Tweepi Review: Service for Likes, Followers

Tweepi Review: Service for Likes, Followers
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3.9 / 5

Price Plans

  • Twitter Silver Plan ($12.99/mo)

  • Twitter Silver Plan ($12.99/mo)

  • Twitter Platinum Plan ($24.99/mo)

Credit Card

150 follows, 100 unfollows, 50 RTs


Tweepi Review: In-Depth

Tweepi is a Twitter tool that provides everything a person or business needs. It brings more users to their profile and shows what they like about it. Users can retweet posts and look for individuals in their area. It is a great way to make a profile better without a lot of work.

More than 1.5 million individuals have used it worldwide. Thousands of people give it good reviews. The tool was on lists in Forbes, Yahoo! News, and other websites. It uses AI technology to track Twitter users in the area. Or, it can look at users who share interests. It gets rid of phrases that aren’t trendy anymore and suggests new ones. It can look at who’s following and determine who don’t interact anymore. Tweepi can force others to unfollow, too. Clients can look at their rival’s stats and compare. It keeps their Twitter posts fresh and exciting!


Supported Networks & Services

This program can be used only on Twitter. It’s easy to sign up, and the service handles most daily tasks. It suggests what to retweet and who to take off the follower list. Even though it’s on one social network, it does a great job.

To sign up, customers type in their username and click the hashtags they post. The technology uses this information to do research. It works on a database of popular tweets and phrases. It suggests certain words to get more groups to notice. It will scan for popular topics and tweets in an area of interest. This helps to attract accounts online and compete with rivals. It can find similar ones you might get ideas from by following.

Plans & Prices

Customers can choose from two subscription plans or try the free version. The plans give helpful hints each day and suggest which accounts to follow. It explains the best words and phrases individuals are using on Twitter. Clients can utilize it to see how their posts perform and how they compare to others. They can get emails every day or week to see progress reports. These lists show how many mentions, likes and retweets a person has. This is a great way to save time and energy. It sorts through profiles and tweets based on location or language. People can click on a certain interest or topic, then find tweets about it. They’ll see who enjoys this topic and what they say about it. The service gives alerts if followers stop visiting a profile.

Clients can see if others respond to their tweets or not. They can get rid of them and find other Twitter users. The program can determine if hashtags aren’t popular anymore. It will then suggest new phrases to try. The service suggests ways to get more attention online – for example, tweets reactions or reposts. The program is free, but more features are on the paid plan. On the free version, people can see suggestions and users who like their area of interest. They can visit other accounts and see who follows them. Tweepi lets them see the phrases other profiles are using. The free version provides many ways to make a profile look more attractive to others. The Platinum plan provides all the tools available.

Services $12.99 per month $24.99 per month
Followers 150 per day 250 per day
Likes 50 per day 75 per day
Views 50 per day 75 per day
Unfollows 100 per day 275 per day


Network Services in Detail

Tweepi works with AI technology to find others with similar interests. The management system works right away and shows new accounts to follow. Customers can respond to their posts or retweet them and can start right after sign-up. It provides real followers, not computers or robots. It 100% safe and there are many great reviews online from individuals and businesses.

Find Followers

Everything is automatic and needs very few details to work. Clients enter key details and let the program do the rest. They can click on daily suggestions to stay ahead of trends. They can also find users who are most likely to interact and enjoy their profile.

  • Sign up and enter username and hashtags
  • Get suggestions on who to follow and what to retweet
  • See who friends and rivals follow and who follows them
  • Engage with other accounts and retweet their most popular posts
  • Start to gain new followers within hours
Services $12.99 per month $24.99 per month
Followers 150 per day 250 per day

Get Likes

Both the free and paid plans to assist with getting likes. The management software can study customer data to point them towards similar accounts. Once clients click on other people’s profiles, they can form connections. Over time, the likes add up, and Twitter takes notice. The social network might feature a client profile on the discover page.

  • Track Twitter trends and common interests
  • View what people enjoy about a profile and which posts are most popular
  • Try recommended phrases and mentions to gain popularity
  • Get rid of followers and hashtags that aren’t interesting anymore
  • Learn what’s most popular about a profile
Services $12.99 per month $24.99 per month
Likes 50 per day 75 per day

Track Mentions

It is easy to keep a record of what others think and how they respond. This management feature looks at different groups and their interactions with clients’ tweets. The AI does a lot of work to complete tasks so customers can focus on other things. This is on the free and paid versions.

  • Find users based on location and language
  • Let the AI manage tasks
  • View what rivals post and mention, then retweet it
  • Keep track of 25 different accounts to learn what’s trendy
  • Look for others with similar interests and Twitter profiles
Services $12.99 per month $24.99 per month
Mentions Monitors all mentions Monitors all mentions

Spot Retweets

Retweeting is a huge part of Twitter’s social network. People repost things they find amusing, interesting, or important. When someone reposts a customer’s content, the client can see what the retweet was about. This helps them understand what people find attractive about their account. Then they can post similar content.

  • Check out who retweets you
  • Friend any profiles retweeting you
  • See what others retweet from your profile
  • AI suggests what to retweet
  • Use retweets to boost your popularity
Services $12.99 per month $24.99 per month
Retweets 50 retweets per day 75 retweets per day

Prompt Unfollows

Buyers don’t have to review their follower lists because the AI does it. The management system will make recommendations based on research and patterns. It will suggest which users aren’t interested anymore, and then it will prompt them to unfollow. This keeps customer followers engaged and active. It also looks better on a business’ social media profile!

  • All unfollows are recommendations
  • Get suggestions each day from AI
  • Unfollows include accounts that aren’t active and engaged
  • Looks better for customer’s online profile
  • Remaining followers are more likely to interact
Services $12.99 per month $24.99 per month
Unfollows 100 unfollows per day 275 unfollows per day

Watch Views

It’s easy to keep track of views on videos and tweets. The AI can monitor these stats and report back to the customer every day. This way they can see which content is most exciting to their followers. Maybe users prefer video content or tweets. It depends on the niche and subject, which is why the AI is so helpful!

  • Learn more about what followers like
  • Keep a steady record of views and growth
  • AI takes care of the monitoring
  • Weekly and daily reports about viewing progress
  • Reach more people with views
Services $12.99 per month $24.99 per month
Views Tracks views Tracks views

Terms and Guarantees

Some pages of the platform make reference to how they keep their clients’ data safe and their Terms of Use. Info on refunds and refills is included in those sections.

Terms and Conditions

To utilize Tweepi, individuals must live in the United States and be at least 13 years old. When they sign up, they agree to let the company process their username and contact details. The service is not responsible if another person takes your information without your knowledge. They must not do anything illegal while using it. An example of this is online harassment on Twitter. They may not give false information to sign up for a Tweepi account. If they want to use someone else’s Twitter to sign up, they need permission. The buyers are responsible for what they post online. The program is allowed to send them links to third-party sites.

Privacy and Policy

The business operates under the law of Personal Identifiable Information. This means that it can look at customers’ personal details and information. They can also combine this personal information with other details. They claim that it has this info to contact, identify, or locate people and groups online. The program collects buyers’ names, and email addresses when they sign up. They must provide their Twitter username as well as payment details. The program stores these details to customize research and improve the quality of the services. It can help them handle customer requests, payments, and mail. Their website stores cookies and does regular malware scans as well. This helps to create secure networks and protect personal details. Registration means an agreement to these privacy terms and conditions.

Refund Policy

The marketing program provides its services on an “as-is” basis. This means there is no warranty on the products or plans. Customers can go to their subscription settings to change their subscription plan or cancel their account. If clients have a free version, they can choose to allow permissions. They have to log in to their Twitter profile to manage these permissions. If they would prefer a refund, they must fill out the online form to contact the company. Refunds require an explanation and why the program does not meet expectations. If they want a full refund, they must submit a request before 14 days pass.

Retention Policy

This service gives lots of suggestions, but they don’t promise followers will stay. Each person gets a different result, and there are no promises you will get popular. Results depend on several factors. For example, some areas of interest are more popular than others. Clients need to keep their accounts interesting, so they want to come back. Twitter is a popular social media site, so there is a lot of competition. The program can’t promise thousands of people will interact with a customer’s profile. It can suggest popular content to post, but they must interact with others online.

Customer Support

Tweepi’s website has resources to help with customer problems. The help desk page has answers to common questions and concerns. Customers can look through these answers for solutions to popular issues. There is a search function to help you look for more specific answers as well. This page has links to screenshots that show you how to use the marketing service properly. There is a separate Contact Us page with a form that users can send to customer support. The customer care team is available on the company’s Twitter and Facebook pages, too. These pages also create notifications about program updates, news, and tips.

Tweepi Quality of Followers

Customers get real followers from this service. Every follower is a real person, and the program’s search tools can find individuals near you. The program works with AI technology to track locations and data. This technology is one of the best features of the program and provides more details about Twitter users. The program finds a group of people near you and filters through them based on their interests. It predicts which users will enjoy your account and then shares them with you. The program’s AI technology can also sort these into different categories. For example: follow, like, reply, retweet, and unfollow inactive profiles.

Retention Rate

The company’s website does not promise you will keep followers. It depends on the customer and their actions. The program finds people it thinks will enjoy customer posts. This does not mean they will stay for a long time, however. Another tool suggests when to unfollow people or get rid of them. But, it is unclear if the service will replace those lost people. The policy says that the service is not responsible for results, and it can’t promise results. It’s important for customers to know this before they buy it.

Tweepi`s Pros & Cons

This marketing program is not perfect, but it has many good things. For example, it starts to work upon signing up. They updated the service with AI technology, which is a unique tool. The search function is helpful and intuitive. It’s also something that other similar services don’t have. This program can show who will respond to your profile and tweets. It tells clients what to post and when so more people see it.

One bad thing is the website does not guarantee you will keep followers. The service gives ideas, but that doesn’t mean they will work. It is made for Twitter, so it has its limits as a social media tool.



  • Starts to Work in Minutes
  • AI Technology
  • Followers Sorting
  • Searches by Location
  • Suggests Hashtags and Retweets
  • No Guarantees
  • Twitter Only

Top 5 Tweepi Alternatives

AudienceGain Mr. Insta TweetAngels SocialViral Media Mister
Price/100 followers $15.00 $6.50 $1.99 $2.99 $5.00
Rating 4.6 4.4 4.1 4.5 4.2
Networks Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitter Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter Instagram, Twitter Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter
Services Followers, Views, LIkes, Subscribers Followers, Views, LIkes, Subscribers Followers, Views, LIkes, Subscribers Followers, Views, LIkes, Retweets Followers, Views, LIkes, Subscribers
Delivery Fast Drip Feed Fast Fast
Support 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7
Safe 96% 80% 90% 90% 92%

The Final Word

This is a great marketing tool for those who want a better Twitter profile. The service does most of the work so clients can create more interesting content. This is a good service for people and teams, as well as large and small businesses. The free version has great tools that can make a profile popular. It can bring more people to customers’ Twitter accounts. The two subscription plans have good prices, and subscribers can use a credit card or PayPal.

It has many positive reviews, and it works right away. Businesses can use this software to increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty. They can learn what their buyers want, and provide it! This is a program that is great for companies as well as individual sellers. It can boost their online reputation and get potential buyers to take notice.

Published: April 18, 2019Updated: February 24, 2024

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