KingdomLikes Review: Is It Legit?

KingdomLikes Review: Is It Legit?
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Price Plans

  • 1500 Points Instagram Followers ($10)

  • 1500 Points Instagram Followers ($10)

  • 1500 Points YouTube Subscribers ($10)

  • 1500 Points YouTube Views ($10)

  • 1500 Points Facebook Followers ($10)

  • 1500 Points Twitter Followers ($10)

  • 1500 Points Pinterest Followers ($10)

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Starting Price per 1500 points Instagram Followers


KingdomLikes Review: In Depth

This website is based in North America. It has been active for 2 years now, with a lot of success. More than 10,000 active owners perform actions on the platform every day. This tool functions with points as said before. Clients can either get these ones by interacting on social media with others who are in the same situation. Another option is to buy points to save them later on.

This company also has a referral program. It consists of sharing a link with a friend who might be interested. If they become active members of KingdomLikes, then the original person receives points. As stated before, they can get these points by liking or sharing what others post. This way, the platform makes sure that the traffic they receive comes from real and active accounts.

Supported Networks and Services

The products they offer are limited but amazing. How can this be possible? Well, the team claims they do not sell anything. No subscriptions, follow views, or shares. The only thing they sell is points. With these ones, users have freedom. They are free to choose which account they want to follow, for example. They can also skip the ones that they are not keen on.

Another feature of this company is that they have no bots and no automation at all. Those who are detected to buy these will be banned. Their supported networks are five.


Persons here can have Page likes, webpage shares, followings, post and picture clicks, and shares for the same features. There are even interactions for Facebook profile photos. They deliver clicks fast and in the best way.


In this video platform, YouTubers become popular when getting views and shares. This company does not offer direct interactions. Instead, channel owners have to interact with others. By doing so, they are generating genuine traffic. Owners are also getting points. Then, they can spend those amounts in whatever they need to make their pages better.


This app based on visuals overgrew in the last years. This service guarantees that clients will get traffic from real and active accounts. Also, the views will be targeted. That is, they will come from the same country as the owner.


Products are fast and of high quality. In this company, Twitter owners can announce their page so they can get followers, retweets, and favorites. This will rank their tweets very well. By doing so, they will get their message across. This way, the owner can become a star.


Similar to Instagram, this is an app based on pictures. No videos are allowed, so owners cannot get views here. Photos are shared and pinned. These shares can be divided up into categories. Usually pictures direct visitors to their web of origin. Services here, then, mostly repin and shares.

The rest of the apps like Google Plus, Vimeo and so on are not present for this company.

KingdomLikes Plans & Prices

This service is different from any other. There are no fixed prices for products in general. For example, readers will not find an amount for 1,000 followers. This is due to them not working with plans but with points. There are three primary forms to get higher numbers. Users can either collect them when liking and commenting. Or buy them or look for referrals. The latter is not available at the moment. It seems they had issues with it.

So there are only alternatives to do this. Their Daily Bonus is a great perk. Using it, users can benefit from doing more than 50 likes or follows one day. If they achieve the goal, they will receive 200 points for free each day. That’s very good, though it might not be a lot for those who have big companies and many social media accounts to use.

When it comes to buying points, we cannot say they are cheap. Especially if the client is someone with a lot of apps to grow. There are two types of plans: the one for free and the VIP program. This one is better regarding fast delivery.

Some Characteristics Are:

  • Those who have a high score will probably get even more. The ones who have few points will not receive many.
  • To become VIP, users have to purchase at least one package from the website.

Readers can find a detailed table with pricing below in this review.

Program Points Services Price CPC*
Basic 1500/30 days followers, subscribers, shares, views, retweets & likes $10 5-10
Premium 12.000/30 days followers, subscribers, shares, views, retweets & likes $50 4-15
Unlimited 70.000/30 days followers, subscribers, shares, views, retweets & likes $200 4-15

*CPC – that is the number of points that users will lose after getting a like, share, comment, view. Users that set a CPC of 10 or more will get interactions faster. More expensive programs have the option to set a higher CPC (up to 15).

Network Services in Detail

Apart from the traditional apps stated above, this business supports Those who are interested can get likes in their favorite questions without spending money. Finally, SoundCloud is the last supported network. They claim that some of them can become stars as Justin Bieber did. In this review, there is a description of other apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

KingdomLikes Instagram Services

This team considers Instagram as one of its core platforms. In the last few years, it has increased its fan base enormously. This means that businesses and also anyone who would like to be popular need to appear in this social network. In a few steps, those who want to can get thousands of likes or followers. Those are the only supported perks by this company.
Finally, they will not have to apply any hashtags or strategy. Just wait for the traffic to come to their accounts. As described above, Instagram products work utilizing exchange. So, if somebody wants to have more followers or likes, they will need to do the same with other accounts. Finally, they have a prize for those who like at least 50 pictures: 200 points a day.

Type of Plan Basic Premium Unlimited
Followers $10 for 1.500 points $50 for 12.000 points $200 for 70.000 points
Photo Likes $10 for 1.500 points $50 for 12.000 points $200 for 70.000 points


KingdomLikes YouTube Services

This company also offers extensive products for YouTube. This is one of the most popular platforms for video streaming today. Some vloggers and persons upload content for different reasons today. They might make recipes, step by step guides, reviews of products and more. KingdomLikes can help them in getting many perks. These are favorites, subscriptions, views, loves, and dislikes. Again, they do not sell these directly. But, owners can receive these employing exchange with others.

This is great for those who want to promote their content but don’t have enough to pay for it. Then, this option is nice for those who are just starting. If they want their content to become viral for a few to no bucks, consider this option.

Type of Plan Basic Premium Unlimited
Subscribers $10 for 1.500 points $50 for 12.000 points $200 for 70.000 points
Views $10 for 1.500 points $50 for 12.000 points $200 for 70.000 points
Favs $10 for 1.500 points $50 for 12.000 points $200 for 70.000 points
Likes $10 for 1.500 points $50 for 12.000 points $200 for 70.000 points


KingdomLikes Facebook Services

Those who make their business with the most popular social media app have come to the right place. Facebook is the biggest platform concerning interactions. So, it is crucial that they make their companies well-known. The way of doing this is the following. First, owners need to announce their page for others to view. Then, they need points to ask for what they need.

Of course, they can get likes, shares, and followers for free. Social marketing campaigns in this platform, then, can be launched with no money at all. Yet, those who want to have them quicker can pay for them. The process is simple. Once users create their login details, they can buy scores using their PayPal budget. The prices are very low, considering all the interactions come from real accounts.

Type of Plan Basic Premium Unlimited
Followers $10 for 1.500 points $50 for 12.000 points $200 for 70.000 points
Shares $10 for 1.500 points $50 for 12.000 points $200 for 70.000 points
Post likes $10 for 1.500 points $50 for 12.000 points $200 for 70.000 points
Likes $10 for 1.500 points $50 for 12.000 points $200 for 70.000 points


KingdomLikes Twitter Services

Twitter’s options are extensive. In this app, the most important thing is the text. But not any text. A person can only post short text. Very short. So, those who want to grow their accounts need to have specific tactics. If they want their tweets to become trending topics, using these products can help.

They will get their audience larger in an organic way. Why? Well, this platform works with points. This means that only other owners will retweet somebody’s post, for example. But be wary. As this system brings true traffic, content can also be disliked. Clients have to know that this can happen before they decide to hire these clicks.

Type of Plan Basic Premium Unlimited
Followers $10 for 1.500 points $50 for 12.000 points $200 for 70.000 points
Tweets $10 for 1.500 points $50 for 12.000 points $200 for 70.000 points
Retweets $10 for 1.500 points $50 for 12.000 points $200 for 70.000 points
Favorites $10 for 1.500 points $50 for 12.000 points $200 for 70.000 points


KingdomLikes Pinterest Services

Pinterest is a growing but often ignored social media app. Like Instagram, some persons access it to share visuals. It works like a digital board. There, users save and show pictures that they liked. Clients here, then, interact with each other by liking and repinning photos. KingdomLikes can help in growing these accounts.

The perks they offer include likes, followers, and repins. Again, customers cannot buy these directly. Rather, they would have to acquire points. Then, they have to interact with others’ content. This social media app is very popular among cooks. So, this service can be a great option for the ones who want to share recipes. Or for persons who would like to make their restaurant or bar well ranked.

Type of Plan Basic Premium Unlimited
Followers $10 for 1.500 points $50 for 12.000 points $200 for 70.000 points
Repins $10 for 1.500 points $50 for 12,000 points $200 for 70.000 points
Likes $10 for 1.500 points $50 for 12.000 points $200 for 70.000 points


Terms and Guarantees

This vendor has been working for many years. The key to this is earning clients’ trust with their site. There, they show their policies about refunds and privacy, and their terms of service.

Terms and Conditions

KingdomLikes listed their terms in an organized way. First, each person needs to create an account for free. This requires only email and password. Users should not share this private data with anybody. Only those who are older than 18 years of age can register. The contract will only be fulfilled after receiving a confirmation email. Some rules of the site are not buying or selling accounts. Also, do not give another person control over it. This way, they cannot get or share points in the name of the owner. Finally, each client can only log in with one particular detail.

Privacy Policy

This team claims to be respectful of private data. By law, they have to take care of online security. For this to happen, they should never share their customers’ details with anybody. The company has the right to change these terms when they see fit. Yet, they have to let their users know about this. So, they can terminate their agreement if they would like to do so. Some of the info the business has about persons is data about their social media. Also, clicks details, location, gender and so on. The site also applies cookies. Surfers can choose to reject these ones if they prefer.

Refund Policy

Their refund program is not great. The company offers to give back the money within just one day. Of course, they also cover for a purchase made by mistake. For example, one client might want to get a Premium pack but bought a Basic one. In that case, the company will act fast. The only thing users have to do is send them an email as fast as possible. They have to write their order number. Also, they can give the reasons why they want their money back. After this, people can get it with at least 20 days delay. Yet, refunds are not issued if the things have already been got.

Retention Policy

This platform works with an exchange method. That’s why they do not have any retention policy. In general, numbers drop when the likes or views that are got come from robot accounts. Instagram, YouTube, and other apps have ways to verify that. If they do, they might suspend accounts. Or, delete that “fake” traffic. In this case, that’s not possible. The numbers everybody gets are always genuine. So, this company has no retention policy since they assure numbers do not drop. What they offer is support in case clients have problems with their points.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer care, this team seems to do a great job. There are many channels through which users can communicate. There’s a form on the page, an email address and a community in ask. This last option is the one clients buy the most. This business even posts using There, they share news, answer questions anybody can read, and read what others suggest as improvements. They are available 24/7. There’s also a blog in which they post articles. This blog is very nice for getting info and step by step guides. Their FAQ page is also great. They compiled a list of many questions with simple but complete data. All in all, customer support is effective. This is a point to consider when trying to grow social media accounts.

KingdomLikes Quality of Followers

The quality of their traffic is excellent. As described above, the whole system is based on true social media action. Other companies sell their products directly. For example, people can buy 1,000 subscriptions for YouTube for a certain amount of money. Yet, this platform works in a different way. By means of exchange, every owner can see other’s content. The company supports many apps. So, the quality of followers is one of the best. For example, owners do not receive bulks of likes from bots. Since interactions come from real persons, the traffic is real. Genuine accounts is a nice point to consider when reviewing this type of businesses.

Retention Rate

Very related to the previous point, their retention rate is one of the best. Most users report that numbers almost never drop. This happens for this reason: they are real. Instagram, for example, has a very harsh attitude toward robot programs. The app is not keen on bots or artificial things. If they detect them, they could ban the owner of the channel. When using KingdomLikes, this cannot happen. The only ones who face other owners are genuine people. This makes numbers not to fall out of a client’s account. Again, this is a very nice perk to consider.

KingdomLikes Pros & Cons



  • Free Daily Bonus. Clients that view more than 50 photos or videos per day receive a great benefit. They can claim a daily bonus of 200 points. Then, they can use those scores for what they need. People can read more about this in their blog.
  • True traffic. The likes and followers are from real people. Owners take a look at each others’ social media feeds. Then, they choose what to do with them.
  • Cheap prices. If customers decide to buy points instead of earning them, prices are cheap especially when considering that traffic comes from genuine accounts.
  • Dislikes. Some people complain that they get dislikes instead of the positive traffic they wanted. This is a risk every influencer takes. When posting content online, the public may love it or they may not.
  • Free traffic might be slow. Their program of points with no charge is great. Yet, some users complain that it may take more than 3 days to receive the traffic.

The Final Word

This team does not have a lot of years in the industry. Yet, their quality is so high it became well-known pretty soon. Now, they have a lot of active customers. Users can register an account for free by means of their blog as well. Then, they would have to announce their social media accounts. This way, they will grow with interactions from their peers. To do this, owners need scores.

This is a very new concept when compared to other social media services. They can guarantee low (or none at all) prices, high-quality traffic, and the best prizes. Businessmen who are just starting and don’t have a great budget should see into KingdomLikes. Also, any person who would like to grow their social media nets in a legit way.

Published: June 05, 2019Updated: March 26, 2024

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