Nimble Review 2023: User-Friendly CRM for Teams

Nimble Review 2023: User-Friendly CRM for Teams
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Nimble Review: In-Depth

Nimble is a premium CRM service for Office 365 and G Suite users. It helps businesses find prospective buyers and build customer loyalty. Brands use these sales tools to improve client experiences. This software also makes life easier for agencies and teams. Multi-channel support and intuitive dashboards let groups get more done in less time.

Nimble Key Features

Nimble boasts 160 applications, including Facebook, Instagram, and Shopify. Teams can use the software to build connections across social media, email, and the Web. The collaboration dashboards are easy to use and feature helpful visuals. Individuals can also take advantage of advanced CRM tools. The service blends classic sales intelligence and modern marketing efforts.

  • Audience Segmentation
  • Contact Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Pipelines
  • Social Media Integration
  • Unified Inbox

Service Review: History

Nimble History

Entrepreneur Jon Ferrera founded Nimble in 2009. He is also the co-founder of GoldMine software, another CRM project. Ferrera created this platform to help businesses achieve better multi-channel connections. He started the company with only $3,000 and zero venture funding. Over the past decade, the enterprise grew into well-known customer-relations management software.

Today, it has a staff of 350 and over 1.5 million users worldwide. Brands trust the service’s ability to build relationships and reach more consumers. Plus, teams save about an hour and a half of work daily with this software.

  • Headquarters in Santa Monica, California
  • 140,000 professional clients
  • Nimble users have clinched $10 million in sales
  • G2 Crowd Small Business Leader Summer 2019
  • Capterra #3 Top 20 CRM Software
  • Endorsed by entrepreneur Mark Cuban
  • Used by FlexJobs, GoDaddy, Upwork, and more

Service Features & Technical Details

Check out the primary aspects that make this software popular with agencies – every brand benefits from these useful tools and services. There are more details later on in the review.

Customer Relationship Management

Nimble Customer Relationship Management

It’s hard to reach a wide target audience. First, businesses need the right research tools. They must know where their customers are and what they expect. Nimble makes this much easier. Teams can reach out across email and social media. This is a great way to connect via LinkedIn or Twitter. There are follow-up templates to build longer-lasting relationships. The collaborative dashboard helps brands to maintain a consistent online voice.

  • Audience Segmentation
  • Email Campaigns
  • Integrations
  • Marketing Automation
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Social Media Outreach
  • Synced Calendar
  • Task Management

Contact Management

Another important component is managing hundreds or thousands of clients. Each consumer is unique, so that’s how brands should approach their customers. The Nimble software helps with organized lists and categories. Individuals can import or export contacts, too. The platform keeps track of conversations and online engagement. Also, groups can always see their sales funnel at a glance.

  • Audience Segmentation
  • Communication Tracking
  • Contact Database
  • Importing/Exporting
  • Interactions & Engagements
  • Lead Management
  • Prospecting Tools
  • Sales Pipelines
  • Shared Contact Lists
  • Searches & Filters

Real Estate CRM

Customer relationship management is not easy. Businesses need a better way to reach audiences and establish trust. Thousands of companies turn to Nimble’s CRM toolkit. With this software, they can target the right buyers and nurture existing clients. The system monitors all communication, so there aren’t any gaps in the connection. Teams feel more organized, and customers feel valued.

  • Audience Prospecting
  • Contact Management
  • Interaction Tracking
  • Lead Nurturing

Sales Force Automation

Brands must do everything they can to maintain a loyal following. CRM services help them reach out to clients and process feedback. They can see progress across several channels and campaigns. Marketing automation makes things easier and saves time each day. The system can also identify new opportunities and predict sales for the future.

  • Buyer Management
  • Contact Organization
  • Customer Database
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Opportunity Forecast
  • Proposal Templates
  • Sales Predictions
  • Social Media Integration

Features in Detail

Now it’s time for a closer look at the system’s key highlights. These programs work together to create a robust CRM software. Businesses will find all they need to find prospects, build connections, and sell more.


The software boasts great ease of use for any sized team. The web-based interface is mobile-accessible, too. Everything is neat and intuitive, although the desktop version works best. Those who want to use their phone or tablet should download the Nimble app.

Customer Database

Users can access this part of the dashboard for more clarity. Here, they’ll see a unified inbox and categories of contacts. They can also integrate over 160 apps for easier communication and outreach. This feature has great prospecting tools, too.

Integrated Lists & Calendars

Group members can import and export contact lists. This keeps the entire team on the same page. The dashboard also shows communications history. This way, people know who needs a follow-up email. Also, this is where they can view the sales pipeline.

Audience Segmentation

Not all CRM software can automatically update contact databases. Nimble does, and this saves the team hours of work each week. Convenient categories and other organizing tools keep things streamlined. The system can identify unfinished actions such as answering social media comments.

Lead Prospecting

This CRM software offers smart segmentation. Clients can search through their contacts and find key players. The process is easier with search filters and group messaging. Users can see who is in the system and who needs a follow-up email.

Exporting Contacts

Just as the system allows importing, it’s also good for exporting. This is great for adding new contacts to the system. It saves tons of time and prevents human error. Users should be sure to label the item tags for better clarity.

Smart Contacts App

Nimble Smart Contacts App

This feature makes it easy to export names from integrated apps. For example, users can transfer their G Suite contacts to Nimble. While on mobile, they can scan a business card and create new client records. This is a huge timesaver and allows for on-the-go functionality. The Smart Contacts App is also available as a browser plugin. It pulls customer info from social media and integrates it into the software.

Lead Nurturing

Nimble Prospector is a newer feature that makes lead management easier. It works with the Smart Contacts App and browser plugin. When clients go to a business’s website, they can access the contact info. The system will add these new details to the dashboard in an instant. The downside is that this is a paid tool. Premium users get 25 credits per month. Here’s a review of the pricing model:

  • 50 credits – $9.95/mo
  • 200 credits – $29.95/mo
  • 500 credits – $59.95/mo
  • 1,000 credits – $99.95/mo

Interaction Tracking

Another helpful feature is the customer history tab. This tracks all communications between the brand and clients. Be aware that users must have Gmail or IMAP email. The system will do instant updates and save all correspondence. This is great for going back and viewing back and forth emails. It makes the buyer experience smoother, too.

All-in-One Inbox

Nimble’s unified inbox is a lifesaver for brands. They have an online presence on social media, the company website, and over email. It’s a lot to organize and manage. The software creates a hub where users can see tweets, emails, Facebook messages, and more. Yet, there is one caveat. The integrated apps must allow API access for Nimble to see the communications.

Group Emails

Companies and entrepreneurs have to deliver a lot of emails. Nimble has a group messages feature to help. It works by using the client’s SMTP server to send up to 100 emails a day. This is great for driving B2B engagement and sales. It’s not the same as an email marketing platform, though. For example, it could do better with autoresponders. Yet, the software allows Mailchimp and Aweber integration. Plus, it comes with basic analytics to help with segmenting audiences.

  • Open rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Bounce rate

Task & Event Dashboard

Nimble Task & Event Dashboard

The clean and organized interface makes it easy to assign tasks. Group members can do more collaborative work and clinch more deals. The customer dashboard shows the interactions and events at a glance. Employees can sync up their calendars for a unified view. Color-coded categories keep things manageable.

Synced Calendar Management

This is another example of how Nimble plays well with G Suite and Office 365. Users can integrate those calendars to the platform. As an alternative, there is also a built-in feature in the system. The result is easy two-way communication between individuals and the larger team.

Nimble ‘Deals’

This feature offers sales opportunities and suggestions. Groups can identify their goals, such as lead discovery or recurring buyers. The dashboard lets them see a visual representation of each sales stage. This helps clients reach out to consumers throughout the deal and beyond. Again, they can see all communications history, so there aren’t gaps in following up.

Customer Communications Tracking

Experts recognize this system for its developed interaction tracking capabilities. It’s easy for teams to log client questions and answer requests. They can even organize communications history. They can also assign a specific inquiry to a group member or task. Integrations like, Zapier, and Zendesk optimize this tool.

Over 160 Integrated Apps

The system works well with all Google applications, but that’s not all. It also has built-in Mailchimp and Twitter tools. PieSync integrates contact information. 366 Degrees works best for campaigns, landing pages, and CTAs. Users can sync their accounts with:

  • Zapier
  • Quickbooks
  • Salesforce
  • Shopify
  • Stripe
  • and many more

Nimble Plans & Pricing

Another thing that’s nice and easy about Nimble is its pricing model. Anyone can try out the service for free for 14 days. After that, they can sign on to the paid plan. There is only one package, and it’s affordable for any sized business. Customers can buy upgrades if they need more storage space.

Nimble Business: Affordable Access to Advanced Resources

Individuals have 14 days to decide if they want the Business package. It grants them unlimited access to most of Nimble’s features, all for $25 a month. The downside is that this rate applies to single users. Subscribers can manage group messaging and email templates. The collaborative dashboard allows them to assign tasks and see sales reports. They’ll receive free onboarding and one-on-one consultations. Weekly webinars are available, too.

Nimble Pricing Business

Features: All-in-one inbox, Calendar sync, Contact capture, Interaction history, Lead management & segmentation, Nimble Prospector, Pipeline management, Social listening, 2GB storageNumber of Users: 1 (each user costs $25/mo)

Number of Accounts: 1

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $25/mo


  • Affordable monthly rate
  • Android/iPhone apps and browser plugin
  • Excellent user support
  • Team permissions
  • Unlimited access to Prospector & pipeline tools


  • Additional users cost extra
  • Limit of 25 enrichment credits per month

Pricing & Key Features Comparison Table

Review this side-by-side comparison of Nimble’s free trial and paid plan. Entrepreneurs can experience most of the perks before committing to a subscription. Remember, users can upgrade their storage space for an extra fee.

Free Trial Nimble Business
Price $0 $25/mo
# of Users 1 1
# of Accounts 1 1
Audience Segmentation Yes Yes
Contact Capture Yes Yes
Enrichment Credits 10/mo 25/mo (per user)
Group Messaging 50/day 100/day (per user)
Pipeline Management Yes Yes
Social Media Signals Yes Yes
Storage 1GB 2GB
Unified Inbox Yes Yes

Terms & Conditions

The staff last reviewed the terms of service in November 2019. The system is for customer use only. Administrators reserve the right to change the terms at any point. Clients are responsible for providing accurate and complete information. Nimble may suspend or end accounts that refuse to supply correct details.

Users are responsible for everything they post or share on the platform. They cannot use the software to violate any third-party’s rights or intellectual property. Clients can use the site’s API, but the staff provides it on an “as-is” and “as available” basis. Team accounts are individual profiles with two or more users.

Privacy Policy

The company last updated the privacy policy in June 2019. Nimble complies with the EU – US Privacy Shield Framework. Users must be 16 or older. The platform collects customer information through registration, website use, and correspondence. Individuals can request this info by emailing [email protected]. Other details the enterprise collects includes geographical location and third-party app usage. The brand uses mobile analytics to test software and application performance.

The business collects additional details. This includes log files, marketing materials, and ads. The system may share some consumer data with partners or third parties. Shareable content involves names, phone numbers, addresses, usernames, and geographic locations.

Refund Policy

The enterprise reserves the right to cancel anyone’s account due to term violations. This action will not entitle the subscriber to a refund. The company has a strict no refund policy. The legal policies state that all sales are final. Customers must pay all fees through the end of the billing period, even if they cancel. They can send any payment disputes to [email protected]. The staff must receive these requests within 30 days.

Customer Support

Nimble Support

Now it’s time to review the company’s support channels. Most clients claim that customer service is quite good. Here’s a closer look at how to get in touch with the staff.


The company’s website does not list an office phone number. It does list the physical address: 3122 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90404. Nimble has a business listing on MapQuest. The number there is 310-453-7722.


Individuals can get in touch with customer support by emailing [email protected]. For business inquiries, brands and partners can message [email protected]. There is also a separate email address for career questions.

Online Chat

The company website has an online chat option, but it’s not on the homepage. Instead, visitors need to go to the Support Center page. There, they’ll see the speech bubble button in the bottom right. They can select from the templates to speak to sales or support.

Support Center

This hub is an entire website dedicated to customer support. At the top of the page, there is a search bar. Visitors can type in their questions to find relevant articles and tutorials. They can also scroll down to see suggested topics. This includes billing, feature walkthroughs, integrations, and more. There is an FAQ topic that may answer the majority of their questions. Individuals can also find video guides for getting started.

Quality of Service

The company has a claimed Trustpilot account, but no reviews. It also has a profile with the Better Business Bureau. Yet, it is not accredited, so it doesn’t have a rating. There are zero complaints and reviews on that website. Individuals will have to turn to independent tech reviewers. Most of them agree that Nimble is rich in features and is quite easy to use. Highlights include the app integrations and contact management tools. It has 8.5 out of 10 stars on TrustRadius.

Customer Types

This system is a strong player in the lead management arena. It looks like the software is a good choice for all kinds of clients. This section reviews different customer types and the experience they can expect.

Small Businesses

A smaller company could get a lot out of this system. Modest team sizes aren’t an issue because there is only one plan. These groups will save more money since the $25 is per user. Plus, they’ll get unlimited access to sales pipelines and contact management.

Mid-Sized Companies

A medium-sized business could do well with this software. It can save money by choosing the annual subscription, which is $19 per month. The messaging and calendar features are great for managing many campaigns and tasks. There are daily correspondence and storage limits, but this might not be a problem.

Large Enterprises

This only issue with a bigger corporation would be the cost. This software might be best for the sales or marketing department. The teams could work together and collaborate on multi-channel campaigns. Zapier integration should help with syncing up extra systems.


A freelancer or influencer can give Nimble a try. The pricing is approachable, and the system is robust. Right now, the service has trouble connecting to Facebook, so that could pose a problem. Besides that, the software could be a huge timesaver. Users shouldn’t have issues connecting to LinkedIn or other social media.

Nimble Pros & Cons

All the software’s tools and integrations create a strong CRM hub. The lead management features are better than most competitors. Individuals will also appreciate the Android and iPhone apps. Most clients are fine with the one-size-fits-all subscription. Yet, it’s not the best choice for someone who relies on Facebook outreach.



  • Advanced lead generation features
  • Automated tasks save hours of work each week
  • Clean, intuitive design with helpful visuals
  • Easy to export data from several sources
  • Mobile compatibility and dozens of app integrations
  • Unified inbox and interaction archive
  • Visual sales flow
  • All-in-one inbox has some connection glitches
  • Messaging limits may deter some brands
  • Pricing is per user (no team-centric plans)

Nimble Alternatives

While lots of entrepreneurs and brands use Nimble, there are other options. Here are six competitor reviews worth checking out.

1. Salesforce CRM: Helps Small Teams Sell Faster

Salesforce Main Alternatives

Top brands trust Salesforce CRM, such as T-Mobile and Unilever. The platform integrates with Google apps and Outlook. Clients can enjoy weekly forecasts and reports. They’ll also get file syncing and sharing. Drag-and-drop functionality makes the visual workflow a breeze to use.

2. Zoho CRM: More Social Integrations

Zoho Alternatives

Zoho puts artificial intelligence to work. It compiles Facebook and Twitter data and produces custom reports. Clients can send mass emails and track website visitors. The platform works with Microsoft Outlook and Slack. Prices are competitive and include essential lead nurturing tools.

3. Agile CRM: Modern Tools at a Great Price

Agile CRM

This software lives up to its name. It counts Indeed and Fidelity Bank as loyal customers. Brands get the advantage of all-in-one sales, marketing, and service. Perks include collaborative messaging across channels and a lead prospector. Clients can sync to Google calendar and get a 360° contact view. Agile is cloud-based and mobile-compatible.

4. Hubspot CRM: A Headstart in Sales & Marketing

HubSpot Alternatives

HubSpot CRM is free. Or, clients can pay to use it with the Marketing Hub. It works with Gmail, Outlook, and Facebook Messenger. Individuals can create custom form fields and mobile-optimized content. Many reviews praise the prospecting tools, ads management, and a shared inbox.

5. Pipedrive: Custom Pipelines and Reports

Pipedrive Alternatives

This cloud-based software features an open API. Individuals spend only $15 per month for over 150 integrations. They can also access customizable pipelines and daily reports. These will show deals and activity opportunities. Clients can even import data from Zoho or HubSpot.

6. Mailchimp: Edit & Market Emails Like a Pro

MailChimp Alternatives

This popular system isn’t CRM-specific. Its strength lies in email marketing. The Essentials plan allows up to 50,000 contacts and three users. They can boost engagement through templates and split testing. Some tools can track purchasing behaviors. Integrations include Facebook and Instagram ads.

Nimble & Alternatives Pricing Comparison Table

Here’s a quick review of each service alternative compared to Nimble. These prices and features reflect the basic paid plans. Some abilities may be available on the higher tiers. This chart can make it easier to find the best choice.

Nimble Service Sales
Zoho Service Agile Service HubSpot Service Pipedrive Service Mailchimp Service
Price $25/mo $25/mo $18/mo $15/mo $0/mo $15/mo $10/mo
# of Users 1 10 3 10 1 1 3
# of Accts 1 1 1 5 1 1 3
Contact Capture Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrations Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lead Generation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile App Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Opportunity Mgmt Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pipeline Mgmt Yes Limited Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Marketing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Storage 2GB 10GB 1GB 1GB 1GB 1GB 2GB
Unified Inbox Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


What is Nimble CRM?

This software is an all-in-one space for customer support, marketing, and sales. It helps brands track visitor history and communications across several channels. The interface works well for collaboration and sends weekly reports. Here, businesses can view sales progress, deals, and tasks.

Does Nimble Come Pre-Populated With Leads?

No, the software does not generate contact lists for clients. Yet, some integrations and tools make it easy to import this info. Customers can bring in their leads from Mailchimp or G Suite. They can also use the Lead Prospector feature to find consumer data from websites. The system adds those details to the platform automatically.

Is Nimble a Good CRM Tool?

Yes. Many tech experts and marketing pros agree that the platform is rich in features. Teams will find almost all the help they need to drive sales. The all-in-one dashboard shows sales pipelines, calendars, and messages. Group members can work with dozens of integrations for customer support and marketing. There are also plenty of deal-making tools.

Intelligent Sales & Marketing That Isn’t Clunky

Nimble shares many characteristics with competitors. Yet, it outperforms most of them, and for a great price. Most users will find the interface quick and easy to learn. The collaborative and integrated functions make it a one-stop-shop. On the one hand, it’d be nice if it could get Facebook API back. Still, it’s hard to beat the 160 integrations and mobile compatibility. When in doubt, give it a try for two weeks. It wins over small, medium, and large companies.

Published: December 17, 2020Updated: March 27, 2024

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