Linktree Review: Unlimited Link Sharing

Linktree Review: Unlimited Link Sharing
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Linktree Review: In-Depth

Instagram imposes many restrictions on their users’ accounts. One of them is that they cannot include more than one link on their profiles. This limitation may affect some businesses gravely. This is why LinkTree was created. To learn how to gain more traffic with multiple links, read on.


Key Features

This service offers several features that help ease the management of digital marketing campaigns. Many of these functions are also related to how they can be customized for the specific requirements of each business. Some of them are:

  • Email Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Customization
  • Custom Fonts

Linktree Review: Background Information

LinkTree started in 2016 as an idea that Alex Zaccaria came up with. Alex was at the time director of Bolster, a digital music agency from Australia. All the people who ran Bolster were on Instagram a lot. That’s when he saw that this social media network’s limit of one bio link was very frustrating. Bands couldn’t share one link to their site and another to the tickets for their latest concert, for example.

That was really annoying for them. So, Alex decided to find a solution. There should be a way to have access to all those links. That’s how he devised the idea of this agency.

Service Features & Technical Details

Being able to put only one link on an account is really limiting. This is why this service comes in handy for many. It provides many opportunities to grow a business. Those who use Instagram as one of their pillars in their digital marketing strategies will find this tool a life-saver. To learn more, here are the top features.

1. Why LinkTree Grows Your Networks

linktree-single-review-Why LinkTree Grows Your Networks

LinkTree helps Instagram users share many links with their followers in a very easy way. These people can link up to quite a few varied things on their profile. For instance, buttons on LinkTree can direct persons to an “about me” landing page, a shop, or a blog. It can also link to portfolios or mailing lists. It is very simple to use, and the design is cute and super clean.

2. Start Today, It’s Easy

There are four easy steps to get started with LinkTree:

  • Step 1: Create an account on the landing page
  • Step 2: Add the desired links to the profile’s URL menu
  • Step 3: Generate the platform’s account URL
  • Step 4: Paste the URL on the Instagram account’s Bio

At any time, users can update their links or add an extra one. It’s really easy to do. The admin page ( provides the option to change or add links. These are the steps to edit the links:

  • Step 1: Select the “Add New Button / Links” option.
  • Step 2: Click on “Edit URL” and paste the new link there.
  • Step 3: Click on “Edit Title” to change the title for that link.
  • Step 4: Click on the right side-button so as it turns green.

Once the right-side button is green, everything is ready. One can update the links on LinkTree at any time.

3. Use Cross-Promotion in Your Favor

This agency helps Instagram users give a boost to five links at the same time. That makes it easy to do cross-promotion. In other words, doing collabs with other people or brands.
After clicking on a LinkTree custom link, one accesses a landing page with many links. These can direct anywhere. Email signups, stores, blogs, and the like. The company offers adding up to five links to each user profile. Linking to one’s partners is key when doing cross-promotions.
These profiles are really unique. That’s because it takes the user’s Instagram to handle to do the branding. This is true for both free and paid versions. The free version offers general traffic analysis. The paid one breaks it down daily. This is really helpful to analyze data, see what works, and increase visibility.

4. If You Have Clients, Go Big

LinkTree is great for single accounts. Both its free and paid versions offer a lot of great features. But, when it comes to managing a lot of clients’ accounts, it falls short. It might be the go-to option for managing multiple Instagram handles. There is not much difference between Lnk.Bio and LinkTree for one-user accounts. In fact, a Lnk.Bio free account does not offer a branded URL. The URL is random, and only Pro users get a custom one.

Lnk.Bio for agencies is another story. Prices start at $1.99 per month to manage 3 accounts. Each one of them has a personalized URL. It’s also not necessary to use the client’s Instagram password to manage the links.

5. Don’t Forget This Is a Visual Platform

In Instagram, sharing the right pics is key. Everything is so visual nowadays. This provider does its job sharing multiple links. There is something where it falls short, though. Visuals. The company shows a lot of links but no pictures.
Link in Profile does show photos with links. It pairs images from its users’ Instagram accounts with links. What is better, each picture has its own. After Link in Profile is all set, it shows Instagram images along with links. That is what people see when they click on the user’s link in his or her Instagram bio.

Sadly, there is no free version of this tool. Link in Profile does, however, offer a free trial. For 30 days, anyone can try all their plans.

Linktree Plans & Pricing

The available packages are not too many. In fact, the company only shows two options. One in which clients don’t have to pay, and the paid ones. Even in this premium package, the price is not high. Let’s see the details below.


Free Plan

One of the most striking features of LinkTree is that it’s very cheap. Even free, for this plan. It allows just one user and one account. It might not be the best idea to use this one for business, for example. The main focus of this plan is Instagrammers or bloggers who want to promote their sites.


  • No pricing, forever. It’s possible to access all the features for free.
  • It has an integration with Amazon. This is superb for sellers who want to have great results in social media and promote their products at the same time.
  • There are unlimited links, even in the plan that is free of charge.
  • The process of changing or syncing photos is very simple.

  • Analytics are quite basic. It’s hard to make an informed decision when using this plan.
  • No themes to tailor. For example, colors or pictures cannot change.

Pro Plan

Companies that require a bit more flexibility can find it in the pro plan. The best feature of this plan on LinkTree that it’s very cheap. Everyone who wants it will be able to afford it, and it only costs $6. Also, it gives its users a lot of options to customize the design, which in the end is what everybody is looking for. Finally, it’s important to take into account two elements. The first one of them is metrics. With those into account, people will be able to decide about their brand and their social tactics. The second one has to do with the number of accounts.


  • It’s very affordable.
  • The themes are custom.
  • It’s possible to remove the agency’s watermark.
  • The analytics are top-notch to make data-based decisions.

  • It might take away traffic from one’s actual site.

Price & Key Features Comparisons Table

After comparing the plans of this company in a thorough manner, the following table came up. It compares the most important features of each other, like the pricing and number of allowed users.

Free Plan Pro Plan
Price/mo Free $6
Free Trial Yes No
Unlimited Links Yes Yes
Customize Themes No Yes
Manage profile pictures Yes Yes
Integrate with Amazon Yes Yes
Priority Support No Yes
Profile Views No Yes
Remove Watermark No Yes
Get Deep Analytics No Yes
Number of Accounts 1 Custom

Terms & Conditions

This section of their page outlines in detail the most important aspects of their service. They give info about the rights and obligations of both the end-user and the provider. This is done particularly in terms of content, accounts, intellectual property, links to other websites, termination of the contract, indemnification, limitation of liability, exclusions, governing law, changes, customer data, Facebook Pixel Integration Feature, data location, subscriptions, free trial, fee changes, and refunds.


It is also worth noting that they have a disclaimer section. There, they notify their users that they are the only ones responsible for how they use the site. This text also claims that users should accept the service as it is. If there are any glitches or malfunctions, the team at Linktree says that they do not warrant that that is going to work.

Privacy Policy

This site lets users know about Linktree’s policies in terms of the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data when making use of their services. They also specify how they treat the choices associated with that data. The team uses the info to make the site works and to improve it. By making use of the platform, people give the website permission to collect and use their information following what is detailed in the policy.


This section starts with some definitions of key terms to ensure that everyone who reads this part can understand it. Some of them are “cookies” or “data controller”, which are not terms that are commonly known by most other people. Then, the text starts describing how everything works there.

Refund Policy

The refund policy does not exist. Future clients can read about this in Terms of Use. At the very bottom of the landing page, the provider clearly states that the amounts people pay for services are non-refundable. So, once people have paid for their plans, there is no way to get their money back.

Linktree Customer Support

Linktree features many ways so that customers can contact them in case they need any help. The team will help clients before and after the buying process. So, those who need some guidance may ask questions about which plans are better for them. And the ones who have tech issues can also send a message using the website.


This is the most traditional way of contacting the company. As soon as clients require help, they must open a section on site that shows a bot. Then, this agent will direct the customer to a part where they can write their concerns or doubts. The last step is to write down one’s email address so the provider can write back.

Online Chart

The online chat is available on the page, too. Clients who do not wish to send an email can opt to send their request using this tool. It is very quick. Still, it might be a bit messy to tag the ticket following their categories. It’s a bit time consuming, so take that into account when sending a message.


A telephone number is not available on site. It might be very useful, for sure, to help those who really need a helping hand quickly. To solve a technical issue, for example, a phone number comes in handy. Yet, that is not possible for users in Linktree.

Support Center

There is a section called help center that features a lot of tips and advice from experts. The team decided to group these blog articles into three. The first one refers to how-to texts. There, there are a lot of articles with tips and instructions on the best way to use the platform. And the steps that any new user has to take to make the most out of the plan they buy.


In the next one, there is advice to start using the service in an efficient way. And the last part is a FAQ one. It features the most common questions that people have when using Linktree. It also has a lot of solutions to problems so that clients can avoid contacting them and solve them on their own.

Quality of Service

The customer service team is very efficient in completing its tasks. They are always available to answer any queries that the clients may have. And they do it pretty fast. If there was a prize for companies that close their tickets quick, they would win it. Also, it is possible to reach them through almost any means, like email and chat. Yet, unfortunately, it is not possible to talk to them on the phone.

Customer Types

Linktree is a tool that can benefit many types of customers. From the most inexperienced freelancer to the largest business in the market. Anyone who uses Instagram for marketing purposes can make a great improvement in their strategies with this tool. Read on to learn how it could help each kind of client.

Small Businesses

Small businesses who are just getting started required to promote their site as much possible. In this way, they could generate more traffic and more sales. This would allow them to grow. Yet, the one link per profile limitation could be bad for this. To be able to get the followers to see all the content that the site has to offer, using Linktree could be useful.

Medium Businesses

Having developed a content strategy and not being able to show it to all the potential customers is frustrating. So, having a tool that lets users put many addresses to all the content they have comes in handy, especially if one plans to become a large company with thousands of sales.

Large Enterprises

These companies are the ones that have been established in the market for years. They are the ones that have had the most time to produce large amounts of content. Articles, videos, and sites are just some of them. Putting all that in only one link is almost impossible. This is why using Linktree could help them showcase all the content they have to offer.


Digital marketers help businesses of all types to thrive in an online environment. Getting people to be interested in a brand without giving them enough info is hard. Customers want to know well who they are giving their money to. This is where having the possibility of showing them many addresses in one place comes in handy.

Linktree Pros & Cons

Linktree is very appreciated among its users. There are, of course, many features that make it famous and of high-quality. Yet, there are some downsides as well. Let’s take a look at them below.



  • It’s very simple to get started. There is no difficult procedure to follow, and it’s not a hassle to create a new account.
  • There is a plan for those who cannot afford their premium one. Even if it has some limitations, the designs Linktree looks very nice.
  • The Instagram page connects as soon as people create their profile on this platform.
  • Even if the analytics that the company offers are quite basic, they will be enough for most clients. Those who need ones that go deeper have the option of paying for a pro plan.
  • Their customer support team is top-notch. They have a quick and kind response.
  • The basic plan makes it impossible for anyone to personalize the themes. For example, no user can change the colors or profile pictures without paying.
  • Most of the features that the provider shows on their page are only available to premium users.

Top 5 Linktree Alternatives

This is not the only agency that offers this kind of service related to links. For Instagrammers, for example, it can be a life-saver to include more URLs to the bio. Below, there are some options for companies that have similar packages.



One of the main benefits is the 50% discount that offers to non-profits. The number of functions is superb. This platform integrates with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. On the downsides, it only allows for the creation of one account.



They are aware that many companies struggle to decide which links to share on their profiles. So, they give users the possibility of sharing all the links they need with only one for them. It also includes a tracking option that will allow knowing how many visits each of them receives.


The idea behind this company is to brand people’s links. For that, they have a number of very cheap plans that have different aims. In the most premium one, for example, users can remove the watermark. And have access to deep analytics.



Linkkle is another agency which aims at making links easier. For that to happen, they offer a basic plan with no ads and unlimited links. The pricing is very affordable, so it’s suitable for any person or business who requires it.

linktree-single-review-about-me aims at giving entrepreneurs a site to showcase their abilities. In just one place, it is easy to integrate and, for example, schedule appointments. Also, the analytics are linked to Google. It’s very simple to get to know how to improve one’s performance.

Linktree Alternatives Comparison Table

After analyzing each of these plans, readers can clearly see the data for the companies below. It includes crucial info to help them decide.

LinkTree Contactinbio LinkPot Linkkle
Price/mo $6 $7 Free $0.99 $6.58 $5
Free trial Yes No Yes No No No
Accounts 1 1 1 1 1
Integration No Yes No No No No
Thumbnails No Yes No No No No
Free Themes Yes Yes Yes No No No
Link Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remove Watermark No No No Yes No
Multiple Accounts No No No Yes No
Customized Colors No No No No No

FAQ Section

What Is Linktree Used For?

Linktree is a tool that allows making the most out of an account’s Instagram traffic at no cost. This is particularly useful for influencers, brands, artists, bloggers, and anyone who wants to grow organically in that platform. It works by giving users a link to place in their bios. That allows those who visit the profile to access the info that account owner put there. In this way, this tool helps to avoid Instagram’s one-link restriction. And so, all the traffic one can see more info.

How Do You See YouTube Videos Tags?

First, find a video. This can be done with a search through Chrome, Firefox, or any explorer. Once there, click with the right button of the mouse anywhere on the page and hit “View Source”. Using the Search function by pressing Ctrl and F at the same time, write keywords to find the ones that are being used. This will allow knowing which tags the Creator Studio tool included on that video.

How Many Tags Should I Use on YouTube?

It is possible to use any number of tags that users may want. Of course, they should not surpass the character limit. That is up to 400 in total among all tags. This is more than enough space in most cases. Yet, there is a recommended number by YouTube. This is between 5 and 8. Yet, that will be up to each creator. It will depend on what the video needs.

How Do You Rank on YouTube?

Optimizing videos to rank high on YouTube is like doing so for any other search engine. One needs to do what the algorithm likes the most. First of all, include the target keyword in the name of the file. It is better if it is at the beginning. Also, make sure it is part of the title. This should be done naturally. The description will also need some optimization, as well as the tags. Relevant terms should be included in all those places.

How Do I SEO My YouTube Channel?

Being among the first results in YouTube’s search engine requires some optimization. The platform has its own unique algorithm that looks for the best answers to what the user types. Mainly, they will need to think about which are the terms that people usually search for. Then, the one with the highest traffic will be the target keyword. That one should be included in the name of the file, the title of the video, the description, and the tags if it is placed at the very beginning, much the better.

Is Using Linktree Is Good for SEO?

Yes, of course. When deciding what to rank in the search results, the algorithm takes several things into account. One of them is backlinking. Having other users go to a website thanks to the link placed on the Instagram profile is beneficial for this. In this way, traffic to a page will increase gradually. User will be able to know which are the most important links thanks to this function.

Why Linktree Stats Is Better Than Youtube Ones?

This is because of their degree of detail. Linktree provides a much more in-depth analysis. It gives info, for example, about how many people visited the link or interacted with it. It also sees which ones receive the highest number of visitors. This is not possible to do with YouTube stats. Yet, this will also depend on who is using the tool. Some users may find useful data on both types of stats.

The Final Word

Instagram is a powerful tool within most digital marketing strategies. Yet, unfortunately, it does not give the opportunity to include links to several pages. Luckily, this whimsical decision can be overcome with tools like Linktree. Being able to place more than one address on a profile helps to drive more traffic to different sites and become better known if that sounds like what the marketing strategy needs, consider using this tool too.

Published: August 29, 2019Updated: March 27, 2024

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