Pros and Cons of Buying
SoundCloud Plays

SoundCloud is one of the largest music platforms on the web, as it hosts millions of users with self-made content. Artists can upload any of their own tracks, or remixes from other musicians. They then depend on users of the site to play their tracks and help them grow their fame.

But gaining many new plays is tough. There is so much competition on the site that it becomes difficult to be found. However there is a simple solution - and that is buying plays. Purchasing a set amount of plays can help an artist grow their fame, and perhaps even attract a record contract.

Pros & Cons

icon-likeThe Pros
  • It’s an Easy Boost. A new song with no plays doesn’t gain near the attention that a song with many plays does. The platform recommends popular songs with many plays but somewhat passes over those without many. Thus, a song which has many plays is more likely to be found by users searching for a specific type of music.
  • Improved Social Standing . When a band or artist receives many plays on their tracks, it makes their account seem more established. Such a situation can often attract new fans, or users seeking new music. Further, an account with many plays can also encourage other artists to collaborate on content. Other musicians may see an account with many plays as a potential partner. This can then make networking far easier.
  • Grow a Larger Fan Base . Monkey see monkey do. The same rule applies to the music industry, as music fans are more likely to gain new listeners if they appear established. An account which lacks a play count often gets breezed over by users. It may not appear to be qualified due to a low number of interactions. However, songs and tracks with many plays can certainly attract new plays. This is often due to perceived quality.
  • Spread the Word . Encouraging fans to interact with tracks is an easy way to garner more fame. Yet, fans rarely chat about tracks which are not popular or trending. Nonetheless, SoundCloud users almost always spread the word about new music that they find. And the easiest way to be found by such users is to be a trending artist. A musician is recognized as trendy by their play count, which slightly indicates their popularity.
  • Get Noticed By a Record Label. Record labels are always on the hunt for new talent. Many artists, such as Post Malone, started their careers on SoundCloud. It only took some of these famous acts a couple of hits before they became noticed by record labels. The labels often see the play count and imagine the amount of attention that each musician earns. If the music is quality enough, then an account may even be offered a contract by a label.
  • Appear High Value. The music industry is all about popularity. Stars simply don’t appear out of the blue without someone recognizing them. Though it is just a small step, receiving more plays can do wonders. It can often be enough proof to book shows or live acts. Further, an account with a large number of listens can likely ask for a higher contract price on performances and record deals.
icon-dislikeThe Cons
  • It’s the Effortless Way . When creating music, the trial and error process is often what helps an artist form their style. They can determine what types of tracks and pieces grab the attention of fans. But by simply buying plays, an artist misses out on the chance to refine their music. All of the work is taken out, which can prevent an artist from ever really developing their own true style.
  • Generalized Audience. Organic plays often come from a targeted audience. They come from users who are seeking out new music, and that wish to find content similar to their tastes. However, purchased plays are from a generalized audience. The accounts could be from anywhere, without any music history on their accounts. As a result, the audience that a band desire is never actually targeted.
  • Only a Metric Based Service. Simply buying plays is an easy way to grow metrics. But it doesn’t really benefit anything further. All of the purchased plays come from bots, which do not spread the word about an artist or track. Thus, even accounts which offer poor quality music can have large play counts. Yet once users listen to the music, they are often stunned to see that music is less than great.
  • Plans Only Boost the Play Count. The number of plays on tracks can certainly increase when buying a plan. But those plans do not provide anything more than just extra plays. Thus, an account is left with nothing more than higher metrics. There is no feedback along the way or any type of message from the service. Thus, an artist truly does just pay for plays, with the hope that a large number can attract other music fans.
  • An Abundance of Scams. Many of the services which offer to provide more plays are complete scams. They either don’t deliver the results they promise or never even perform a service. This can then result in a total loss of money, without anything to show for. It is not uncommon for such a service to then steal the credit card info of clients and use it for other purposes.

Should You Buy SoundCloud Plays?

Purchasing plays can provide the needed boost that an account needs, or be harmful to the long term growth of a music career. However, there is no denying that an account’s play count will in fact increase by buying a plan.

For accounts which are just getting started on the platform, purchasing plays can, in fact, be helpful to growth. However, for developed accounts, fake plays can be harmful. Ultimately, the experience depends on the goals of each artist, and what their desired outcome is.