RedSocial Review: Popularity in One Click

RedSocial Review: Popularity in One Click
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4.2 / 5

Price Plans

  • 100 Instagram Followers ($2.5)

  • 100 Instagram Followers ($2.5)

  • 250 Twitter Followers ($8)

  • 50 Facebook Followers ($3)

  • 100 Instagram Like ($4)

  • 200 Facebook Like ($7)

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Starting Price per 100 Instagram Followers


RedSocial Review: In Depth

As stated before, RedSocial tries to provide top-rated social media tactics and tools. This is great for those who own a business. They offer so many networks that these owners need to know what they are looking for. These services are of great quality, and this means they are not cheap. This company, then, is well suited for experienced companies. Because they will be able to afford such products. Also, they are great when guiding people who don’t know where to start. The process is simple. Potential clients have to contact them to tell them they are interested in a certain package. Then, RedSocial will answer with more suggestions. In this manner, the team will make sure the pack is the best-suited one for that particular client.

Supported Networks and Services

RedSocial has many offers for different social media websites. These respond to varied user needs. For example, Google Plus is more focused on tech pros. On the other hand, a blog is more dedicated to the general public. They offer fast delivery. That is, as soon as clients pay for what they want, they will start receiving their likes and subscriptions. They guarantee that apps will not ban clients’ accounts because they have no bots.


Facebook products are varied. They are mostly focused on businesses. Clients can choose to order targeted likes to different activities on the page. Their top-rated product is Ratings. When clients buy a product from a page, they can choose to leave some stars to it. Most people usually forget, and this hurts a brand. With RedSocial, they will prevent this from happening.


These products are mostly affordable. Only the one in which people have to post on visuals is a bit pricier. The retention rate of the products is fairly good, and accounts which provide the likes and shares are active ones. This will avoid owners from banning them on the platform.


Customer support for this platform is great. They know exactly what their customers need. The subscribers are got quickly, and there is one perk that people can take advantage of. If they hire followers in general, these ones will do other actions for them! For example, they will retweet content without having to pay extra.


RedSocial offers support to many other apps. Soundcloud, Vimeo, and Google Plus are some of the options. The latter is one of the most interesting ones. It attracts people coming from the tech background. This means that they will value a lot a high-quality service. That’s why they are not cheap. Yet, the traffic does not drop. And clients can receive them very quickly.


Plans & Prices

Their plans and prices are varied. For example, users can find followers and likes for Facebook, but no subscribers. Also, prices are more expensive or cheaper depending on the value of the service. This means that 5-star ratings on Facebook are crucial for a business. Most clients forget to give stars to companies. And, people do not like to be the first ones to try a service. They might be afraid it’s of bad quality. That’s why these are very expensive when compared with views for YouTube, for example. In this table, you can see the pricing for 1,000 accounts.

Network Followers (1000) Views/Shares (1000) Likes (1000)
Facebook $35 $40 $39
Twitter $28 $12 $12
Instagram $30 $6 $18
SoundCloud $20 $14 $20
Vimeo $35 $3 $35
YouTube $150 $5 $55
Google Plus $30 $60 $40


Finally, they employ only top-notch writers. When it comes to comments, the most important thing is quality. If they are not good, then potential clients might feel weird about the content. They claim that when hiring them, clients will never find bad writing in the product they bought, such as spelling, grammar, and unrelated data.

Network Services in Detail

In this section, readers can find detailed data about each service. It supports many apps with different perks. Some of them are comments, downloads, subscriptions, shares and more. Below there’s a description of each of them. Also, the reasons why they are suitable for a particular audience.

Facebook Services

When offering products for this app, the first thing they assure is that the accounts are not bots. They are all real people who take action on Facebook every day. If owners want their audience to see them, they need likes and lots of them! This means that people trust them. Either in their services or the products, they offer. It is really hard to get those organic likes. Why? Because, for some reason, persons do not want to be the first ones in doing something.

Services 200 500 1.000 2.000
Status likes $7 $17 $39 $55
Page Likes $10 $25 $59 $80
Shares $9 $22 $40 $80
Ratings $60 $120 $200 $400
Followers $10 $20 $35 $70


So, they guarantee that:

  • The accounts are English speaking.
  • The traffic appears in a spreading period of time.
  • Views do not drop.
  • The accounts have the option of liking pages they are interested in.

This is great! It means those who like your page will also like and comment on the things you post. In that way, a website will always be active. They also have Facebook reviews to offer. This is amazing and useful for brands.

Instagram Services

Instagram is one of the most growing platforms of today. Persons usually like the visual content which makes them feel something. If brand owners are able to do this, then they will receive a like. If they are lucky, also a comment. RedSocial offers true followers and likes. These likes will come from genuine accounts. What makes them different from other companies is that they set up whole marketing campaigns. They do not just send an order. Rather, they get in contact with the client and see what they need. This way, they can advise on what is better for them.

Services 500 1.000 2.500 5.000
Followers $10 $18 $45 $85
Likes $17 $30 $55 $120
Video Views $4 $6 $15 $25
Comments $250 $500 $1100 $2.500


They also comment on the importance of commenting on content. After getting a Like, most viewers tap on the visual. Then, they read what others wrote. If these are not good, then the brand looks sketchy. Even worse if the comment is negative. Buying these services is a great option to build up trust.

Twitter Services

People who surf Twitter every day get a lot of data all the time. Famous persons, for example, post many times every day. So, the only option for users is to pay attention to some of them. Sounds challenging to become famous like this, right? One way of doing this is by getting more followers in the app. Why? Because more and more people will view the things that owners post. And, most importantly, they will get retweets. This proves that people love the content!

Services 500 1.000 5.000
Retweets $7 $12 $50
Likes $7 $12 $50
Followers $15 $28 $120


Different from other companies, followers in RedSocial are not cheap. They claim their accounts are genuine. So, they will not only follow an account. They will keep on liking and commenting on posts in the future. Retweets, though, seem to be the most critical metrics. This means that people love content so much they post it on their own accounts. Consider that when hiring this type of services for Twitter.

Other Services

This tool supports many networks. One that is crucial today is Google Plus. It has been on since 2011, though it is not as popular as other apps. Facebook or YouTube, for example, offer more options to their users. Yet, this platform is still good for those who dedicate to digital marketing. This platform is crowded with people who have a tech background. In sum, it is not for everyone. Yet, the audience here can be profitable. A nice account in this app is impressive, then. It proves that a particular page is not just popular with the general persons. But that the content is of high quality. So, the people who know what they are doing will read and follow that account.

Terms and Guarantees

RedSocial is a big name in social media. And like all companies that are serious about their business, they have Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which specifies their refunds and refills.

Terms and Conditions

The persons who want to buy products have to comply with these terms. They would not ask for passwords, though they might need some personal data. For example, they will ask for credit card details, shipping data and more. They say they might use that data to make services better. For this, they may need to disclose it to third parties. About errors, they admit they might make some during the ordering process. If that happens, they have the right to change anything that was wrong. This without giving prior notice.

Privacy Policy

When placing an order, clients have to provide specific personal information. That includes name, email address, URL and payment details. They give some uses to that data. First, to make the operations quicker. Secondly, to keep clients informed about their orders. Also, to provide solutions for potential issues that could arise. Of course, they do not ask for passwords or sensitive data. This could be dangerous. At all times, RedSocial gives warnings about companies that try to scam clients. Finally, they vowed not to disclose any personal data to others. They regularly work to avoid safety holes and hacks.

Refund Policy

About refunds, the first thing clients need to do is to contact RedSocial. There are 2 ways of contacting them. We will describe them in the next section. To ask for money back, clients need to give as many details as possible. If they made a mistake, they even offer to give other services without payment. People might order traffic and not receive it later. If that’s the case, they make partial or full refunds. This will not happen, though, for orders that clients already got. Finally, customers may open a dispute through other payment platforms, like Paypal. If that’s the case, RedSocial will do nothing but to cancel their campaign. Also, they will suspend their account.

Retention Policy

This company seems to be quite confident in the quality of its accounts. At all times, they claim that no traffic is lost. Only because what they offer is genuine and active. So, it seems that there’s no clear retention program. This data is not present on the site. They do not have a warranty period either. Those who have issues with their orders will need help for sure. Some customers report they lost some YouTube followers, for example. Yet, the company helped them and gave them a refill.

Customer Support

Their customer support team is fairly available. They claim to be online every day, at any time. Yet, this is not always the case. They might take a long time to answer at night. Yet, it is natural to happen when they have employees. Before ordering, we asked several questions about the services. To contact RedSocial we had two options. They have a contact form on site that’s simple to use. They also have an email account. Both of them are equally fast. They kindly answered our questions. Also, they pointed out where to find that data on their page. People, then, can rely on their customer care team to solve issues and answer queries.

RedSocial Quality of Followers

At all times, the company stresses that its traffic is good. They offer accounts whose owners are native speakers of English. This ensures that the quality of reviews, for example, is great. Also, RedSocial gives accounts that are real. They do not only seem to be genuine. They are! These people are active in their social networks. They have friends, followers, likes and post at least once a month. In addition to this, followers will not just click on a like. They will also interact with the pages they follow. Users should take it into account because not many services offer this perk.

Retention Rate

We tried their services and saw that the retention was quite good. Yet, it was not flawless. For example, YouTube followers tend to drop by 5% after two weeks. Still, it is a very good rate when compared to other ones. The one that worked best was Google Plus. Their retention rate was almost 100% after a month.

RedSocial Pros & Cons



  • They are a team of professionals. They know exactly what the most common issues are in the field. And they do something about it. For example, they claim that comments will be of good quality. That is, without grammar or spelling errors.
  • They have unique services. RedSocial is different from other companies that always offer the same. Users can find cheap followers anywhere. Facebook ratings, on the other hand, are hard to get. Yet, they are valuable for owners.
  • Their customer care is top-notch. They are very fast and kind when answering. Also, they offer personalized marketing options. That means they contact clients before delivering orders. This way, they make sure users are making the right choice for their needs.
  • They are not cheap. Some of their services are affordable, like followers for YouTube. Yet, the most valuable ones are pricey. For example, traffic for Google Plus costs a lot of money.
  • They have no retention or refill options. It is great they are so confident in their own skills. But, if users have an issue with their order, there is not a written way to fix the problem.

The Final Word

Being successful in social media platforms is not easy. Especially when users are just starting. Finding new followers is tough because people do not like being the first ones to do something. Particularly, when trying a paid service. RedSocial can help with this issue!

No matter the app owners are looking for, this tool will surely support it. They have some nice pricing options, and they can adapt their services to suit people’s needs. Though they have no refill policy, RedSocial is still a great option to be considered when looking for social media services.

Published: June 12, 2019Updated: March 27, 2024

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