YTMonster Review: How It Can Help?

YTMonster Review: How It Can Help?
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4.6 / 5

Price Plans

  • 1000 YouTube Subscribers ($14)

  • 1000 YouTube Subscribers ($14)

  • 1000 YouTube Views ($8)

  • 1000 YouTube Likes ($14)

  • 1000 YouTube dislike ($20)

Credit Card

Starting Price per 1000 YouTube Subscribers


YTMonster Review: In Depth

YouTube channels thrive on view counts and audience engagement. These are tallied by comparing your likes, comments, subscribers, and HR views to others. You’ll find an easy way to earn these with this program.


It does this with incentives that offer benefits for easy work. As you support others, your work will be supported.

Read on to learn more.

Supported Networks and Services

This program offers support by providing you with sevral boost factors. These factors include HR Views and Comments. Paid users can employ credits earned through exchanges to pay for the packages below. You can also purchase these offerings directly.



Subscriptions tell YouTube what content is most popular. As subscription numbers rise, YouTube makes smarter recommendations to others. For $14 you earn 1000 subscribers.



Videos with positive feedback are more likely to draw interest. With greater approval ratings, your work reaches more viewers. For $14 you can purchase 1000 likes on your videos.



Facebook, Twitter, and other outlets provide ways to respond to creators. Some of this response is going to be negative. These dislikes add legitimacy to videos. Users will reply to dislikes creating discussion points. So if you want your video feedback feel realistic, you can order dislikes. $20 can earn your videos 1000 dislikes.


HR Views

For YouTube, it’s not enough for viewers to click on your videos. The site keeps track of how long your videos are being watched. Complete video views earn what’s known as a High Retention or HR View. For $8, you can request 1000 HR Views.



A huge part of online marketing is making content that fans want to share with friends. These reshares are a powerful form of electronic word of mouth. As your work is reshared, you’ll find brand new viewers. At the time of writing, you can gain 1000 reshares for $6.



The biggest names on YouTube interact with their fans. The best way to talk with your community is with your comms section. Customers can say what they enjoy about your material. This is also a great option for users to engage one another. Comment campaigns are only open when you sign up.

Plans & Prices

YTMonster’s innovative credits system offers an alternative way to pay for help. There are three package levels offering a variety of benefits. The benefits below are important to most creators. Let’s look at what you get when you sign up.


Credits are the currency that the program uses to pay for campaigns. Paid users can employ YTMonster’s benefits sooner.

Services Free Premium ($14.99/Month) Pro ($29.99/Month)
Bonus Credits 0 Credit 12.500 – 25.000 credits 25,000 – 50.000 credits

Campaigns are the ways to get the results you want. Running more campaigns at the same time means faster results.

Services Free Premium ($14.99/Month) Pro ($29.99/Month)
Concurrent Campaigns 3 Campaigns 25 Campaigns 100 Campaigns

Keyword tracking helps you determine what users look for when they find you. Better keyword usage will see your content shared more often. This is a great way to see press on a blog or Facebook reviews.

Services Free Premium ($14.99/Month) Pro ($29.99/Month)
Keyword Tracking 1 Keyword Tracked 25 Keywords Tracked 100 Keywords Tracked

The video optimizer makes your videos rank better on searches. It offers consultations on what you can do to be more effective.

Services Free Premium ($14.99/Month) Pro ($29.99/Month)
Video Optimizer 1 Video per month 25 Videos per month 100 Videos per month

When you become a client, you receive an affiliate link that you can offer to others. Affiliates who join through your link will earn you bonus credits.

Services Free Premium ($14.99/Month) Pro ($29.99/Month)
Affiliate Earnings 5% Earnings 10% Earnings 15% Earnings

But What Does This All Mean?

This program offers a way to earn credits that pay for boosts. Paid users gain more credits and apply them more effectively. They also gain more credits from having affiliates sign up for this platform. Keyword tracking and video optimizers make your content more effective at making Youtube reply to you with higher rankings.

Network Services in Detail

This platform offers you several offerings that boost your work. Let’s take a look at their proposition to see how they work. Program partners utilize the credits system to pay for packages without the need for cash.


High Retention Views

We discussed how longer views are more important to today’s video designers. These HR Views will rank you higher on search lists.

Views Package Credits System
Order the views you need, for a fair rate

HR Views are generated when your videos are watched from start to finish. You can have viewers watch your content. This makes you show up higher on YouTube’s ratings.


Popular content tends to stay popular. That means that when videos receive more upvotes, they are more likely to gain more viewers. So when you request positive reception directly or through the program, YTMonster will give your trackable positive response.

Likes Package Credits System
Positive reception made to order


Similar to upvotes, YouTube tracks how many subscribers you have. Channels with higher subscription counts are more likely to show up on recommendations. This is one of the more popular campaigns for that reason.

Subscribers Package Credits System
Earn the numbers you want


We can’t forget how vital commenting is to growth. YouTube comms are filled with discussions about creators and their work. It also makes your content more appealing because of the active community it creates.

Comments Package Credits System
You decide how many comms you need on any videos you want


You can’t please everyone. All content creators understand that dislikes happen. Fans are not surprised by downvotes on content. In fact, fans expect this. So if your work only has positive responses, then viewers will suspect paid bot offer. This can turn away many potential viewers. Dislike packages prevent this problem.

Dislikes Package Credits System
Control how many dislikes you receive


Building your brand is easier when fans share your work with others. This is a no-effort means of finding new clients. You can request this electronic word of mouth and strengthen your brand easily.

Reshares Package Credits System
Earn the reshares that you require

Terms and Guarantees

Many exchange platforms offer similar packages. What matters most are the kinds of guarantees, terms, and policies to protect your investment. Let’s take a look at what you can expect.

Terms and Conditions

YTMonster holds the right to modify or revise their terms of service at any time without notice.

The sole purpose of this platform is to promote YouTube channels and videos. They require that any boosted content complies with YouTube Community Guidelines. You may only register one account per IP address. You may not sell your account. You also are responsible for your own content. The company is not held liable for any content deletion or account suspensions.

Privacy Policy

The platform for its own use only uses your information. Your information will never be sold to third parties. Your personal information, including contact information, is only used for news, promotions, or troubleshooting.


The platform does collect log file information. These logs include IP addresses and Internet Service Providers. The company also gathers date/time access as well as referring/exit pages. This information is kept safe and is only used to promote your channel.

Refund Policy

We have not been able to find a comprehensive refund policy.

If your account is suspended, you are not entitled to a refund. Commenting have said on Facebook that refunds are possible. The most common partial refunds happen if a boosted video is deleted too soon.

Retention Policy

YTMonster places a high value on more extended views. This program uses your own browser for campaign completion. This way, YouTube will not dock you for using a third party program.

Support & Questions

YTMonster has a knowledge base that offers answers to the most common questions and concerns.

The knowledge base covers campaigns, billing and account management. It also explains the affiliate program as well as common troubleshooting steps. You will also find details about their loyalty rewards.

If you still need help, then their contact page to receive direct support. You can also find assistance through their Facebook page, Twitter account, or email address.

Quality of Followers

Follower numbers used to be all that mattered for the success of a channel. But now, the quality of followers is what counts. Online users follow producers with active communities.

When YouTube notices regular user engagement, it makes your content look more valuable.

Pros & Cons

YTMonster is certainly a reputable company. Today, thousands of users choose to buy their plans and hire their services. Most of them enjoy the benefits of the provider. Yet, there are some not so good features, as it happens with every aspect of digital marketing. Let’s see some of them below.



  • Anti-bot technology
  • Long-Term Support
  • Fair credits system
  • Loyalty system and big benefits to paid users
  • Attentive to community feedback
  • Unclear refund policy
  • Knowledge base needs more information

Top 5 YTMonster Alternatives

AudienceGain SubPals Media Mister SocialEmpire Famoid
Price/500 Subscribers $75.00 $60.00 $49.00 $68.49 $99.95
Rating 4.6 4.3 4.2 4.3 4.3
Networks Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter Youtube, Soundcloud Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud Instagram, Youtube, Facebook
Services Followers, Views, LIkes, Subscribers Followers, Views, LIkes, Subscribers Followers, Views, LIkes, Subscribers Followers, Views, LIkes, Subscribers Followers, Views, LIkes, Subscribers
Delivery Fast Fast
Support 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7
Safe 96% 96% 92% 90% 90%

The Final Word

In today’s YouTube world, you can’t grow your business with just clicks. YTMonster provides a way for channels to grow. You can purchase the feedback you need directly. You can also engage with other partners for free boosts.

While everyone can use the company features, paid plans will give you better results. Check out the website to see if this platform is right for you.

Published: April 18, 2019Updated: March 26, 2024

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