Tune Review: Can It Help Grow Your Brand or Not?

Tune Review: Can It Help Grow Your Brand or Not?
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  • Advertisers Scale: $1500/mo

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  • Networks Enterprises: $799/mo

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Tune Review: In-Depth

Tune creates technologies that drive successful marketing partnerships across web and mobile applications. It is recognized as the industry’s most adaptable SaaS platform for growing, organizing and building partner programs, and networks across the globe.

This review looks at the service’s history, operations, and products to give readers an overview into its functions. Hence, individuals and organizations who are interested in it can know if it can guarantee desired results in 2023 or the software is simply a scam.

Tune Key Features

There are several services to help members optimize their promotions. However, users may mix them up due to the high numbers.

Here are some of the site’s key features:

  • Campaign Optimization
  • Campaign Customization
  • Offer Exchange
  • Email Management
  • Employee Management
  • Customer Support
  • API & Developer Tools
  • Fraud Detection
  • Lead Generation
  • Ad Networks
  • Live Reports
  • Links Tracking
  • Affiliate & Advertiser Management

Tune Review: Background Information

Tune Background Information
The software company was founded in 2009 by Lee Brown and Lucas Brown. Since then, it has grown significantly to become a leader in the marketing and advertising space.

Today, the organization has its headquarters in Seattle, USA with a team of approximately 200 employees. Tune is recognized as a trusted partner by top advertisers and affiliates in 2023. It has a partner and customer-base that spreads across major continents in the world. The organization’s partner marketing platform which was formerly known as HasOffers is also ranked as a top player in its space over the years. Currently, it is a privately held company and has 4 investors.

  • CEO: Peter Hamilton
  • Company Type: Private
  • Funding Amount: $36.4m
  • Active Products: 64

Service Features

The site’s features are spread across three major categories to aid its partners. They are Affiliate, Campaign Management, and Web Analytics. To learn more about these tools, read the list below.


Members receive important tools that can organize, promote, and optimize their affiliate operations. These can be advertisers, as well as, affiliates themselves.

  • Affiliate Management
  • Banner Management
  • Email/Online
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • Commission Management
  • Fraud Detection

Campaign Management

Effective campaigns are becoming increasingly competitive to drive. This is not surprising as consumers’ activities are more complicated than ever. The software company provides subscribers with top-notch campaign management products for better results.

  • Channel Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Management
  • Contact Database
  • Event-Triggered Actions
  • Multi-Campaign

Web Analytics

Analytics can be a very instrumental accomplice to effective marketing and affiliate campaigns. It provides insights such as organic traffic, engagements, and conversions. The platform offers web analytics to help members organize campaigns with better yield.

  • Campaign Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Goal Tracking
  • Multiple Site Management
  • Pageview Tracking
  • Referral Source Tracking
  • Period on Site Tracking
  • User Interaction Tracking

Features in Detail

The platform’s core focus is to provide solutions that maximize marketing return on investment (ROI) for subscribers. To do this, it offers products that not only optimize advertising operations but also make them safer. Tune makes it easier for advertisers to integrate, organize, and reward their affiliates across mobile and web with the following key features.

Return on Investment (ROI) Tracking

The ability to monitor and measure progress is essential to successful advertising. Tune understands this crucial fact and provides partner organizations and affiliates with technologies to monitor their work and results. Subscribers have cross-channel, instant, etc tracking among other things.

Fraud Identification & Protection

Tune Fraud Identification
The marketing software company announced its proactive fraud protection tool to the public in April 2019. A report disclosed that the feature was a special invention by the service to reduce loss to partners in their campaign efforts.

It aims to reduce advertising fraud before they take place through rejection of fake traffic from:

  • Known malware and bots
  • Non-human scripts
  • Known compromised sources
  • Spoofed traffic
  • Anonymous proxies

Tracking System Migration

The service allows members to move from one tracking platform to another without losing any essential work data. These could be information about advertisers, affiliates, conversion, clicks, etc.

The three techniques available for the transfer with Tunes are:

  • API Migration
  • Exported Data Migration
  • Data Dump Migration

User System & Data Security

Adequate protection of internal and external systems is crucial to seamless marketing efforts. To protect people from dangerous attacks and loss, Tune provides solid protective measures. In several cases, the platform offers multiple security checks and recommendations to guarantee the safety of its partners.

In-App Promotions/Marketing

In-app marketing allows advertisers to reach more prospects. It also aids the introduction of existing members to new releases and upgrades. The service offers subscribers in-app promotional tools like personalized push notifications for better campaigns.

Customer Insight Analysis

The service also provides its members with important information that can be used to develop better promotions. These include different forms of tracking and commissioning data about end users, affiliates, and other essential partners.

Advertising Data Collection

The site allows subscribers to retain and read vital information that can aid their promotions. Advertisers and affiliates can record and keep important prospect data such as device type, location, user behavior, etc.

Affiliate Tracking & Management

Tune Tracking & Management
Advertisers and their partner individuals or organizations need to be able to monitor and manage their contracts, operation, and results. The platform provides technologies that aid affiliate tracking and management. This way, marketers can know how their promotions are performing, who is driving it ,etc.

Referral Link Developer

Tune ensures that subscribers get unique tracking links to monitor the activities of their advertising partners. Alongside the provision of links, the service also allows members to customize referral links to their taste.


The software makes it very easy for people to connect their services to its products. This way, they can use its technologies on their entire campaign operations. These could be in areas of analytics, communications, software, etc.

Some of the popular applications that it integrates with are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Amplitude
  • Hubspot
  • IBM Db2 Warehouse
  • Gtag
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Android
  • iOS

Tune Plans & Pricing

The service offers separate plans for advertisers and networks. These packages are designed to cater to individual needs and budgets. Advertisers get products that help maximize ROI and protect against fraud. Networks, on the other hand, benefit from features that optimize their partner management and optimize operations and delivery. More details on these plans are provided below.

For Advertisers

Tune For Advertisers
There are four alternatives available to advertisers. They are Bootstrap, Startup, Scale and Contract.

Bootstrap Plan

The bootstrap package is the cheapest of all of the service’s plans. As the name implies, it is suitable for organizations with little capital to fund their campaigns. The plan has a base subscription plan of $499/mo and provides entry to most of the site’s basic features.


  • Affordable pricing of package
  • Access to full-time reporting
  • Compatible with mobile & web applications
  • Access to fraud prevention tools


  • Limited support features
  • Members are open to only 50 active partners

Startup Plan

This plan is a bit more advanced than Bootstrap. It has all of bootstrap’s basic technologies alongside some other perks that make it a great fit for more complex organizations. Startup has a base price of $879/mo. So, it is an excellent choice for advertisers who are in search of great marketing tools at manageable prices.


  • Presence of fraud protection tools
  • Advanced targeting tools
  • Up to 200 partners allowed
  • Fairly affordable pricing


  • No automation tools
  • No dedicated customer success officer

Scale Plan

This package is perfect for well-established individuals or organizations that are looking to take their advertising campaigns to the next level. Subscribers have entry to almost all of the site’s full list of marketing products, as well as, premium training and support services.  The Scale plan also provides users with an unlimited number of partners.


  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Complete 2-Way API
  • Fully Automated Event Delivery
  • Performance Automation


  • High cost of subscription
  • No dedicated development teams

Contract Plan

The platform also offers subscribers access to its full list of premium marketing tools with the contract plan. However, the package does not come with a pegged price. To use it, prospects  would have to register on the site and receive a quote based on the cost of their selections.


  • Unlimited number of partners
  • Dedicated developer teams
  • Customizable pricing package
  • Access to full list of premium tools


  • Expensive cost of plan
  • Non-adjustable dashboard

For Networks

Tune For Networks
There are two alternatives available for networks. They are Enterprise and Contract.

Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan is Tune’s basic offering for networks subscribed to its services. At a base rate of $799 per month, networks are provided with several technologies that aid the proper optimization and management of their operations.


  • Unlimited active offers
  • Unlimited active partners
  • Access to most network tools
  • Affordable pricing


  • No dedicated customer success officer
  • No personalized training support

Contract Plan

In a similar manner as for advertisers, the software company also offers a contract package for networks. The plan provides access to its full list of products and subscription pricing is by quote.


  • Presence of developer teams
  • Unlimited active partners and seats
  • Dedicated customer success officer
  • Access to full automation tools


  • Expensive cost of subscription
  • Complicated process of use

Price & Key Features Comparisons Table

Degrees of promotions typically depend on the scale of individual or business in play. The site understands this vital fact and provides varying plans for members to choose from. A comprehensive table of its different categories of prices and main features is given below.

For Advertisers:

Advertisers can choose from a pool of options available based on marketing targets and resources. There are low-end packages like Bootstrap that give basic privileges and are very affordable for small organizations. On the other end, there are Scale and Contract plans. The table below compares these packages.

Price $499/mo $879/mo $1500/mo By Quote
Active Partners 50 200 Unlimited Unlimited
Mobile/Web Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Proactive Fraud Prevention Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Funnel Metrics No Yes Yes Yes
Creative and Offer Optimization No Yes Yes Yes
Dedicate Customer Success Officer No No Yes Yes
Performance Optimization No No Yes Yes
Complete 2-Way API No No Yes Yes
Program Transfer Tools No No No Yes
Personalized Training No No No Yes

For Networks:

There are two categories available for affiliate networks on subscribing to the site. These plans combine different advanced tools for optimization and growth of systems based needs and level of development. Similar to that of advertisers, the table below compares these packages.

Monthly Price $799 By Quote
Seats 20 Unlimited
Basic Fraud Protection Yes Yes
Performance Optimization Yes Yes
Advanced Commissioning Yes Yes
Complete System Automation No Yes
Platform Migration No Yes
Multiple Language & Currencies Yes Yes
Dedicated Customer Success Officer No Yes
Third-Party Integrations Yes Yes
Tracking System Migration No Yes

Terms and Conditions

Similar to most professional services, there are rules guarding the activities of subscribers on Tune. Members are not allowed to copy, modify, share, create derivatives,or license contents from its website.  They are also to ensure that all information imputed on the website at the time of registration is accurate. Lastly, the site is not responsible for any loss to its users that are as a result of factors outside its control. To resolve legal disputes, people can contact the site’s legal team at [email protected]

Privacy Policy

The website collects information about partners, subscribers, and end-users to optimize its operations. The type of data that it retains depends on the interaction between the external party and the site’s platform. On behalf of clients, the site can collect  tracking data of visitors like Ad Identifiers, IP address, Cookies, etc to read, measure and manage marketing activities. In cases where a prospect registers on its platform, the site may need additional details. It does not share its members’ data to external parties that are not detailed in its privacy policy.

Refund Policy

Subscribers who wish to terminate their contract with the site must do so before the first of the next month.

To do this, the individual or organization will follow the following instructions:

  • Visit “Billing Actions” section on account profile
  • Navigate to “Cancel Your Account”
  • Click and confirm decision to terminate

Also, the user can send a cancellation request to the site’s support at [email protected]. Since members are allowed to cancel plans at any time, the platform does not offer a refund once payment is made.

Customer Support

Tune Customer Support
Tune offers different levels of customer support to attend to its subscribers. Alongside the provision of messaging contacts, the site also offers resources like articles and courses for users to read. More information is given below.


The website does not offer fans an official telephone number to register complaints. Instead, it provides options of ticketing through emails and other automated pathways. However, according to its social media profiles Tune can be contacted on +1 206-508-1318.


Email remains one of the most common clients messaging channels today. Hence, the site offers users the ability to submit queries and requests through its email address. Visitors, subscribers, or partners who wish to reach out to Tune can do so at [email protected] and [email protected].

Tune Bot

The platform also provides individuals and organizations with a quick means to resolve their complaints. This is through its bot which is accessible on the platform’s website. To use the bot, visitors only need to click on the chat window available on the site’s pages. In cases where recommendations are not adequate, the individual can leave an email address for further contact from a representative.

Help Site

The help site is a resource center where prospects and members can read articles on the platform’s products and services. It contains articles on how users can navigate the website, activate its products, and also resolve disputes. Also, it addresses several common queries. All a user needs to do is search the keywords of preferred topic and related articles will pop up if available.

Quality of Service

According to a 2023 report, users averagely rate Tune 4 ½ out of 5 stars. Unsurprisingly, the driving factors behind these good ratings were the platform’s wide range of products and good customer service. One person described the site as an outstanding attribution partner for mobile. Another said that it was a “good” platform despite its limitations. However, some subscribers also had not-so-good feedback to give.  An individual scored the site less than half. The review was based on issues with contract cancellation.

Customer Types

The site has a variety of products and subscription plans to offer members. This makes its tools easily accessible to varying types of customers. Going forward, this review provides more details on the different sections of users that can benefit from the service’s products.

Small Business

Individuals and organizations at the early stages of development can use Tune’s advanced marketing features to drive their rapid growth in 2023. Better, these tools are available at basic pricing levels that make them easy to acquire.

Large Enterprises

Expansion is often tougher for most businesses to attain at prime levels of growth. However, the platform’s myriad of technologies can help improve the chances of success. There are several products that assist large enterprises to optimize their advertising campaigns.

Medium Business

Tune helps medium companies take their routine promotions up a notch with its performance marketing. Rather than take on traditional marketing techniques that are less likely to guarantee success, the site offers innovative tools that drive growth.


Freelancers can also leverage the site’s advanced features in setting up sustainable systems. The service’s tracking, organizing, and commissioning products are useful in managing efficient partnerships.

Tune Pros & Cons

Tune’s services provide many benefits to advertisers and networks. Undoubtedly, this is why the platform has garnered numerous positive reviews from users across the globe. However, the site has its pitfalls as well. Here are some of its upsides and downsides:



  • Dedicated account success manager
  • Great user interface on website
  • Excellent customer support
  • Variety of innovative marketing tools
  • Simple and user-friendly website
  • Advanced tracking products
  • Multiple integration options
  • Non-customizable dashboard
  • High-end packages are expensive

Tune Alternatives

There are several sites that provide users with products and services that are similar to Tune. This review looks at some of them and they are:


ShareASale Alternatives

ShareASale was found nearly two decades ago. The site boasts as one of the top affiliate marketing networks with a customer base that spreads across the world.  It offers a variety of integrated services that can help members establish and grow their affiliate programs.


Refersion Alternatives

Refersion’s core focus is the creation of tools for users to optimize the management of referral sales. Its site is incredibly accessible and easily connects with online shop of subscribers. The software will monitor referral sales, as well as organize commissioning.


LeadDyno Alternatives

LeadDyno works by providing members with solutions that automate affiliate processes. These include software that sends automatic welcome emails to referral visitors, development of dashboards, and simple commissions payment.

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro Alternatives

This is a software that runs members’ entire affiliate programs. The site gives advertisers a merchant panel where they can monitor and organize their campaigns. Partners can also monitor their progress and activities through Post Affiliate Pro’s dedicated affiliate panel.

Service Alternatives Pricing & Features Comparison

It can be challenging for unfamiliar persons to determine the differences between the several marketing software services available. So, here’s a comprehensive table that highlights the price and other major components of these sites.

Tune Mark. Platform ShareASale Service Refersion Service LeadDyno Service Post Affiliate Pro
Base Plan $499/mo $550 (one-time) $89/mo $49/mo $97/mo
Campaign Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Employee Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
API & Developer Tools Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fraud Detection Yes No Yes No Yes
Lead Generation Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Real-time Reports Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Links Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Affiliate & Advertiser Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

FAQ Section

  • Is Tune Safe?

    Yes. According to the site’s privacy policy, it only retains customer data that’s essential to its work. Also, the platform does not share this information with partners outside its agreement. So, users’ info is less likely to be compromised.

  • Is Tune Any Good?

    Tune has over a decade’s experience in providing marketing solutions to advertisers and networks. The platform has several products and partnerships to aid successful promotional campaigns for its members. According to past reviews from users, it works excellently most times.

  • Is Tune Profitable?

    Users rated the site an average of 4 ½ out of 5 in a previous review. This was because the majority of them were satisfied with its varying product and support system. The positive reports signify that the platform is very reliable, as well as, profitable in most cases.

Can It Grow Your Brand Or Not?

Tune has over a decade of experience in the advertising industry. Over the years, the site has rolled out several innovative tools to assist its members develop better marketing campaigns. It has a variety of plans for users to select from according to their needs. Also, the site offers different features alongside its routine products to help members understand and optimize its services.

It is apparent that the site’s offerings are serving customers well. Top reviews show that the majority of members are impressed with its products among many other things. When all these factors are put into consideration, Tune can be said to be a useful accomplice for users to grow their brands in 2023.

Are you a subscriber or about to be one, and there are opinions you’d love to share with others? Kindly indicate in the comment section of this review below.

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