A new year brings new resolutions. What a better way to spend time but through social media marketing courses. Through lessons, assessments, and certification, they help expand knowledge. This education and skills help open doors to real jobs.

Many are on the fence about where to take an online course. Details of the top ones come in handy. We have curated a list of the best social media training courses. They have all the tools and resources to build a successful marketing business.

15 Social Media Marketing Courses & Training

The following social media marketing courses & training sites boast a substantial value. They are verified, relevant, and timeless. They fill in the gaps of the social media industry and provide with resources for effective learning.

We will make objective reviews of these courses. This will guide readers into picking the best for a particular need. We single out the most important details to help choose the best fit.

#1 Social Media Marketing: Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Best Social Media Marketing Courses in 2021
  • Creator: SO ME Academy
  • Number of lectures: 75
  • Time for completion: 3h 37min
  • Level: All levels
  • Price: $29.99
  • Sign up Link: Social Media Marketing

Udemy is one of the most trusted sites for online courses. Learn how to use Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and blogging. Then use them to build a strategy. It focuses on customer services and PR. Tips, tricks, and risks of social media for marketing complete the mix.

This particular one has an affordable fee. Upon payment, users have access to it for life. It has over 41,000 students enrolled. It targets entrepreneurs and organization members.

What Will You Learn:

— Foundations of social media
— Understand the basics of the most popular social media sites
— Harness the full scope of social media in the industry
— Use social media for customer service and PR
— How to audit an organization
— Building a solid marketing strategy
— Understand the risks of social media and how to deal with them
— Using advanced features of the most important social media tools
— Everything on content marketing

This online program turns the user into a social media hero. It comprises over 2 hours of videos and 16 articles. This content makes certified strategists out of learners. Upon completion, SO ME Academy issues a certification. This course is for those looking to expand their business or organization. It includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and others. It is broad and goes from the basics to practical applications.

#2 Social Marketing Training by Hootsuite

Best Social Media Marketing Courses in 2021
  • Creator: Hootsuite
  • Number of chapters: 5
  • Time for completion: 6 hours
  • Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Price: Free
  • Sign up Link: Training by Hootsuite

Hootsuite's beginner's social media training course includes basic skills. It will help grow followers, stir engagement, and pump up business. This series of lessons are addressed to those who want to launch themselves head-on. This is the free beginner course from a series of six courses. It starts the learner on the basics of social media sites. Next, it goes on to how pros use them.

Each lesson in every chapter features a quiz for self-assessment. Every chapter includes an optional lesson on the Hootsuite platform. The training includes an intro to social media marketing. This intro explains the use of every social media platform. We recommend taking them all.

What Will You Learn:

— Basics of marketing a business
— Introduction to social networks
— Optimizing social media profiles
— How to build an effective social media plan
— Building, growing and engaging with a community
— Creating content that provides results
— Social Media advertising fundamentals

Hootsuite developed this course with top social media marketers in mind. Learners train to start from beginner level to best pro. The training helps build a community of loyal followers.It includes thorough explanations of what engaged communities are. Participants learn how to take advantage of digital sources to connect. The study plan is comprehensive and detailed. Each lesson ends with recommended next steps into applying what students learned. A paid option for certification is available. This one has a cost of $199. It is well-invested money for a course with enormous value.

#3 Boot Camp Digital: A Door to Social Media Excellence

Best Social Media Marketing Courses in 2021
  • Creator: Boot camp digital
  • Number of courses: 26
  • Time for completion: 70+ hours
  • Level: Al levels
  • Price: $97/month
  • Sign up Link: Boot Camp Digital

Bootcamp Digital has prepared specific courses for every social network. Every single one is dissected to teach particular strategies. Are these courses necessary? Definitely! They offer an in-depth study of each social site and the means to use their power.

This is social media marketing gold and is addressed to all levels. Beginners to pros are welcome. Boot Camp calls it “Our Master Class Library” which comprises 70+ hours of training. It includes digital marketing, strategies, web, analytics, and ads.

What Will You Learn:

— Marketing using the most important social networks
— Chatbot marketing
— Digital marketing
— Copywriting for search
— Creating and optimizing websites
— Google Analytics
— Content marketing strategy
— Digital advertising
— Digital Measurement and Analytics

Users will notice that this is a high-end training library. Large-scale groups such as NASA and Proctor and Gamble use it. Every single course caters rich and updated content. Each one has a fixed cost starting at $97. Boot Camp Digital offers an all-access pass at a price of $97/month.

Courses are addressed to beginners, which go through specialized personal training. It escalates through all levels. It provides top instruments and strategies to become competitive. The company offers a certification option too.

#4 Alison's Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses

Best Social Media Marketing Courses in 2021
  • Publisher: Advanced Learning Academy
  • Number of modules: 4
  • Time for completion: 2-3 hours
  • Level: Academic Level 1
  • Price: Free
  • Sign up Link: Social Media Strategy

All small businesses should build a social media marketing plan. Social networks provide targeted tools to make a business grow. Alison has prepared this free option to infer into this. The program teaches how to design and install a social media strategy. It encourages designs to boost sales and growth.

The course comprises 2 to 3 hours of effective learning and training. It includes assessment and certification. One prime trait of this set of modules is that they are short and effective. It focuses on establishing a dynamic web presence. Engagement through social media.

What Will You Learn:

— Elements of a dynamic web presence
— Research and planning for a dynamic web presence
— Key interactive elements in a website
— Effective social media engagement
— Types of social media and their benefits
— Preparing and sharing social media content
— Metrics of social media engagement
— Describe the leading social media platforms and take advantage of their features

Alison's Social Media Strategy course is short and inclusive. It is designed to help small businesses create a meaningful presence online. The course has over 40,000 students enrolled. Undoubtedly, upon completion, users will boost their online presence. As a consequence, small businesses' sales will take off.

This course is addressed to beginners who want to build and engage their audience. It focuses on creating websites to promote products and/or services. Then it goes to using social media instruments to engage and cut through the noise. This is a place to go to put together stunning and useful websites. Those interested in attractive social network profiles turn to this one.

#5 Wharton`s (edX) Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing

Best Social Media Marketing Courses in 2021
  • Creator: Wharton University
  • Number of modules: 4
  • Time for completion: 15 hours
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Price: $585
  • Sign up Link: New Business Models

Wharton (University of Pennsylvania) has created this piece. It is a complete course and professional certification program. It caters to anyone wanting to succeed in their businesses. This guide spreads into six weeks of training with a commitment of 2 to 3 hours per week.

To learn how to succeed in an ever-changing field, this course suits perfectly. David Bell is the instructor. He is a Wharton professor and consumer shopping expert. The program delves into how digital companies have changed how we see business. It teaches how to take a good chunk of the industry pie. This professional certificate program is thorough and relevant. It taps into the pains of a growing marketing landscape.

What Will You Learn:

— Increase profit through fresh models in business and e-commerce
— Effective application of digital marketing and e-commerce methods
— Social media and digital marketing techniques
— Effective marketing strategies for products and/or services
— Tools to navigate through emerging digital services

In this course, students learn how e-commerce and the digital economy works. It empowers them to generate their own critical insights. Participants acquire the skills to design strategies. Methods include market analysis, digital marketing, and tactics. Anything that can be put to good use in e-commerce is right here. This includes online advertising and social advertising. It covers mobile technologies and engagement, for instance. How to influence audiences through social media, and more.

The syllabus is designed for intermediate learners. To those that want to better understand marketing and digital business. It includes analysis and practical applications. It addresses marketing professionals, analysts, and entrepreneurs. Small business owners, investors, and consumer benefit from this set.

#6 Skillshare's Social Media Marketing Modules

Best Social Media Marketing Courses in 2021
  • Creator: Skillshare
  • Number of modules: 15.000+
  • Time for completion: Lifelong learning
  • Level: All levels
  • Price: $15/mo
  • Sign up Link: Marketing Modules

Skillshare is a platform with an extensive library of courses. It provides an intuitive website for easy navigation. It comes at a very affordable fee. A series of video courses start learners with social media essentials. It then surveys every social media network.

Take advantage of the free-trial month and use it as possible. After the trial month, Skillshare charges for the package picked at sign up. The website's library comprises over 15,000 titles to choose from. All there is to know about SoMe marketing, this series has it covered.

What Will You Learn:

— Everything about social media marketing
— SEO and effective uses
— Courses for every specific platform
— E-commerce and digital market
— Strategies and ways of making a business grow
— Monetizing online presence
— Social media curation tools

This library of content is quite extensive, to say the least. You name it, Skillshare has a course and a certification for it. When options are so vast, it feels like noise, and it is tough to cut through it.
The site curates every section according to common interests. Users can better dive into these sections hassle-free. In this way, students can easily find what they need.

There is more than one course on a particular topic. Most of them are short and always to the point. As an enriching feature, every title includes class projects. These class projects are a part of the site's library.

#7 Content Marketing by the University of California

Best Social Media Marketing Courses in 2021
  • Creator: University of California
  • Number of modules: 5
  • Time for completion: 17 hours
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Price: $49
  • Sign up Link: Content Marketing

The Content Marketing Course focuses on powerful content marketing. It maps out strategies and everything surrounding content. But not only does the course thrive to put in place certain planning. It also seeks to shift the streamlined way of thinking into something bigger. So, this is not a load of info pushed down your throat. Instead, it presents real on-field applications of what learned.

What Will You Learn:

— The content marketing ecosystem
— What is and how to apply the 7A framework
— Craft a content marketing strategy
— The strategic types of content
— How to manage your content

This course addresses intermediate learners. To those who want to infer into why content is king. But it does not stop at hearing and learning alone. It includes assessments and applications. This help soak in everything there is to know.

Access to the lessons, with a certificate included, is inexpensive. Financial aid through Coursera is available. UC Davis is one of the top-ranked research campuses. Learners can see this expertise throughout the course. Creators designed this one for those wanting to make astonishing content. As a consequence, to drive loyalty and revenue.

#8 Instagram Marketing: A Step-By-Step to 10.000 Followers

Best Social Media Marketing Courses in 2021
  • Creator: Benjamin and Anneliese Wilson
  • Number of modules: 56
  • Time for completion: 5.5 hours
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Price: $199.99
  • Sign up Link: Instagram Marketing

Udemy is at the top of digital content for Instagram marketing. This updated course has an enrollment of almost 62,000 students. The main focus is not only to attract and get organic followers. It goes further to turn them into paying customers.

It aims to build a community of loyal customers. Participants do this through a powerful Instagram account. Applying these proven principles guarantees 10,000 organic followers. Learners get all the specific IG features to develop a profile. But not any profile but one that speaks success and relevance.

What Will You Learn:

— Create an appealing, compelling, and professional Instagram account
— Build strong and meaningful connections with your Instagram followers
— Connect with sections of followers every day
— The follower funnel technique
— Stay up-to-date with the most recent Instagram updates and features

Instagram has the advantage of being intuitive, fun, and easy to use. This makes it a targeted tool to get a message out there. This course teaches content managing for an Instagram account. It also explores techniques to boost post quality. When quality improves an increase in followers ensues.

Here's a summary of the course: Learners generate followers. They engage them and establish an interactive community. Learners turn the community into paying customers. Intuitive. Simple. But it requires an effort. If Instagram is the network of choice for business, this course is a great choice. Instagram users who have been lagging and needed a nudge can also apply for it.

#9 Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing: Mastering the King

Best Social Media Marketing Courses in 2021
  • Creator: COURSE ENVY
  • Number of modules: 112
  • Time for completion: 14.5 hours
  • Level: Beginner
  • Price: $199.99
  • Sign up Link: Facebook Marketing

This bestseller course has 150,000+ students enrolled. Most of them with stories of success. The aim here is to master Facebook and to become Facebook ads experts. It lists all the steps to create an effective Facebook advertising campaign.

Participants learn how to convert an investment into revenue. It starts from a beginner’s perspective. It concludes with a professional Facebook marketer's view. This course is intuitive, up-to-date, and detailed. The only requirement is to have a Facebook account/profile. Before starting, users have to make an initial investment. This is necessary to set up FB ads and test them in real time.

What Will You Learn:

— How to connect with new audiences
— Save money with FB ads
— Post to various social media sites with one click
— Use Facebook Business Manager
— Implement Facebook Pixel and advanced tracking strategies

This is a course that hones skills for targeting audiences through FB ads. As we mentioned before, it has fine details. It will take learners from A to Z to become masters at publicizing.

The course implements the Facebook Business Manager. It is loaded with everything there is to know about FB advertising. It is one of the best teaching materials for small business owners. Bloggers, online marketers, and advertising managers can use it too. Pretty much anyone interested in mastering Facebook advertising. This is a valuable material for FB advertising. It will teach learners how to turn investment into sales.

#10 YouTube Masterclass: The Complete Guide to YouTube

Best Social Media Marketing Courses in 2021
  • Creator: Video School Online Inc
  • Number of modules: 102
  • Time for completion: 6 hours
  • Level: Beginner
  • Price: $199.99
  • Sign up Link: YouTube Masterclass

SoMe strategies to bring in new customers and engage existing ones? YouTube makes it to the list. Udemy presents this extensive course on harnessing the power of YouTube.

The instructor reveals all the traits of a successful YouTube channel. Participants get lifetime access to the lecture. This includes updates and messages from the instructor. The experience is dynamic, fresh, active, action-packed, and pretty thorough. The goal is to help create rocking content that engages and generates money.

What Will You Learn:

— Create a YouTube channel
— Make high-quality YouTube videos with little money
— Attract viewers and generate subscribers
— Use YouTube to grow a brand
— Use analytics to improve a YouTube channel
— How to monetize a YouTube channel

Testimonies and history reveal that this is one dynamic course. One of the best. It includes rich content on how to monetize a YouTube channel. It focuses on creating appealing visuals that inform and engage.

This course is of interest to those who want to start their own channel. It is open to those who are struggling to get viewers and subscribers. It is addressed to those interested in expanding their brand. Call it a businessman, an entrepreneur, an actor, or a teacher. This material is for them. As YouTube evolves, the course is updated to keep materials fresh.

#11 Twitter for Business: Attract 200+ Customers a Day!

Best Social Media Marketing Courses in 2021
  • Creator: Benjamin Wilson
  • Number of modules: 39
  • Time for completion: 3.5 hours
  • Level: Beginner
  • Price: $99.99
  • Sign up Link: Twitter for Business

Getting that many followers per day sound like a dream. It is possible and without dubious and unethical methods. This mighty course gives users the tools needed to master Twitter for marketing.

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool. Every lecture in this program builds toward getting the best out of it. The goal of this course is to get 200+ targeted and real people as followers. It strives to develop important conversations with such followers. It includes strategies, features, plans, etc. It entails everything about using Twitter to grow business.

What Will You Learn:

— Optimizing Twitter to increase followers and engagement
— Tips to achieve more considerable exposure (when, how, what)
— How to attract relevant followers every day
— Optimize Twitter account for Twitter search
— Increase Twitter using 3 tools
— Networking via Twitter

Those who enroll must have a Twitter account. The course goes through the process of creating an account if you do not have one. It walks through picking a handle and profile pic to capture attention.
Participants find everything about harnessing the power of Twitter. Personal and business accounts will see enormous benefits in this series. They can all take advantage of the abundant resources found here.

At such price, this course is a great way to enrich the Twitter knowledge database. This world-class training on how to optimize Twitter is open to beginners.

#12 Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content

Best Social Media Marketing Courses in 2021
  • Creator: University of Pennsylvania
  • Number of modules: 4
  • Time for completion: 6 hours
  • Level: Beginner
  • Price: $95
  • Sign up Link: Viral Marketing

This course by the U. of Pennsylvania teaches the mysteries in the world of e-commerce. It explores all the actions of a marketer to engage audiences. It gives “catchy” ideas to present products appealingly. The primary goal is to empower learners into the art of luring customers. The instructor is Professor Jonah Berger. He is the bestseller author of “Contagious: Why Things Catch On.” He explores all the creative aspects of a campaign that resonates with people.

Social networks are only a part of what this course comprises. The premise is that the content has to be rich. This is how it will add value to your business profile.

What Will You Learn:

— Strategies to make ideas sticky
— How social influence shapes behavior
— The power of word of mouth
— Social media and its impact on society

This course is comprehensive and easy to understand. It is recommended to learn more about crafting content that can go viral. This requires an intuitive and creative mind. This course leads learners to the right mindset.

Participants get world-class instruction on how to be influential with the word. The course debunks mistaken beliefs and myths on content. It teaches how to get better at creating relevant material.
It is perfect for any entrepreneur who wants to see their numbers grow.

#13 What Is Social? by Coursera: Learn the Basics of It All

Best Social Media Marketing Courses in 2021
  • Creator: Northwestern University
  • Number of modules: 4
  • Time for completion: 9 hours
  • Level: Beginner
  • Price: $49/mo
  • Sign up Link: What Is Social?

Some terms used in social media marketing might sound like mumbo jumbo. This calls for a swift introduction to what social media is. This course taps on everything on marketing and social media. It offers advice on building a social media strategy. Four modules provide resources to start big in social media marketing.

It starts with the importance of massive open online courses (MOOCs). Next, it helps to make sense of the digital world. It ends with a social overview of a business.

What Will You Learn:

— Matching markets to social strategies to improve revenue
— Create and optimize campaigns through social media tools and platforms
— Develop relevant content to spark meaningful interactions
— How the digital revolution has affected the digital marketplace
— Define a target audience within the social environment
— How to deal with an ever-changing digital social environment

Each of the modules includes a bonus kit. This kit is available for those who subscribe to full access. It contains extra information on the topics you have learned. Users get the option to audit the modules for free. This is an option for learners with a tight budget.

The end of every module features a personal assessment. Namely a quiz to check performance. The course is very intuitive and easy to complete. It will take an average 9 hours split in a 4-week time. Anyone who wants to have a better grasp of how social works should take this. Personal and business accounts will enjoy the content and activities.

#14 Social Media Ethics by Coursera: Doing It the Right Way

Best Social Media Marketing Courses in 2021
  • Creator: Eric Schwartzman
  • Number of lectures: 11
  • Time for completion: 33 min
  • Level: Beginner
  • Price: Free
  • Sign up Link: Social Media Ethics

This is a necessary course for anyone that decides to put their voice out there. A code of ethics must precede any of business activity. Social media marketing is no exception to that. The syllabus guides marketers and publicist to make objective judgments. It encourages them to keep remarks smart and sweet. It teaches how to move in the digital social space concerning others.

Social media ethics is part of every professional career. This course includes real-life examples of incorrect practices. The lessons include practical applications and exercises. This help to develop a sense of responsible digital citizenship.

What Will You Learn:

— Exercising good judgment when posting on social media
— Learn what is ethical and respectful behavior
— How to avoid getting sued or fired
— Exhibit tolerance
— Professional standards of netiquette

This course has an enrollment of 6,682 students. More participants of social media should come across it and take it. It includes basic principles of respect, behavior, and etiquette.
Social media netiquette empowers respectful marketers. Customers do not overlook this. It can be a game-changer for them when deciding which brand to yield for.

So, this material works for anyone who is involved in social media. Sometimes, even what we think is a better judgment might fail us. Different people judge things differently. At times, others get hurt by poor judgment. This calls for an ample study of ethics, which users will get here.

#15 Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking up Clients

Best Social Media Marketing Courses in 2021
  • Creator: Brian Yang
  • Number of lectures: 5
  • Time for completion: 1 hour
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Price: Free
  • Sign up Link: Picking up Clients

This is a step by step system to pick up clients in less than 48 hours. Participants learn the rules to pick up clients. The syllabus includes the AMOC authority network. This is a 4-step process to prove expertise and have clients follow you.

This Udemy course teaches the correct use of forums. Niche forums, Facebook groups, and YouTube are used to pick up real clients. In 48 hours, users can get coaching and consulting clients. Students learn how to cut through the noise to go to places where real people are.

The program teaches techniques to lure in clients. Then it explains how to bestow value and no fluff to those customers. This set of 5 lectures gives participants skills to attract real people with real needs.

What Will You Learn:

— Use social media groups to attract valuable clients
— Motivate clients through YouTube into emailing about services
— Use forums to attract motivated clients
— Avoid the most common social media marketing mistakes and myths
— The AMOC authority record
— Positioning yourself as the “problem solver”

This course is short, productive, and effective. It is an honest talk through strategies, myths, and mistakes thought to be correct. Continuous experiences have proved some “truths” as wrong. Yet, many continue to put them in place.

To stick out of the crowd, marketers need to know what these mistakes are. They need to be able to tackle them. This is the aim, to make a problem-solver out of every student. Coaches, consultants, startups, or freelancers are all welcome to take this material. It will add enormous value to their marketing strategy. It will put them one step ahead of their competition.

#16 Quintly`S Free Social Media Analytic: Check If It Is Working

Best Social Media Marketing Courses in 2021
  • Creator: Quintly Academy
  • Number of lectures: 4
  • Time for completion: 15 min
  • Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Price: Free
  • Sign up Link: Social Media Analytic

A true gem, Quintly’s Free Social Media Analytics course is a must. That is if you want to know how effective a strategy has been. All marketers wish to that. In this program, participants learn how to read and interpret analytics. They will learn the means and methods to start with the next step: taking action.

It is an essential material to stay in the loop of changing times. It includes insights on how to compare own charts with those of the competition. The lectures go through all the steps to automating reports. Users decide what reports are convenient for what crowd based on what they learned.

What Will You Learn:

— What social media analytics is and the need for it
— How to approach situation analysis
— Compare social media appearances to optimize their frequency
— Create data-based goals (An action)
— Find Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and define a sensible purpose

The creators tailored it for both beginners and seasoned marketers. It starts with the fundamentals of analytics. It moves onto using these analytics to plan an effective strategy. Many do not know what to do of the data presented to them. This course provides the training and skills to go from gibberish to useful data. The idea is to make corrections and better promote a brand or service. This series is valuable for those involved with analytics. It addresses the conversion of statistical data into action.

The Final Word

No one should fall short when it comes to social media marketing training. It is essential to keep learning and updating. This market is never static. Its spokes are rotating, and it is imperative to stay in the loop.

The social media courses reviewed all represent a prime product. Certified professionals back up and guarantee success. The best part is that students can complete them at their own pace. Self-assessment features keep track of performance.

Here’s to those serious about their social media marketing in 2021. These training options will equip them with valuable sets of tools. They will empower them to generate growth for their brand or organization.

Published: April 27, 2019 | Updated: June 25, 2020
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