TikTok Memes: 33 of the Most Dazzling Videos From Internet Lovers

Over the decade, social media has grown beyond instant messaging alone. In 2023, people use networking sites to publicize their most creative selves. These can range from sharing an inspiring pic to clips, comedies, dramas, and more. Tiktok is among the top contenders for video entertainment.

Although the app, as we know it appeared only in 2018, it has millions of users worldwide and gets more popular by the day. This post details what it is most famous for and these are its short humorous recordings, otherwise known as TikTok memes.

Table of Contents

  1. What Are Memes?
  2. Dances
  3. Duets
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What are Tik Tok Memes? (Brief Overview)

Tik Tok Memes (Brief Overview)
A meme is catchy and amusing content shared by persons over the internet. It can be a text, pic, and, more popular, clip. Trending app, Tiktok, is more known for its video version of these contents. Now, the more common question among many internet users is, “why are Tik Tok memes a favorite?”

This inquiry is not surprising as many platforms offer similar services in 2023 alone. Chief among them are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the recently shut down Vine. However, many features consolidate to make Tiktok a favorite, according to users. These range from rare editing tools to uniquely designed feeds and many others.

Moving on, this post looks at 33 of the most trendy and funny Tik Tok memes split into categories.

Best Tiktok Dances From Creators

Videos that show individuals and groups waltzing to popular songs are among the most common on the network. Sometimes, they are simple performances. Other times, they feature movie-like effects to intrigue viewers.

Catch 11 of the most sensational of them below:

Renegade by K Camp

It is uncertain who started this viral choreography. However, popular reports attribute it to then a 14-year-old teenager from Atlanta,  Jalaiah Harmon. Typical features include background track (Renegade by rapper K Camp) and timed hands and upper body movements.

Different versions capture individuals grooving alone, as well as with partners and teams. In some scenarios, recordings show toddlers take on the famous moves with the help of adults. Although the steps do not appear as something that people can learn instantly, their delightfulness once mastered is enough motivation to keep going.

Distance Dance

These TikTok memes allowed creators to have fun and engage in philanthropy in the wake of the Covid19. The app’s most-followed personality, Charlie D’Amelio, started it in partnership with Proctor & Gamble (P&G). However, it soon spiraled, with many people remaking different versions across the globe.

Interestingly, Distance Dance is easy to learn, unlike many of its counterparts. Its characteristics include a few fist and waist swings to the song Big Ups by Jordyn and Nic Da Kid featuring Ying Nnelg. However, its most remarkable detail is the final word-sticker by creators that encourages viewers to stay safe.

I Am Savage

There’s no more exciting experience for users who are also big fans of hip hop stars Meghan Thee Stallion and Beyonce than jumping on the “I am Savage” train. The thrilling choreography went viral after the pair dropped a remix of the “Savage” song on April 29.


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