SurveyGizmo Review: The Complete Survey Software

SurveyGizmo Review: The Complete Survey Software
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SurveyGizmo Review: In-Depth

SurveyGizmo is a web-based software that helps handle review statistics for businesses. From startups to more established enterprises; it helps them provide customer-sensitive services in 2023. It collects, integrates, and analyzes figures the right way.

It takes note of data laws and provides proper data control to consumers. Also, price management and typical information security options are in place. This makes it easier for businesses to reach and act on feedback better.

Key Features

The software consists of two major features. Survey Management and Process Management are their entire makeup. Every other component falls into one of these two.

  • Consistent Brand Design
  • Survey Execution
  • Collection of Feedback Data
  • Device Responsiveness
  • Aggregation of Reviews
  • Real-Time Action
  • Analysis in Real-time
  • Alerts for triggers
  • System Management
  • System Monitoring
  • Security

SurveyGizmo Review: Background Information

SurveyGizmo Background Info

It is a company founded in 2006. Its current headquarters is in Boulder, Colorado. The business is borne out of the need to create a survey software with essential tools. Features that do cost thousands of dollars are on offer to businesses at lower prices. With this service, people can conduct studies with ease and at a subsidized rate.

Key people include:

  • Christian Vanek (Cofounder)
  • Scott McDaniel (Cofounder)
  • David Robert (CEO)
  • Jove Oakley (CFO)
  • Ian Russell (Vice president of Technology)

In 2023, the company serves about 15,000 clients, a good number of whom are Fortune 500 companies.

SurveyGizmo Review: Features

All features have a singular goal; to help organizations conduct quality studies as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The features are interactive and are easy to use.


The end goal is to provide survey services used by many. They can create intended studies that help them get the precise information needed. A range of choices ensures customers’ needs at the fore.

  • Complete Data Analysis kits
  • Innovative Skip Logic
  • Custom Survey URLs
  • Precise Email Marketing Service
  • Solid Question Library Tool
  • User-Friendly Mobile Survey Tool
  • Reliable Offline Response Collection
  • Intuitive Question Branching
  • Site Intercept Surveys
  • Support for Audio, Images, and Video

360 Degree Feedback

It allows its subscribers to derive reviews from respondents in a particular way. A lot of options are at hand to help them achieve their feedback goals.

  • Surveys & Feedback
  • Question Library
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Rater Selection
  • Progress Tracking

Customer Engagement

Whenever subscribers have a concern, the dashboard presents needed help to resolve it. There are various channels to engage users in the use of their products.

  • Communication Management
  • Analytics
  • Feedback Collection
  • Community Forum Management
  • Video Content

Employee Engagement

They allay employee problems with sound solutions when they happen, in simple ways.

  • Benchmark Storing
  • Manage Negative Feedback
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Pulse Surveys

Market Research

The company understands that there is always a need to be aware of the trends in the market. As such, it helps its users to get this vital information. The various features used within its service includes:

  • Data Management
  • Email and Online Marketing
  • Benchmarking
  • Sample Management
  • Person-to-Person
  • Panel Management Service
  • Statistical Analysis Tool


SurveyGizmo also helps with opinion polls, allowing organizations to take voting exercises. Through various channels, online and offline, with real-time tracking possibilities, they offer:

  • Data Analysis Tool
  • Distribution via Email
  • Online Polling
  • Feedback Collection
  • Real-Time Result Tracking
  • Multiple Question Types
  • Presentation Tool
  • Polling via SMS
  • Skip Logic
  • Support for Audio, Images, Video

SurveyGizmo Features: Get More Details

The software creates useful reviews and study systems with a shorter set up time. This powerful tool ships with advanced modules to help organizations improve feedback quality. Results of feedback get faster to those who can act on it. Here is an overview of its key features.

Create and Customize Surveys

It creates an optimal experience for subscribers doing research that suits their needs. They can tweak the study and customize it as they see fit from its font to styles, color, and others. This permits one to build systems that help outfits get a review that is set up well.

Receive and Give Quality Feedback

The tool grants subscribers the option to get quality reviews. It ensures responders send feedback specific to the kind of responses given in research. So whether the answers to a study’s questions are correct or not, subscribers can immediately reply to responders’ questions.

Feedback Integration

When the respondents’ reviews come in, there is the need to merge such input with the right sources. SurveyGizmo presents customers with the chance to do this with ease. With a broad range of software from which to blend. These increased according to the bundle a customer uses.


It permits editing, sharing, and exporting of reports used among account admins through various channels. Customers can create and use reports with comfort. It makes a good case for organizations that have more than one hand to handle their studies.

Download Report Data

Customers can download reports and other inputs sourced from respondents’ submissions on studies. They can as well transfer and store such statistics without difficulty. This drives usability up a notch.

Data Analysis Tools

SurveyGizmo helps its users to review the details collected from research participants. The data goes through processing in various ways to make it suitable for use. This is the highpoint of using this product.

Email Marketing Campaign

There are offers for email promotions of surveys. It permits sending of requests through emails. It also allows personalized modes of tracking each email’s progress on research. From its collaborator plan, customers can edit and manage emails sent to their clients. They can even send appreciation emails to those who have completed the questionnaires.

Data in Visuals

The data acquired through the software is presented in an easy-to-understand format. The features allow subscribers to project figures as they see fit. The potential of this to organizations is vast.

Question Library

There is a wide range of choices for curating study questions. The freedom present in creating surveys could contribute to getting peculiar results. This tool allows subscribers to store items for future studies and save time as a result. All admins registered on an account can see these questions at any time.

Skip Logic Tool

The Skip Logic component on SurveyGizmo is unique to the software. While other logic rules are straightforward, this tool disrupts a flow. It allows users to edit the usual default research process and redirect respondents. It helps customers reform logic specific to each respondent in surveys created.


SurveyGizmo integrates with a wide range of products. The number of integrations increases based on the bundle customers are on.

Some of the ones on offer are:

  • Private Domain
  • Stripe
  • Google Sheets
  • Review actions
  • Logins
  • API access
  • Google Analytics
  • Tumblr.

SurveyGizmo Plans and Pricing

SurveyGizmo Plans and Pricing

There are various bundles from which to pick. They depend on how much customers can pay. From the free package to the highest-priced one, features are well distributed. These plans vary to fit the business’s level of needs and pockets. Small scale businesses may not need the full access package as the collaborator, or professional plans should meet their needs.

The number of unique logins accepted depends on the number of licenses present on an account. A license must be purchased for each user added. Accordingly, any number of users can be introduced as the need arises.


This plan is for customers that like to have experience with the service offerings. On the free bundle, subscribers can manage up to three surveys at a time, with no more than 100 responses, raw data exports, and a few question types.


  • Unlimited Questions permitted for surveys.
  • Up to 100 responses per survey.
  • Up to five pages per survey.
  • Comes with standard summary reporting.


  • It only permits three active surveys at a time.
  • Lacks 24/7 email support.


The collaborator plan is the first paid package. It has all the features present in the Free bundle. Added features include; an unlimited number of questions, surveys, responses, and customized survey branding. It comes with support for email campaigns. Free trial for some time is also available. It may suit small businesses better.


  • More features than a free plan.
  • Access to Email support.
  • Added integration to Google Analytics.
  • Access to email campaigns.


  • Lacks theme library
  • Does not allow 360 performance reviews


The professional package fits customers who need more robust data collection services. It has more advanced tools, an extensive list of question types, and offline mode. It also comes with an advanced reporting system, support for phone services, and a long list of other items.


  • Access to more integrated software.
  • Phone support.
  • More advanced report elements.
  • Web-page redirects.


  • Lacks 360 performance review.
  • No support for R script library.

Full Access

This bundle comprises all attributes of the software. Customers on this plan get access to all the support and services on offer. From reporting to quizzes, question types, support, integrations, everything! This is suitable for large scale businesses and their needs. Users can try the plan for free for a limited time.


  • Total access to all the features.
  • Support for R script library.
  • Gets 360 performance review.
  • Advanced survey analysis.


  • Not suitable for a business that has many users.
  • Price is at the high side.

Enterprise Package

The Enterprise plan is also available for businesses that may need more solutions than already offered on the Full Access package. It qualifies for volume discounting when an account registers more than 20 users. It is eligible for a dedicated account manager. Unlike the Full Access plan, it can be used company-wide.


  • A customized survey service tailored to the user’s preference.
  • It comes with a dedicated account manager.
  • Volume discounting on accounts with over 20 unique logins.
  • It can serve large organizations with many users.


  • It could be an overkill for even large businesses with only a few users.
  • Prices for additional components may be exorbitant.

Price & Key Features Comparisons Table

The range of bundles available for software subscribers is wide, depending on price. Here is a comparison of key options offered in each package to help customers make informed decisions at a glance.  They can conclude on which plan suits their needs best. Every tool present on lower-priced packages rolls over to the higher ones.

Free Collaborator Professional Full Access Enterprise
Monthly Price $0 $35 $135 $240 Customized
Yearly Price $0 $300 $1020 $1800 Customized
Email Campaigns No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reporting and Statistics One standard report Data export Automatic Email Reports SPSS
All available modes on lower plans
Custom Template No No Yes Yes Yes
Support Community Forum Email Support Phone
File Upload No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Raw Data Export Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ReCaptcha No Yes Yes Yes Yes
RegEx Validation No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Surveys 3
(100 responses)
(Survey logic)
(Advanced Survey Logic)
(Advanced Survey Analysis)
Integration No Yes
(Google Analytics Integration)
(API Access Control, Webhooks)
Yes (Learning Management Record System Integration) Yes

Terms and Conditions

Users who bring their business must agree that they are above 13 years old due to their site’s contractual nature.

The resources on the site and service are for lawful purposes only. For no reason should any state, federal, or international law get violated. Where users make contributions, the company is not liable for the content posted. It reserves the right to remove such content based on its sole discretion.

SurveyGizmo is not responsible for any virus or malware that a user’s system may get while using their online resources.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is pretty clear. They give subscribers autonomy over how they put their data to use with regards to relevant laws. Those without prejudice to third party sites may use the services on the website of their choosing.

SurveyGizmo only acts as a conduit for the transfer of survey data and respondent feedback. The only thing users contribute is the input that customers seek. Respondent’s email addresses are not re-used. Subscribers get to decide the data center they look to by the sites used to create their surveys.

Refund Policy

There are no refund structures for unused services or time. But, when users seek to get a refund for such, they can contact the support team to discuss details or any help they may need in getting a refund.

Customer Support

SurveyGizmo Support

Support offers a wide range of utilities that are within reach. It provides customer assistance through telephone, email, and online chat. The support center is also very ingenious.


The telephone support is available for customers on specific plans. They can be reached at +1-800-609-6480. Subscribers of the Professional and Full Access packages get this option. The telephone line is live from 6 AM to 6 PM on weekdays.


The email support service is available to subscribers on the collaborator plan, the professional bundle, and the full access plan. This support is live on a 24/7 basis. To contact support via email, a support ticket has to get sent out first.

Online Chat

The online chat is an excellent pool of resources that might interest subscribers. Answers to questions come from the admin team. The community forum is available to everyone, on every plan. It provides a documentation platform with resources to help subscribers better navigate their products.

Support Center

This includes resources, their telephone line, mail line, community forums, and rooms. And even when customers experience hardship with the use of their accounts. The support center grants access to subscriber’s accounts to help troubleshoot issues.

Quality of Service

The quality of service for SurveyGizmo based on reviews seems fair. Users appreciate the ease with which feedback is customizable. There are many steps to take in creating them to feel like a drag at times. There may also be some perks in pricing, but, as said before, it is an excellent service.

SurveyGizmo: Customer Types

Different organizations might want to use the product-large one to smaller ones. This part of the review engages how SurveyGizmo may serve a range of different customers’ needs.

Small Businesses

For small businesses that may not need to do too many surveys, SurveyGizmo may fit their needs. As with its collaborator plan, subscribers can access an unlimited amount of surveys and email support and the likes if they don’t mind the price. The integrations not allowed may prove to be a challenge for those who need more of that.

Large Enterprises

Large enterprises may find SurveyGizmo in line with their needs. It opens up a wide range of support, from a set up process and advanced survey features to an email campaign. A plan to look out for is the full access plan with a vast expanse of elements if the price sits right with them. Otherwise, other bundles could prove inconvenient.

Medium Businesses

SurveyGizmo may be optimal for medium enterprises. The professional plan especially gives them a running use of many interactive tools. These tools become handy when the need to create customized surveys comes up. It also provides respondent feedback with relative ease.


Freelancers can find a plan suitable for them to use. There is a full range of choices, depending on what they seek. While SurveyGizmo may fit those who do a lot of surveys, there are plans that meet other needs in the lower rung of bundles. They should also consider the restricted integrated software available.

SurveyGizmo Pros and Cons

There are several excellent features on offer to create surveys and manage feedback. It has its shortcomings like; additional costs and some glitches with the service.



  • It is easy to set up and use.
  • Logic brings in better performance.
  • Better integration with external tools.
  • Excellent report sharing capabilities.
  • The platform prioritizes development.
  • Support is outstanding.
  • A wide range of question types from which to choose.
  • Good value for the money.
  • Duplicate protection tools add difficulty.
  • Security features make editing complicated.
  • Tasking to use on mobile.
  • User experience needs an upgrade.
  • It can do with more customization.

SurveyGizmo Alternatives

How does SurveyGizmo fare with competitors? There is a wide range of options from which to choose. Each with its unique selling points and perks. Here is an overview of comparing the software to a few other competitors in the market.


SurveyMonkey New

SurveyMonkey is an online survey software providing tools for doing surveys fast. It integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, MailChimp, and many others. It is suitable for significant survey works. But may have challenges with more complex surveys.


TypeForm Main Alternatives

The Typeform survey platform seeks to make data collection a natural experience. From quizzes to forms to surveys and the likes. It also allows subscribers to customize their works to fit customers’ brands, with over a hundred integrations.


JotForm Main Alternatives

Jotform is a mobile-based app available on mobile stores that helps it’s users collect data, create forms, and edit all for free. It lets subscribers work from anywhere on their surveys. It also allows them to share results and work created with others.

Zoho Survey

Zoho Alternatives

Zoho Survey is a web-based survey software that is easy to use and quick to deploy. Users can reach their target audience with vital features that enable users to share, analyze, and create surveys. It comes ready with over a hundred templates to choose from with the choice of customizing as well.


Qualtrics Main Alternatives

Qualtrics or Qualtrics CoreXM allows users to manage their surveys and get feedback from other software. It sports customizable choices that users may like. Its significant features include trend alerts, data insight reports. On the respondents’ side, there is segmentation and response to feedback in real-time.


Wufoo Main Alternatives

Wufoo provides robust, customized online forms and surveys, allowing them to automate workflows and collect data needed, among others. Users on the platform can serve many clients in providing contact forms and complex surveys.

Competitors’ Table of Comparisons

There are many players in the survey management niche. Each one has features that help retain its market position. Here is a comparison of seven survey service providers. The most basic priced plan is considered in all cases.

SurveyGizmo SurveyMonkey Typeform Jotform Zoho Survey Qualtrics Wufoo
Monthly Price $25 $25 $35 $19 $29 $125 $19
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Trial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
API Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
A/B Testing Yes Yes No No No Yes No
Reminders Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No
Reporting and
Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Integrations Facebook, Google Analytics, Mailchimp Gmail, Mailchimp, WordPress Mailchimp, HubSpot marketing, WordPress Mailchimp, Dropbox business, Stripe Mailchimp, Facebook, Slack HubSpot CRM, Slack, Salesforce Sales Cloud Mailchimp, WordPress, Stripe

FAQ Section

  • Is SurveyGizmo Safe?

    As far as businesses go, SurveyGizmo is safe. It came into being over 13 years ago. It has thrived on providing services to its users with a robust privacy policy in line with relevant laws. It acts only as a conduit for data and doesn’t store user details except those necessary for their services’ performance. They also don’t sell data.

  • Is SurveyGizmo Legit?

    SurveyGizmo for all indications is as legit as the business gets. They operate their services in line with related laws. Over 15,000 subscribers over the years, part of Fortune 500, have an established base as a legit business with consumer confidence.

  • How Do I Use SurveyGizmo?

    The way to use SurveyGizmo varies based on what users like on it. There are different options to create a survey or a form. This aspect gets a mention on the SurveyGizmo Help website. There is a step-by-step process on how to use the product.

One of the Best Platforms for Surveys in 2023

SurveyGizmo is a robust software for providing survey creation and management services. With excellent reviews across the board, it is one software that meets its users’ needs. Tools like an advanced reporting system, intricate question types, and ease of data transfer go in its favor. Security and other quality attributes give other competitors a run for their money. Final thoughts: does SurveyGizmo offer enough value for its price? Kindly leave us an honest review of this product below.

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