below, there are details about them for readers to see.



  • No Subscription Plans
  • Real Followers
  • Automatic Tasks
  • Targets & Filters
  • Manage Bot Settings
  • Instagram Only
  • No Promises

The Final Word

Instazood may help with getting more attention on an Instagram post. It does not work on other social media sites, but it allows for lots of Instagram management. It is great for people with multiple accounts, too. Businesses can use it to engage with their customers and better understand their needs. The manager tracks likes, comments, and followers on a daily basis. It’s like having a personal social media team. Individuals can benefit from it, too by managing interactions with others.

It saves time and energy so the focus can be on other things like collaborations. The company believes in the power of automatic assistance and lets a bot do most of the work. It’s possible to try the service for free for three days. Then they can pay for help as they wish. There are monthly prices and the ability to cancel anytime. It requires some searching for the terms of use, but they are on the website. If the main goal is to boost popularity online, it’s best to give this company a try.

Published: April 18, 2019Updated: March 27, 2024

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