The most appropriate rules on how to sell products online are always changing. Brand owners and those interested in making a career in social media know this. As a result, these people try to keep up with these constant changes. They can keep their success this way. As digital apps like Facebook and Twitter became popular, brands of all sizes took advantage of this. Why? Because it is a simple way to reach millions of persons. People can be potential clients. So, they see products with a single post or tweet. Taking some degrees on the field can improve these aspects.

Today, the majority of persons and companies advertise their products using networks. If you want your brand to be a success, read on! In this guide, you will find out more about the best social media certification and classes in 2021.

17 Best Social Media Certification Programs

Degrees teach persons how to apply specific apps. These tools increase sales and growth to the brand they work for. New social media platforms appear every day. So, learning how to use each them to one’s advantage can be stressful. But, these certificates can make it much easier for the ones who want to get to know more. Follow this review and choose the top one for you. Read below for the best social media certification programs.

#1 Boot Camp Digital: Acquire the Ropes of Online Marketing

Best Social Media Certification & Classes
  • Created: Krista Neher
  • Lectures: Four days of live
  • Timing: 15 hours
  • Level: Beginner
  • Price: $997
  • Sign up Link: Boot Camp Digital

Boot Camp Digital offers a social media certification program. With this boot camp, people get a degree. Other perks are several tools offered. These are of an expert. There’s also good teaching with master classes. Students will also have access to office hours. There, teachers work with learners face to face.

This learning path offers full access to resources. Some of them are about social media strategy. For example, they talk about Facebook or Twitter. For example, students see how to make good Facebook ads. In addition, users will understand the basics of a blog. Also, they’ll be using popular tools, and have the chance to watch great webinars on the topic.

What Will I Acquire:

— How to manage related tools for the company.
— Varied ways to deal with clients.
— To plan good campaigns.

Thousands of individuals have acquired knowledge with them up to now. Here, they can see how to manage apps in this field. Users can begin their social media classes at their own pace. This way, they work on their own schedule. The platform offers this to persons and groups. This is a great advantage for owners who want to train their team all at once. Their Master Class provides them with over 50 hours of classes. Also, there are bonus features that aid learners in getting nice results. There are topics available for both Starter and Advanced users. Then, this is a good choice for beginners in this field. It is also nice for those who have worked in the industry for a while. You can choose from one of the best social media certification and classes.

#2 Blueprint Certification: Facebook Experts

Best Social Media Certification & Classes
  • Created: Blueprint Certification
  • Lectures: 0
  • Timing: 2 to 3 days
  • Level: All Levels
  • Price: $150
  • Sign up Link: Blueprint Certification

Blueprint Certification offers high-level social media courses. These allow people to know a lot about the field. The Facebook Business certificate has two degrees. Their content is about ads on Facebook. They teach how to design them and make them catchy.

In this scheme, people will know more about Facebook’s suitable degrees. To get those, users have to sit for exams. Those examinations will prove they know how to lead their brands on Facebook. After passing exams, students get a badge. They can display it on their profile. And, in any other place users wish to share it.

What Will I Get:

— See the basics of Facebook ad campaigns.
— Take Blueprint lessons with infographics, practice tests, and videos.
— Develop Facebook and strategies.
— Tack and report an ad’s progress.
— Measure an ad’s issues.

This can be helpful for brand owners. Also, for those who want to know more about the benefits of online business. Consider one of these social media classes and marketing certification programs! People have the option to show their badge on their Facebook account. Or, in other places online.

Those who want to start working in this field should think about this. Exams are great when showing clients you know about the topic. This certificate gives students crucial data about this niche. Also, it gives them a badge to gain more clients in the future.

#3 YouTube Certification: Compelling Video Content

Best Social Media Certification & Classes
  • Created: Google
  • Lectures: 0
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Level: Al levels
  • Price: Free
  • Sign up Link: YouTube Certification

The YouTube Certification that Google offers is also part of our ranking. This YouTube training tries to give data to every person who uses this video app. It can be useful for those who are just starting in the social media field. Also, it aids professionals who have used YouTube for years. This certificate offers innovative practices and expertise.

This helps persons and brands to publish good videos. Brands strive for views and followers. In this scheme, they will see how to do it effectively. The learning experience is available for individual certification. People can also get a brand degree. It is the right choice for those interested in learning more about content. Even, they can know about owning a brand, to make money with it. Finally, to make their channel grow organically.

What Will I Understand:

— How to create a channel, make it grow and earn money from that.
— Understand how the channel works.
— View claims, copyrights, metrics, and CMS.
— Analyze earnings reports.
— To work in teams. Using others’ strong points to achieve sale goals.

This certification offers education to all types of users. These go from starters to pros. Today, there are more than 13.000 YouTube partners with this degree. Many more are to come.

The goal of the certificate is to offer good practices when using Youtube. This way, persons and brands with accounts in this app have better marketing strategies. This learning path gives them essential data. It can be nice for them to be more successful when using the platform. With this degree, persons are to gain more clients. Why? Because other brands want to hire persons who understand their ideas. In sum, this program opens the mind of learners. As a result, they will see the goals of the videos they upload with ease.

#4 Hootsuite Academy: Control Varied Accounts

Best Social Media Certification & Classes
  • Created: Ryan Holmes
  • Lectures: 0
  • Timing: 8 hours
  • Level: All Levels
  • Price: Free - $999
  • Sign up Link: Control Varied Accounts

Hootsuite is a social media management platform. It was founded in 2008. The app lets users keep up with different accounts at once and take many steps. Then, those who work in the field will find it incredibly useful.

With this tool, students can take their abilities to the next level. They will become better in this field. It gives learners essential knowledge about different apps. Students, then, may it use in their careers. They can take a free option such as the Hootsuite Platform or a social media related one. There’s also an Advanced Social Ads that can be great for those who are starting.

What Will I Know:

— How to put together a marketing strategy.
— A top way to create content that connects with your audience.
— How to grow and interact with the community.
— To master tactics to make better ad campaigns.
— High-level strategies for getting more views for your brand.
— New abilities to attract more clients.
— Launch a social presence in their field or niche.

Hootsuite Academy has more certificates which are not free. For a price, they examine various areas of online selling and advertising. There are options for those who are in the healthcare industry. Business owners can also find good teaching for them. The topic of sales appears in this syllabus as well. These are optional. But, those who want aid in a specific area can take a look at these ones.

Getting this degree is the ideal form of recognition users can have. If they want to represent clients as a social media manager, this is a great option. These social media certifications make people stand out from all the rest. Also, this Academy has educated more than 280,000 students so far. It has issued 45,000 degrees. Finally, 880 students will take it this year.

#5 Google Adwords Certification: Find Out the Secrets of SEO

Best Social Media Certification & Classes
  • Created: Google
  • Lectures: 0
  • Time: 10 hours
  • Level: All levels
  • Price: Free
  • Sign up Link: Google Adwords

With this program, people can find out all they require about Adwords. After this, users will know to create Google Ads for their brands successfully. And even for their new clients! Google Ads are one of the most popular advertising features out there. So, it is great that people get a degree to use it. Owners can make their business growth. Then, they will start to see changes in their brand’s profits and sales.

People gain a wealth of know-how with these small courses. They can do it on their schedule. All they have to do is set aside a few minutes every day. Then, students can understand the digital marketing world. Users can access the Google Adwords diploma on laptops or even mobile phones. So, they can study at their own pace.

What Will I See:

— The value of online ads to aid brands.
— Ad campaign set up and management.
— Basic and advanced concepts for campaigns.
— Ads for mobile phones.
— How to optimize ad display campaigns.
— To create a merchant center account and product data feed.

There are six available tests in this scheme. Those include Google Ads Basics, Search Advertising. Also, Display Advertising, Mobile, Video, and Shopping Ads. To enter the learning path, people have to set an Account in Ads. To do this, they need an active email account that is associated with their Google Account. It doesn’t have to be a Gmail account to work. Taking this diploma is free of charge. And, the tests that they take are designed to test how much persons know about online advertising. So, people can acquire the best practices via Google Ads.

#6 Google Analytics Certification: Get an Official Degree

Best Social Media Certification & Classes

Google Analytics is a great online marketing tool. People can use it to measure the general growth of a website’s traffic. It has a simple user interface. This makes it easy for starters to play with it. It also has a range of tools for more advanced users. Google Analytics has become an essential tool for all types of marketers. It is free to study. That’s why it should be a part of the toolkit for people who work in this field. True, it may be simple to navigate. So, starters can see the basics about metrics. But to get the most out of this platform, people may want to become Certified.

What Will I Know:

— The most effective tools for campaigns.
— The growth of a website’s traffic.
— To design a great tactic using metrics.
— How to teach others to apply the tool.
— Analytics Fundamentals.
— More resources you can use online.

After taking this degree, people will be more effective at using these marketing tools. They can apply this know-how within their brand. They can even train others to use the tool if needed! After becoming Google Analytics certified, this is possible. All users have to do is take the exam. They receive all the study material that they require.

So, they will prepare and take the exam for free. If they cannot pass the exam in their first try, they can retake it after seven days. Becoming Certified is a good way to increase a brand’s exposure. This way, sales will also go up. Finally, students also gain useful know-how in the world of digital marketing.

#7 HubSpot: Inbound Marketing Degree

Best Social Media Certification & Classes
  • Created: HubSpot
  • Lectures: 7
  • Time: 2 h 25 min
  • Level: All Levels
  • Price: Free
  • Sign up Link: Content Marketing

Any person who has worked with platforms will know this. In the field of advertising, articles are kings. So, content marketing is one of the building blocks of the industry. To have an effective strategy in this field, owners need to have great content. By becoming certified with this platform, people can do great things for their professional lives. And for their brands, as well.

Today, experts who want to work in this field have particular needs. For example, training in SEO and how to write articles. If not, they cannot create great content that speaks to their target public. Excellent craft when writing is also crucial. Maybe people haven’t met their full potential in this area. So, the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification may be right for them.

What Will I Learn:

— The various aspects of content marketing.
— Storytelling that can sell anything.
— Content Ideas.
— Content Creation.
— Content Goal.
— Content Promotion.
— Top-notch writing abilities for marketers.
— Draw in more clients to your brand.

This option is free to take. Learners can take the tests at their own pace. This degree will allow them to gain a better understanding of why good content is so vital today. Indeed, it is a big part of the success of a page. Other things they teach is how to target an audience. Also, how to keep them coming back for more. With this certification, people can get educated on the latest trends on the field, while connecting with others in the industry. After this, they can get hired thanks to the tactics they have got.

#8 The Digital Marketing Institute: Become a Pro

Best Social Media Certification & Classes
  • Created: Digital Marketing Institute
  • Lectures: 30 hours
  • Timing: Less than 20 hours
  • Level: Beginners
  • Price: $1 368
  • Sign up Link: Digital Marketing Institute

This offers people to get innovative techniques and know-how. Learners can start these learning paths no matter where they are. The institute created these certificates to help advance the careers of marketers. This way, they can bring them into the world of social media marketing. The Internet has changed the way in which brands advertise. Their clients also see them differently. This degree, then, is crucial for owners who search to increase their knowledge of SEO, backlinks and more.

What Will I Learn:

— To have good tactics for ad campaigns.
— How to write high-quality content.
— To market your brand via email.
— How to display good video ads.
— Great ways of using Keywords.
— To have more paid Search using Google Ads.
— Metrics.

Students in this scheme focus on campaigns and strategies to make them great. They get the know-how they need about metrics and analytics in social apps like YouTube. Also, they will be able to run SEO over their content. Students will also receive Global Accreditation once the course is completed. They have 4 varied types of options. Each one of these options is available to take online for a fee.

#9 Cornell University: Move Up the Scale

Best Social Media Certification & Classes
  • Created: Cornell University
  • Lectures : 3 – 5 hours per week
  • Timing: 2 months
  • Level: Beginner
  • Price: $3.600
  • Sign up link: Move Up the Scale

These days, many of our daily activities take place online. It is the easiest way for small and big companies to get their word out. This way, they show their products and services to others. Students at Cornell University can be beginners in the world of selling online. There are seasoned pros, too. They might need to acquire the last techniques in the industry. So, this social media certification program could be good for them. This degree prepares students to work on their own. They can also apply it to their brand. They will make the most out of the nicest techniques that they can find here.

What Will I Learn:

— The scope of internet sales.
— All about customer funnels.
— Options in paid media.
— To start a digital campaign.
— To identify key players and different types of brands.
— To think about options to craft content.
— To come up with a good plan for various apps.

The Cornell University Digital Marketing Certificate is a good choice for every person. Marketing and product managers can acquire good tactics for their business. Also, owners and any professional will be interested in moving up into digital sales. It is ideal for those who want to improve their online knowledge. Also, how these work along with other team members. Upon the end of this experience, students will receive a Digital Marketing Certificate from this College. This certification will give them recognition. This will be the board for techniques for digital selling. Also, for strategies to a broad range of brands who need an expert marketer.

#10 Duke University’s Education: Insert in the Digital Market

Best Social Media Certification & Classes

This is part of Duke University’s Education proposal. This is an online course. Here, students get to set their own pace. This means they can work on their schedules. It is great for those who want to make their selling tactics better. It is also good for those who wish to begin their careers in the digital world. That makes it a good choice for all levels. Students have the option to study the real curriculum online. To do this, they watch streaming videos. They can get knowledge from experts who teach this course. All of them are teachers with a degree. They have years of experience in the field. And, they are willing to share it with students.

What Will I Know:

— To simulate varied situations about selling.
— SEO.
— Selling in social apps like YouTube and Facebook.
— How to write good articles for selling products.
— Pay per Click tasks.
— How to convert data into sales.
— Write high-quality emails.
— Make the apps better for smartphones.

To enroll in this proposal from Duke University, students will need to be at least 18 years of age. They should also know basic Word and have Internet techniques. They must be fluent in the English language. Finally, it is good if they are familiar with computers. For this, popular online tools are great. Learners should feel at ease using them.

Students have reliable Internet access. Also, a valid email account. They should have a computer that meets the technical goals. If not, they cannot participate. Students are expected to pay their tuition in full. Those who cannot do this should ask for a loan. The Duke Continuing Studies gives this scholarship to the ones who need them. It only takes place before having access to the program.

#11 AMA: Digital Marketing Certification for Pros

Best Social Media Certification & Classes
  • Created: AMA
  • Lectures: 0
  • Time: It varies for classes and exams
  • Level: All Levels
  • Price: $249
  • Sign up Link: Marketing Certification

This is a good option for brands who want to gain more exposure. This way, people can take their strategy to a whole new level. They should enroll in this AMA course. American Marketing Association offers it for the ones who want to be more professional.

This learning path is ideal for business owners. Also, for experts in this niche who want to have better tactics with innovative online techniques. The AMA offers plenty of tactics for students to use. These can help them pass the exams and improve their knowledge. Users can take a free practice exam. But only after they enrolled to assess their current abilities.

What Will I Study:

— The last techniques for a great career.
— Find out how to put your new knowledge to work.
— B2B and B2C.
— The ability to train others.
— Update a page with new tactics.

The AMA Program has joined LinkedIn Learning. Together, they created a series of good videos on the topic. These ones prepare students for real life. In this degree, they will create, execute, and measure the things they do on their own. Becoming a Certified pro is fairly easy with this program. As it has the last trends and tactics, users will be updated in this field. Also, they will have a degree to show to potential bosses.

#12 Udacity: Achieve Your Online Goals

Best Social Media Certification & Classes
  • Created: Udacity
  • Lectures: 120 hours
  • Timing: 3 months
  • Level: Beginner
  • Price: $1 017
  • Sign up Link: Achieve Your Online Goals

Obtain real-world know-how with Udacity. In this course, people train to be marketers. This is a nano-degree Program. Here, users have to option to run live campaigns. Also, they see things from experts in the field every day. Get started with a brand new career in this field. Yet, the fee is a little bit high. So, those who start the course should be sure of their decision.

What Will I See:

— To be great in this brand new field.
— To make Twitter or YouTube accounts better to buy and sell.
— To know why this field is growing so much these days.
— To use online tools as building blocks for good tactics.
— How to promote your brand through email.
— Prepare for a working field in a niche, as an SEM manager.

The Nano-degree from Udacity has very good benefits. True, users can get the same things from other options in the field. But, this one has a great perk. People can start working on true, real projects. Another difference is that this program has more things than others. Other alternatives focus on one or two aspects only. In this one, students will view everything they need to know.

So, they can get started with their professional life. They just have to sign up for this option and create an account. No past know-how is needed. To enroll for free is also a great perk. Those who have worked as marketers in the past can also be better when studying here.

#13 Northwestern University: Interesting Social Media Marketing Certification

Best Social Media Certification & Classes
  • Created: North Western University
  • Lectures: 3 hours per week
  • Time: 5 months
  • Level: Starter
  • Price: $49/month
  • Sign up Link: Interesting Social Media

Brand owners who need to admin their online tactics have an option now. Online content makers can also see this Specialization course in Coursera. North Western University teaches it. This program has five courses within it. By taking it, owners can put their brand on the Internet.

So, they can reach out to a great number of people. Now more than ever there is a great need for good tactics. These tools have to aid in making money. This way, brands can grow. No matter the size of a business, this ability might be missing. If this is the case, then owners should take action to make this better. This program, then, is a good option. It can teach them how to grow brands and their profit.

What Will I Acquire:

— Course 1: What is Social? For owners, executives, and pros.
— Course 2: Listening to others.
— Course 3: How to make audiences love you.
— Course 4. Content and Ads.
— Course 5: The Business of Social.
— Course 6: Social Projects.

To earn this degree, people will need to take these six options. Finally, they have to complete the hands-on project at the end of each one. Users have to end one of these alternatives before they start on the next one. After they finish one of these and the project, they will have a certificate. Users can share it with future employers. This can help boost their own professional app in this niche. This learning path will help them make skills and knowledge in this area better. It is great for persons alone and also for teams.

#14 HubSpot: Training for Beginners and Experts

Best Social Media Certification & Classes
  • Created: HubSpot
  • Lectures: 11
  • Timing: 4 hours
  • Level: All Levels
  • Price: Free
  • Sign up Link: Training for Beginners

The HubSpot Certifications gives students knowledge of how to create content in a short amount of hours. After this, learners have the skills to grow an online career. This way, people invest in them and their future. This is a degree that people recognize all over the world. It is useful for resumes. Also, for LinkedIn profiles. This will be good for the business. Why? Because it will get more clients, more sales and more money. Plus, if people work for a brand’s team, sitting for this exam is even greater. They can develop new content strategies to share with their team marketers. This will get nice results for the brand they work for.

What Will I Understand:

— All the crucial parts of making content great.
— To create a message.
— To write a good narrative for your brand.
— To set the basis for success for your brand.
— To write content taking into account crucial data of the page.
— To put together a nice ad campaign.

This is good for those who simply want to go on with their education. Also, for those who are new to the field. Both can take this course to help them achieve their career goals. It can help people refine their content approach of today. Also, it can introduce them to the new aspects of this online industry. It appeals to the ones who want to continue learning about this topic. Also, to those who are starting. The course is free to take. Also, it only takes a few hours to complete. It is entirely online and may be taken at their own pace.

#15 OMCP: Be Trained by Professionals

Best Social Media Certification & Classes
  • Created: Brian Yang
  • Lectures: 275 units
  • Time: Set Your Own Pace
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Price: Flexible
  • Sign up Link: Trained by Professionals

This course verifies skills as a marketer, their education and work. If a person has worked in this field, then they deserve to have recognition for that.
OMCP encourages those who are already in the industry. They want them to see more about the latest techniques and strategies regularly. Instead of providing them with training, an OMCP certification tracks their progress. Then, it gives them credits based on their real-life experience. Sometimes, training isn’t necessary. They stress students can acquire some skills via hands-on work. If this sounds like you, look into becoming OMCP certified.

What Will I Know:

— HubSpot.
— Google Ads.
— Great Google Metrics.
— Bing Ads.
— Facebook.
— Pubcon Workshop.
— YouTube.

Unlike a training course, this one can help students receive recognition for what they already know. This know-how of online marketing is great. OMCP has standards which are used for employee exams. Also, for curriculum goals, as well as the industry body of know-how. The OMCP certification is not tied to any single platform or agency. Nor to any training provider or a specific vendor. The cost of it varies. It depends on what the persons already understand. After completing the tasks well, their certificate will be good for up to two years.

#16 Mediabistro: Become a Master Too

Best Social Media Certification & Classes
  • Created: Mediabistro
  • Lectures: 10
  • Timing: 1 h 30 min
  • Level: Beginner
  • Price: $119.88/year
  • Sign up Link: Become a Master Too

All brands, large or small, need to have a good Internet tactic. This way, they can stay afloat in the busy world of buy and sell. If they are just getting started with their business, be aware. People might be unsure. Maybe they do not know where to start. Being a marketer is not easy. Owners have to be brave to start their online accounts. Media Bistro Master class can help with this. This class is designed for people just like you who have no past work in the field. Also, for those who want to know more about the last tactics about this.

What Will I Know:

— The basic data of this niche.
— To add images to posts, text, links and more.
— To reply to your public and read how they react.
— To be creative with visuals and videos.
— To rank accounts and make them famous.
— To read data and growth about a page.

This Master Class has all people need to know about this online world. It gives a point for success. This is a great tool for those who search for a way to start a career as marketers. It is also a good course to take if people like to make their brand’s tactics better. Users do not need any prior work to take this course. This makes it a good choice for starters. But, this can also be a refresher option. Especially for those who are involved in the industry. But, they may not be as experienced in digital selling.

#17 Udemy: Gain More Clients

Best Social Media Certification & Classes
  • Created: Udemy
  • Lectures: 2 h 30 min
  • Time: Set your own pace
  • Level: All Levels
  • Price: $29.99
  • Sign up Link: Gain More Clients

The Social Media Certification from Udemy offers you a complete package. It is a great deal for all skill levels. Users can get started in your career as a digital marketer. Also, they can work on improving their skills in online sales.

What Will I Get:

— Manage and use difficult features.
— Understand the risks in this field.
— Know how to follow trends.
— See how to create visuals.
— Plan your goals.
— Understand the broad scope of social media.

The Social Media Marketing Certification from Udemy is a great option. In particular, for people who already have a brand without accounts like Twitter. Those who are owners or work for somebody else will find it useful. They will be able to take their brands up to the next level. So, they will reach out to more clients. For this to happen, they understand more about being marketers in networks. One of the perks of Udemy is that access has no limits. It gives users lifetime access to all its resources and tools. This way, they attract new clients, drive sales and become a master in the field. This course comes with a complete 30-day money back guarantee.

Good Points of These Programs

Those who would like to get started in online marketing and are unsure where to start might see into these social media certification programs. There are options for all skill levels. Some of them are free of charge. Yet, for others, people will have to pay a small fee or tuition to start. Any person who is ready to reach out to their target audience can do it. Especially if they want to make an effort to improve their sales and profit. Also, if they are keen on studying the good things about online business.

Social media changed the way in which we communicate with one another. So, choosing one of these options can be a great idea for personal growth. It has also made a significant impact on how brands connect with their clients or potential customers. As a result, these services can aid in building a good career in the field. Try them today and make your brand’s online account work better for you.

Published: May 02, 2019 | Updated: June 25, 2020
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