Privy Review: The Tool to Turn Leads into Loyal Clients

Privy Review: The Tool to Turn Leads into Loyal Clients
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Privy: in-Depth

This tool helps convert into customers. For this, it keeps track of who visited one’s site or added products to the cart but never finished the purchase. Then, it targets ads and automated emails to that person. They are customized for the user based on his actions. In this way, it reviews and helps focus his needs better.

But how does this work out in reality in 2023? Let’s see that in this Privy review!

Key Features

Privy Key Features

Privy Review: Background Information

This company was founded in 2011 by Ben Jabbawy, who is still the CEO. Though it started focusing on restaurants and retailers, it soon expanded its market to be in other fields too. They got funding in an accelerator, which helped them start with their business right away.

After a few years of success, the CEO faced a tough decision due to a bad investment. He had to choose whether to close the company or do away with most of its team. He went with the latter option and kept only a few engineers who worked for free.

Service Features

Privy Service Features

This provider will use a wide variety of unique features to help grow one’s leads and convert them into customers. They have many tools that help track users’ journey down the sales funnel.

With that info, it can take actions based on triggers to improve people’s experience with the brand and its products. For example, if someone shows interest in a particular product, the tool will identify that and help him by sending him more info to his inbox or highlight some critical functions with ads on platforms like Facebook.


This is the leading niche in which Privy can help. They do so by helping them target potential users. And present them with the solution for their needs at the right moment. For this, they offer some essential tools, though some other important ones are missing, like multi-channel marketing.

Email Marketing

Privy Email Marketing 2

This is key when it comes to sending the right message at the right moment. Once users are on the list, companies can get in touch with them, thanks to automation. In this way, they can send a message at the right moment based on the user’s actions.

This tool is quite complete, though it lacks some essentials, like the ability to send mobile-optimized messages. But it does include the following.

Marketing Automation

Automation has been one of the most revolutionary features when it comes to digital marketing. It allows sending messages based on triggers. In this way, it is easy to send users the information they need when they need it. Some tools that are essential for this are the following.

Small Business eCommerce

Small retail businesses may also have an online store. Their main objective may be to sell in physical stores, but they also sell on the web as a side hustle. What these types of businesses require is totally different from the needs of big e-commerce stores. The team knows this, and that is why they offer the following features for this specific niche.

Features, Options, and Benefits

Privy’s tools are very specific and have been developed to the point that they are some of the most advanced in the market. What is more, they have a very specific way of doing things that makes this brand stand out. Check out what each tool does and how it does it below.

A Campaign Designer to Die for

Accurate personalization is essential to convert leads into loyal customers. If they get a message that is not talking to them, they will probably just delete it. The Privy team reviews this so users can customize their campaigns to suit every need.

This also works for pop-ups and sidebars. Design them and place them in the right places of the site. They can adapt up to nine different types of screens. In this way, one may use them to get new leads by asking visitors for their addresses, for example.

Accurate Targeting Capabilities

This tool is all about targeting one’s clients to give them the right message. To do so, this software will categorize users according to the following info.

With all this data, the tool reviews and identifies the user with one of its predefined profiles. It will then send him the right message or show him the right ad depending on his characteristics.

Campaign Triggers that Know It All

There is the right moment to show offers to visitors. Some claim that it is as soon as they get to a page so that they want to stay. Others say that it is better to wait until the moment when they want to leave and avoid that by using a pop-up offer.

Users will have the chance to choose the one they think is better for their business. Some of the triggers they will have the possibility of weighing in before this are these.

Live Reporting and Analytics

Privy Live Reporting and Analytics

Privy will constantly update its report section to give clients the latest and most current info. They do this in two main areas.

Email Marketing Automation

Automation is one of the most revolutionary tools in this type of marketing. With it, people can send the right message at the best moment to their customers. Privy allows clients to customize this to suit almost every need. This is why they include, among others, the following options.

Text (SMS) Marketing

PRIVY Text (SMS) Marketing

Some companies do not exploit this tool as much as they could. But Privy has come to change this. They say that SMS is a very handy way to get in touch with customers. For this reason, they allow their clients to send text messages on many occasions, like when someone registers for a product or has left a purchase before paying.

Privy Integrations with Third-Parties

PRIVY Integrations with Third-Parties

Though this company mainly uses ads and emails, it works with a wide variety of other platforms. They range from website builders to e-commerce platforms. In this way, the company can get all the info they need from their clients and their users.

A very important integration they offer is Zapier. Why so? Because this platform works with lots of other platforms too. So, in this way, Privy can integrate with a set of tools natively, and with others through Zapier.

The ones it supports by itself include the following.

Learning on the Go: Conferences, Webinars, and Podcasts

This provider wants to keep its users in the know about the latest happenings in the e-commerce field. To do so, they gather some of the most important specialists in the area to talk about how business people can grow their companies through great marketing.

They do the same with webinars. They bring in different partners and interview them about what their take is about current events in the marketing field. They discuss all types of topics, like how to make the most out of seasonal holidays, how to boost customer loyalty, and more!

Privy Plans & Pricing

Privy Pricing & Plans

Privy offers different pricing for each service. Online displays can be used for free by people without many visitors, and every feature comes with a 15-day free trial. During that period, there are no limitations to what one can do with it. As the number of views or contacts goes up, so does the price. In this way, one pays according to what he can afford.

Online Displays

PRIVY Online Displays

One of the main services that the team offers is that it helps with ads. This is completely free for sites that have up to 4,999 visitors per month. Once one reaches 5,000, he has to start paying $20. The price keeps going up depending on the number of views.

Those who have up to 999,999 visitors will pay $500. Now, when one reaches 1,000,000, he will have to contact the team to get an individual plan.

The main features they offer for the free plan are the following.


  • Customer success manager available for better usage
  • Works with all displays
  • Integration with many tools
  • Accepts an ample number of views
  • Customized for different needs


  • Some features are only available for those who pay more
  • Pricing stops being affordable after a certain number of views

Email Marketing

Privy includes an email marketing tool that covers all the basic needs one may have, like pop up forms, landing pages, and automation. It is specifically tailored for e-commerces. As such, they have tools that aim at the needs of this type of business. For example, integration with Shopify, the ability to send coupons, etc.

The packages start at $10 for those who have up to 1,999 subscribers. And they go up to $1,005 for people with 200,999 contacts on their list. Clients with numbers more substantial than that will have to contact support to get a quote that fits their needs.

The products they include in this package are the following.


  • Tailored for e-commerce
  • Affordable pricing
  • Top-notch automation
  • Great campaign designer
  • Wide variety of templates


  • No free option available
  • Other types of businesses may feel left out

Text Messaging

Though it is often overlooked, this tool gives great returns on investment for those who use it. It starts at $10 for those who have up to 199 contacts. But it can go up to $1,000 per month for up to 10,000 subscribers. In this case, it does not have special features as the price goes up.

They are always the same. The only thing that changes is the number of people who one can send texts to.

The functions it has are the following.


  • Automation available
  • Compliance with data protection laws
  • Great returns on investment
  • Works with Privy Display
  • Affordable pricing


  • No free option
  • No premium features

Price & Key Features Comparisons Table

In the last few years, Privy has changed its pricing system. Now, people can choose the services they need for the amount of traffic they handle. This has made it a much more personalized approach. Check out this table to see which one better suits everyone’s needs.

Onsite Displays Email Marketing Text Messaging
Free trial 15 days 15 days 15 days
Price for 100 users Free $10 $10
Price for 5,000 users $20 $30 $500
Price for 10,000 users $35 $55 $1,000
Maximum number of supported contacts 1,000,000 200,000 10,000
Possibility of custom pricing for more users Yes Yes No
Integrations Yes Yes Yes
Automation No Yes Yes
Dedicated customer success manager for premium clients Yes Yes No
List growth tools No Yes Yes
Targeting and segmentation Yes Yes Yes
A/B testing Yes Yes Yes

Terms and Conditions

This brand has a very flexible cancellation policy. Users can do so just by sending an email to the team, asking them to disable their accounts. This can be done with a message to [email protected]. There is also a section to do it within one’s account in the settings section.

Right after this, they will stop charging the credit card, and the account will be disabled down to a non-paid one.

Despite this, the company is not very flexible when it comes to refunds. They will not give any partial refund of a monthly fee. The only case in which they will consider to do so is if there was any malfunction on their part.

Privacy Policy

The 2023 version of the policy has some changes in contrast to the previous one. They state from the very beginning that this document will change and be updated from time to time. So, it is advisable to check it regularly. Just by using the tool, one agrees to comply with these terms.

Also, all clients who decide to hire this provider should be aware that it complies with the USA’s laws. In particular, with the ones of the State of Massachusetts. It doesn’t matter where the user is located. In terms of cookies, the page promises to always ask for the permission on the part of the customer. So, no cookies will be stored unless the person allows for that to happen.

Refund Policy

The company does not believe in giving their users back their money. They can cancel at any time, but there will be no partial refunds for any unused month. The only situation in which they can do this is when there is a glitch on the site that affects how it works.

Customer Support

The provider is rather limited in this regard. It only offers one means of communication. Those who are used to calling or chatting to solve their problems faster will have to adapt.


The company does not offer any number to which users can call for queries or doubts. The only support method available is by email.


The company has many different email addresses. Clients have to see which one suits their needs best. The list includes the following.

Most people will probably contact the general or support teams. But the other ones are available in case they are necessary.

Online Chat

There is no chat option available for users. If they want to communicate with the team by text, they should send an email to the addresses listed above.

Support Center

Privy has a complete support center with all the info most users will need. This includes how-to guides that explain how the tools offered should be used to make the most out of them.

There is also a section with common questions. There, they answer queries about the most typical technical issues people may have. There are also some articles explaining how the tool works in terms of pricing and policies.

The last section has the best practices with insider tips and tricks on how to set up everything for success and better returns on investment.

Quality of Service

Previous and current users praise this tool for its great functionality. They claim that its automation features work great and are the reason why many people finally make a purchase.

The only aspect in which they could improve is by offering a more flexible email tool. But this can be solved with their integration with other services like Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

Customer Types

This type of tool is very flexible and adapts to the needs of almost every type of e-commerce business. Read on to find out how this tool can help companies of different sizes and niches.

Who Is Privy Best for

Based on many reviews, Privy can aid almost every type of eCommerce store in boosting its sales in an easy way. Check out here how companies of different sizes can use it.

Small Business

Small businesses can greatly benefit from the new pricing system that this company offers. Since they have to pay according to their number of views or contacts, at the beginning, entrepreneurs will get this e-commerce tool at a very low cost or even for free.

Large Enterprises

Big companies will also appreciate the many perks that Privy has in store for them. For example, once they reach a certain number of website visitors or subscribers, the marketing team will get a customer success manager. He will be in charge of helping them make the most out of what this tool has to offer them.

Medium Business

These businesses are already established in their niches but still have room for growth. This tool is ideal for these situations. Thanks to its automation features, it helps them turn leads into clients. In this way, one’s clientele will grow much faster than on its own.


Freelance workers can get a lot out of this tool since it will maximize their clients’ earnings. Digital and email marketers will find that this provider will lower their burden by assisting them in automatizing in one place many of the tasks that before they had to do with many different tools.

Privy Pros & Cons

Privy has a lot to offer in terms of improving conversions. Still, there are always some aspects that need improvement. Potential buyers should be aware of both the strengths and weaknesses of the brand before they commit to it. Read on to find out what they are.



  • Automation tools. They unload the burden of having to do many tasks oneself.
  • Fair pricing system. People according to the size of their company.
  • Variety of integrations. It works with a wide variety of other software.
  • Campaign success managers. An expert will assist premium clients in setting up everything.
  • Reliability. The system has been polished to the point that there are no glitches.
  • Limited support. The team only answers queries by email.
  • Inflexible refund policy. The team will only give back money in rare cases.

Privy Alternatives

Though Privy is one of the favorite options in the market, its competitors do not lag behind. Check out below who they are and what they have to offer.

OptinMonster: Another Option with Great Targeting

OptinMonster Main Alternatives

This tool was designed for bloggers, eCommerce websites, marketing agencies, and small businesses. It offers a lead generation and conversion optimization service that works in many aspects.

Some of their goals include:

Wishpond: The Runner-Up

Wishpond Main Alternatives

This provider offers a set of simple tools on its site. Their main purpose is to aid with lead generation and marketing automation. For this, they assist in the following areas.

FormAssembly: Gather Data Fast and Safely

This tool competes with the web form creation that Privy offers. It has a builder and designer to create them. Once they go live, it will start gathering data. Then, it will analyze and categorize it.

Omnisend: An Alternative for E-Commerces

Omnisend Main Alternatives

This tool was also designed with e-commerce business people in mind. It combines SMS and email marketing into one tool. It also relies on automation to improve conversions.

Agile CRM: A Complete Competitor

Agile CRM

This is a complete automation tool that works with different types of fields. It is not limited to email marketing.

It also works with

AWeber: The Email Marketing Pro

AWeber Alternatives

This tool helps marketing create, send, and automate emails. It stands out from other similar platforms in that it has great eCommerce integrations. So, those using Shopify regularly will be happy with this tool.

Table of Comparison of Competitors: The Other Options in the Market

Choosing the best provider for one’s needs takes time. This is especially so having so many other good options available. Let’s see in detail what each of them offers.

Privy Service OptinMonster Service Wishpond Service FormAssembly Service Omnisend Service Agile CRM AWeber Service
Price of basic plan per month $10 $9 $49 $89 $16 $29.99 $19
Email marketing Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
SMS marketing Yes No No No Yes No No
Form builder Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes
Automation Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Designed for e-commerce Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes
Integrations Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Priority support Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes
Segmentation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

FAQ Section

What is the Privy App?

It is a marketing tool with the main aim of helping e-commerce sites convert leads into customers. It does so with its retargeting and automation options. Thanks to its integrations, it can work with tools from other niches. In this way, it can complement email and SMS marketing tools as well as online ads.

Is Privy Free?

Privy offers a free trial of 15 days to those who want to use it for the first time with all its functionalities. When that period is over, they have to pay. Those who are interested only in the online display feature can also start using it at no cost. Yet, once they get over a certain number of views, they will have to start paying.

How Do I Use Shopify Privy?

One of the features that make it so flexible is its ability to work with other tools. Shopify is one of the most important extensions for e-commerce sites. This is why it is included.

Using them together is very easy. The user only has to set up everything so that when a potential customer abandons a cart, the tool reviews the situation and starts working. It will target him through ads, emails, and SMS to remember him to finish his purchase.

Who Should Go for Privy?

This app is ideal for those who have lots of potential clients who never take the final decision to make a purchase in 2023. If set up right, Privy will give them the little nudge they need to convert from leads into clients. Those who are not sure if it will help their business should try out the free version and see if they feel any improvement.

Has Privy helped you turn leads into loyal customers? Let us know in the comments below!

Published: December 09, 2021Updated: March 26, 2024

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